Thursday, May 12, 2022

Mom-Day Adventure: Elk-Beaver Lake Park in Dots and Floral

Hello, my friends! Welcome back to Mom-Day Adventures! After a 2 week hiatus due to a combination of a pandemic scare and a dental appointment, Mom and I got together for a lovely stroll at Elk-Beaver Lake Park, followed by lunch.

I always dress prepared for anything - you never know what the weather's going to be, or even the terrain.
I walked several kilometers in this outfit today! 

  • Jacket - Paparazzi, thrifted, Vancouver; last seen here in September 2021 over coral
  • Baby blue blouse - vintage 80s, thrifted; last worn here in November 2021 with wintery blues
  • Skirt - Compania Fantastica, consignment, Vancouver; last seen here in August 2021 with my first Fluevogs
  • Shoes - 5YMedio; last worn here in April with yellow and studs

Early in the morning, I had hopes that the clouds would part, the wind would die down and the threat of rain would pass. 
It sadly did not. I didn't wear this outfit open at all. 

The jacket is an all-time favourite of mine. 
That's all embroidered on black denim. 

I took the jacket off while we had lunch, so I did look like this briefly. I've had this blouse forever. 
I shall create spring through sheer force of will (and bright colours). 

I layered a full vintage slip under this, and I have nylons on.
The skirt is also a favourite - it has a wide elastic waist.

Masked up - I wore my mask while walking around in the diner. 
And on the bus and in the bank, later. 

I wore the jacket as my outerwear, but I was cold most of the day. 
I did remain incognito, and wore headphones. I didn't feel like interacting much with people today (other than Mom, of course). 

I love a warm silk scarf. 

  • Purse - Danier Leather, thrifted
  • Scarf - Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier, vintage 90s, consignment
  • Gloves - consignment
  • Mask - by Cat

The stuff: 
These shoes are very comfortable - they are well-balanced. 

White bling: 
I like wearing pearls to go for a walk in the woods, don't you?

  • Belt - Banana Republic, thrifted
  • Pearl necklace - consignment
  • Brooch - Sarah Coventry, vintage70s, vintage fair
  • Silver/crystal ring - Soul Flower
  • Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes

I hit the sweet spot with this jacket that I got Mom for her birthday. 
I think she likes it. Love the matchy shoes! 

I told her I had to take a picture of her new azalea. 
"My gardening friends will want to see this!" Isn't it pretty?

We drove north of town to Elk-Beaver Lake Park, where we last visited in December 2021 (here). 
This time, we parked at the north end of it, the Elk Lake side. This play-park is new! I used to come here in the summer of 1984 with my bestie Janet when we were 16, and sunbath in my bikini, read Judith Krantz novels, play the Police's "Synchronicity" on our ghetto-blaster and flirt with boys. Those were some good times! We were here nearly every day all summer - I was so tanned (and that's the last time I deliberately tanned!).

This section is called Hamsterly Beach. Mom actually learned to swim at Elk Lake when she was a kid. 
This is our path, and that's the lake there. The water seemed very high. 

We headed left and were immediately in the woods, among the cedars, beech, balsam firs and Douglas firs. 
The underbrush is ferns, salal, wild roses, honeysuckle, salmonberries and more I can't name. 

Do you like paths leading into greenery? 
Then this post is for you! 

Trees covered in ivy.
Slowly strangling. 

Salmonberries in the wild
"They're called that because of the colour," said Mom helpfully. 

This bench is perfectly placed. 
One of the few views onto the lake. 

It was very windy, and the water was choppy.
However, we were plagued by "no-see-ums", clouds of insects for almost the entire walk. They got in our faces, our hair, and I brushed them off Mom and myself every so often. Gross. 

The ground and edges of the lake are very boggy and marshy. 
On the far side where the land is thinner is where Elk Lake and Beaver Lake join. 

On the opposite side is a beach and the tiny building is the Victoria City Rowing Club - Canada's Olympic rowers train here (link here - our women's team won gold last year). 
On the left side is the Pat(ricia) Bay Highway. We could hear the roar of traffic every so often - this is the main route to the ferries to the mainland, and the connector to Victoria and Sidney (plus the huge area of North, Central and South Saanich municipalities). 

Back to trees! 
It's off the beaten path! 

The beaten path. 
It's dirt, some rocks. It was muddy in places. 

Mom and I just soaked in nature. 
We heard tons of birdcalls.

The "krawk" of ravens, the trilling of redwing blackbirds. 
Looking up always puts thing in perspective to me. 

This is my favourite kind of forest. 
I love cedar trees and firs.

These two trees seem locked in an embrace.
They twisted together as they went up. 

They've been growing around each other for years. 
Your eyes are not fooling you - that's a little tunnel underneath them. 

Although it was chilly and windy, the rank smell of the arum lilies (aka skunk cabbage) permeated this area.
There they are on the lower left with the big leaves. I also see lots of horsetails there - a prehistoric plant.

These trees look like they're having sex.
It's a threesome. I feel rude for looking! Ah, stop staring! 

There are a few ginormous houses along the lake on this end.
The one on the left is quite new (and massive).The one on the right looks like 1950s-60s (I grew up in a neighbourhood full of houses - only way smaller - like this). 

The absence of sun has kept a lot from blooming. 
But I was happy to find pink and white in addition to the blue-bells.

Another peek at the lake. 
The sky is just white. It's nothing weather. 

