Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Pink and Blue, Together Again For the First Time

My exhortations have succeeded: we've jumped from 18 degrees today (which feels HOT), and we're expected to get temps up to 28(!!) for the weekend. Woo! 

I was slightly roasty-toasty in this outfit on the way home (walking uphill), but otherwise I felt very summery.
I was myself! I mentioned in yesterday's pink velvet shoe Flashback that I'd never worn this jacket and skirt together before. Well, no time like the present, right? 

  • Jacket - Brooks Brothers, thrifted; last worn here in April with this same blouse
  • Blouse - Bird by Juicy Couture, thrifted; last seen here in April with this same blazer
  • Skirt - Ted Baker, consignment, Vancouver; last worn here in May 2021 with stripes
  • Shoes - Modern Living Slant, Fluevog; last seen here in September 2021 with celadon

I keep wanting to go back and check, but nope, this really is the first time I've worn them together. 
I have worn the blouse and jacket together, just recently in April with chartreuse Dries Van Noten (due another wearing soon). 

Here they are together again. I proclaim this skirt/jacket combo a winner! 
I haven't worn this skirt in ages, but my lovely HR lady came in today and I met her in person for the first time. 

I had to get a little extra profesh, I'm sure you'll agree.  
I like to make a good first impression. 

Jacket off. 
I never took took it off, though - all that belt business is a pain - but it's fun to see how it looks.

I have to wash this silk blouse every time as I'm always a bit glowy, either from exertion or a hot flash.
Isn't the skirt cool? Nancy commented that I have a lot of fantastic skirts - I LOVE skirts, and am always looking for a cool pattern or style. No boring skirts allowed in my closet! 

Masked up. 
Bookending with a brighter blue in the mask and shoes.

I eschewed the scarf on the way home. 

I love patterns. 

The stuff: 
These shoes got gasps of admiration from a few people. 

Blue bling: 
Some favourites. My vintage Sherman always has admirers too.

  • Belt - Lady Foot Locker, vintage 80s, thrifted
  • Brooch - vintage 60s, vintage fair
  • Necklace/earrings - Sherman, vintage 60s, thrifted
  • Lapis lazuli ring/Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes


  1. You look absolutely amazing -- I love this outfit and all its details. Profesh??? Yes, indeed!

  2. I knew that skirt was Ted Baker- it's so idiosyncratic! It's beautiful with the soft, soothing hues of the blouse and jacket and all the stuff suits it beautifully!
    The shoes look brilliant- like the heel is bending!!! Crazy!!xx

  3. Well styled, lovely outfit. I bet you made a very good impression on the HR lady and you didn't lose your own style in the process.

  4. If Ted Baker and Brooks Brothers had gotten together, the designer and the store would have surely sold this combo as a set! Not only is your outfit professional, but to my mind it is also classic with pizzazz!

    Not entirely sure if my name will appear, so hi Sheila, this is from Laurie. :-)

  5. Very classic and classic look. I love the shoes too.

  6. Oh yes the jacket and skirt are perfect together! I love when I stumble across a pairing in my wardrobe that looks like it was made to be and it's something I haven't tried before! :) I bet your colleague loved your outfit!

  7. This is such a pretty outfit - the pieces work together beautifully

  8. Oh yes, I adore that jacket and blouse! Both would go well in my wardrobe in my size ! And the pastel colours go well togethr!


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