Friday, February 4, 2022

Fancy Friday: Fashion Officer, Luke/Yoda Flashback and a Wee Shop

Full confession: I wore this exact ensemble out for dinner at the local pub last night. My Thursday off was a challenging day, as I've been dealing with the blues, the greys, the mean reds...whatever you want to call them. It's winter and my mental health is at a low ebb. 
Instead of beating myself up for not taking pictures Thursday night, I took the easy route and just wore it all again to work on Friday. 

  • Dress - Karen Millen, consignment; last worn and Flashbacked here in December 2020 with Monster Vest
  • Shoes - Irregular Choice "Star Wars" Collection; last seen here (2nd outfit) in March 2020 for a Mental Health fantasy outfit
  • Coat (below) - Mallia, consignment; last worn here in January

Due to weather (rain) and brain state (foggy), Mom and I did a nice long Zoom call on Thursday. I forced myself to shower and put clothes on, but didn't dress up at all - but I still count that as a victory, and it set the stage for putting on "real" clothes hours later. 

I did some sewing - a hem and the ripped skirt section from Monday's sidewalk fall - while we had a nice long chat. Talking to Mom did me good, and I set to work on my Peacock Jacket - it's nearly finished, so I hope to have a big post for you soon to ooh and ahh over. 

Anyway, the outfit.

This is a lovely wool-blend dress and I adore the lined-up stripes, which are orange, blue, tan and grey. It has a slightly formal look to it so I added my Star Trek magnetic communicator badge to my chest - "Beam me up, Scotty! This planet is swarming with a pandemic!"
L said I looked very "Fashion Officer, reporting to the bridge." Love it! 

I always feel great in this dress. 
I have a full vintage slip on underneath, with fleece tights for extra warmth. 

Masked up: 
The dress tends to ride up when I walk, and goes from mid-calf to above my knees within a few strides. 

Hence the long coat! I don't want to be fussing with the hem of my dress, and I don't have to worry about it in this.

We've been beset by drizzle, aka a constant heavy mist in the air. 

  • Beret - Parkhurst, consignment
  • Scarf - fake Louis (Lewis!) Vuitton, thrifted
  • Gloves - Echo, consignment
  • Mask - Lazy Susan's

A hat is needed. 

The stuff: 
I bought these shoes in a fit of Retail Therapy, but I rarely wear them. However, they manage to maintain a place in my wardrobe, as I think they are totally cool and I'm a massive Star Wars fan. We'll have a wee Flashback on them shortly. 

Space bling:
I did include one of my new-to-me items from my recent shopping hauls, the giant dome ring.

  • Star Trek Communicator magnetic badge - MoPOP Museum gift shop, Seattle
  • Earrings - Tania Gleave, Granville Island, Vancouver
  • Studded bracelet - Alexis Bittar, consignment, Vancouver
  • Leather/steel cuff - Rimanchik
  • Lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes
  • Dome ring - Kenneth J. Lane, consignment, Powell River; purchased here for $15.00

I removed the big hinged bracelet and the dome ring for my outerwear - neither fit under my gloves.

Another thing I did on Thursday was to finally install the new door knocker that I gave L for Christmas 2020 (harumph! I do all the construction-y things in our house). 
From this functional brass knocker...
To a fierce dragon. I coloured the screws black with a permanent marker, clever me.

Abandon hope all ye who enter...
There be dragons in this house, and they need coffee in the morning! Rar! 

L went out after work (he's much more extroverted than me), so I went for a leisurely browse at the Patch on my way home. They are struggling in the pandemic and are having a Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale. Gotta support local! Plus I know I can always find some good stuff there, and tonight was no exception. 

All of my purchases in total came to $56.00, so each of these was $18.67.

My first find was something for L, who I am always shopping for. The fabric and pattern caught my eye. 
It'll be a good summer shirt, either worn done up or unbuttoned and showing one of L's rock tees. 

It was matched so well, I nearly missed the pocket! 
L has lots of these colours in his wardrobe - this will go with a lot. 

Made in Hawaii! You don't see that very often. 
This has a bit of age on it, but not too old. 

I discovered a small hole on the front when I got home (dang), but it's not too bad. I can patch that or just tell L to say it's a bullet hole. 
Sadly, it's likely a security tag hole from a shoplifter. This shirt was probably stolen! 

