Monday, November 7, 2022

Gold Velvet and Plaid Mohair - and Fooled By Fall

Arg, what a Monday that was! We had the "fall back" an hour time change on the weekend, and it's completely messed me up. It's like getting jet lag twice a year.

The stair picture returns! 
Maybe not for long, but I'll take it. 

  • Sweater - Ralph Lauren, consignment; purchased here for $59.99
  • Skirt - One Fine Day by Target, consignment; last worn here in October 2021 with a frilly lace collar
  • Shoes - QTee Minis, Fluevog, consignment; last seen here in October with my skull jacket
  • Coat (below) - River Island, consignment; last worn here in October

I have been holding off on wearing this new-to-me mohair/wool blend sweater in case it was too hot.
I have a full vintage slip on underneath all of this. 

I wished for more layers later in the day - it started snowing! 
Fleece tights and boots might have been a better choice. 

I do love this gold velvet skirt - it picks up the yellow stripe in the plaid sweater. 
Very swooshy. 

Masked up. 
I wore my mask part-way home as my face was so cold! 

Incognito outerwear. Yeah, Fall, you fooled me! I picked an unlined, non-leather, NO BUTTON coat to wear on a windy, snowy day. 
I was freezing in this - I clutched it closed all the way home. Time to swap around some coats, put away the thinner ones and hang up the warmer ones in my coat closet. 

Hooray for wool berets, gloves and scarves. 

  • Beret - Parkhurst, consignment
  • Gloves - Parkhurst
  • Scarf - Pierre Cardin, vintage; purchased here in June for $6.95
  • Mask - by Mom

First wearing of this lovely Pierre Cardin scarf (classy!). It was thin but warm. 

The stuff: 
Such comfy shoes. 

Shiny bling: 
Some old, some new. 

  • Link bracelet - J. Crew, consignment
  • Bangle - vintage, consignment
  • Wood ring - Dots
  • Klimt ring - consignment
  • Earrings - thrifted


  1. I love the green and gold although it's a shame the coat you picked wasn't the warmest! It looks like such a cosy outfit too, but I know it gets really cold for you!

  2. Brr, I'm sorry you had to fight being cold but darn you look good!

  3. Snow? Surely not! I was shivering just reading about your commute.
    The tartan jumper is a great fit and looks really cosy. xxx

  4. I'm glad to read I'm not the only one suffering jet lag from the hour change :-(
    Can't believe you already had snow, though. Like Vix, I was shivering when I read about your commute wearing your gorgeous but inadequate coat. We temporarily had some colder weather over the weekend, but now we're firmly into double digits again. I can't yet imagine wearing jumpers right now.
    Your tartan Ralph Lauren jumper is gorgeous and I'm loving how the yellow striped is picked up by the gold velvet skirt.
    I hope it has stopped snowing by now, surely that is way too early! xxx

  5. My next question, do you have a separate house for your shoes? Do you store them in boxes? Are they see through boxes? In quiring minds want to know.

    1. You can see my shoe storage in my closet here: - I never keep the boxes, which take up too much room! Off season shoes get stored in shoe-bags, sometimes multiple shoes per bag.

  6. I don't know. I love both the skirt and the sweater but the fabrics (and therefore the radiance of the items) are so different that I feel they don't match. (Sorry darling.)

  7. The sweater is fab - resonates with my Scottish genes xxx


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