Friday, November 6, 2009

Casual Friday - Olive, Red and Tweed

Friday's outfit was fun - it felt very funky:
New tweed jacket (how do you not love a dark red lining?), new graphic tee with birds on it, new denim pencil skirt, new giraffe pony hair belt.

I particularly like how it came out with the outer-wear accessories:
My old velvet hat, my Smoking Lily bug scarf, my new long leather gloves (a consignment steal at $35 new - these sell for well over $100 at Club Monaco stores) and my new bag.

I layered my tights: one pair of dark red with a pair of olive fishnets over top:
I matched them with the new bag, which has olive/grassy green lining.

The bag was a pretty good deal - $58 consignment and it probably sold for over $200 new. I'm not usually a bag person, since I use my backpack 4 out of 5 days, but I fell in love with this one. I've seen Matt & Nat bags around (their bags are vegan and eco-friendly)/
I like the little write-up inside:
It says:

choose life choose positivity
choose the golden rule
choose to be at peace with
yourself choose salvation
scegliete di fare uno differenzo
choose to make a difference
choisissez de faire une difference
choose to be different choose to
be a rebel choose to be funky
choose to be yourself choose
to create a fashion statement

Good words to live by. Hope you all had a great weekend!

Jacket (Jacob Connexion, consignment), t-shirt (Truly Madly Deeply, consignment), skirt (InWear, consignment), belt (Dana Buchman, consignment), hat (Shelley West, Roberta's Hats), scarf (Smoking Lily), tights (Hue), shoes (Fluevog), choker (vintage 60s, Mom), earrings (gift from L).


  1. You look so cute!! I love the outerwear look too. Has a 1930's flair to it. Probably the hat! I love cloche's. Oh, and I'm only 2lbs away from goal #1!!!! YAY!!!!

  2. I agree - the outwear look is even better. I am jealous of those olive open weave tights.

  3. Cuuuuute! I love the layered tights look; I may have to steal that one. :)

  4. Your had is so adorable. :) I'm also really loving the graphic tee with the printed belt.

  5. Love the hat! I am on a hat and tights kick right now too. The outfit looks great and I think I am going to have to borrow the look. I love how you layered the tight. Very Haute!

  6. Great words and what a fantasti coutfit - you have such style.

  7. I also like the outerwear look!

    The tights layering is genius.

  8. Great outfit!!
    And yes, I am going to try the layered tights your color combo's!!

  9. i just love the deep red accents in this outfit! divine!

  10. Hey there. I've just started my style blog and it's great to see a woman of such style who is over 21-like me! I'm coming back often!

  11. Of course I love the fact that you're rocking a hat. The whole outfit looks fantastic!

  12. Super ! Love the tight layering... so smart and the colors are amazing... love the entire look !

  13. Thanks, Alison - yes, probably the hat. I should wear this more now that my hair is shorter. Wow, that's fantastic news - good for you! I'm so proud of you. :)

    Tina, thanks! I got the tights in a clearance bin about 3 years ago.

    Kristen, thanks! I felt so clever.

    Thanks, Kari! I love the tee as well.

    Hillary, hats are so awesome...if you don't get hat head. Please feel free to borrow! Thank you!

    Thanks, Jane, I thought so too (about the words).

    Thanks so much, Kasmira! I used to layer tights when I was in high school.

    Thanks, Erin! Do it!

    Eednic, thank you.

    Onika, oh, I am well over 21 - I'm double that! Thank you so much for stopping in and commenting - I will check out your blog!

    K, me too!

    I love hats, and should wear them more - this blog is encouraging me to really push myself, so more hats on the way. Thanks, Audi! Your awesome style is inspiring!

    Thanks so much, Lorena!

    FA, thanks!

  14. I am a bit behind...but I have to add:

    Ooo la la you look so very chic!!! Very retro Vogue, I love it!

  15. Thanks, Sherylyn! You're so sweet -let me know how those shoes work out.


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