Tuesday, June 28, 2022

New Cobalt and Profesh Palazzos, Plus Flashback

We had a big (12+ people!) meeting in the office today, so I busted out the "profesh" office look.
Recognizing that my version of professional may be slightly more colourful than most.

  • Cobalt blazer - vintage, thrifted; purchased here for $14.95
  • Bodysuit - Madewell, thrifted; last seen here in March with brocade and white leather
  • Silk pants - Pinkerton, consignment; last worn here in June 2021 with my Darth Sheila duster
  • Shoes - Effortless Bebe, Fluevog; last seen here in May with profesh pinks

In order to create an outfit with this new-to-me cobalt blazer, I worked my way through my closet, holding it up to everything to see what jumped out at me. 
"Well, HELLO," said these snazzy pants. 

We'll get to them in a bit - I've put a Flashback together of all the ways I've worn them, below. 
I loved this gorgeous jacket. 

That tailoring! That colour! 
I have surprisingly little in this vivid hue - it's not a common colour in clothing. You see lots of true blue, but not much in this almost-neon shade. 

Without the jacket - I thought I might take it off during the day. 
But I did not. 

This is a navy-blue bodysuit.
It's very good quality and worked well with the pants and jacket. Sometimes you just need a solid piece.

Masked up.
I matched my shoes. 

  • Mask - by Mom

Incognito. I totally whiffed on mentioning my white Geox (thrifted!) shoes in yesterday's post. 
I decided to make them my warm-weather walking shoes - my Doc Martens ankle boots are too hot. These are still a little stiff, but getting better - and they're so klassy! I won't be tracking their wears anymore, but I'll definitely get my money's worth! 

The stuff: 
I'm going to be sad when these shoes give up on me - this is their 29th wearing. 

Bright bling: 
I liked that the rose earrings matched the pants.

  • Necklace - thrifted
  • Blue bracelet - vintage 80s, was mine, donated it, thrifted it
  • Glass bangle - thrifted
  • Silver/aventurine ring - consignment
  • Silver swivel ring - consignment
  • Earrings - Betsey Johnson, swap from Cat

And now...

Flashback: Pinkerton Silk Palazzo Pants

Since these silk palazzo pants are a summer stalwart in my wardrobe, and I've had them for nearly 5 years, it's time for a Flashback.
I bought them on one of my former Sunday shopping jaunts to the now-closed My Sister's Closet - I met up with now-Winesday Woman Petra for a wee shop back here in November 2017. 

These 100% silk trousers are by Pinkerton, which is a brand sold at Anthropologie. They are pull-on, with an elasticated smocked waistband. I paid $22.98 for them and they originally retailed for $88.00. Dig this awesome pattern - it's mostly roses, but I love the border on the hem.
I miss My Sister's Closet! Other amazing finds on that same trip were my Rodarte for Opening Ceremony jacket (Flashback here) for a mere $42.98 (retailed for $935!) and my PANK Essential Antwerp dress (for $60.98, still a great price).

As the trousers are thin silk, they weren't practical for November, so I stashed them away and first wore them in April 2018.
The pink top is long gone, but I still have that duster (it's Darth Sheila!), and those pink metallic sandals are a hot weather staple for me - and I've worn them with these trousers a lot. 

The duster-pant combo was a go-to - here it is again in August 2018, with a long chartreuse green cardigan in the role of duster.
That blue top didn't last (I'm fussy) and I think I still have the cardigan? Yes, I do. It's been in the giveaway pile at least once, as it bags out if you even look at it. 

This lace duster was a Dots purchase - I thought it would be useful. I went through a duster phase!
This was in June 2019. Amazing how quickly I grew the colour out of my hair in one year.

I went to visit Elaine in Hamilton, Ontario (and met up with Ally!) here in July 2019 and took a small "it's going to be really hot" capsule travel wardrobe.
I had a tint of blue in my hair then. The duster didn't last much past this - I didn't really love it.

