Thursday, February 17, 2022

Mom-Day Adventure: A Wee Shop in Sidney

Mom and I had originally planned on doing another section of Elk Lake (past Mom-Day Adventure here in December 2021), but then Mom suggested checking out an art gallery that she's displayed at in the past, out in Sidney.
Unfortunately, the gallery was closed when we arrived, so we just ended up wandering around in Sidney, and popping into a few shops before we had lunch at the Rum Runner Pub. 

  • Sweater - Artisan de Luxe, consignment; last seen here in December 2020 with gold velvet
  • Leather skirt - Mackage, thrifted; last worn and Flashbacked here in February 2021 for a shop
  • Boots - Gabor; last seen here in October 2021, same outfit as this jacket
  • Jacket - Danier Leather, thrifted; last worn here (2nd outfit) in October 2021

I dressed for a walk, but didn't change for going to an art gallery. 
I love this silly sweater - it has tassels on it. It's a good neckline.

I've had the skirt for over five years - this is its 11th wearing. 
I have worn the skirt and sweater together three times now, but always with different shoes. 

These blue tights are ancient. 
I have a full vintage slip on under this, as the skirt has a tendency to pop open while I'm wearing it. 

It does up with snaps, see? 
I had to super-glue the lower two snaps shut when I bought it - it liked to just fall off. 

Masked up. 
This is how most people saw me - it started out quite chilly, but got sunnier as the day went on. 

All done up. 
The jacket is such a great colour - it's likely from the early 00s. 

I was pleased by how everything went together. 

  • Purse - Roots, thrifted
  • Scarf - Forele, consignment
  • Gloves - Ralph Lauren, consignment
  • Mask - by Mom

The stuff: 
Comfy shoes for walking. More snakeskin!

Brown bling: 
Some faves. 

  • Chain bracelet - thrifted
  • Bangle - vintage, Lazy Susan's
  • Silver/wood earrings - consignment, Powell River
  • Brass ring - vintage mall
  • Spinner ring - Twang & Pearl

Mom showed up in the most fabulous wool coat, complete with gold star brooch on the lapel.
Yay, I'm glad you love your Christmas present so much, Mom! 

The clouds breaking up as we walked up to the pub. 
Mom's getting a handicapped sticker for her car (she has Post-Polio Syndrome, as a childhood survivor of polio, about it here, link 'cause I love),so soon that Handicap spot will be hers! No more walking two blocks from the parking. 

Doesn't Mom look amazing in this blue? 
She's wearing one of her mother's (my Gram!) pendants, that Gram bought directly from the artists. 

Mom's parents, her and eventually me, all worked in the BC Museum Gift Shop (before it was the Royal BC Museum) over the years, all as volunteers - it was my first job! 
The shop bought directly from local First Nations artists, and many of the staff of volunteers bought pieces either from the shop or through the artists. 

This is a killer whale (aka orca), and it's carved by L. Wadhams, who is Lloyd Wadhams Sr. Kwakiutl refers to the band or first nation group (about them here). 
He died in 1992, and his pieces are quite rare and sought-after. There's a piece here for $1200 and here's another if you have a spare $1900. The British Museum has a cuff here!

It got so much sunnier by the time we finished lunch. 
The marina, islands to the north. 

Looking across to the mainland (not visible) to the east. 
More little islands. 

Mom and I both had luck shopping. She found an adorable pair of Miz Mooz black booties and a pair of cute stretchy denim-look pants (for $5!). 

I found a silver and enamel ring. 
Dog's Breath Antiques is where I bought a vintage snake bracelet last time we were out. I paid by weight (never had that before!) for the silver, so this was $45.00. 

I love the oval shape and the red oval and offset rings. 
I have been on the lookout for a red ring for a while. 

I like the slightly squared shape of it. 
It's stamped .925 with no other marks. I'll wear this a ton. 

At the House of Lily Koi (link here 'cause I love), I spotted these boots. 
They look rather sad, like a floppy-eared dog. Someone stored them like this unworn for years. 

But OOOOH, they took my breath away! And they are my size!! They just need a little TLC and they will be perfect. 
They are leather except for the cream colour, which is a thick rough-woven canvas. What looks like dirt flecks on that is actually the fabric. 

These parts on the sides were bent out from being flopped over. 
My Zap-A-Gap will glue anything! 

There's that little curly bit.
A bit of glue and these were perfect. 

Inside each boot, this leather strap had fallen inside the shoe - it's the covering inside the boot for the seam up the back. The old glue has dried up.
A little bit of super-glue and it was back in place. I stuck it to the leather inner lining at the top of the boot so that it won't budge.

The fronts will need to be re-soled with a cap put on the toe. 
I'll be dropping them off at the cobbler on Saturday. 

I like the logo on the heel, but these heels are plastic and feel slippy. 
I'll have them replaced with high-density rubber so I don't fall. It'll be a bit pricy, but worth it.