It's by Tori Richard of Hawaii - and they are still making this shirt (not in this pattern) and they retail for $105.00 (link here to their site, 'cause I love).
It's 100% cotton lawn, and their prints are all custom done in Japan. That label is from the 90s, when their menswear line took off like gangbusters (about them here). I have a Tori Richards dress that is older (1970s), here. As soon as I spotted the label, I grabbed this. 

I'm always looking for good quality fabrics and bright colours. 
This is a beautiful 100% cotton sweater. I love the shorter cut (this hits me at the top of my hips, a good proportion for me) and the bracelet-length sleeves. 

I wonder who it's by??
RLL. Hmmm. I wonder.

There's a small pen-mark on the shoulder.
I zapped it with some Folex when I got home and it's gone. 

Of course, it's by Ralph Lauren. 
That address is his flagship store. 

This sweater is made in Japan! How unusual! 
The employee and I both agreed that this is probably from the 80s or early 90s. 

My third item was this odd dress. The fabric is what I noticed first in a sea of gross polyester dresses. I put a peach vintage slip inside it for taking pictures, as it's unlined. 
I like the uneven hem and the slit. 

This is the back, but when I tried it on at home, it actually looks very flapper-ish worn this way - it works either way! 
Isn't it the oddest thing? It's...hairy. 
It's strips of sheer black, interspersed with thick woven fabric that's been frayed at the edges. 
It needs a bit of a haircut for the straggly threads. 

It's sewn really well - it has a side zipper, and is beautifully made. 
It's also very sheer! 
I have slips, I'm not afraid of sheer. 

And it has pockets! 
Which work no matter what way I have it on. 

I found the tag way down the side of the garment. There was supposed to be a lining. 
It's by City, and it's...made in Japan. How odd, every one of the three things I bought were made in Japan in some way. I couldn't find anything about this brand, but it's a cool dress. 

And now...

Flashback: Irregular Choice Star Wars Collection, Featuring Luke and Yoda

My work's ginormous office move in Feb/March 2018 did a number on me: I did most of the logistics and set-up, including packing the office kitchens and supplies, by myself, and worked 12+ hour days for a couple of weeks straight. I was severely burned out and on this day had a bit of a crying jag at my desk and was caught by the HR guy, who marched me into my boss's office to chat about my mental health. In addition to helping me unload some of my overwhelming work, they told me to leave work and chill out for the afternoon, so of course, I went shopping! 

I popped into now-gone She She Shoes, and picked up these lace-up brogues that I'd been eyeing for a couple of years, since my mother-in-law bought me my Han/Leia "I Know" shoes in May 2016 (Flashback here). They were finally on clearance, so I bit and bought them here in March 2018 for $209.00 - I think they were close to double that for regular retail! 
Yoda is on one toe and Luke in his pilot outfit is on the other, both images from "Return of the Jedi" (my favourite of all of the Star Wars movies). The toe section is fabric, and the black section around the laces is sparkly leather. 

They have a strip of dark sparkly glitter down the back of the heels. 
I like details like that. 

Look at the awesome soles. 
Darth Sheila Vader, Han Solo and Yoda. They don't look like that now - shoes are for wearing! 

Lastly, the inner soles. 
I had to add a stick-on padded insert, as these shoes aren't that comfortable for long shopping expeditions or a ton of walking. You'd think for that price...Let's just say: they're not Fluevogs!

I wore them immediately in March 2018.
I've divested myself of every piece in this outfit, from the belt (which broke) to the lacy top, to the itchy wool Comrags dress. 

I wore them again in August 2018 for a shopping expedition. It was a really hot day, so minimal make-up and frizzed out hair. I also wore white socks (!) as these shoes tend to rub just under one ankle. 
That denim dress was Armani and I gave it away. I have very little denim in my closet these days. 

Another shopping trip in October 2018, where I matched my outerwear to the shoes. 
Luke's orange jacket means I mostly match oranges or lighter blues to the shoes. I gave that fake leather dress to a work colleague, Janie, a few years ago.

This was a casual - but shiny! - outfit from December 2018. That knit sweater is in the giveaway pile now, having served as a "house sweater" for a couple of years. 
I let go of that red suede skirt this year (with its matching jacket). I wasn't feeling it. 

