Thursday, June 16, 2022

Mom-Day Adventure: Down Memory River - Colquitz River Park

Hello, my friends! Mom and I have had a long streak of crap weather on our adventures this spring. Would it continue today for our trip to Colquitz River Park? Or perhaps it would get sunny later, as I had a wee shop on the way home? Would Vizzini roll around on the floor? Grab a drink and join me - we have much to delve into! 

I resolved to wear a dress, one of my many summer jammy dresses. 
I'd originally planned to wear my thin sparkly turtleneck under this. I'm glad I didn't but there were points when I was cold. 

  • Jacket - Danier Leather, consignment; last worn here in March for our Mom-Day Adventure at the Japanese Tea Gardens
  • Dress - Trina Turk, thrifted; last seen here (2nd outfit) in June 2021 for a Zoom call with Mom
  • Shoes - Steve Madden, thrifted; last worn here in March for a mental health shop

I always try to build my outfits for maximum versatility - you never know what the weather's going to bring! 
This was how I looked while I did my wee shop after our adventure. 

I took the jacket off while we had lunch. The pattern on this cotton blend dress is woven, not printed. 
This is classified (in my loosey-goosey way) as a Jammy Dress as it is a "one and done" look. 

It just needs shoes and I'm good to go. 
It helps immensely if it has pockets. I will put back a nice dress or skirt if there aren't pockets. It's not a complete deal-breaker, but it's close. 

I wear my sunglasses whenever I'm outside, period. 
And I deployed the scarf as needed for extra warmth; I tied it on my purse when I didn't need it. 

Hands free with the bag. 
I liked the black tights. 

I masked while in the restaurant, on the bus and while in the WIN Boutique. 
I had to dash back to the restaurant after lunch, as I'd left it on the table. 

All geared up. 
I'm ready for any weather! 

Dad's scarf makes an appearance. I wore this so much when I was around 19 years old. 

  • Purse - Ted Lapidus, vintage 90s, vintage fair
  • Scarf - vintage 60s, Dad's
  • Mask - by Mom

The stuff: 
One of the volunteers in the WIN store admired them. "I bought them here!" 

Coppery bling: 
My Grandad called these knuckle-busters, Mom informed me. 

  • Copper/ball ring - vintage 70s, consignment
  • Copper/enamel ring - vintage, 60s, consignment
  • Spinning ring - consignment
  • Copper ring - Glee
  • Earrings - vintage, vintage expo

Colquitz River Park

Mom and I noted several times today that it was a real walk down memory lane, as this is the neighbourhood I grew up in - I lived close to this park from oh...1971 until 1989ish, aged 4-21 years old for me. Mom and Dad sold that house shortly after I moved out. 

You can read two good summaries of the section of the park that we revisited today here (a local info site) and here (a good blog post about it). All links 'cause I love, of course.

We drove to Tillicum Centre and parked near Montana's Restaurant, and then immediately walked into this: 
WOW, so much greenery! 

The sign says this is part of Cuthbert Holmes & Tillicum Park - we're at the upper right.
We only walked a tiny portion here and then went "off map."

We walked out onto the bridge above.
It's variously referred to as Colquitz Creek or River. Colquitz is pronounced "CALL-quits", by the way. 

It was always "the creek" when I was a kid, as in, "I'm going for a walk along the creek."
You can see the mall in front of Mom. That entire property was a drive-in movie theatre when I was very small. They built the mall, then called Tillicum Mall (TILL-uh-come) when I was in junior high school (ages 12-15) - that's where I hung out! 

Mom, pose by the park sign. 
As you may have read from the links above, a major amount of work building the path and other features of this section along the creek happened in 1981, which was just before I started junior high, grades 8-10.

We crossed one of the off-ramps of the Trans-Canada Highway, and walked this small section of Interurban Road. 
The bridge ahead there is the highway - that's where you go to head up-Island. 

Once we got off the sidewalks, we were enveloped in trees. 
Oh my gosh, so many memories flooding back. My best friend Janet and I used to hang out down here all the time in the early 80s. 

The highway overpass and on the other side of that is the Galloping Goose overpass, a former railway line, now a continuous path system for bikers and walkers.
On the other side of those overpasses was Colquitz Junior High, which was my school. It's since been torn down and rebuilt on the opposite side of the field, away from the roads. 

Traffic roaring above us. 
Creek burbling away next to us. 

The greenery was lush.
There are blackberry canes everywhere - this is a prime picking spot. 

Going under the overpass. 
"Snerd." How lovely. *shakes head*

Burnside Road starts here. I walked over that bridge hundreds of time going to school.
The trees were so much shorter then! It's easily been 35 years since I walked here. 

A glimpse of roiling waters to our left. 
The river was fairly high - we've had a lot of rain lately. 

Going under Burnside Road. 
The creek is calm in this section. 

Looking back. 
I see you, Snerd. I've always liked the island in the middle of the creek. 

