Friday, November 25, 2022

Friday Mental Health Shop in Chartreuse Boots

Happy Friday, my friends! I love this extra day when I have no plans - I decided to start my holiday shopping by visiting my favourite Oak Bay Avenue shops. I may have picked up a few things for myself...

It was chilly but the rain held off.
I really wanted to wear these boots again.

  • Jacket - Only, consignment; last worn here in October for Mom-Day at Elk Lake
  • Dress - Claudia Nichole, consignment; last seen here in December 2021 for a snow day
  • Boots - Slacker Vagabond, Fluevog; last worn here earlier this month with purple and pink tentacles

I paired them with the lime striped tights by Simmons that I purchased back here for $4.00.
They were lovely for a full day of walking and shopping. 

The dress is a thick cashmere.
I have a camisole and a pair of sports shorts on underneath (they help keep tights from sliding down).

The dress on its own, although I only wore it briefly like this as I tried stuff on. 
I had many fans of my overall outfit. 
Zenija at House of Savoy also had a 100% cashmere black dress on. "Cashmere hug!" 

Masked and ready to go. 
This is how most people saw me. A construction worker said, "Now there's a person with style." 

Fully wrapped up. 
I liked the pops of darker pink. 

My mask is such a good match, you can't even see it. 

  • Scarf - Alexander McQueen, consignment
  • Cashmere beret - Club Monaco, thrifted
  • Gloves - thrifted
  • Mask - by Mom

I knew this would be a great bag to wear when shopping. As I bought things I kept stuffing them in. 
I loved how all the spikes became very bristly. Store staff LOVED this bag at Turnabout. 

  • Bug Bag - Craig Morrison, 1993, consignment

The stuff: 
I usually try to wear shoes that are easy to get off when I go shopping, but not this time. It is just a matter of undoing the top lacing, and then unzipping them, not too onerous. I also find that if I wear a "difficult" pair of footwear shopping, that's always the day I find great shoes. Did this bear out today? Ooh, the suspense! 

Minimal bling: 
As usual, I don't wear a ton of jewelry when I shop. 

  • Earrings - vintage fair
  • Anneke and Lars ring - vintage mall
  • Silver/amethyst ring - vintage mall

I got a good chunk of my shopping list done, and here's what I found for myself. 

I started at House of Savoy, where I found this cute faux-fur-trimmed cable-knit vest. 
It just appealed to me - I'm not sure it if I'll wear it a ton, but I do like it. 

It's quilted and nice and snuggly warm. 
It's by Penny Young, Talbots. 
Wait, a second. Is that a name tag? 

Oh, gosh, it is. This belonged to Penny Young. 
I suspect it's from Fall 2018 (noting the 07/18 date). It was $40.00.

I fell in love with this glorious cobalt blue maxi skirt. It has a high fitted waist.
It hits just above my ankles - perfect boot length - and is very swooshy.

It's by Ports, and is 100% wool. 
That size 12 is early 80s - it fits like a modern size 8.

It's made in Hong Kong. 
And as you can see, it's also fully lined. If it had pockets (grrr), it would be an A+. It was $70.00.

Over at Turnabout - which is just about to move locations this weekend! - I had luck and found a few prizes. I also cashed in just under $15 in points, so I've deducted $5.00 from the price of each item to reflect that. 

I laughed when I saw this blouse, because I used to have the same one in mint green by Alfani (post with it here from August 2016)
I prefer this rich plummy purple shade over mint green. 

I adore the big swooshy wings. 
I can't wait to wave them at people! 

It's by Vince Camuto which is not a pricey brand. 
It ended up being $15.79, regular Turnabout price $25.99. They have a big sale on, with a higher discount the longer the item's been in stock, so I got some bargains! 

You know I'm a complete sucker for plaid. 
I bought a plaid dress! 

It's a gorgeous wool blend and is a woven pattern of black, grey/blue, tan/yellow and cream. 
And it's fully lined and has two pockets! 

Made in Canada.
It's by Bodybag by Jude.

This dress is still in stock (link here 'cause I love). 
It's called the Bleeker Tunic Dress and was $225.00 (marked down to $191.25 on their site). I paid $22.99 for it. 

