Monday, December 14, 2020

Bigass Weekend Wrap-Up: Brocade Brunch and Peacock Coat Flashback; Shopping Scores (Sequins!); the Big Tree - Garland and Glass Balls

Hello, my friends! I'm a wee bit behind, but I hope you've had a fantabulous weekend! We have loads to cover, from my brunch outfit and a Flashback of one of the most stunning pieces in my closet, plus some scores from an afternoon shop, AND we're going to get to my big Christmas tree's decorations. Phew, that's a lot. 

Without further ado, my brunch and shopping outfit. 

The coat is the real star here, an absolute work of art that I invested in a decade ago. We'll have a Flashback on it in a bit. 

  • Coat - Desigual; last seen here in February in one of my favourite outfits of the YEAR!
  • Sweater - Tabi, thrifted; last worn here in March with velvet for a grocery run
  • Skirt - Danier Leather, vintage 90s, thrifted, Powell River; last seen here in March for some weekend Disco Silliness
  • Shoes - Miista; last worn here in November with my Buffy dress

L and I slept in then strolled down to Pluto's for lunch, followed by us splitting up to do some gift shopping for each other and L's family. 
We had a nice sunny day, so it was the perfect opportunity to show off this coat. 
It is by Desigual, and is 10 years old. I love the peacock on the front - which is embroidered on. 

And check out the bizarre back. The top part is printed on a boucle weave. 
The black parts are wool and it's very heavy and thick. 

I did have this on underneath, just for a tonal match and easy stuff for shopping. 
I trekked over the bridge to go pick up some special presents. 
And then I went to Flavour Upstairs, followed by the Patch, for a browse.

Collar worn open.
I only wore gloves, but wished for a beret once it started getting dark and colder later. 

  • Gloves - Danier Leather

Collar fully buttoned up. 
I had people shouting at me with admiration all day. 
Got my crossbody bag full of cloth bags. I'm ready to shop!

  • Purse - Danier Leather, thrifted

Oh, better mask up!
This is a new one from Mom - black with shiny gold stars. Love it!

The stuff:
The shoes also got a lot of love. Comfy! 

Minimal bling:
I don't wear a lot when I'm shopping. 

  • Leather/chain wrap - local
  • Earrings - don't remember
  • Lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes
  • Silver/amethyst ring - Frances Jewelers, c. 1965, Dad's

Time-to-go selfie! 
I went full glam with turquoise eyeliner too. Klassy! 

I found a purse at Flavour Upstairs. 
It's a light grey leather with black-enameled metal hardware. 

I've been looking for a black/neutral small crossbody bag for a while. 
This is a nice size, and I recognized the name from reading Mica's blog (here, go say hi, she's lovely!), and she has several like this and I've admired them from afar.

I was so thrilled to find a Rebecca Minkoff purse!
I can see why Mica loves these purses. It's in fantastic condition - I originally thought it was new because it had the card insert and some spare cat food leather straps inside it.
Mica, am I supposed to add more of these to the purse? What are they for?

Upon closer examination, I noticed the wear around the bottom corners. Note the sweet little foot on the bottom (there are 4 of these).
Someone's used it regularly.

There are also some small chips in the enamel on the front clasp. I could touch those up easily, but I probably won't bother. 
The interior feels like new, no residue or dust or anything. 
Pretty butterfly fabric, with her name woven in too.

I thought $39.99 was a good price. 
There's a few listed secondhand online for $100-165, and they're $265.00 new. Nice! 

I also found a pair of linen-blend trousers that are going into the summer pile. 
They are high-waisted and bright orange, with a baggier leg - I'm thinking they will be cute with the cuffs rolled. 

They're by Sigrid Olsen Essentials
I'm pretty sure these are from the 90s - I remember this style. They were $34.99 - and they're washable!

From Flavour Upstairs, I walked up to the Patch for a browse - I haven't been there for a while and it wasn't very busy, so I had a thorough look. They have a "Buy 2 get 1 free" sale on - and I found three items! 

Item the First, this gorgeous "so 1980s" skirt. 
It is dark purple, bright pink, and cherry red. 

