Thursday, January 20, 2022

Surprise! Mental Health Shop

Today was my usual day off, but as Mom is recovering from a bout of dental work including antibiotics, we skipped the Mom-Day Adventure this week. Instead, I treated myself to a Mental Health Shop. 
As you can see, we even had a bit of sun! It was cold, slightly overcast and windy, so the sun was like a light switch as the clouds scudded across the sky. 

  • Velvet blazer - Le Chateau, consignment; last worn and Flashbacked here in November 2020
  • Cashmere sweater - Banana Republic, thrifted; last seen here (2nd outfit) in February 2021
  • Skirt - Tribal, thrifted; last worn here in October 2020 with this same sweater! 
  • Shoes - Asos, consignment; last seen here in December 2021 with swooshy pink

I took advantage of the nice weather - it was actually up to 13 today! - by layering up instead of wearing a coat. 
I also paired two items that have been worn together before: this blue cashmere sweater and this woven houndstooth mini. 
I'm wearing a vintage camisole under the sweater for extra warmth. This outfit it built for trying things on.

My lovely embroidered black velvet blazer! I've had this for 11 years and this is its 20th wearing - you can enjoy a Flashback here (scroll down)
After a day of shopping, the cashmere sweater is going into my house wardrobe (it's popped a hole right in the front), and the skirt is moving to the giveaway pile. This is its 7th wearing and I only paid $6.95 for it - and I'm good with that. 

Masked up - and more of my accoutrements! 
This is how I looked in the stores while I shopped. 

This jacket is definitely one of my inspirations for my own artwork, with all that embroidery on the front.
None on the back, though! I would never do that. 

All done up, and ready to go! 
I was by far the dressiest person I saw all day in every store and on the street. 

Three purple accessories - not including my re-purpled hair. A toddler in one store was fascinated by me and all my purple. You should have seen her eyes when I took my hat off and showed her my hair! 

  • Purse - Danier, thrifted
  • Mask - by mom
  • Suede gloves - thrifted
  • Hat - Delux, Saanich Fair
  • Velvet scarf - thrifted

The stuff: 
These shoes were good for about 4 hours of shopping, but my feet were tired when I got home. Lots of walking and standing. 

Minimal bling: 
I don't like dealing with jewelry when I'm trying clothes on. 

  • Earrings - Kate Spade, consignment
  • Gold/amethyst ring - Frances Jewelers, c. 1965, Dad's
  • Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes

I walked to Fort Street, which is a lovely block of local boutiques and fun shops, starting with Luna Collective, where I found two items in their $10 bin. 
This is very similar to the one I was wearing - what a treat to find a red vintage camisole. 

Look at that, I'm a Pink Lady! 
This has a really early CA number. 

I'm happy to see this is machine wash/tumble dry. 
It's been washed a ton in its lifetime - look how worn the label is. This is likely from the late 70s/early 80s. 

It has some pretty lace trim. 
And only $10! 

I always look for unusual colours in vintage lingerie. 
This half-slip has a deep trim of lace on the hem - it's slightly thicker in the middle front. 

It was also $10 and "as is" - I couldn't find any damage on it, but that strip of fabric on the front over the zipper doesn't look original. 
Again, from probably sometime in the 70s. 

From Luna, I popped into Not Just Pretty, which is a retail boutique. I know, ME, shopping retail! 
But they had a sale, and I know they carry Canadian brands and items that are made here. 

These are fleece-lined leggings, and they will NOT be worn as pants. 
They were on sale for more than half off the original $79.00. The little design on the right is on the bottom of one leg - it's reflective. It's a First Nations-inspired design.

The brand is Chloe Angus, and they were made in Canada from bamboo, cotton and spandex. That's the kind of retail I can get behind. 
Oh, I love their "about us" page here (link 'cause I love). They collaborate with First Nations artists. 

I had a long look around Vanity Fair Antique mall, but only came away with one item.
Hint: it's a ring. I suspect it's from the Brutalist period (70s) and it's brass. 

No marks, but it's thick and has a good heft to it. Solid.
It looks handmade, but has very little wear on it. 

I love the feel of it. 
This was $15.00. 

I spent a long time having a very thorough look through the Velvet Crease consignment shop, and did very well. 
These lovely brown leather gloves, have an exposed stitching detail. I also spy the initials "RLL" stamped on the corner of one. 

They are by Ralph Lauren and are lined in Thinsulate. 
Awesome, my hands are always cold. 

As I photograph my purchases, I give them a very careful inspection and prepare them for wear. 
Cut those little leather flaps off - they're only there for connecting the gloves at the store.

They fit well. 
These will get a lot of wear and will last years. They were $26.50 - the store had a 22% off sale for 2022. They probably retailed for close to $100 (gloves are a great deal second-hand).

I gasped at these long grey gloves. OMG, long grey gloves! 
And they are suede! Gimme!