And then the pandemic hit! This was in May 2020 for a Saturday Zoom Happy Hour with our friends. 
My hair is pink there, and I bouff'ed it up. This outfit is notable in that it's the first time I'd worn these pants without a duster! 

And here we are, the last time I wore them, in June 2021, again with my Darth Sheila duster (I love a good formula!). I even wore the same necklace! As you can see from this and the previous outfit, these pants have awesome big pockets.
I wore this in our then-dead office and swooshed at everyone I saw...which was not many.

Mathy stuff: I still have oodles of wear left in these, and I love having a pair of swooshy silk palazzo pants for the warmest days. I wore them twice per season initially, and then that pesky pandemic came along, but hopefully I'll get another wearing in of them this summer. Today's is the 7th outfit, which brings us to $3.28 per wear. 

What's your favourite outfit? How would you style patterned palazzo pants? 


  1. Today's outfit, with (and without) the cobalt blazer, is tops with me! Loved everything about it!

  2. The palazzos are gorgeous and I love all these ways you have styled it. The cobalt blazer is a stunning layering piece.

  3. I have black palazzo pants- so comfy, but I think worn twice. Not that I have anywhere to go, but I need to revisit them. Not colorful like yours, but would have the swish factor. Does your office require masks indoors? Do you choose to? I'm not sure my feelings when we return in person. I've enjoyed fewer illnesses all around.

    1. No, masks are optional, but no longer required. As I'm the office manager, and I interact with EVERYONE, I keep one on. It's to keep me safe (I don't wish to get COVID) and to keep Mom safe too. Like you, I have really liked not getting everything that goes around in the office!

      Get those black palazzos out and wear them, Sam!

  4. Absolutely beautiful. Regine

  5. I like all of the pieces in your opening outfit but for my favorite outfit it is actually the white duster with the tucked in teal green top. Among other things, the proportions resonate with me.

    The pants are fabulous for their apparent comfort, swoosh factor, pattern, colors and material!

    And it is summer! Yay!
    Cheers, Laurie

    1. I totally get that, Laurie! I found the white lace too...bridal? swimwear-ish? It wasn't right.

      They are amazing pants! Happy July 4th to you!

  6. I love the Darth Sheila top! The pants are reat! S many hpants are too hot so nice cool ones are good!

  7. That's how I do it - hold the item I want to wear in front of the wardrobe and wait for something to pop out. The blazer is fabulous, it's a proper peacock-y blue.
    The trousers have served you well - I love the duster-free outfit with that gorgeous chartreuse top. xxx

  8. These pants look so good on you! My sister has palazzo pants like this and wears them so well which I just don't get as like me she's petite and whenever I try I find I swim in them, they just don't feel right (but I love maxi skirts which are very similar, so not sure what that's about!) These pants look so good on you and I love that blue blazer with them, and the very pretty necklace :)

    1. Sometimes it's just about finding the right pants, Mica. I'm petite too (5'4") so it can be done!

  9. Those trousers are gorgeous and suit + fit you so well. I agree about the red shoes, it will be a shame when they give up as they are perfect.
    Of all the outfits that you've shown with the trousers, I like the one of today best (that's my taste). The jacket is beautiful and the necklace is a find. I wonder how it will look if you wear a lighter colour top underneath the jacket. Not an easy match but you like a challenge.

    1. I think a lighter coloured top would work fine. The pants have a loose waist, so tops need to either cover that or be long enough to tuck in.

  10. wowww, so fabulous outfit!, you rock it!. Totally in love with this cobalt jacket, the colour and the fit are Amazing!, and the palazzos are Fabulous. Love the necklace and shoes and how you matched everything!, looking gorgeous (and profesh!).
    Those trousers really look fantastic with dusters!, great flashback!

    1. I'm sure the jacket was a high-end handmade line. It's beautiful.

  11. Those palazzo trousers are amazing. You look profesh and quirky at the same time! xxx


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