These were the purchase that excited me the most, and yes, did necessitate removing my boots.
They look very much like ones Greetje would wear. I love the snake print. 

The little cone-shaped heel reminds me of boots from the 80s. 
The overall shape is very 50s/60s to my eye. 

Barely worn - made in Portugal.
The sticker on the sole tells me that they are leather, inside and out. 

The brand is Ivylee, from Copenhagen, Denmark.
These are called the Casablanca boot (they make them in multiple colours) and they retail for $299.00. They were priced at $149.99 but marked down 50% and there was a further 20% discount for purchasing more than one item, so these ended up at $54.95. 

Oops, almost forgot - I spied this beautiful first edition 2000 book called Vintage Style at Lazy Susan's.
It was $22.95. 
It's a gorgeous book - into my pile of "to read" it goes! 

What's your favourite of my purchases? How's your weekend going? 


  1. The construction worker was spot on, you do have great style! I always find great boots in charity shops when I'm wearing the most difficult-to-remove boots I own, too!
    Loving the Ports midi skirt and the Vintage Style book and I bet that checked dress will look fabulous on.
    Have a fabulous weekend, mine will mostly involve football! xxx

  2. Vix took the words right out of my mouth about the construction worker! Gorgeous outfit - I love the powder pink/lime green combo.
    I have a very similar maxi cobalt blue skirt by Jaeger I picked up in a charity shop. I have yet to wear it, but this post has reminded me to dig it out and give it an outing!
    The sleeves on that plummy top are spectacular and the plaid dress is going to look very classy.
    I'm off to get a walk in before the rain starts! x

  3. Gosh, even construction workers are polite in Canada!! Shiela you could WRITE the book on vintage style!!

  4. Love the Snoots (snake boots). The long blue skirt is a dream. Camuto might not be pricey but the pieces are consistently nice. I have a lot of them. At least for me, they run true to size.

  5. The vest and the skirt are my favorites because they are so wearable (Ports brand, too!). Shoes are about the only thing that fits me in vintage stores, so I would have been smitten with them and taken them home. As you have proven, start with the footwear as the star and build an outfit from there. The book is so perfect!

  6. I adore my extra Fridays, when I've still got the whole weekend to look forward to! And a mental health shop is just the ticket for a leisurely day without plans!
    And yes, that construction worker was absolutely spot on: you ARE a person with great style, and the lime, pink and black outfit is a sight for sore eyes!
    Loving your finds, the cobalt blue maxi being a particular favourite. Also loving the plummy blouse - those sleeves - and the snake print boots. And of course I wouldn't mind having that Vintage Style book in my reading pile!
    Do enjoy the rest of your weekend, Sheila! xxx

  7. I look forward to seeing the plaid dress styled. The best would be a good staple for your more adventurous days. All your days are adventures.

  8. You SCORED!! I think my favorite is the plaid dress (yay pockets!) but those boots are such an incredible find! Thanks for helping me smile and inspiring me to play in my own closet more :)

  9. The floooaty wing sleeves are my favourite! I love them and the colour! The cobalt skirt is runner up because of the pocket issue! Ha!
    "Cashmere hug!" - yes, wonderful! When I swapped over my wardrobe earlier, I was happy to find my black cashmere joggers and my cashmere waterfall cardi- so comfy!xx

  10. What a great Black Friday score on those boots.

  11. I really like the tartan dress, and the boots! I smiled seeing the name tag as well - I saw the cutest hoodie for my son's birthday in the opshop and it had a name written on it in permanent marker - I got creative and covered it up a bit and he didn't even notice so that was a win. It's his favourite hoodie now! :)

  12. The snakeskin boots do look like they came from Greetje's closet! Those green boots of yours always make me smile - I absolutely adore the style and the colour. Have you shown us that spikey black bag before? I have had a spikey hot pink knapsack by the brand MadPax for years and everytime I wear it I get compliments on it. At first I thought yours was the same brand. I also have a copy of that book on wearing vintage!

    1. I remember your spiked bag from when you came out to Vancouver! This was my first wearing of it here:

  13. Lovely to see your lime green boots again!, they totally make a difference with the addition of those fab pink details!, looking fab and comfy for shopping!
    Great finds!


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