Thursday, May 5, 2022

Mental Health Shop in Black and Yellow Brollys

No Mom-Day Adventure this week, unfortunately, as Mom had a dentist appointment. That gave me time to get in a little birthday/Mother's Day shopping - Mom gets separate gifts as these are separate occasions, of course! 

The rain has been continuous, and since I hate carrying an umbrella I chose to wear them on my skirt instead. 
Hat and pig-tails (aka bunches) and the rain won't bother me! 

  • Leather coat - Baez Leather, consignment; last worn here on the weekend all day
  • Top - Desoto; last seen here layered in January
  • Skirt - SP; last worn here in September 2021 for our Bowker Creek adventure
  • Booties - Go Groovy Husymans, Fluevog; last seen here in February for Pink Shirt Day

It really doesn't feel like May out there - I had a vintage slip layered under this and I wore nylons. 
I don't like the yellow top on its own, but it's got good details for layering, like a standup ruffled neck and long ruffled cuffs which peeked out from under my coat. 

If I'd worn this outfit for work, I would have done an orange belt, shoes and necklace. 
Most people exclaimed over my shirt, thinking it was a dress. 

Masked up. I only unzipped the jacket once, but this is how I generally looked. 
I popped over to the WIN Boutique, then took a quick peek in MONA and the Velvet Crease. 

Outerwear - ready to shop! 
I quickly tucked my mask into one of the skirt pockets so that it wouldn't get wet. 

First wearing of this lovely vintage silk scarf. I gave it a steam before I wore it and it gave off a gentle waft of Chanel No. 5 (I used to wear it, would recognize it anywhere). 

  • Purse - Banana Republic, consignment
  • Hat - Delux, Saanich Fair c. 2005
  • Gloves - consignment
  • Mask - by Mom

The stuff: 
I wanted to wear the shorter orange version of these, but didn't want the leather to get wrecked in the rain - these were bought specifically to be worn in any weather. 

  • Steel/acrylic ring - Calvin Klein, thrifted
  • Orange ring - Italian, vintage 60s, vintage mall
  • Earrings - thrifted

I did well at the WIN Boutique, finding treasures for L, Mom and myself. There were two of this fabulous Hawaiian shirt on the rack, in small and medium. 
It's polyester and I checked to make sure the bird-of-paradise flower pattern was lined up nicely. The pocket is inset, not a patch style. 

Made in Hawaii! 
Not bad for $10.95 - they start at $39.99 retail. I think this is probably from the early 00s - the oversized cut gives it away. 

Just down the rail was this beauty - and I remembered L's orange/cream Fluevogs, so I know this will work well for him. 
The print isn't aligned side-to-side, but it does have some good detail. 

Look how well the patch pocket is lined up - can you see it? 
Look for the button above the palm trees - pretty good, right? Swordfish and sailfish, fishing boats - it's all very Hemingway. 

The brand is Campia Moda, it's 100% cotton and made in Korea. The size L is deceptive - this is the same width as the Hilo Hattie shirt. 
It was only $12.95. I think this is from the early 90s. 

I had a scarf bonanza! I love the abstract floral print on this one - I've doubled it here.
With scarves, I search by feel for silk, then look for tags, signatures and hand-rolled edges. 

With this one, I spotted the signature: The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Been there - they have a FAB gift shop that sells replicas or items inspired by things in the museum. 
Their stock is very good quality, and I'm sure this retailed for far more than $3.95.

There's the silk tag. 
When I entered the RN number below into the database search, I got a hit: Edgar C. Hyman Co., so I searched on that, and found a gem - he's the founder of the Echo scarf brand (his initials + O!), link here, 'cause I love.

I guess Echo manufactured these for the Met store.
The Met store sells big scarves like this for $95.00. 

The silk in this scarf stood out to my hand, it's so fine and slippery. It feel old.
I spy a name! 

Oh, this ribbon-style weave is so 80s. 
The edges of this scarf are hand-rolled. It has a little bit of damage on one edge, likely where the original labels were.

Aw, I know that name: Bill Blass! He was one of the designers at the famous "Battle of Versailles" in 1973! 
How cool, I found this exact scarf on a resale site (here) and theirs has all the tags on it! 

Pictures borrowed from that link. Check it out: a Nordstrom tag! 
Made in Japan. 

"For Baar & Beards" - this was a fairly famous scarf and necktie manufacturer in New York City for years (very old webpage here).

Yet another scarf, although this one is not vintage - well, not what I think of as vintage (80s and earlier). I also spotted it by feel in a section of about 30 scarves. 
I like the autumn-y colours: olive, navy, red and burgundy. Very pretty.

Ooh, I like seeing a name on there! 

Not lifetime Halston, though (he died in 1990) - the Halston Lifestyle line launched in 1997 and was phased out in 1999 (info here), so this has been sitting in someone's drawer for 20+ years. 
New-with-tags! For only $14.95? I showed this to Deanna at MONA and she was gobsmacked. 