It's a knit, and that zig-zag pattern is knit into it. 
The little hairs you see there are angora. 

It's by Escada by Margaretha Ley - how about that? I just wore a tie by her!
It's 85% wool, 15% angora.

And it's made...
In Germany. 

It was my free item - I did not pay $19.99 for it. 
I like free! My cost-per-wear will be in the negatives!

The two items that I actually bought were both dresses, both body-con (I'm feeling good about myself, can you tell?) and figure-hugging.
If you're swooning over the print, get ready - it's also a knit! It remind me of snakes. The colours are olive green, black and aqua.

I was gobsmacked to see it was by Opening Ceremony. 
It's 100% wool. 
It was only $22.95! It's called the "Parlay" dress and I spotted one online for $165.00.
Their dresses retail for $302-960.00. This was likely around $500.00 new. 

This was my TREASURE, though. 
I know! I practically shrieked with delight when I found it. That is a 100% sequined dress! 

This is the back. 
It has white, yellow, lime green, teal, turquoise, cobalt blue, pink, red, purple, lavender, orange and black. BOOM.

It does have some age on it - some of the colour is coming off the turquoise sequins. 
It's by Adrienne Vittadini - I know that name! I have this beaded top here by her.

The backing fabric is a very thick white cotton dress.
For sure, it's before 1997 (Hong Kong went back to China then). 

Look at that. Let's take a minute to think about the person who sewed everyone of those sequins on this dress BY HAND. That is some serious skill. 
And I paid $49.95 for it. I spotted an identical one on Etsy for over $300 (if you want to be twins). I'm sure this dress would have been VERY expensive new. 

I am pretty sure it's from the early 90s - check out the enormous shoulder pads!
Yeah, baby! When I tried this on, I came out of the fitting room at the Patch (I rarely do that) just to show it to the guy working there - we both just gushed over it. "OMG!"
I wore it for our Saturday night Zoom call and wowed all my friends. 

Flashback: "Abrig Colette" Coat by Desigual

I bought this coat new here in March 2011 during the Best Weekend Ever! because I'd just gotten my new job (which is my current job). I paid $489.00 for it at a local boutique - it was worth every penny. 
My original pictures of it were just...not good, so I took fresh ones. This is my coat after nearly 10 years of wear. 

Every section is a different piece of fabric, all sewn together. The black scrolly vines are woven into the shiny green fabric, as are the black flowers on the darker green background.
That's a crazy boucle "backpatch" of some sort of abstract plant-like designs. The lower two-tone purple section is also all woven - and don't even get me started on the strip of embroidered purple roses! EEE!!!

The front has this lovely panel of a peacock.
There's brown woven swirls on another tone of shiny green below that. That same fabric is around the collar too.
I like the gold embroidered "bubbles" which are also on the sleeve cuffs.

The collar is outlined with a strip of black wool - all the solid black parts are wool.
Amazing buttons. 

There are two of the top dome filigree ones. 
I have a spare of the lily pad one. I've had to sew most of these back on - they get handled a lot from the buttoning/unbuttoning.

The green swirled button is the same as the red one on the collar.
The only picture from my original set of pictures is this one of the eye button.
Sadly, that one fell off. I think it's in my button tin, but it might be lost. Dang.

A good look at the backpatch. I like that shiny purple pattern above it. 
I often wear purple gloves and beret with this because of all these nice purple accents on it.
I adore that band of purple roses. So. Pretty. 

This is the lining on the backside of the peacock. It's one of those patterns that doesn't read in photos (as you'll see in the Flashback).
The rest of the lining is green satin, except for another backpatch.
Sure! Look at those hip young things traipsing through the flowers! 

I wore it the day after I bought it in March 2011. 
Aw, my old kitty Inigo. I'm wearing a denim maxi skirt with purple combat boots there. 

I wore it for a Weight Watchers meeting and for my new office job, also in March 2011. 
I'm showing off my new keycard while Inigo "helps" me. Those shoes are Fluevogs and I sold them years ago.

I nearly always wear this jacket as a coat, as it's far too warm to wear indoors most of the time. 
This was in November 2011.

