Sunday, February 13, 2022

Bigass Weekend Wrap-Up: Tiger Skater Brunch and a Wee Shop, Badass Bag Art Project Pt 1; Naughty Cat at the Super Bowl

I'm back, and ah, what a relaxing weekend it's been. I got to sleep in a little on Saturday morning, then got up and did a Mini Mental Health Walk (shorter/faster) and L and met up Nick for brunch at the Ruby.

I was thinking of Valentine's Day when I picked out this fleece skater dress. It's pink! 
It's also a very thick fleece, so I can only wear it on really cold days. We had more blue skies but it was still chilly out - the perfect conditions for it. 

  • Dress - Kenzo, thrifted; last worn and Flashbacked here in February 2021
  • Blouse - Ann Taylor, consignment; last seen here in November 2021 with gone gold
  • Shoes - Asos, consignment; last worn here in January for a Mental Health Shop
  • Coat (below) - Baez Leather, consignment; last seen here for brunch on Hallowe'en 2021

We had a long wait in line - lots of people were out and about - but we didn't mind, as the sun was shining right on us. 
I was snuggly warm in this, in my sweater tights, plus a pair of nylon shorts (for strong gusts of wind!). 
The dress has pockets, which can you can see above. 
I don't usually go for this skater dress shape, but I make an exception for my Kenzo tiger. 

Masked up:
I often accessorize with purple as there are bits of it in the embroidered design. 

This is how most people saw me. 
Yay, I love how this cool coat looked with the dress. 

I love that all my purples matched exactly. I felt very swanky carrying my designer purse (I thought of Mica!). 

The stuff: 
I am getting a good amount of wear out of these shoes so far - they hit my sweet spot of comfort and badass. 

Bold bling:
I did the little black cat pin at the top of my collar. 

  • Black bangle - Alexis Bittar, consignment, Vancouver
  • Silver/gold cuff - JPL, vintage fair
  • Silver/onyx ring - Toccara, vintage fair
  • Silver/amethyst ring - vintage mall
  • Cat pin - Charmaine's
  • Silver earrings - Brenda Schoenfeld, 1992, vintage mall

After brunch, L picked up some CDs at Ditch and I had a little browse at Dots - their winter samples are all on 60% off, and I like to check out their new stock for those really interesting items. I only bought one item, from the clearance.
They are flowy snakeskin print palazzo pants. 

See? Pants. 
They are high-waisted with a side zip (no pockets, grrr). 

The sides of the hem dip up into a split. 
They are fully-lined and fully washable. 

The brand is Sage the Label (I guess to distinguish it from sage the spice?). 
They were 60% off $29.99, so $11.99. They're very swooshy, and I'm looking forward to wearing them. 

L and I hung out and played board games into the wee hours, and had a leisurely start to our Sunday before four friends came over for the Super Bowl viewing party in the afternoon, which for me meant a start on my next art project. 

Art Project: Badass Bag - Part 1

I found this bag at the Women In Need (WIN) warehouse store here in December 2021, where I paid $9.95 for it. 
I would never carry a bag this boring colour (ugh, putty), but I might if it was all jazzed up with some badassery! 

I thought it was leather, but should never have trusted the tag.
That material tag clearly says it's polyurethane foam. Ah well. 

I'm not emotionally attached to it, so it's totally fine if I f**k it up. 
As always, I pulled out all my pens and pondered what to do. I decided on some banners and wording, plus roses. Nothing too strenuous. This is more about taking time to do something meditative for my mental health than to be a big creative thing. 

I tested my main colours and pens. 
As expected, the thin grey one wiped off with water - I used that as my "pencil" to rough in my plan. 

My inks are all alcohol-based, so they blend. 
No budging when I rubbed at these or scrubbed them with water. 

I sketched out the banners, and put in circles for where I want the roses. When they overlap the banners, it gives it dimension. 
The top banner says, "Total", with "Badass" on the front flap. "Lady" is visible below that.

When you open up the flap, "Boss" appears. 
"Boss Lady"! Tee hee! 

This is the scary part - the first pen. 
Lightly putting in the main lines of the banners, leaving lots of room for the roses. 

A quick drawing of the letters, using "tattoo font". 
I'll fix those up later, when I redo all the black and thicken it. 

Same under the flap. 
Now, time for the roses. 

Lots of roses! 
I'm fast at these now. 

This is going to be fun. 
It won't take as long as a jacket either. 

I'm doing two roses on each side of the bag. 
I'm still considering if I want to do anything on the back of the bag - it won't rub off, so I could. Must think about that. What would you do?