In shocking news, trees grow over time. 
This all used to be so open - you could always see the road on the left. 

We could certainly hear it, although traffic noise was lessened as we moved beyond the highway. 
The pathway was mostly dry and well-packed. 

These railings didn't exist in the 80s. 
Go ahead and fall in the water! 

The railings are covered with poems, facts and memories of the creek. This project was done by students from my old junior high, within the last 20 years. 
I liked this: 

Memories of the Stream
"The word would get out "Maurice got a 24 incher, Ross got an 18-incher, Jake got four on Saturday." We used to head straight from school to the creek and had rods hidden in the bushes to save going home. We could always figure on a fish a day when fishing afternoons and maybe two or three for a Saturday or Sunday. Salmon could be seen jumping below the CNP trestle. - Mr. Brian Robinson

There are lots of tent caterpillars in the trees this year.
Note the creek in the background of these two pics.

What a gorgeous area. 
That's a Garry oak (L will be happy that I spelled it right) leaning over the water, just like we have in our front yard. 

There were buttercups and wild roses everywhere. 
Evidence of rain in the morning. 

Looking back at the same Garry oak. 
Colquitz Creek drains from Beaver Lake (where we were last week). 

The sun appeared briefly. 
It was mostly overcast. 

Mom and I both had to touch the moss on this tree. 
"It's so soft!"

Look at the gnarled roots! 
One of the signs on the railing had said there were still beavers here, and I was hoping to see one (I've never seen a beaver in real life). This seemed a likely spot. 

These giant stepping stones are concrete and were added as features to the park in the '81 update. 
I remember sitting on these and talking about teenage things (mostly boys). It looks like a couple of the stones have been upended due to fallen tree - I spy a big stump with roots there. It's been fenced off for repairs. 

Swirling eddies. 
It was so peaceful. 

A long line of beeches. 
These were saplings back in the day! 

Being June, it was all overgrown. 
Coming up on a bench/picnic area. 

The bike/pedestrian bridge on the right here takes you to the bottom of Rolston Crescent.
This was a shortcut I sometimes took home from school, but it was a steep hill after you crossed. This whole area is very hilly. 

Under the bridge. 
It was quiet for most of the time - we only saw a few people at first. 

More stones, leading down to the water. 
I had to go down. I remember sitting down here. 

Looking back at Mom, patiently waiting for me. 
She and Dad used to walk our dog Schultz (the schnauzer seen here, and yes, that's a very old pic of me) along here, almost daily.

I remember sitting in this exact spot, legs swinging. 
Oh gosh, this takes me back. I need to reach out to Janet. 

At this point, there are options. You can go to the right, up to the road (this is usually how we walked to/from school - way faster), or...
You can take the stepping stones over the creek, or go over the bridge. 

We chose the bridge. 
We were quickly overtaken by a horde of junior high kids (they call it middle school now). 

View looking back from the bridge. 
I saw otters here all time when I was a teen. 

Looking back at the bridge. 
Now we are on the other side of the creek, and the traffic noise is at its quietest. '

This area is where I used to walk frequently. 
Before all these trees on the right blocked the creek, there were big exposed rocks. I used to sit here and write angsty poetry. 

I liked this bare tree reaching to the grey clouds. 
I see one patch of blue on the left! 

These two trees seem fond of each other. 
They must be lovers! 

And there's the McKenzie overpass - it connects the Trans-Canada Highway with the Pat Bay Highway (the way to the ferries). 
It was built when I was a kid and cut across the top of our street. I remember the ground shaking as they blasted through our rocky hill. 

Time to head back. 
This tree's got some infestation. 

Here we are, back at the railings. 
What a lovely spot. 

We were both charmed by the frequent bird-calls. 
I zoomed in on this tuneful robin. 

And this little bird kept hopping around on the path. 
He's got a russet head. 

And here we are, back on Interurban. 
I had so many flashbacks of going to the mall with Janet. 

It's been renovated a few times, but it used to have an Eaton's, a Zellers (my first job!), a Safeway and a Boots drugstore (my UK friends know Boots!). Those are all gone now. 
Montana's, on the right, is where we had lunch. Out of sight, behind that is Silver City movie theatre, the site of the old drive-in screen. 

Mom and I enjoyed a lovely lunch. 
What a pretty top! You look gorgeous, Mom.

I hopped a bus back to my own 'hood, stopping in at the WIN Boutique on my way home. A hello to the fellow shopper I chatted with and gave my blog card to! 

I found some goodies. 
I always start with the little things (accessories, scarves, lingerie, jewelry) and then go through the clothes. I also bought L some books (Patrick O'Brien seafaring novels) for a couple of dollars. 

These little shorts - they have pockets! - are for lounging around the house in the heat of summer, should that ever arrive. 
They were new with tags, from La Vie en Rose lingerie (a mall store), for $10.95, regular price $24.95.

The lacy coral tights were only $1.95. 
They're from Forever 21 and were regular $7.80. 