It was featured twice in my 30 For 30 For 12 Challenge in February 2012. 
I have a turquoise streak in my hair! That didn't last long, but inspired me to do my blonde streak (for about 4 years), and to go purple. 

Second outfit of the month, featuring the same shoes and skirt, and showing off the lining. See? It doesn't look at all interesting there! 
I still have that necklace. 

Oh, I'm in my blond phase. 
This was April 2013 and I'm wearing my sky-high 6" Fluevog boots, so I'm going to a party (I think it was Urbanite at the Art Gallery).

In November 2013, with Vizzini's tail peeking in.
I like that these purple leather gloves have lasted so long - nearly 8 years! 

I still have these tights from December 2013.
Skirt Flashback here.

This is the only time I've worn it with trousers.
This was in February 2014. Vizzini ate all the laces off those shoes. 

I wore it to Vancouver for our anniversary in March 2014.
L and I looking chill. 

I had to include an extra one of me and Melanie! Plus, I wore the coat for 3 days, so I get to count an extra wear in there.

So much fabulosity! 

December 2014.
I should wear those boots soon. 

Oh, I forgot I even owned this lavender ultrasuede dress.
That was its one and only wear, in March 2015, I think. I prefer real suede.

One of the few times I wore it to the office as my blazer, in January 2016.
I kept having to take it of when I overheated. Skirt Flashback here

Going all purple in November 2016.
I love it with those shoes (Flashback here). 

Looks like I'm going shopping here in February 2018. 
Yes, bizarrely, I skipped a year. 2017, WTF? Boot Flashback here.

Over a party dress here in November 2018.
A fancy hat is afoot! 

Off to the cold theatre to see a play with Mom, in December 2018.
I still have everything here, including the black leather maxi skirt. 

I wore it for my birthday in October 2019.
I hated the outfit under it in the end, but I always have enormous love for this coat. 

And here's the last time I wore it, in February 2020, and it might be my favourite of all.
The tights, the shoes, the gold accessories, the pink leather skirt (Flashback here). 

Mathy stuff: I'm at 21 wears in nearly 10 years for a cost-per-wear of $23.29, which is not bad considering it's too hot to wear for half of the year. This is a "forever" coat, and I'm glad I have it. 

Christmas Decorations: The Big Tree - Garlands and Glass Balls

Like I did with the small tree, I've taken photos of all of my decorations, and have categorized them for easier viewing. To start us off, we'll look at my garlands and the glass balls on the tree. 

These next two swags will look familiar to you, since I had a blue one (here) and a gold star one (here) on my little tree. 
Here's the purple one! Again, I've marked the shape of the swag, and where I've bent over tree branches to make it stay in place. It's also a bit hard to see with some ornaments hanging in front of and behind it, but enjoy the sneak peek! I see a soccer ball, a lantern, a purple stripey ornament and a big velvet/gold ball. 

And here's the red acrylic crystal version.
While that big blue/gold/silver ornament is indeed a ball, that's not a glass ball, so it will be looked at in its own collection in a future post. 

I have a few strings of hand-blown glass garlands on the tree. This one is from Poland, and the shapes are fruit.
I spy grapes, an orange, a raspberry, an apple and a pear. I love these rich colours, and the lovely glow of the matte finish. I put these garlands on before all the other ornaments. 

I also have two strings of German glass beads, which are a shiny finish. That pink spiraled thing is an ornament. 
They are just random shapes too: balls, bells and a pear-like shape with gold beads in between them. 

They are such pretty colours. Jewel colours are my jam. I spy a toucan, see him?
I love the rich emerald, cobalt blue and bright pink!

I see part of a striped tiger!
I couldn't afford very many of these garlands - they were around $29.99 each. European glass is expensive! 

I also have two strings of "light bulb" garlands, which consist of a long gold string that has blown glass light bulbs with metal caps tied along the string. 
They don't light up, but I love the matte finish.

The bulb colours are red, pink, teal and blue. 
Each of the "bulbs" is about the size of the top of my thumb. These were $16.95 each.

