Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Gaga Giant Shoulders

I had a couple of meetings (Teams and in person) today, so I deliberately "armoured up" and wore this new-to-me jacket today. Clothing As Armour!
It didn't look like much on the hanger, but once you put it on....SHOULDERS. 

  • Jacket - Zara Woman, vintage 90s, consignment, Powell River; purchased here for $65.00
  • Blouse - Sam + Zoe, thrifted; last seen here in October 2021 with a skirt I'm excited to wear again!
  • Skirt - Simon Chang, vintage 80s, thrifted; last worn here in October 2019 with coral and snakes
  • Booties - Prepare 2.0 Tracker, Fluevog; last seen here in January with stripes and a poncho
  • Sleeveless coat (below) - Only, thrifted; last worn here in November

My mp3 player happened to hit Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" as I was walking to work, and I had to restrain myself from going full Gaga down the street. 
They are insanely pointy shoulders, and even have a bit of an up-curve. I waggled them at my colleagues on Teams, as well as in my in-person meeting with my boss (eyebrow lift and a grin - he knows me well). 

This jacket is a LOT - from the giant shoulders, to the long length (totally a late 90s thing), to the bold colour - it's not for everyone. 
It was a pleasure to wear - this is not today's cheapass Zara, but is a garment that was made in Spain from quality fabric. 

It's fully lined, and I opened up all three pockets. It had dust in the seams! 
I'll eventually try my Gaga Jacket (you know it had to be called that) with some wide trousers, but for its debut, I chose this rainbow houndstooth skirt. 

I hadn't realized it's been over two years since I wore the skirt! I t's a rather snug fit, but I was able to disguise that with the jacket, as they are nearly the same length. 
I adore this neon orange silk blouse - it's amazingly versatile. I have a clutch of these that I picked up in a "blouse binge" at the Patch a few years back. I'm wearing a black tank-style cami under for coverage.

With rumblings of loosening restrictions coming before our Family Day long weekend, it finally feels like maybe there is  - if not an end - a lessening in sight. I've also recommitted to increasing my exercise lately - my dear friend and fitness professional Vero has set me up with an upper body/back strengthening routine, setting goals for cardio, and nudging me back into good fitness habits.
When I exercise, it's easier for me to make better food choices - and this beautiful 100% wool, woven, Hong Kong-made vintage skirt will fit perfectly again in no time. One of my strongest personal motivations is to not grow out of my collection of amazing designer clothes. 

Masked up - more colour! 
I felt so good in this outfit all day - I'm always amazed anew at how colour affects my moods. Colour Therapy! My metaphorical clouds are lifting. 

Only one coat will fit over these Gaga-esque giant shoulders! The sleeveless coat! Good thing it was a "white" day (light fog, nothing but clouds, no rain, just white). 

A shout-out to reader Dawn, who was stopped in traffic and spotted me slogging up the hill on my walk home in this (only with white floral Doc Martens), and hollered loud so I could hear her over my headphones. So cool! I so appreciate you! Thank you for reading! 

Some of my faves. 

  • Silk scarf - Elaine Gold, Lazy Susan's
  • Hat - Delux, Saanich Fair, c. 2009
  • Gloves - Echo, consignment

That scarf was a good buy - it's gotten a lot of wear. 

The stuff: 
I loved how these funky, chunky booties added a modern edge to the look - they helped balance out my shoulders. 

Minimal bling: 
No bracelets when I'm doing double long sleeves. 

  • Belt - vintage, thrifted
  • Stick-pin - thrifted
  • Silver/amethyst ring - vintage mall
  • Gold/amethyst ring - Frances Jewelers, c. 1965, Dad's
  • Earrings - Kate Spade, consignment
  • Necklace - Venice, gift to Karen from me

How do you feel about big shoulder pads? Too much like the late 80s/early 90s for you, or do you embrace the re-emergence of the trend? Are your clouds lifting? 


  1. This is one rocking' outfit with and without the glorious red jacket! As you said, the COLORS!!!! It's all about the colors plus the pattern of that marvelous skirt and the most eye-catching shade of your blouse. I imagine that different colored camis would subtly alter the color impact of the cami?

    I remember when shoulder pads were a thing and even had a blazer or two with pads. Now, though, I am not a fan as it feels like they overpower my frame. Regardless of my feelings about shoulder pads, YES, your outfit for this post and yesterday's post help life my clouds! :-) Plus there is a gradual warming trend here so I continue to feel like spring is around the bend.

    1. Thank you, Laurie - you'd think I would remember that COLOURS cheer me up. Funny how I forget that! Yes, layering a different colour under the cami can change the colour and "read" of the blouse.

      Oh gosh, I remember all those pads...upon pads, upon pads! We got a little carried away with them back in the day, didn't we? :)

      We have sunshine today, so it is really helping - it feels like I haven't been in the sun in months. I escaped to run some errands mid-day and oh, that sun felt good on my face!

  2. The Gaga jacket looks fantastic on you. Those shoulder pads are indeed insane, but I very well remember a time when they wouldn't have been considered as such. Virtually everything worth wearing had shoulder pads back then, it wouldn't have felt right otherwise. Not sure if I'd embrace the trend should it re-emerge, though.
    I'd love to see you were the jacket with wide-legged trousers, although I do love the outfit you've created here too. And you're right, the chunky boots do balance things out.
    We're expecting restrictions to be relaxed here soon, which doesn't mean we'll become social butterflies overnight, but I could definitely do with some perspective. One day at a time ... xxx

    1. As soon as I tried it on, I was like, "OH YES," Ann! I don't think we got into the sculptured look like these back in the late 80s/early 90s, but we did layer 'em up far too much. I do enjoy this crazy shape, though.