This outfit is from March 2019 - a quick change to comfy clothes for Book Club after work. 
I still have all of those pieces; the cardigan was Flashbacked here

I wore this outfit (same shiny silver pants as above) for brunch in January 2020 at Pluto's Diner. 
I layered my sparkly black turtleneck under this loosely-knit sweater (Flashback here). 

And then the pandemic hit! I really haven't worn them at all in the last two years, aside from this last outfit. I did two "fantasy" outfits in March 2020, as a mental health exercise. I dressed up, took pictures and then went back to my at-home clothes. 
It was a good experiment (I highly recommend it) to see how getting dressed impacted my mental health. You can revisit some of my ORANGE LEATHER SHORTS (sorry, it's in their contract to do all-caps) outfits here in Flashback. 

Mathy stuff: I had not expected a very good cost-per-wear on these, as they were expensive to begin with, but I'm happy to count eight outfits so far. That's $26.13 per look - not bad, but I know I can do better. They are a little tricky to style, but such a cool Star Wars collectible - they might be worth something one day! 

And lastly, I will leave you for the weekend with a pic of me and Vizzini, who was lurking around while I did my pictures in the morning. 
"Is it cuddle time now?"

Yes, bud, it is. Let's go chill. 

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends! I'll be back on Sunday with tales of adventure. 


  1. I love this dress on you and it's so nice you were able to wear it the next day! I know what you mean too, it's just a pic but sometimes the hassle of taking a pic is all too much. After I had my wisdom teeth out I just didn't even try for a week - I have enough photos waiting to be posted that I could just not worry about it for a while, and even though it only takes a couple minutes in the morning it made things easier not trying to fit that into the mornings, when I was feeling so icky. Hopefully you get some nice mood boosting weather too, and more opportunities to wear fun pieces like these shoes to bring a smile to your face :)

    1. Thanks, Mica! Yes, taking pics takes time and effort, and I don't always feel like it - hence the repeat, but hey, if I hadn't mentioned it, no one would have been the wiser!

      I totally get that you wanted a break from it following your dental work!

      Thank you, hon - I'm working on it!

  2. Shoes like that must be kept forever, regardless of the cost per wear. I probably would be nerdy enough to wear May 4th each year. The furry dress was an interesting find and will wait to see where it takes you.

    1. I agree, Sam - they are so cool. I usually wear one of my two pairs of Star Wars shoes on May 4th!!

      I agree - I'm not sure when I'll be wearing the furry dress, but we shall see.

  3. I totally get your mental health being at a low ebb, and do not blame you at all for rewearing the outfit. Some days it's all you can do to shower and put on clothes, so well done for doing so, and doing some sewing and working on your peacock jacket too. And installing that magnificent door knocker!
    I'm loving the shirt you found for L., and I'm sure you'll think of something to patch that "bullet hole". The Ralph Lauren sweater is such a gorgeous colour. I'm always looking for shorter length ones too. Can't wait to see you style the odd dress!
    Oh, and Bess says hi to Vizzini! xxx

    1. It's such a tough time of year, isn't it, Ann? It felt good to accomplish those small goals: sewing/repairs and the door-knocker.

      I might patch it, I might not. L immediately said, "Bullet hole!" when he saw it, ha ha.

      Hi back to Bess!

  4. "Fashion Officer, reporting to the bridge." Love this!!!!!! I'm really looking forwad to seeing how you style that fabulous unusual dress :)

    1. I think it's more of a dressy style, Cynthia, so we'll see - no parties in the near future!

  5. Winter is rough under the best of circumstances. No advice, just sending you lots of love. Spring will come, I promise.

    Beautiful outfit and why not repeat it? I get the feeling like you need to take photos.

    1. Thanks, Goody, I appreciate that. It's a rough patch, but I know I'll come out of it.

      Why not, indeed. I do enjoy taking my quick pics, but "need"? Not sure. If it starts becoming a chore, I'll need to take a break, but I don't see that happening any time soon (thank goodness).

  6. Dragon! Star Trek badge! You're truly the coolest kid on the block.

    That shirt for hubby is adorable. I'd wear that. BTW does a guy have to marry you to benefit from your super-power (shopping)?