As I got to this point, our friends were arriving for the Super Bowl, so I put snacks out. 
We have fresh-caught smoked salmon and candied salmon, both caught near Powell River and given to us shrink-packed for Christmas by L's brother. We also had venison jerky, from a deer he shot. I put out cream cheese, antipasto (made by Caro!) and crackers. Our friends brought packs of Hawkins Cheezies and Pringles chips. 

The loser of this year's football pool was Chris D, who will be getting his "prize", this bottle of yoghurt-flavoured soju (a Korean liqueur). 
Gross. That was courtesy of Casey, who won the football pool. 

Here's our attendees - say hi! 
From left: Nick (cut his head in half, oops), Casey, L, Tony and Chris R. 

And me! 
It's a no-makeup day. 

Before everyone arrived, I attempted to wear out Vizzini by playing with him. 
"The Stick is a worthy foe."

The stick is left from the branch of bay leaves Caro gave me from her garden. 
"It vexes me."

Vizzini loves to chase the stick. 
"I will be victorious!"

I love when he stands up for it. 
"I am fearsome!"

When we put the food out, we had trouble immediately from our naughty boy. 
"What in great koogly-moogly is that?"

He was VERY interested in the salmon, but he never gets food treats from us (aside from the water in the tuna can). 
"I think I should have some of that."

He lunged for it several times. 
"I'm faster than Tony."

Not quite! 
"I think I could take him."

He finally lost interest (and we finished the salmon!), and we enjoyed an exciting game. 

How was your weekend?


  1. Look at your pocket panther (aka Vizzini), I've just called Ann & Jos's Bess ferocious but your beast is even more scary. Frank used to love the stick game, too. Jon would go round and round in a circlke until he went so dizzy he'd start wobbling!
    The Kenzo dress looks fab under the leather frock coat, loving the shape.
    I can't wait to see the finished bag, the logo didn't half make me smile.
    Your match party looked fun, not so much the yogurt flavoured drink....bleurgh!! xxx

    1. Lol, I love "pocket panther"! That is awesome! Oh yes, Vizzini is a ferocious beast! I do that same thing, going around and around in a circle - Vizzini tears around me, just loves the chase.

      Thank you! I am excited to try something new-ish.

      Ha, yes, that gross drink is appropriately for the football pool loser!

  2. I had a good chuckle at Vix's comment about Vizzini. I can see your efforts to wear him out didn't deter him, though. We'd have a hard time keeping Bess away from the foods, I guess.
    Loving the Kenzo skater dress, and the cat pin peeking out, and the shape of that leather coat does look incredible with the dress. Can't wait to see the finished bag, which I'm sure will be another triumph. I wouldn't do the back by the way ... We had a very relaxing weekend, by the way, with lots of sunshine. Only had a half-day at work, followed by the most amazing afternoon meeting Kezzie! xxx

    1. He was very persistent for a while, then gave up.

      Thank you! I loved how nicely the coat worked over the skater dress.

      I appreciate the input - I also hesitated on the back, as I don't want it to be constantly rubbing when the bag is worn.

      Oh, so jealous! That sounds amazing! I wish I was close enough to meet you!

  3. I love your swooshy new to you pants! I'll be very interested to see what you wear with them; lots of possibilities!

    The new decorative bag project is looking very good; I liked the side roses idea and I think you should decorate the back (if you can be arsed that is!). Just think if you wore that soon to be fantastic bag the wrong way round by mistake no one would know what fabulousness was on the other side?

    Candied salmon? Is that what I think it was? The best salmon I've had was when were in Vancouver; we ate it a lot at my brother in law's, usually cooked outside on the BBQ.

    Ten out of ten to Vizzini for trying!

    1. Thanks, Vronni! I hope so - I'm excited to wear them.

      Thank you - actually, I love the idea of writing something like "Oops, wrong side!" on it, ha ha! Love it!

      It's salmon that's been cooked with sugar or maple syrup - it's delicious! BBQ'd salmon is amazing too.

      He really was game for it - I think he would have gobbled it all down!

  4. You look amaxing in your pink Kenzo dress and that coat with its frock-coat vibes looks superb over the top! Kenzo always makes me smile as I once went to a very scary party friend Christina was going out with a guy who turned out to have drug dealer friends (or he was...i never dared ask!)and I was staying at hers and she told me to sit quietly in a corner whilst they did their business (I was FREAKING out...i was a good girl) and this girl who was a girlfriend thought my name was Kenzo and kept calling me that. It was the only good memory from a scary evening!
    Your new bag project is brilliant! So clever!!! I never even thought of my boots project as being like your bag!
    I had fun meeting Ann today! It was SO lovely to meet her and I saw your comment above! I wish we could all meet! Wouldn't that be the best if you, me, Ann, Biz, Ally and all the others could meet up!!x

    1. Thanks, Kezzie! OMG, what a crazy association, and potentially scary encounter! :-O

      Thank you - I totally think your boots are like my artsy things!