It's hard to think of the 90s and early 00s as vintage, isn't it? The style of this skirt told me it was from c.2005ish, as it's very baggy in the front, but cut like a pencil skirt in back. 
It has pockets - big ones! 

I love the print too - hummingbirds, dragonflies and some flowers. 
That blue shade is lovely - this will go with lots in my wardrobe.

A button and fabric tab at the top of the zipper, that's a nice detail you don't see much anymore. 
On and H&M skirt? 

Wow, even H&M used to be better quality! 
This skirt is fully-lined too! For $7.95, I was happy (and it fit, since I couldn't try anything on). 

I waffled on this jumpsuit for about two seconds. Um, a zebra strapless, gathered ankle, pocketed jumpsuit? Get in my basket! 
Fortunately, it also fit! I'm excited to wear it! 

It's by Sunday Best and was $24.95 - it's fairly good material, a woven rayon. 
This is an Aritzia brand, an upscale mall chain. This is called the "Tabata" jumpsuit and originally retailed for $70.00.

I didn't find anything for myself at the Velvet Crease, but I did find something in the clearance basket at MONA next door. 
"I feel like I'm covered in egg cartons," I said, as I pranced around. 

The rich purple is woven and elasticated to make all the nubby bits.
It's by Zara, and was marked down to $10.00. 

While I was prepping this post, I heard a kerfuffle behind me:

Vizzini was attacking the post to protest not being fed the minute I got home. 
"Feed me or the block gets it!"

What a silly boy! 


  1. I hate carrying an umbrella too, but I hate walking in the rain even more :-)
    But aah, it's the lovely umbrella skirt, what a treat. It would have looked fantastic with an orange belt, by the way.
    Love the Hawaiian shirts. L.'s a lucky guy! The scarves are gorgeous too, I'm particularly enamoured by the abstract floral print one.
    The skirt, jumpsuit and egg carton jumper meets my approval too. You did well with your mental health shop. As I did today ... xxx

  2. The way the first scarf drapes on the hanger had me thinking it was a dress! And I’m quite liking the purple bubble sweater, would be perfect today in NY where it was damp, rainy and cool.

  3. PS That was from me, Laurie

  4. Your rainy day outfit is so cute and colourful and what an amazing haul! A very productive shopping trip and so many lucky finds! I am loving the H&M skirt, I remember skirts like that! But the purple top is the one I'm most interested to see you wear - it reminds me of these stretchy "one size fits all" tops my aunt brought back from holidays for me and my sister once when we were kids - it had a similar kind of texture, and I've seen that style (I have no idea of the name of the fabric/texture) is enjoying a resurgence!

  5. That umbrella skirt is so lovely. And I would love to see you in that jumpsuit, but that Mona jacket is fantastic too. Your so lucky to find so those scarfs. What a gems. And if I ever get tatoo, which I really want, its going to be one with flowers, dragonflies and hummingbirds!! Would that be a hint for me!! Lol.

  6. That umbrella print skirt is the perfect choice for a wet spring day and the hat and pigtails really suit you. L's Hawaiian shirts are fab and I bet that Zara jumper looks amzing on.
    Love seeing your silly boy in action!
    Hope you had a fab weekend. xxx

  7. I don't mind carrying an umbrella. It's when it is wet and I have to go inside with it that it is a problem.
    Loving your scarf purchases. Oooh, I love finding silk too. I bought a beautiful Reiss green silk top 2 weeks ago. It feels gorgeous on!

    I liked your yellow combo, esp with the buzzy bee scarf! Wishing I'd worn a scarf today. My denim jacket is not helping keep me warm enough and Im out till late, rehearsing in a cold church!
    Vizzini is such a diva! Xx

  8. Love your umbrella skirt and always glad to see you rocking some yellow to cheer up the day!. That jacket looks fab and also love your shoes and accessorizing!
    And so fab purchases!, those scarves are lovely!, and the blue skirt too!

  9. I love the idea of an umbrella skirt n a rainy day!

    That purple jumper is fab!

  10. That is a fabulous way to help combat even the rainiest of days! I hear you on the weather front. While we have had some afternoons in the teens and uber low twenties, this May has been the chilliest I can recall in the Okanagan - especially the nights, which continue to drop down pretty much to freezing (there was a new layer of ice on our deck three days ago, but it had melted by mid-afternoon).

    At the end of the day though, I will gladly take nippy temps over the slew of mosquitos, wildfires, and potential heatwaves that are no doubt coming down the pipeline as soon as summer sets in again.

    On an unrelated note, SO true regarding the quality of at least some of the pieces H&M offered early on when they hit this side of the pond and the (generally) very fast fashion level they sell these days. I remember when H&M first arrived in Western Canada and how some saw it as being on par with - or even better than - brands/shops such as MEXX, RW&CO, and Aritzia. How times change! ;D

    You found a great array of new treasures and really hit the scarf jackpot that day! No doubt it will not surprise you to hear that I adore that elegant fall hued beauty the very most.

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life


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