Time to look at the balls. Similar to the matte purple balls on the little tree, I have 6 matte soft blue balls tucked into the branches of the tree. 
They are about 3" diameter, and were around $1.95 each. 

There are 6 purple ones too.
I tuck plain balls into the inner branches, so that when you look at the tree, your eye's drawn deep into it.

I also have about 6 shiny red balls. They are slightly larger than the matte ones. 
That's a big close-up of one of the bulbs on the string garland. You can see a blue one further back.

This is a one-off unique ball. It was around $5.95 and is about 4" diameter. 
I love the matte copper colour and the gold glitter swirls. I did a full tree in these colours (plus purple and teal) for the store, I recall. It was gorgeous. 

I'm a sucker for a matte finish (did you guess?). 
That's a burgundy colour, with handpainted gold and touches of gold glitter. I just have the one, and it was around $4.95. It's about 3" diameter.

Another pretty one - this one is matte red with swags of iridescent silvery glitter.
It was in the $4.95 range.

This one is small, only 1.5" diameter.
But it's matte purple! I got into purple in a big way in later years. The gold glitter definitely helps. 

This the largest glass ball I have - it's 6-7" diameter.
I love the matte red finish and the "fish scales" of gold glitter. 

And this isn't a ball, but it's big and it's glass and it goes thematically with the light bulb string garland. 
I see me in my Caroline Panthers sweatshirt (I was watching football while I finished photographing everything). This is a giant (fake) light bulb in a rich shiny aqua. The gold cap is metal, and it's quite heavy. It's by Department 56, and was around $18.00.

And there we go! I'll leave you with one last shot of me in my sequined dress, basking in the light of my big tree.
I hope you enjoyed this - thanks so much for reading! Tell me what you loved - outfit, Flashback, ornament, whatever! 


  1. Hi Sheila!!!
    I've been following your blog since 2016 & it is always a treat for me to read your posts. You & L seem to have created a great life for yourselves & I really look up to you. I'm in school as an adult & will graduate this time next year, so I will be busy but I may eventually start my own fashion blog, or at the very least post a few looks on Lookbook. Anyway what led me to finally comment after all these years was that sequin dress. I scrolled down & was admiring the snake dress, but when I got to the sequins I literally said "Holy S#!t!!" out loud. Lol it won't happen again & I don't ever curse while reading your posts but that dress is truly amazing & looks fabulous on you. Have a wonderful holiday!
    Take care,

    1. Patricia, hello! Thank you so much for de-lurking and commenting. I'm so grateful for your readership these past 4+ years, and so appreciate your kind words. Aw, that's so sweet! I was also an adult student (when I was in my early 30s), and if you want to blog, do it!

      Hee hee! It's an amazing dress, isn't it? I don't mind if you swear, hon (I don't swear on the blog, but I do in real life, shhhh). Happy holidays!

  2. Sheila! I don't know where to start! The bag, that sequin dress, the decorations! I loved everything about this post! :)

    That's an authentic Rebecca Minkoff mini MAC bag too - what a great find, and a very good deal! The bags with the spare tassels are hard to find second hand as they are often misplaced so you got very lucky! I keep them as if your tassels get snapped or damage you can use the extra tassels to replace them. I've only had a tassel accident with one of my bags though in all my years of owning it and it was one I got second hand so I don't have replacement tassels for it sadly. Gives the bag character and a story I think though!
    A little bit of coloured shoe polish would hide the wear on the edges if you had grey or silver polish.... It's so barely noticeable though I'd rock it anyway.

    1. Mica! Thank you so much! I love getting your feedback on the bag, and am so glad to hear from you. Oh, how nice, I got some bonus tassels - Vizzini has already gone after them. I agree, the wear is barely noticeable, and I like knowing that someone else enjoyed it too.

  3. I do love a good statement coat Sheila and that one is certainly fabulous. I do embroidery myself so I definitely appreciate an embroidered piece knowing how much work went into it. The embroidery on that coat is just divine, the pattern and colours are stunning. I love the peacock. This coat has definitely proved a great investment. I enjoyed your flashback. I love the first look March 2011 when you wore it just after buying it, this coat looks great with the maxi and it's a very cute pic with you holding Vizzini. October 2019 look is also gorgeous with the pink heels. Have a nice day.