By Aldo.
They can be washed - that's awesome, since this is a light colour suede. 
Oddly, it doesn't say that anywhere - there's no content tag. 
They look awesome on. These were $27.00. 

I recognized these earrings right away as Christoph Poly. 
That brushed steel, the round "stones".
They probably retailed for around $55.00 - they were $19.00. 

A funky white blouse covered in swirls of pleats caught my eye on a display. 
The bottom section curves down front and back.
The seaming gives it a peplum effect. 

That looks good - easy fabrics to wash. 
Um, yeah, no. 
I do not dry clean. 

It's by Sandra Angelozzi.
It was $24.95.

I found two pencil skirts that I loved. 
Oh, yes, another plaid! 

It has an exposed zipper.
And a rear slit. 
Looks like it's from July 2016. 
By Talbots - this was $28.00. You can see that the fabric is woven (not printed).

When I found this houndstooth pencil skirt, I had no further issue with giving up the one I was wearing. 
This one has a very cool "Chanel" vibe about it. 

The fabric is also woven, and there's a fake wrap front. 
I adore the raw edge finish. 

And the gold buttons have lions on them! 
Love. I happily give up my old houndstooth skirt. 
This one's from May 2017. 

Another Talbots - must have been the same person consigning both skirts. 
This skirt was $29.65. Both of these skirts would have retailed new around $120+ EACH. 

Flush with my purchases, I popped next door to Make Old New Again (MONA), where I found these shorts. 
They have a thick elastic waist, and are made from a funky mesh material. 
They're by Tna, and were $20. These - like the leggings and the vintage lingerie - will be layered underneath my clothes. 

This lovely burnt orange sweater caught my eye. 
It helped that it has this wonderful ruffled neckline. 
It's by Bartolini and was made in Italy. It has no content tag, but it feels like 100% wool. It was $26.00. 

I fell in love with this modern-does-late-80s/early 90s top. 
"I am not."

That pattern is symmetrical on the front and on the sleeves. 
"Woman, pay attention to me!"

The pattern is even on the back, although the collar, upper back and cuffs are not. 
I'll let that go. 

The buttons are tiny metal ones, and there's a spare. 
The fabric is a slinky "scarf" weave and it's obviously inspired by the Versace designs of the 80s/90s era.

Shockingly, it's by Zara Woman. 
It was $30.00. Worth it. 

I fell hard for these Big Lady Boss Pants. 
And that colour! 

Is it red or orange? YES. 
Double belt loops, real back pockets (I'll leave them stitched up). 

Real pockets in front!
And even the belt has a nice buckle. 
I am happy to see they are actually washable. 
Oh, and there we go - these are officially marked as "orange". 

They are by Long Tall Sally and all that detail is LOT more than what their trousers (more like yoga pants) look like now, and those run $75+.
These were $50.00 but they fit perfectly - even the length is just right. I'm totally excited to wear these.

One final stop on my way home - Charmaine's is mostly a furniture and household goods re-seller (we've bought tons of our furniture there), but they also have a small selection of jewelry, which I like to peruse. 

Look what I found! Leopard rhinestone earrings! 
As you can see, they are clip-ons. 

I'm totally fine with that, as they fit more securely, and my ear can handle more weight that way.
As you can see. 

And they match my tiger brooch! 
You can bet I'll be wearing these together. Now I need a tiger bracelet. 

I also found this ring. 
I really like the chain texture. 

After a good scrub of soap and water and a soft toothbrush, I was able to read the stamp inside. 
Mexico, and I think that says "Taxco" on the bottom. It doesn't seem like it's been worn - silver usually wears down over the years, but I think this has been mouldering in a drawer. 

The leopard earrings were $30.00 (felt fair). And the silver ring was only $18.00 (felt like a bargain). 
Whew! Okay, back to my vacation...

What's your favourite thing I bought? 


  1. Lots of great buys, but my favorite is the vintage camisole. I love this style but have only ever found black, cream, and white!

  2. It was such a beautiful day! I actually went out for a lunchtime stroll, it was so nice to have sunshine on my face. Your shopping outfit is super cute! Looks like you had quite a good shopping day! Hope your mom feels better.

  3. How fortunate to find the “big cat” earrings for the upcoming Year of the Tiger!

  4. Yay! Shopping!
    I can see how that lovely jacket inspired you with your garment adorning, it's a beauty.
    I sold a Pink Lady negligee a couple of months ago, they did some fab vintage lingerie.
    The earrings are gorgeous and the chain ring, my Mum would have killed for the leopard earrings.
    Sending your Mum lots of healing vibes and wishing you, L and Mr Vizzini a fantastic weekend. It's -7°C here at the moment - send sunshine! xxx

    1. Yay indeed, I really needed a big shop, Vix (I know you get that). Thanks so much!

  5. Christoph Poly earrings, orange boss lady pants, red fleece lined leggings and the warm Ralph Lauren gloves. I could not choose just one favorite!

