Monday, November 2, 2009

I Never Thought I'd Wear a Leather Dress to Work

But then, when one thinks of leather dresses, this isn't what comes to mind:
The green cardigan is also new - it has sparkly buttons! It's hard to see, but it has gathers at the tops of the sleeves.

Here's a shot of the full dress:
Most people didn't realize it was a dress (as opposed to a skirt) until I told them. Isn't it gorgeous? And it's soft, like buttah! It was $60 consignment. I was so excited - it fits like it was made for me.

Check out the lovely seaming on the bodice:
The stuff:
My good ol' shoes - these are two years old now. I've never worn this belt. The necklace was also a new purchase from my favourite consignment store.

Dress (Danier Leather, consignment), cardigan (Kersh, consignment), shoes (BCBGirls), belt (don't remember), necklace (consignment), earrings (not shown).


  1. Ha, I was definitely thinking something else. What a gorgeous dress! Enjoy!

  2. Oh Sheila, so pretty. I love it with the green. Such a great find!

  3. My jealousy knows no bounds. I have been SEARCHING for a leather dress! And that one fits you 100% perfectly! Well played, Sheila. ;)

  4. Awesome dress Sheila!!! Love the fitted bodice,and it looks great on you. what fun!

  5. Darn. I thought you were going to be telling us about your new job as a dominatrix.

  6. Tanya, get your mind out of the gutter. ;) Thanks so much!

    Thanks, Alison, it was the find of the weekend, for sure.

    Sal, I laughed out loud when I saw your post this morning! Great minds, eh?

    Erin, thanks! I felt so daring in it all day!

    Wendy, you crack me up! I would never post one of those dresses on here. ;)

    Thanks, TexNYQueen (that's quite a handle)! Welcome and thanks for posting.

    Thanks, Jane!

  7. Wow, indeed--- when i read the tittle of the post, I thought almost like "Cat Woman " - but no.
    The dress has a really nice color and the fit is super, great find Sheila !

  8. WOW, that dress is hot! What a perfect fit -- gorgeous!!

  9. Thanks so much, Lorena! Ha, yes, I know, that's what most people think when I mention "leather dress", but I thought this was so elegant and tasteful.

    Audi, isn't is awesome? I was so excited about it.

  10. That dress is absolutely gorgeous! It truly looks like it was made for you. And with the green cardi...ugh I'm dyin over here! I totally heat that necklace too! (sorry...couldn't help the pun!)

  11. Thanks, K! I was so thrilled to find the dress. Ha! good pun!


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