    1. It has SO much work in it, Ivana, I'm not surprised that it was so expensive, but I knew it would be a good investment. I adore all that detail too.

      Aw, that's Inigo, Vizzini's predecessor (they were together for a year before we lost Inigo). Thanks, hon!

  4. I realize how little I know fashiom reading your posts, but feel like I'm reading a Glamour mag-but with prices I'd pay. The coat is phenomenal.

    1. That's the joy of second-hand shopping, Sam! I have taught myself how to recognize good quality and I do my research on pieces. Thank you - the coat is one of my treasures.

  5. This coat is absolutely fabulous! I love the colors and being able to see all the different ways you've styled it over the years.

    Miles of smiles,

  6. Oh wow, Sheila, is that the sequined dress you were talking about! I am dying over it. It is absolutely stunning. The colors are fabulous! And your coat! Oh my, I would have been shouting comments of admiration your way as well. You are such an inspiration!


    1. Yup, that's the one! Isn't it amazing? Thanks, Shelbee! I love the coat too - I would yell at it as well, ha!

  7. That coat is you in garment form, unique, fabulous and a joy to behold! Love it.
    That sequinned dress was a timely find, it looks fantastic on and i'm delighted that you've got your body confidence back.
    That skirt is a stunner, can't wait to see that on you! xxx

    1. Yeah, it's very much a 'me' piece, Vix. It's a treasure.

      I am feeling it again - it's been about 6 weeks so far, and I'm noticing a difference in how my clothes fit. It's a good feeling.

      I might wear the skirt this weekend.

  8. That coat is truly magnificent and I keep falling in love with it over and over again every time it appears on your blog. So, it was a joy to scroll through your flashback on it, which proves your investment was indeed worth every penny!
    You did well with your wee afternoon shop! What are the odds of finding a purse from Mica's beloved Rebecca Minkoff brand? What a steal! But your star buy must have been that sequinned dress, although that Opening Ceremony one is quite lovely too. Glad to hear you're feeling good about yourself. That's the spirit! And talking of spirit, there seems to be an abundance of Christmas spirit at yours. All those delicious, jewel coloured glass baubles are gorgeous! My tree - which I've yet to put up - with pale into insignificance next to yours! xxx

    1. Thanks, Ann! It's an incredible piece, really a treasure and investment.

      I know, what a surprise! I never see that brand here! The sequined dress is really, just breathtaking. Yes, I'm feeling good - my restraint has paid off. I'm doing my best to keep my spirits up, and the decorations really help.

  9. Yes, I know that coat is wonderful, but honestly Sheila I'm totally bedazzled by that dress! It's beyond wonderful and can only say, Thank goodness that I love you so much otherwise I'd be soooo jealous at such a find. It's the most amazing bit of treasure and darling you deserve it!

    Thanks for the great flashback too, mainly because of the beautiful and enigmatic Mel xxx

    1. Isn't it amazing, Anna? I could see you rocking it, for sure.

      I know, I love seeing her beautiful face - I really missed our annual meet-up this past year.

  10. Where do I even start with this post!?
    Firstly, that coat is DELICIOUS!! It is just glorious and I love all the different elements and the colours! Jewel-like, all of them!
    And then the amazing sequin dress- it is a beautiful thing- very good value too! I think you look gorgeous in it!
    Nice to see Inigo- I didn't know of any of your previous cats!
    Love seeing the flashbacks!x

    1. It's a treasure, for sure, Kezzie, thank you!

      I am just in love with the dress - thanks! I felt like a million bucks.

      I love seeing my old kitty - he was a lovely, affectionate boy, and it was a huge blow to lose him so young.

  11. Ditto above comments! It is hard to pick my favourite (guess I don’t have to between the coat and the AV dress) - both magnificent babe.

    You’re going to get so much use purr of that RM purse. Another person’s comment on ready your blog like a magazine is well put. I always learn something interesting!

