Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Ruffles, Leather and LAMB Flashback

Happy...what the heck day is this, anyway? Oh yeah, it's Wednesday! It feels like Monday...

Time to break out another as-yet-unworn purchase, and sneak in a little Flashback on one of my not-yet-styled skirts for this season.
I love Victoria-era looks, with soft ruffles, fitted jackets and high necklines. 

  • Leather jacket with linen/cotton liner - Boss by Hugo Boss, vintage 90s, consignment; purchased here for $40.00
  • Blouse - Bird by Juicy Couture, thrifted; last seen here in April for a periodontist visit
  • Skirt - LAMB, 2005 collection, consignment, Vancouver; last worn here in May 2020
  • Shoes - Chie Mihara; last seen here in July for the Winesday Pool Party

So, let's start with this Hugo Boss leather jacket, which also came with a separate under-layer of a cotton/linen "shirt. It's not really a summer piece, but I always have a few fall-ish things for the shoulder seasons. 
The front of the under-layer does up fairly high - and my skirt is very low in the waist - so we have a bit of a mismatch here. Mental note: wear high-waisted bottoms with this jacket in the future. 

Here's the skirt with just the blouse. 
The top is a silk blend and is getting a little dark in the armpits - I am hard on my blouses! I replace them regularly, every couple of years - the Patch is my favourite spot for blouses. 

Back to the jacket. A shot of the under-layer and its peplum. 
You can see the rip in the arm on the right. One of my colleagues suggested I just chop the arms of it off, but I like the full lining as the leather part is not lined and could mark light garments if when I sweat through them. . 

I do not like the little white fabric buttons on the leather jacket - I'll have to swing by the Button Boutique and pick up some new ones in a bronze or copper. 
That's an easy replacement with a pair of pliers - no sewing required! 

I also did not like this light-coloured line of ruffles across the back, and I'm going to trim them off - they are distracting from the amazing quality of the jacket. 
Above them is the leather part, and below/under is the linen peplum at the back of the underlayer - it doesn't lay quite right, but I'm not mad at it. 

Masked up for the office. 
I've adjusted my blouse there so that it doesn't show between the jacket and the skirt. Much better. 

Ready to walk to work! 
We had some rain last night, so it was nice and cool in the morning, although I was sweating by the time I arrived at work. 

The stuff: 
I adore these platform sandals (Flashback here from last year). They're basically flats! 

Copper and turquoise bling: 
I pinned the brooch at the neck of the blouse. 

  • Cuff - Matisse by Renoir, vintage 60s, vintage fair
  • Earrings - Matisse by Renoir, vintage 60s, Grandma J's
  • Copper/turquoise ring - vintage, Grandma J's
  • Copper rings - Glee
  • Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes

Flashback: LAMB Copper Skirt

I picked this skirt out from the final clearance rack at the Main Street location of Turnabout in Vancouver while there for one of our anniversary adventures (here) in March 2018. 
That was a fruitful shopping trip - that's when I found my Burberry bronze leather jacket and my Jean Paul Gaultier sailor pants. 
New with tags! From Holt Renfrew (classy!). 
I paid a whopping $15.00 for it, as it had some loose stitches at the top of the slit. You could probably add another 0 to that for the original retail. 

It took me a couple of years to realize this skirt is dated. See it? 
Fall 2005. And that is a snug size 10.

This skirt is from Gwen Stefani's now-discontinued clothing line L.A.M.B. (Love Angel Music Baby). This is from the very first collection in Fall 2005; I used to have a link to a picture of my specific skirt, from LAMB's archives, but they don't even have a website anymore, much less archives. 

I did find this picture of the same skirt in black. 
I like the idea of a bustier over it! It definitely needs something covering the waistband, as it's very wide and sits low on the hips. I've worn it with a couple of safety pins on the sides ever since I bought it. 

Here's my first wearing, in April 2018. The big "zhoozh" of fabric in the front covers the slit (and the threads hanging off it - I should fix that!) and is fun to play with and swoosh about. 
I no longer have those shoes (too high!) or that jacket (too droopy), but I still have the sweater and the copper necklace (Vix's twin!). 

In July 2018, paired with my cheongsam-style top. 
"And a black and white cat."

The fabric (a polyester/rayon/lurex blend) is a very fine non-stretch weave with copper threaded through it. I love the material, but it's starting to show its age, pulling apart a bit at the non-stretchy seams.