    I can see why this was an uplifting shop! Plus you had sunshine! We are having very cold temps here, making our sunrise morning walks infeasible. I was so antsy to get out yesterday that I put on all my rain gear (includes wide legged side zip waterproof over-pants) and took a 2.5 mile walk on our neighborhood in the cold drizzle that turned to flurries.

    Here’s to your Mom’s mouth feeling better and the renewal of your adventures together next week!

    By the way, your shopping outfit feels very British from the days of the Dave Clark Five and Twiggy.

    1. I found a lot of good stuff, Laurie! It was good to have a quiet day to myself. Good for you for getting out, although that weather sounds horrendous.

      Thank you! Aw, I love that - so mod!

  6. I can hardly pick a favorite--this had to be one of your most outstanding shopping forays ever! I admire your stamina; you hit a lot of stores. If you twist my arm to pick what I personally love most in your haul, it would be the summery white blouse, the two rings, and the burnt orange sweater, but I look forward to seeing every one of these pieces on you.

    1. High praise, Linda, thank you! I am a marathon shopper - not many can keep up with me. I like your picks!

  7. Your outfit is just perfect for shopping. That embroidered jacket is amazing! I was wondering why that skirt was being consigned to the giveaway pile, but now I know :-)
    Talk of Mental Health shopping: what amazing things you found. I'm loving the jewellery in particular, but the gloves, pencil skirts, Zara blouse and orange Big Lady Boss Pants do make my heart sing too. Can't wait for you to style all of these! xxx

  8. I love this outfit. Beautiful tights, I love the pointy shoes and the houndstooth skirt you paired them with. The embroidered blazer is gorgeous. I love embroidery.
    I loved hearing about the toddler who was attracted to the colours in your outfit and how happy she was when you showed her purple hair. It has been scientifically proven that colours and patterns are beneficial to development of kids' brain. So, by choosing colourful outfits we're helping to create a smarter new generation.
    You bought some fabulous things. Your tiger earrings are wonderful. They match the tiger bracelet so well.
    Have an amazing weekend!

    1. Thanks so much, Ivana! I love any kind of embellishment - I must have been a crow in a former life.

      I love those little encounters, especially with kids. I hope it gives her the encouragement to stand out and be bright!

      Oh, I wish I had a bracelet - that tiger is a brooch.

  9. I love how you were wearing the houndstooth skirt when you found the new one so you knew instantly you wanted to replace it! I need to practice the buy better way of shopping more often, but that was just perfect timing to have stumbled across the replacement skirt while you wore your old one! I like everything you bought and I love how the earrings match your brooch! It was a very successful shopping day for you :)

    1. I knew when I found it - it was just right, Mica. I couldn't have timed it better. Such a fun day!

  10. Wow! Didn't you do well! Fabulous jewellery items; I particularly liked the earrings and how wonderful to find matching tiger earrings to go with your tiger brooch. I loved the orange pants and the patterned shirt - they'd look good together, I think. And amazing gloves; I always buy leather/suede gloves if I see them in the charity shops. I just need a green pair now to complete my collection...

    How serendipitous you found a replacement hounds tooth skirt and the plaid skirt was lovely. I'd say you had an extremely successful day and did your mental health no end of good!

    Fab shopping outfit and those shoes looks so comfortable.

    Enjoy your vacation.

    1. I had a bit of a splurge, Vronni! :) I know, I love finding matchy things - what a thrill. Leather gloves are one of the best things you can find secondhand - they last forever.

      It really did feel good. Thank you!

  11. I hope your mum feels better soon - dental work yuck!!

    Great shopping trip. I am envious. Although it is very hard to choose, I think my favourite items would be the gloves and the 80s/90s top. Other than for food I have not been shopping since before Christmas. Omicron has been raging around us and we have more restrictions; we had a blizzard and my area got 55 cm so that was a big dig out and we've been in a bit of a deep freeze so my get up and go kind of got up and went. I'm hoping February will be a kinder month.

    1. Yup, dental work is never, ever fun, Nana.

      Thank you! I'm excited about those too. Ooh, that sounds chilly! Stay warm!

  12. You did very well on this shopping trip. I like the gloves - I can't resist a pair of long gloves even though it's either too cold, or too warm to get much wear out of them here. The rings were a great score - big and bold, just how I like my jewellery.

    1. I adore long gloves, and I'm so chuffed to find a suede pair. I love them with my short-cuffed blazers. Same - give me big and bold every day. Thanks, Shelley!

  13. Didn't you do well!
    I think my favourite is the leopard earrings, though the giant brass ring is a close second.

  14. Sensational finds! I'm especially wild about the red vintage cami and the grey Aldo gloves (they have a straight up mid-century look to them that is exceedingly rare to find in contemporary glove designs). You really hit upon some wonderful winners on this MHS trip. Way to go!!!

    Autumn Zenith 🎃 Witchcrafted Life

    1. I am always happy to find another vintage cami, and I also love the gloves. Thanks!


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