    But overall.... the TREE! It is so So SO pretty. Dissecting how you build up the layers, to “draw your eye inwards”.... that my biggest learning of all. So good! Thank you honey!

    1. Thank you, honey! I am glad you sort of got to see the dress on our Zoom call.

      I'm already using it daily! Aw, thanks, sweets.

      Isn't it lovely? I'm really enjoying delving back into my old decorations.

  12. Ooof:( spelling mistakes above confuse my entry. Overall just saying I’m in love with your style, and most importantly, you. <3/00

  13. Oh my goodness that is such an amazing coat. I absolutely love it and it looks fabulous in every photo. So much to see and admire on it!

    Your 'new' buys were lovely and you look so cool in the sequin dress - what a find! You also have an amazing collection of masks - you must have one for every outfit; almost?

    The baubles were fab too!

    1. See why I whine about the cheap crap Desigual does now, Vronni? When you see something like this, you realize how far their quality has dropped.

      Thank you - I am excited to show that year?? person! I think I do have one per outfit, ha ha!

  14. I adore the concept of your cost-per-wear being in the negatives with a free item. Does that mean, when this wonderful bit of luck happens to us, that we can use it to help justify the odd splurge item all the more? :D

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    1. Oh, definitely, Autumn! Use whatever tools necessary to justify our purchases, ha ha!

  15. OK the Desigual coat is really good but oh... that sequinned dress. I would have shrieked as well. It is soooo good and it looks as if it is made for you. Showing your tatoos with that low back is what really made me think it was made for you.
    Tip: IF (I don't say you should, but IF) you try and colour in some of the faded beads, use permanent markers, the ones you use to write on DVD's and CD's. I used a normal felt pen... and everything came off..

    1. Agreed, Greetje! It's a STUNNING dress and I only wish I'd been able to wear it to a party this holiday season. Good tip on the permanent markers - that's a stellar idea.

  16. I would have "SQUEEEEEEEED" at that sequin dress too - What a score!!! The Opening Ceremony dress is also a great find, and I would have wrestled you for the Escada skirt. The secondhand pickings have been very slim here during the past few months - certainly nothing nearly as nice as the things you've found. You have had great luck with Desigual coats (this one, and the one you featured in a more recent post).

    1. I know, right?? It's amazing! I am also excited about the Opening Ceremony dress and the Escada skirt, both of which will be worn in the next month or so. It's a lot of dross and not a lot of gold these days - I find that the modern things being donated just aren't the high quality of older items.

  17. woww, I love so much your desigual coat, and this is a fabulous outfit, love the shiny shoes kinda matching your coat, and love the textures (your tights and shoes rock it!). Great flashback on this coat. The last outfit is one of favourites: wow these shoes and tights and pink leather!.
    Totally admiring your finds, you're so talented!, the 80's skirt looks fab but the sequined dress is Totally Amazing. Love its geometrical-abstract design and Those Colours and Quality!. Looking fabulous in it!

    Your decorations are really stunning, so delightful colors and glass ornaments!, and so lovely last pic!, really fab once more!

    1. Thank you so much, Monica! It's one of my favourites too.

      I love those treasures I found - I am still amazed at the sequined dress.

      Thank you! I'm glad you like the decorations. :)

  18. That coat is wonderful - I'm not surprised it got so much admiration when you wore it out and about. And that sequin dress is an absolute show-stopper.

  19. I have the same coat!!! I also got it 2010-2011ish, when Desigual opened a flagship store in San Francisco. I had just moved to the city and was walking by downtown and saw it on a rack just inside the front door and made an IMMEDIATE 90-degree turn to go inside and check it out. Well over ten years later, it was still definitely worth the investment. I was just googling images of it this evening so I could finally sew some of the buttons back on in the correct order (they do fall off a lot don't they? ;) ). I turn 40 this year, looking through your blog is giving me fashion lifegoals for the next stage in my life, thank you for sharing! <3 <3 <3

    1. Thank you for dropping me a comment, Colleen, nice to meet you! It's a gorgeous coat, and I love that we're twins for it! Aw, that is really sweet, thank you - rock on! Wear whatever you like!


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