Paired with chartreuse in October 2018. I'm not sure this outfit fully worked, aside from the colours. 
I think a more structured top or jacket looks better. Deja shoes! 

In August 2019, I mixed it with neon green/yellow. 
I do love my bookends! Matchy shoes! I almost always wear copper jewelry with it - do you spy the copper pin on the "zhoozh"?

And here's the last time I wore it, in May 2020. 
Love the shoes, and did not love that blouse, which only lasted a couple of wears. 

Mathy stuff: I am on my 6th wearing of this skirt, bringing us to $2.50 per wear. I am not sure how much longer this will last in my closet, due to the odd fit, and the fabric pulling apart, but you never know. 

Do you have a favourite look? What top/jacket would you wear with the skirt? 


  1. You've just reminded me, I've got a Lamb bangle tucked away somewhere!
    That's a fabulous outfit, I love the Victorian vibe you've got going on. The skirt is stunning and the jacket is incredible but I hear you on the pale buttons and strange trim but, like you say, its an easy fix. xxx

    1. Oh, nice, Vix! I have seen a few LAMB things here and there, but nothing as cool as this skirt. Thank you so much - I'm looking forward to "fixing" it. :)

  2. What a fabulous skirt! So glam and I love the unique cut. Shame about the odd and loose fit. That is why I prefer high waisted items. So much easier to tuck tops and shirts in. Maybe you could try securing it with a belt?It's a beautiful skirt and I love the outfits where you contrasted it with green. This L.A.M.B skirr looks much better in this colour than in black. I think I remember something about Gwen havibg her L.A.M.B clothing line. I always liked her style.

    The leather jacket is very unique. I agree with the planned replacement of white buttons with copper or bronze ones.
    The platform sandals are lovely! You look great in this...and I loved the flashback.

    1. Thank you so much, Ivana! It is a weird skirt, for sure - I would have preferred it high-waisted as well, but that was the style in 2005! No way a belt would work with it, sadly. I agree, the copper is so neat. I also love Gwen's style - she's a rock and roll babe too!

      Thank you - I will be picking up buttons for it soon. Aw, thanks, my dear friend!

  3. I think the victorian look (today's look) works the best. I would be at a total loss to pair this, so bravo to you for figuring it out.

    1. I think I will keep it out for fall, Nana, and see how it goes with that season's clothing. I've always just worn it for spring/summer, and my tops/jackets have failed me somewhat. Thank you!

  4. I love that skirt, it's a shame it's a little tricky to wear as it's so very fun! But I think you're doing great to have so many wears with it already and I hope the fabric lasts a little longer!

    1. I will put up with the trickiness because it's so cool, Mica. I hope it lasts!

  5. I can't tell you how much I LOVE that skirt!!!!!

  6. I do love the party on the front of that skirt, but it's too bad that it doesn't fit higher up on the waist.

  7. Thinking of the leather jacket, could you patch it from the inside? I'm thinking a small piece of something strong like silk or even another piece of leather, with textile glue, behind the slit to hold it all closed.

    1. The lining is a completely separate piece, Mim - it's not attached to the jacket at all. I thought of using some iron-on interfacing to reinforce the inner sleeve, but it's a very fine linen, and would likely rip again. I do like the parts of the lining that stick out at the bottom, so I'll probably just leave it as is, or wear the jacket without it altogether.

      I like the idea of an inside patch, though - I need one on the skirt's slit. Thank you!

  8. So many fabulously ruffles and earthy, fall time perfect colours. I am thoroughly smitten with your dark reddish-orange platform heels. They are strikingly mid-century (particularly the 1940s) looking, which just makes me adore them all the more.

    The sunniest of hugs are coming your way as we embrace these last few days of summer, sweet lady.

    Autumn Zenith �� Witchcrafted Life

    1. Thank you so much, Autumn! I know, aren't they the coolest sandals? I love the classic look of them - you might guess the 40s or the 70s or modern, as they work for all of those eras.

      Aw, thank you, my dear friend!

  9. I'm really loving the Victorian vibes of this outfit. The ruffled blouse is gorgeous and I love how you pinned a brooch at its neckline. The jacket is fabulous too, and I think the issues you've got with it are easily remedied! xxx

    1. Victorian is one of my favourite looks - it leans well into rock & roll. Thank you so much, Ann!

      I've already replaced the buttons and cut the row of ruffles off the back - better!


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