      Yes, agreed - I might do my black leather ones, when I drop a few pounds.

      Same - it will take some getting used to. We have a party in a few weeks, and I am SO excited (indoors!).

  3. You look fantastic in this jacket Sheila and you wear it so well! I like the bright colours with it too! :) It's nice restrictions are lifting for you as well :) Here life seems to be going on as normal except for the masks which is hard for me to get my head around where there's still around 5,000 new daily cases in our state. We are still avoiding big crowds for the most part but I have been popping into the grocery store more often - a necessity as with high covid cases not everything has been restocked at the supermarkets and our online orders are often missing essential pieces for meals or specific foods that cater for allergies.

    1. Thanks so much, Mica! This neon orange makes me so happy.

      Wow, that is a lot of cases, but I'm glad you're wearing masks. I'm so used to them by now, I will probably still wear them when I know I'm going to be in a crowd, even if they lift the need for them.

      Our supplies are erratic as well - doesn't help that I live on an island!

  4. Am on the fence about shoulder pads ... I have square shoulders, so don't usually wear extra padding. But a small, soft pad in a blouse or light jacket is not objectionable. It can help distribute the weight of fabric so that the garment feels better in the wearing.

    I still suffer nightmares of the 1980s' phenomenon we called "shoulder-pad-itis," which was essentially a build-up of multiple pads on multiple garments. Bra straps had a wing-like pad. Slip straps ditto. Blouse had pads, sweater and/or waistcoat each had its own pads. Blazer had pads. Outer coat had pads.
    I have a short neck. There were times when my shoulders reached higher than the tops of my ears. Stylish? For the time, yes. Ridiculous? For eternity.

    1. LinB, great to see you again! Yes, I can see why you'd want to avoid an extra pad. Like you, I do like a proper structural shoulderpad in a jacket to help it hang properly.

      Oh gosh, remember that?? I had a camisole, shirt, blazer and jacket - that's FOUR pads! We did look like linebackers, ha ha!

  5. The Gaga jacket looks great on you and the chunky boots and sleeveless coat couldn't have better choices.
    Exercise is good once you get into it both for the mind and the body and you're right, being more aware of your body means that you think about what you eat a lot more. Fitting into fabulous clothes is far more important than a quick hit from a packet of crisps!
    Yay for restrictions being eased. Our mask mandate was lifted almost a month ago and there's been no spike in infections. xxx

    1. Thank you so much, Vix!

      Yes, I know this rationally, but the little saboteur in my brain tells me to eat the crisps and chocolate. :) I have been good about doing my exercises, though - I feel stronger already. I would rather fit in my clothes, any day!

      I hope they do ease a bit. We should hear next week. That is such great news!!

  6. I am so short large shoulder pads look absurd on me (long blazers as well) but if you can wear them, do it! It is such a great look.
    Red and orange together is brilliant.
    I hope your restrictions get lifted soon.

    1. I'm also short, Goody (5'4"), but it's all about the proportion. This jacket would look ridiculous with a longer skirt and flats, for example. I love the look when I've got the proportions balanced.

      Thank you - I love mashing different colours together.

      I hope so too!

  7. I love nog shoulder pads, the blazer I wore in the blog last Friday has them too. And I think this is such a perfect length as a blazer. A real power outfit. That's a good reason to not gain weight! Have a fabulous Friday and a even better weekend!

    1. I remember that, Nancy! Big shoulders can be a lot of fun to wear. I love that: power outfit is the right term. Happy weekend to you, my dear friend.

  8. If anyone can pull off a jacket with such attitude it's you!

  9. I love the red GaGa-esque jacket but you know I love a bold shoulder. It's weird that I don't remember wearing anything with shoulder pads in the 80's (I was a punk, so no dresses or suit jackets) but now I have at least 4 80's jackets in my closet with massive shoulder pads....

    1. It was late 80s for me, and I had a few things, including a massive outerwear wool coat that made me look like a Klingon! I love bold shoulders in modern clothing - as long as we stay away from the "stacked" layering of yesteryear!

      Thanks, Shelley!

  10. I can't wear ANYTHING with big shoulders- looks awful on me so I can live vicariously through you!! The skirt is a beauty and I'm laughing at your blog reader hollering at you. One of my blog friends, Sharon, stopped her car at the traffic lights as I was on my way to school once and asked if it was me!! I was so excited to meet her and it was so random at 8am in the morning!!!

    1. Ha, well, that's too bad, but at least you can enjoy them on me!

      Isn't it fun being recognized?? I love it! It makes my day.

  11. Totally in love with this jacket and its massive shoulders and personality!, love the red colour with the skirt and orange shirt, such a magnificent colour combo. And so brilliant to add those chunky booties!, they totally match and balance the ensemble!
    Some 80's-90's shoulders were really too bulky, but still love the style!

    1. Isn't it fun? I love the ginormous shoulders on it. Modern shoes do so much to elevate an outfit.

      I do too - I've come around on shoulder pads (again).

  12. I am not usually a fan of shoulder pads, but those are so purposefully big that they have pizzazz! Go Gaga!

    1. They are so fun to me - I like clothes that make me feel like Gaga!

  13. Wonderfully gorgeous colour palette. It makes me think of that brief, incredible period when summer and autumn overlap and paint the world in the richest, warmest hues of both seasons.

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life


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