Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Reader Requests: Pink Big Boss Lady Pants and "I Know" Shoes

Today's outfit features two reader requests: my pink Boss Lady Pants from Nancy, and Unknown asked for a repeat of my Star Wars shoes. 

Apologies to longtime reader Charlotte who remembered and asked for my "stained glass" dress (this one here, and that's probably the last time I wore it). Unfortunately, it's both too snug and it has a small rip in the non-stretchy silk, so I will not be wearing it. I do still have it - it lives in my archives.

Back to the Boss Lady Pants and my "I Know" Star Wars shoes. 
I actually own another pair of Star Wars shoes (these ones here), but they're in with my fall/winter stuff.

  • Blouse - Bird by Juicy Couture, thrifted; last seen here in June with more pink
  • Pants - H&M, consignment, Vancouver; last worn here in May for a visit to the periodontist
  • Shoes - "I Know", Star Wars for Irregular Choice, gift from Louise; last seen here a week ago for a Mom-Day adventure
  • Coat (below) - Only, consignment; last worn here in July

I noted when I jotted down both requests that they would work together. Yay! I can do more requests that way.
It was just a matter of picking a top to make it all work together. 

I liked the blue and pink, but this is a lot of pastel. 
This blouse is getting slightly worn - it's 100% silk and I always sweat in it.

It washes well, though.
Nancy specifically requested that I not wear grey or black with my Boss Lady Pants. I hope you liked this outfit!

Masked up: 
I saw a few people today. 

That's a lot of pink. I'm probably going to illustrate this jacket once I'm done with L's BOC one. 

I love this scarf. 

  • Silk scarf - Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier, vintage 00s, consignment
  • Mask - Lazy Susan's

The stuff: 
I pack these shoes away in fall/winter as they're all fabric. I laughed at Unknown's request, since I wore these less than a week ago. 

Blue bling: 
The belt always makes me laugh - Lady Foot Locker! 

  • Belt - Lady Foot Locker, thrifted
  • Brooch - vintage 60s, vintage fair
  • Crystal ring - Uffizi Gallery gift shop, Florence, Italy
  • Tower crystal ring - Sidney
  • Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes
  • Earrings - Sherman, vintage 60s, thrifted


  1. Hello, lovely lady! I love it when you do reader requests. I'm way behind with commenting but shall have a think about what I'd like to see again and try and come back.
    The pale pink and blue look fabulous together and despite never having seen it, the Star Wars shoes are epic.
    Hope Vizzini's doing well (and you, L and your M)! xxx

  2. I love this blue and pink color combo, and you look lovely in pastels.

  3. This is fun. Haven’t seen the Jellydeer or the sweater with a whale on it for a while. If they’re not around anymore, could you please do an outfit with your green ombr√© Fluevog shoes. But I challenge you not to pair it with the perfect match Tatiana sweater! Eve from Ireland

    1. I will wear those shoes and NOT with the Tatyana sweater - good memory, Eve!

    2. Oh, and I gave away both sweaters years ago - they were worn out and didn't feel like me anymore.

  4. That pink jacket is awesome. As much as I love your artwork, I really do, I would keep this plain, just saying :) Lise

  5. Great pairing of the pink boss lady pants and greyish blue (well, that's what it looks like to me) blouse. Love how you used the brooch, and the shoes do tie it all together. Love the pink jacket too, but I'm sure it's going to be even better after you've worked your magic on it! xxx

  6. I think I once requested boss lady pants too. Do you have red ones as well?

  7. I love this outfit, my favourite colours, and gorgeous shoes.

  8. I feel like the only thing I have been wearing lately is blue and pink together in various shades, so I am loving this outfit! The two pastels are so nice together and the shoes are perfect with this! :)

  9. Oooh, this outfit looks very tactile! I'd want to stroke the fabrics if I were wearing them (forgot to say it was Kezzie on my last Anon comment with the tassels!). The colours are beautiful and I love the IC shoes. Have you ever seen my R2D2 handbag or have I not worn it in a blog post since we've been blog buddies? I'd have loved the heels with R2!
    I like the request idea. Maybe I'll have a think...x

  10. I didn't know you could wash silk clothing; I thought it had to be dry-cleaned.

    1. Good quality, unlined silk blouses can often be washed - however, don't do it unless you're willing to shrink the garment. Most clothes don't need to be washed much, period.

  11. Ah yes! That looks fabulous! Especially with the jacket! Love those trousers, thank you very much Sheila!

  12. Thank you for the rerun of the Star Wars shoes. I was afraid that you wouldn’t/couldn’t because it was so soon after the last wear. I just love those fun shoes!

  13. This outfit lets those marvellous shoes shine.


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