Monday, June 13, 2022

Monday Mondrian and Dead Bugs

Happy Monday! Here I am, still wearing black in June. 
Yes, the temps are still stupidly NOT WARM. Come on, nature, get spring underway! 

  • Top - True Religion, consignment; purchased here for $39.99
  • Skirt - LS, consignment; last worn here (2nd outfit) in April 2021 for Easter at Mom's
  • Shoes - Sam Edelman, thrifted; last seen here in June 2021 with a favourite skirt
  • Coat (below) - L'Atiste, consignment, Vancouver; last worn here a week ago

This outfit features this new-to-me sheer top. 
Although it looks like a sweater, it's actually a rayon with silk velvet detail (skulls and skeletons!). I

 wore a pale blue cami underneath. 
The skirt is three different coloured fabrics, all connected with grosgrain ribbon. 

It reminds me of Piet Mondrian's work (link here 'cause I love). 
I'd love to find one of Yves Saint Laurent's "Mondrian" dresses (pic here) in a second-hand shop but that's not likely!

I'll take my Mondrian-inspired skirt. 
Still wearing nylons. 

And a coat! 
Ah well. If the weather is the worst thing I can complain about, then I'm a very fortunate person. 

Swirly shapes.

  • Scarf - Lanvin, vintage 80s, vintage mall
  • Mask - by Mom

The stuff: 
I don't wear these flats as much as I used to - the buckles are a pain, so they're no good for shopping. I still like them - studs! 

Black, white and blue bling: 
You know I like to be thematic in my jewelry! 

  • Round cuff - Sziska
  • Octagonal cuff - vintage, vintage fair
  • Earrings - local
  • Lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes
  • Shield ring - Nine West

Yvonne sent a bunch of pics that she'd taken at Winesday, including this hilarious one of me doing my daily core-strengthening exercises. I laid down my poncho on the tiles and went for it! 
These are called "Dead Bugs" and work my stomach, back and core muscles. I did three sets of 20 (10 of each side), alternating each set with my glute bridges, then dug into the chocolate! 


  1. You make us 50 something's proud with your class and agility. I'd look like a dead bug on the ground. I love the bold patterns.

    1. Thanks, Sam! They are great exercises for your core!

  2. I like the skirt a lot. Mondrian dresses are really lovely, classy and beautiful, even though I don't usually like the style and prefer fitted clothes.
    You look great and the last picture is funny, but well done for working out!

  3. That skirt is all kinds of wonderful and the last photo made me laugh out loud! xxx

  4. Sorry about the above! I'd only typed one letter and then accidentally pushed publish :-)
    I'm loving the Mondrian skirt and I too am dreaming of finding one of those dresses, which will of course never happen. Still wearing nylons too, on and off. Today was off!
    Ah, so that's what the dead bugs part of your post title was all about! Thanks for making me laugh! xxx

  5. This outfit is very slimming, I thought you needed to know that as you had been eating chocolate. Love the exercise picture, too funny.

  6. Love these pictures and your styling with these outfits. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    Love: Mariann Yip

  7. I'm not sure I could get back up off the floor!

    1. I have to roll over on my side and push myself up. It's not graceful.

  8. I'd like to try this exercise. What does one do exactly? Love the Mondrian! If I ever see one, will grab it for you. What size? Kezzie x

    1. Look it up on YouTube, Kezzie - there are tons of tutorials. You're basically alternating bringing your arms and legs up, then extending them, and then switching sides. They are tough, but so good for your core.

  9. I am familiar with the "dead bug" core strengthening exercise even though I haven't done it in forever. I have been wearing my usual mix of black and grey this summer with some blue mixed in. Our daytime temperatures have been either 20 (which I love), or in the low 30's, which I don't.


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