      Oh, I'm so envious! I would love to try to make it over to either the UK or European mainland to visit my overseas friends. One day! That would be so fun!

  5. P.S. yoghurt-flavoured soju????? I feel violated with even the THOUGHT of that!!!

    1. That's the point - the loser gets the grossest drink the winner can find. :)

  6. It's so fun as I was thinking "I love that bag" and I scrolled down to your sweet shout out, thank you! :) There are a few friends I have through blogging I think about with various bags, and my Rebecca Minkoff mini MACs always make me think of you after you scored one! :) I think the bag goes great with the pink dress, I like pink and purple together too!

    I can't even think how yoghurt flavoured alcohol would work but I don't think it would be a nice combo, haha! Glad you had a fun party with your friends :)

    1. I always think of you when I wear my Mini Mac too! Thanks so much, Mica!

      It's gross, which is the point - the loser has to drink what the winner buys him/her.

  7. You look stunning in that pink Kenzo dress. Skater dress are fun, aren't they? You just reminded me that I haven't worn my skater with a leather jacket. I need to try that combo.
    The mini bag you're working on looks fabulous already.
    I see your efforts to tire out Vizzini weren't fully successful, he still went after the salmon. ;) Maybe you have just worked out his appetite? Ferocious little beasts cats are, but that is why we love them. Seems you guys had a fun evening despite Vizzini's interruptions. Cool to see that the loser had to drink a yogurt flavoured liqueur.

    1. I like them, but feel a bit like I'm aging out of that style. However, this is such an amazing dress, I plan to keep it forever. I like how the moto toughness contrasts with the skater style.

      Thank you!

      No, he was a very naughty kitty. He's always into our food, but we've managed to keep most of it away from him.

  8. The leather coat looks so cool over the Kenzo Skater dress (which has always been on my list of favourites in your closet). I love the design you've chosen for the bag - you are definitely a total badass boss lady!

    I feel Vizzini's disappointment at not getting any salmon. Sylvester is not a "fish" guy, and ignores salmon and tuna, but LOVES the water from the tuna can, just not the tuna.

    1. I think of you when I wear it, Shelley, as I remember this is a fave of yours. Thanks so much - I'm excited about doing that bag.

      That's so funny how cats are so particular. Vizzini loves the water and the tuna, and is also fond of walnuts (so odd). He's never had salmon, but boy, did he ever want some on Sunday!

  9. I love your new project! The blank bag is perfect as its base and the style of your design appeals greatly to my biker-sensibility. I, too, had salmon as a Super Bowl treat.

    1. Thanks so much, Ally! If you have any light-coloured leather, I'd be happy to decorate it for you!

      Nice, I hope it was as delicious as ours!

  10. Totally in love with your dress, usually not a huge fan of massive labels on anything but This One Rocks So Much!, Tigers Rock!. Love your brilliant styling, the jacket goes so well, the accessorizing is so cool!, purple bag and gloves! and Fabulous Badass Shoes! (love them even more as they're comfy too!)
    Lovely that you had friends at home and Fun!, and love to see some pics of Vizzini looking so interested in salmon!, ;DD

    1. Oh, I agree - I loathe advertising for designers (they should pay ME!), but I will happily make an exception for this amazing dress. Thank you so much, my friend!

      It was awesome to have the guys over, even if Vizzini was a pain in the arse about the salmon!

  11. That peplum jacket! Why don't they make more peplum leather/ pleather jackets!

    Wow, the purse design is so pretty, and very clever how you had the word under the flap so the words change!

    1. I'm sure they'll come around again - I love the classic fit-and-flare of this shape.

      I'm having fun with that purse - I need to get some more time in on it soon.

  12. Sensationally cool outfit! The proportions here are pure styling perfection - and that peplum jacket could not be more gorgeous! Love, love, and, as you might guess, love some more!!!

    Ditto for the sensational design you've sketched out for this purse. I can already picture how head-turningly amazing it is going to look when done.

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    1. Thank you, Autumn! It's an incredible work of art, that jacket.

      I'm excited about the purse - it's going to be so fun when I'm done with it.


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