Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Red Boss Lady Pants, Floral and Not-Van Herpen

Some of my spring/summer clothes are languishing due to the weather not being warm enough to wear them. This outfit features a bunch of those things. 
I totally whiffed on the Stair Picture this morning - I didn't even realize it until I uploaded the photos! 

  • Jacket - Kenzo Jungle, vintage, thrifted; last worn here in September 2021 with celadon suede
  • Top - Sandra Angelozzi, consignment; purchased here for $24.95
  • Trousers - Zara, thrifted; last seen here in August 2021 with a split kimono dress
  • Shoes - 5YMedio; last worn here in May for a walk at Elk Lake

Here's the outfit without the jacket, so you can see my new-to-me top that I've been waiting since January to wear. 
The top's hem dips up on either side - it's easier to put my hands in my pockets, and I don't ruin the line of the blouse. Genius. 

My co-tenant Emily gasped when she saw the blouse - it reminded her of Iris Van Herpen's digitally-printed creations (here, link 'cause I love). 
I wish! Someday when I'm uber-famous and walking a red carpet, maybe! For now, it's not-Van Herpen.

I had to try a bunch of things on to figure out what would work with this blouse due to the unusual shape.
I actually really liked the cropped, fitted jacket over it. This lovely floral number is by one of my favourite designers, Kenzo Takada (RIP, stupid COVID!). 

The red pants are a linen blend. 
They are such Boss Lady pants! I love striding about in them. They are very swooshy.

Masked up.
I'm so glad I hemmed the pants last year. 

Ready for outside. I wore the jacket open with a scarf to fill in the neckline. 
I can do it up...but I chose not to (it's a little tight). 

I loved how well this scarf went with everything. 

  • Scarf - Metropolitan Museum of Art, thrifted
  • Mask - by Mom

The stuff: 
Adore these shoes. I have at least three pairs of white shoes now - it's a surprisingly useful colour.

Matchy bling: 
I wore the chain bracelet inside out for half the day until I finally noticed it. 

  • Chain bracelet - Stella & Dot, thrifted
  • Leather/steel cuff - Rimanchik
  • Earrings - Tania Gleave, Vancouver
  • Fulvia Rig - Wendy Brandes
  • Silver/enamel ring - antique store, Sidney


  1. That is a really fabulous blouse! You styled it well!

  2. Swooshy- that's a great description. The top is so pretty, but the outfit in full is boss.

  3. Your Not-Van-Herpen blouse is fabulous, Sheila, and I absolutely love the way you styled it. I'm sure I would have been stumped. The red Lady Boss pants and cropped jacket couldn't have been better suited, and the scarf really unifies it all. A+++ outfit, which totally made my day! xxx

    1. Thanks so much, Ann - the blouse stumped me too! I had to try on a bunch of stuff with it until I found something that worked. It was just too cool to not buy, though!

  4. What a great statement white blouse. I love how it looks with that pair of ladyboss red trousers.

  5. That is such an amazing blouse! it does look like it would be tricky to style, but the cropped jacket is so prefect with it and I love the bright red boss lady pants too! You always know how to style the most unique pieces!

  6. The cropped jacket works perfectly with the blouse! You definitely don't want to cover the fab ruffled bits


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