Now, this is what I love about thrifting. 
Nylons are $10.99 a pair in the drugstore! These three pairs were from Costco, so were probably cheaper than that (I've never been in a Costco - I refuse to support big-box stores). But I definitely like paying $1.95! 

I loved this warm grey leather bracelet. 
The bronzy design is a metal buckle. 

The little knobs unscrew so you can adjust it to fit. 
It was only $4.95. As I have a Rimanchik leather/steel bracelet (this red one here) that has the same adjustable knobs/screws, so I thought I'd check their site to see...and yup, this is one of theirs (here) and it is $38.00. As their designs all use silver/steel now, this is probably an older version. 

I fell for this red thin sweater. 
That neckline is super-flattering on me. 

And - aw! - it's Beechers Brook, from Fairweather, where I worked in 1999-2001.
It was $6.95. I think it would have been around $35.00 then.
The CA number is for 1997, so there you go. 

I loved the paisley swirls in this mesh top. 
I also really liked that the front of it is lined, so that it's not fully see-through. 

It's by AWear, which used to have a store here back in the 80s-90s. 
Made in Canada - they made most of their clothes in Vancouver. And only $14.95 - I remember not being able to afford anything there. The CA number tells me this is from 1995.

Speaking of unaffordable stores back in the day...
This oversized 90s shirt made me catch my breath. Note that the pattern is all lined up in the front, and even on the collar. The sleeves and body are huge, but the cuffs are very small. 

Dalmys! That was a very high-class and swanky boutique in the 80s - I believe it closed in the 90s. 
The CA number is for 1997. This would have been VERY expensive back then. It's that thick washable silk. I had one of those silk shirts (from a cheaper store) and it was $75.00 in the 90s! I had to save up for it! 

I really liked this colour-blocked cardigan. 
It's going into my around-the-house wardrobe. 

The back.
It's all knit together - the blocks of colour are not cut-and-sewn. 

I don't know this brand - Simple. - but it feels like a wool blend. Oh, I found it - it's a Dutch brand (site here) - this likely would have been close to $150.00 new. 
For $19.95, I will get that down to pennies per wear, if Vizzini doesn't claim it as a new bed. 

He was happy to see me when I got home. 
"Did you buy me anything?"

Stretchy boy! 
"This tum isn't going to rub itself, Woman."

After a few scritches, he watched me unpack.
"Food time?"

And here we are, Mom and I in our matching leather jackets (!). Thanks so much for the walk down memory...river! 
I love you, Mom! 


  1. Sheila, I just love love seeing you and Mom having adventures, what wonderful memories you are building, enjoy!

  2. I was thinking that you and your mom might really enjoy Outerbridge Park! It isn’t very large, but you could do a bit of the Lochside Trail as well as exploring it. The gardens are really lovely and it is amazingly peaceful. The little sparrow with the rusty cap is a chipping sparrow.

    1. Thank you so much for the suggestion! I've never heard of that park!

  3. What a wonderfully atmospheric place Colquitz River Park is. The weather might be disappointing but it suits that lush, green environment.
    Both you and your Mum (and Vizzini) look gorgeous and your robins look totally different to ours, how strange!
    That block coloured cardi is lovely, I'd have snaffled that, too! xxx

  4. I loved tagging along on your walk down memory ... river. I agree with Vix that the park is wonderfully atmospheric, and it looks like the perfect place to blow the cobwebs away. Oh, and our robins also look different ...
    Anyway, loving the jammy dress and approve of all of your finds. The Paisley swirl top looks suspiciously like one of my skirts and the colour block cardigan is a stunner! xxx

  5. HOw fun and so beautiful. Great buy on the hose.

  6. Mmm, thanks for another outing with you and your Mom! Always, when reading your Mom Day Adventure posts, I feel immersed in the outing with you; your photos providing a visual entrée into each scene. So delightful to read your commentary and "tag along" with the two of you!

    Nice finds on your shop experience! I especially like each of the tops (of all lengths) and know you will get much wear out of them. Also quite like your "jammy" dress outfit for the day. I think "jammy" dresses are the very best type of dress to have in one's closet; guarantees there is always something that can be worn!

  7. What a great walk down memory lane and a nice place to do it too! I like how easy it is to get our in nature, we have a few parks and trails like this and I really need to visit them so often! I used to do it regularly with the little one when his big brother was in school but now both kids are in school and it's more lonely by myself - no one to point out cool bugs or flowers too, haha! That last pic of you both in the matching jackets is wonderful :)

    I know it's just around the house wear but that cardigan has to be my favourite find - I like the colours and it looks so cosy!

  8. Sheila's teenage hang-out! Cool. Great report. It's fun to return to our roots and realize how much we've grown.

    I love thrift-store tights. Such a bargain. The pictures on the packages melt my heart.

  9. How nice to grow up surrounded by trees! I was too but a bit far from town, your childhood place was a good distance! And lovely to see the trees have grown and not been cut down!


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