A small cove with water frothing with algae.
You wouldn't want to step in here - it's deeper than it looks. 

This tree looks like it's going to fall in. 
On a clear day, you can see the line of mountains in the USA on the horizon. 

More paths, you say? 
Happy to oblige. 

It was so cold, this person has their fireplace going. See the smoke coming out of the chimney?
The darker grey spots in the sky in this pic are a cloud of bugs! Ugh, get off me! 

This is the beech area. 
They all rustled together, drowning out the traffic.

So many friendly trees along here! 
See the branches reaching across? 

I loved the bright neon green tips of new growth on this tree. 
"It's balsam pine - the needles are flat," said Mom. 

We strolled along - Mom's very adept with her walking poles. 
She thanks you all so much for your sweet wishes for her birthday yesterday. I thank you too. Group hug! 

As we headed back to the car, the air brightened. 
Would the sun come out? 

But all this green is still so beautiful, and balm for the soul. 

I spotted a robin. 
Caught in the act! 

This is the bottom of a stump from a tree that had fallen over.
That's about 15 feet to the top. Imagine how tall the tree was! 

Oh, here we are, back at the cedar stand. 
There's something so calming about them. 

Reeling from the vast wonder. 
My cup is full.

I'm so grateful for these days. 
To spend the day in nature with Mom, just chatting and enjoying each other's company. 

We had the special at Floyd's: baked jalapeno mac & cheese with chicken (I had my chicken spicy).
A great shot of Mom! The necklace was a birthday gift from a friend, and the blue sweater was a recent "oh, I forgot about this" find when Mom cleaned out her closet. I've totally lost clothes too - I get this! 

When I got home, Vizzini was ecstatic to se me. 
" were gone?"

Oh, don't get up or anything. 
"All right, I won't."

Thank you so much for another wonderful adventure, Mom! 
I love you! 


  1. I admire you both for heading out on a wet-ish cool overcast day. And yet, it’s precisely because you two headed out and basked in one another’s company and the forest that your day was filled with sunshine. ❤️ (In such Spring weather Fred and I have not been as adventurous, and it means we wind up missing out on the peacefulness of early morning rising-with-the-sun walks. Ah well, we do manage afternoon walks.)

    I smiled at thinking of your Mom learning to swim in the lake. How special to learn to swim in nature! And as always, yay for your Mom-Daughter selfie!

    Oh yes, your skirt and jacket had me smiling. Truly, you are creating spring, and now it’s time for the weather to take its cue from you!

    Cheers and here’s to a grand weekend!

  2. I like your spring-y outfit even if you were a little cold and had to keep the coat all buttoned up apart from in the diner! I love all the path photos too, I agree that there's just something so relaxing about getting out and about in nature, and a bonus it was by the lake, water is always nice to have too. I haven't been on my favourite local trail for a while as it's all been so wet here. It's still raining, and it's touch and go if we will be flooded in again. We had a bit of a break in the rain today but it's definitely come back in spades tonight so who knows.

  3. What a lovely walk!
    I always enjoy your mom days out.
    Celebrate the green... why not;)


  4. Another outfit which is making my heart sing, even if it wasn't as warm as you'd wished. The orange polka dot skirt and baby blue blouse are such a lovely, Spring-y combo, and I'm not surprised that embroidered jacket is an all-time favourite!
    Elk-Beaver Lake Park looks like my kind of place, I absolutely adore paths leading fairytale like into greenery! And trees, particularly those amorous ones!
    Sorry you were plagued by insects, but I'm guessing they weren't the biting kind? It's coming up to the time of year that I won't be able to go for nature walks without being severely bitten.
    Your Mom does look lovely in her forgotten blue sweater. And yes, I sometimes do lose clothes as well :-) xxx

  5. How fun another mom date with exercise to boot!

  6. Thanks so much for the Mom day trip. The park, trees, and brush were lovely, even though the weather was iffy. I do enjoy your blog. Hello from the east coast of the USA!

    1. Hello, and welcome! Thank you so much for commenting.

  7. Indeed a great shot of your mum. Love the last photo of the two of you too.

  8. I really enjoyed seeing your day out together. That jacket is a favourite of mine too and one that I always hope you'll jettison off in my direction... It's a great idea to brighten up a dull day with your spring inspired outfit and really you deserved to force the sun into shining too x

  9. Your jacket is to die for! One day I will find an embroidered floral jacket that is just right! I have found 2 over the years but neither fitted!

    Hi to your mum!

    I love all the twisty trees, they give me spooky and Fae vibes! Do you think any are portals to Faerie?

  10. Lovely outfit to go for a walk, those shoes look comfy!, and love the orange and blue colour combo and the fab embroidered jacket!.
    Totally in love with the 'wearing pearls to go for a walk in the woods' attitude! ;D
    Lovely photos of the paths and trees and calming atmosphere, totally my kind of thing.
    And also lovely photos of both you!

  11. Such a lovely outing - there really are few natural wonders, IMO, that come close to the majesty and timeless beauty of lofty Pacific Northwest forests (I miss living close to them sooo much!).

    Speaking of which, I adore that hanging on one of your walls is a painting that looks precisely like the setting you two had just spent the day enjoying. That's awesome!

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    1. That's one of Mom's original oil paintings - it was in a juried art show many years ago. She painted it from a photo from Goldstream Park.


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