Speaking of heels, look at that! 
That is inset mother-of-pearl! I am seriously swooning over here! 

Found some stamps inside. 
12 JULI 9 (my size) M (the width). 

I recognized the name, Donald J Pliner. 
It's expensive. 

I had to use the camera flash to get a picture of the label inside. 
Donald J Pliner "Western Couture Collection" Made in Italy. 

Donald J Pliner boots retail now for over $300 and I highly doubt they are made in Italy. 
A quick online search showed tons of elaborate over-the-top pointy-toe cowboy boot styles from this line/era, which I am pretty sure is around the mid-90s, when cowboy boots were a massive trend (including really short ones, and mule styles). I found a pair of these boots with the reverse caramel/turquoise for $375 on a re-sale site! I am very happy with paying $128.00 for these! 

I did some minor maintenance on them, including my two glue jobs. I trimmed up the loose threads.
And gave them a polish with clear WOLY (a protector and softener). 

I also stuffed them with a bunch of sport socks to make them stand up. 
Oh sweet mother of pearl, I can't wait to wear these! 

Just jaw-droppingly gorgeous. 
They just arrived at the store one day earlier, and they were quick to point out the damage on them. My mind is racing with the outfits I'll be creating! 

My Mom-Day Adventures may be ending in a couple of months, when I finally - after two years! - go back to work full-time, so I am savouring each and every one of them. My time with my mom has been the best part of the pandemic. 
Our mom-daughter selfie after lunch, with the sun in our faces. Aw, love you, Mom! 


  1. Yay, Mum's Day again!
    That cloudy sky over the water is beautiful, what a great location for a pub!
    Both you and your Mum look gorgeous in blue. Your Mum's pendant is fabulous and I'm looking at those tights of yours and making a mental note to invest in something similar ready for next winter.
    That parking badge will make a world of difference to your Mum, I was eligible for one pre (and post) hip replacement and it was so helpful when I was struggling to walk more than a few yards!
    Those boots! What a spectacular find.
    Have a wonderful weekend Sheila, L, Vizzini and Mum! xxx

    1. Yay! I don't know how many more of these we'll be able to do - every one is precious.

      We have a lot of pubs on the water here. :) Aw, thank you, Vix! I love blue tights.

      I will be really happy when she gets it - even a few blocks of walking without poles it's hard for her.

      I am so stoked about the boots! Eee! Thanks, Vix, right back to you and Jon and Stephen.

  2. These boots! Yes, they're your style and with a little love they can be brought back to good shape. Nice find. Oh, and Sidney? I didn't know Vancouver Island was so close to Australia. :)

    1. Aren't they fabulous?? I love them.

      Har har - Sydney, Australia is spelled with an extra Y; our Sidney has an i. :)

  3. I love seeing your Mom/Daughter adventures! Makes me so grateful for the time I get to spend with my daughter. She is turning 40 next month and surprised me by saying she wanted to spend her birthday weekend with me, so I rented a house overlooking the ocean. She texted me yesterday that Third Eye Blind is going to be playing at Edgefield in June and would I like to go? Yes, please! Back story...I took her to see 3eB when she was 18 and we ended up backstage meeting the band (I have the pics!) Wouldnt it be great to get pics 22 years later?

    1. I'm glad you enjoy them, Mary, thank you. Aw, that is so nice - I hope you get to meet the band again! How cool would that be?? Good luck!!

  4. Your ring immediately made me think of 60's/early 70's fantasy TV programmes. Ok, so it's not a true spiral pattern but it has that hypnotic kind of look to it ...cosmic!
    I fear that most of your followers will be wondering what the blazes I'm waffling on about, it's an age thing don't you know:)
    It's half term holidays next week and I'm hoping for a trip to The British Museum, the Egyptian galleries in particular, not sure if my teenage son will be chomping at the bit though;)


    1. Ha, I know exactly what you mean, Paul. It's very trippy. :) Woo woo, and all that.

      I hope you make it! I have been there: - back in 2010.

  5. Aww, I'm sorry to hear your Mom-Day Adventures might be ending soon :-( but I'm sure you'll make the most of the ones you got left!
    Your outfit is fabulous, whether you go walking, shopping or visiting an art gallery. You'd be one of the best dressed people wherever you end up going! Loving that jumper so much!
    Your Mum's coat is gorgeous too, and Howe stunning is that pendant!
    What a great view from that pub!
    As for your shopping spree, I'm glad to hear you both did well. I love Miz Mooz shoes.
    Well done on finding that gorgeous ring, and those boots did take my breath away! It will be well worth taking them to the cobbler. I bet you can't wait to wear them! xxx

    1. I know, they have been so fun, but I will need to go back to full-time once the office officially opens. :(

      Thank you so much, Ann! I'm super excited about the boots!