    I'm glad things are improving in your relationship with your mom. Parental relations are tough; there's so much baggage and psychological crap from childhood. It's important at some point in our adulthood to recognize that our parents, once believed to be gods, are just ordinary folks who had a baby. We need to forgive and accept them. It's tough to let go of bad feelings but we benefit by doing so. Hugs!

    1. I have never in my life been one of the cool kids, Ally. :)

      No, I buy stuff for friends sometimes - but it's rare. I don't want to get in the habit of buying things for others, as that can create an awkward obligation if they don't like it. Do they pay me...? So I generally don't do it.

      It's been a huge growth in our relationship this past year, but we've been working through not only my sh*t, but also Mom's. It's helped me understand her better, which helps me with my own inner work. Thank you, honey.

  7. I have a thing about door knockers and that dragon is fantastic! Great job attaching it and colouring in the screws!
    Great secondhand finds, I recognised that Tori Richard logo before the close-up, how fab is that print?
    That dress was definitely worth repeating, it looks fabulous with the coat and brogues and Vizzini draped across your shoulder. I hope you feel better and brighter soon, my friend. xxx

  8. Awesome Fashion!! Especially the denim dress!!!!🔥🔥🔥

  9. I'm glad you still have those Star Wars shoes. I finally was able to watch The Mandalorian on Disney+ so I got to see what all the fuss was about over baby Yoda. I really like the hairy dress and it will be a fun layering piece.

    I'm sorry you've been struggling this week. The winter weather and pandemic has taken it's toll on my mental health lately too. I took Thursday off work too, and felt a bit better after a "Me" day.

    1. I refuse to give Disney or Amazon my money - I barely agreed to Netflix! Thanks, Shelley - they are such cool shoes, and not very many pairs were made.

      I'm excited about that dress - so bizarre!

      Thank you, hon. I know it will get better, but it's just been a tough week. I'm glad you got a "me" day!

  10. I so appreciate that you share not only your fun with fashion and outfit inspiration, but also how it feels for you. Thanks so much for sharing all of it!

  11. Gah! Blogger must have eaten my comment.
    Sending you of love and hoping the gloom shifts and you're feeling your normal sunny self very soon. xxx

  12. I do remember that striped dress. I illustrated it. The Star Wars shoes are adorable (down to the soles) and I love the Star Trek brooch. I feel like saying "Beam me up Scotty!" too.
    Winter is notorious for messing up with our mental health. I live in a sunny country, but I still feel the effects of the winter or maybe it is an effect from the depressive state this world is in. I try to avoid the news but it is hard to escape it all.

    1. Oh, that's right, you did, Ivana! I like my classic Sci-fi touches too. :)

      The grey at this time of year gets especially hard in Jan/Feb, until we start getting more sunshine, at least. I also avoid the news.

  13. Fabulous finds!!! I always keep my eyes (wide) open, too, for pieces that might work for Tony while I'm out thrifting.

    Completely agree with you regarding the likely production date of your elegant and wonderfully cheerful yellow RL sweater. It practically screams 1980s or early 90s to me as well. A lot of quality knits were (as you know) made around that time and I'm sure this sunshine hued beauty is no exception.

    I'm excited to see how you'll style, as most shades of yellow are frighteningly unflattering on me (those on the mustard/saffron side of the spectrum are something of an exception to that statement though), so I adore enjoying it vicariously though others who can rock it superbly.

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    1. L has some pretty cool things that I've found while on my secondhand shops. :)

      Agreed - plus made in Japan?? No one makes anything in Japan anymore. It's a gorgeous colour and I can't wait to wear that sweater soon.

      I adore most shades of yellow - always have. You could always do those unflattering colours in skirts!

  14. So lovely dress, comfy, stylish, interesting and fits you like a dream!. Great tip on wearing a long coat over clothes that ride up (I Have to remember this!)
    Totally agree that wearing Real Clothes makes a difference, it's an attitude booster!.
    Love your shoes (all of them, but these ones particularly!). The rock with the shiny silver pants and also with the orange shorts (these are some of my favourites!)

    1. Clothes that ride up drive me crazy, but there are always work-arounds.

      It does make a huge difference to my mental health when I dress up, even a little.

      These are really cool shoes, worth keeping even for the collectible value. Thanks!


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