  6. We know were your style sense came form-the blue is gorgeous on your mom, and I love her necklace. I just cannot figure out where you put all your finds-I know you have done tours, but they seem to grow, but then I'm likely not seeing or paying attention to your sorts.

    1. She has always been a big influence on me...and now I give that back to her!

      I am constantly removing things as I buy new ones - I don't cover my culls in my posts, as it would be confusing and overwhelming (and I reserve the right to change my mind). I usually know when something's a keeper vs something I might only wear half a dozen or fewer times, Sam.

  7. My goodness, those boots are a real find, they are fabulous.
    Looking forward to seeing how you will style them.
    Very exciting! x

  8. I have a pair of Pilner boots and they are super-comfortable even for walking. I thrifted mine for a few dollars because the zipper pull had come off. Imagine, someone donated such expensive boots because they couldn't fix a zipper pull.
    Your red ring is beautiful. Your mom looked lovely as always and I'm glad to hear she'll be getting a handicapped card soon. It makes such a difference not being completely exhausted just getting through the parking lot. I'm coming to a place of acceptance that I require one, but only after noticing I was having someone drive me everywhere so I could get dropped at the door.

    1. Isn't that funny, that people will just donate things for the most minor damage, Goody? thank you!

      I'm really happy for Mom about getting a card for parking - it's going to make a huge difference for her. I hope you get one too!

  9. How fun, I lost my mom going on 4 years now. She lived with me the last three years of her life and it was quite difficult at the end. But I do love and miss her, just not the work. Good indulge on those boots, and when the cobbler gets done with them, they might outlast you! Mom had a handicap tag and it was lovely. It was hard to give up, but I know how precious those places are for those who need them.

    1. Aw, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your mom. I know that these days are precious (although Mom is a tough broad who will likely live into her 90s - she's not dead yet!!).

      I'm super excited about the boots!

  10. Even if it wasn't the day you had planned as the gallery was shut looks like it was still a great day! those boots are an incredible find, and you and your mum both look so stylish for the day - I love her coat! :)
    I started back 5 days a week this month and it's been a big adjustment - although I have been doing part time for almost 7 years and I'm still working from home so a different change from what you will have - but remember to be kind to yourself while you adjust to it!

    1. It was a fun day, and I didn't mind missing out on the gallery too much - I might not have found those boots otherwise!

      Oooh, that is rough. My boss has been assuring me it will be a little while longer for me. Thank you for the good words of advice, Mica!

  11. The boots are indeed gorgeous. You are so clever in restoring second-hand stuff. A money winning skill.
    Your mother looks very happy and lovely. I admire her posture. She sits up so straight. I wish I did. Always slouching.

    1. I have taught myself a bit, and I'm not afraid that I'll ruin them.

      She has good posture - she was a dancer for a time when she was younger. Thank you, Greetje!

  12. The combination of that sweater and the skirt is a winning one. I love the boots you bought. It seems you two had a lovely Mom day. The silver ring you got is perfect. Paying per weight always made sense to me, they employed it in one second hand shop in my home town.
    Your mother looks very stylish in her wool coat. Her necklace with the orca pedant is beautiful. It is wonderful to support the local artisans and art.

    1. Thanks, Ivana, we had a lovely day together. I'm excited about both purchases, and can't wait to get my boots back from the cobbler.

      She will appreciate that, thank you!

  13. IT is great that your family shares a love of art and supporting artists! I am not surprised given your artistic style!

    the inlay in that boot heel is stunning!

    1. Very much so, Laura. I'm grateful that my family has always promoted and supported the arts - I come from creative stock!

      I know, right? I'm in love with those boots.

  14. Excellent outfit - the sweater works beautifully with the skirt. Those boots are over-the-top amazing! Your Mom's piece of first nations wearable art is gorgeous, and the fact that her mom bought it from the artist makes it even more of a treasure.

    The last silver ring I bought was from a vendor in Kensington Market in Toronto who sold his silver jewellery by weight. That was the first time I had come across that method of pricing.

    1. Thanks, Shelley! I am so thrilled with the boots. I love digging out the history of things, especially getting down Mom's stories about the items.

      I like that method - it's not about how elaborate a piece is. It feels more fair.

  15. wow, so lovely and delightfully matchy outfit!, love that pullover and the tights and jacket together!.
    Totally amazing boots too, such a great find.
    Lovely to see your mom rocking and wearing her finery (that pendant is Amazing)

  16. Those boots are nothing short of magnificent! I feel like they were destined to find you (and vice versa). You did awesome TLC work on them. Very excited to see them in action - I just know that no one could style them better than you!

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    PS: If you're headed to the Calgary Stampede at any point, IMO, these should be the first thing in your suitcase.

    1. I'm so stoked to wear the boots, Autumn - I'll be picking them up this weekend from the cobbler. I'm excited to style them. Lol, I would not go to the Stampede - totally not my thing (big crowds, shudder).


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