Thursday, November 4, 2021

Mom-Day: Maxi Re-Wear and Turquoise, and a Farewell to Frank

Ah, my day off, at last. Now that the weather has fully turned the dial to Rainy Season, Mom-Day adventures in parks and other muddy places are on hold. However, that doesn't mean that Mom and I can't get together! She came over for lunch and hangout, so of course, I got dressed. 
It's an outfit for hanging out: comfy, warm and yet still stylish. These aren't mutually exclusive! 

  • Sweater - Benetton, vintage 90s, thrifted; last worn here in March with my ringmaster jacket
  • Skirt - Twinset, consignment; last seen here a week ago

You'll note that I don't have real shoes on - nope, wore my slippers the whole time. 
I did put a pair of grey sweater-tights on, instead of treating Mom to my silly sock collection. 

The colour of this vintage wool sweater is actually a really deep turquoise but it photographs more like a cerulean blue when I'm indoors. The stair picture is close, but still doesn't pick up the vividness of the hue. 
I wanted to give this fabulously swooshy and Dramatic skirt another quick wear, after last week's mismatch with the voluminous gold jacket (which is also getting a re-wear soon). Vizzini nibbled around the edges all day. 

This is my entry for Nancy's and Shelbee's "Good Buy/Good-Bye" theme of maxi skirts or dresses for November. 
This skirt is a beautiful piece, with oodles of layers of sheer stretchy tulle that's covered in teeny dots. I bought it for $78.00 a couple of years ago, new with tags (original price $515!!), and this is its 7th wearing. It is a bit of a nature-magnet when I wear it "in the wild" (aka outdoors), as it picks up sticks and leaves from the ground. Despite this, it's one of my favourite black skirts (and I have many) due to the sheer Drama of swanning about in it. It's most definitely a Good Buy! 

What I'm wearing under the sweater: my concert tee from when we saw Tool at Rogers Arena in Vancouver in June 2017 (post here). I sleep in it, along with all my other concert tees - I wear a different one every day/night. 
I had a hot flash while I was making us lunch. Off came the sweater and slippers, and out came my fan. 

Brutalist bling:
Every piece of pewter Brutalist jewelry that I own. 

  • Link bracelet, cuff bracelet and necklace - all Robert Larin, vintage 70s, antique mall, gifts from L
  • Ring - Mom's, vintage 70s
  • Earrings - vintage 70s, antique mall

Yay! Mom's here, and she brought her just-framed painting to show me. 
She's wearing a funky teal/black/white tunic with stripes and leopard print (I approve) and a cool chunky necklace. 

Do you recognize the place in the painting? It's from when we went to the Japanese Tea Gardens together here back in August. 
Mom zoomed in and took some artistic license (as one does!). 

I love the impressionistic feel of this. Lovely! 
"I don't know why you'd look at that when I'm right here."

I made us lunch (salad, baked penne and cheese with mushrooms and onions, and berries with sorbet and Ritter mint chocolate for dessert). Mom had Spinnaker's root beer and I had their black cherry soda. Vizzini prowled around until Mom stopped him cold - she was making cat noises! 

Mom was telling me a story about her kitty Harlequin and was recreating some of her kitty sounds. 

Vizzini's eyes went huge! 
"Tell me more about how you fed her Mackintosh toffee..."

A look was exchanged. 
"You have much to teach the Woman."

He's not getting any toffee! 

I moved Mom's chair into the lounge so that we could talk while I cooked. The blanket is a cuddle-lure for Vizzini.
"Never mind the blanket - is tuna on the menu?"

It was not. After we ate, he retreated to his post. 
"Just pretend I'm not here."

Such a funny boy. It's amazing how much joy and love they bring into our lives, our little furry comets. 
"Are you talking about me?"

Mom and I laughed, ate and chatted for over four hours, while the weather went from grey to sunny to torrential downpours and back again. 
Mom-daughter selfie! Love you, Mom! 

Sadly, my dear friend and fellow blogger Vix and her partner Jon just said goodbye to their own little furry comet, Frank. Pets blast through our lives for such a short time - it is incredibly hard to say goodbye to our lads and girls when they leave us. 
RIP and farewell, Frank. I know a bowl of prawns is waiting for you over the Rainbow Bridge, and Othello and Inigo can't wait to play with you. 

Vizzini knew I was feeling sad about Frank. They can always tell. 
"You look like you need some Purr Therapy."

I really did. 
"Frank was a badass."

My friends, I'm signing off now for the weekend - I have a busy one ahead, almost like the Before Times. I hope you'll join me on Sunday for tales of adventure! Take care and send Vix and Jon good vibes. 


  1. I like that you still got dressed up and wore such a pretty skirt - my lounge around at home outfits are really just daggy clothes that aren't fit to wear anywhere - and the occasionally cute PJ set I got for Christmas or birthday, haha!

    Sorry to your friend Vix on the loss of Frank too - pets are family and it's so hard imagining life without them!

  2. I love the mom-daughter selfie! Your cat looks very observant- I bet he memorizes conversations so watch out!

  3. Aaah the brutalist jewellery is back. That's always a pleasure to see.

    Yeah, I was sorry to see the news about Frank. Pets are so precious.

  4. Oh Sheila, thank you (and Vizzini) so much for this. You've made me cry (again!) Inigo and Othello will be in good company with Frank over Rainbow Bridge, I hope there's lots of snack available, that boy of ours loved his food.
    Your mum's artwork is brilliant and she looks positively regal on her throne. I spotted those wonderful slippers strightaway. Forget athleisure (yuk), tuille, groovy sweaters and band tees, that's how to do stay at home chic.
    Have a wonderful weekend, my lovely friend. xxxx

  5. Of course you got dressed up for hanging out with your Mom, I'd have been most disappointed if you hadn't! The skirt is a delight, and your jumper looks really snuggly. Some colours are just impossible to get right on camera, aren't they? Your Mom's painting is gorgeous, and I'm loving her tunic, and her interaction with Vizzini!
    So lovely that you paid tribute to Frank! I remember you doing the same with our Phoebe, which simultaneously had me in tears and warmed my heart. I've been crying on and off about Frank ever since I read Vix's post on Facebook earlier this week. I'm sure there'll be prawns a-plenty and I'm equally sure both Frank and your boys have been meeting up with Phoebe already! Have a wonderful weekend, Sheila xxx

  6. That vivid blue vintage sweater is gorgeous! I also love the concert tee you wore underneath that sweater. The skirt you paired with it is fantastic...You're absolutely right- one can be warm and stylish, you certainly prove it. Fabulous brutalist jewelry as well.

    So great to see your mother and you are spending quality time together. I love that impressionist landscape painting she did. Lovely frame for it as well.

    Oh, so sorry to hear about Vix's Frank, he was adorable. It is always hard to let go of a pet.

  7. I have missed your's my guilty pleasure! I am so sorry to hear about Frank. My two boys, Max and Pete, are in their tins waiting for Nigel and me to join them one day (it's up to the kiddos what to do with all of that dust)! You look splendid in blue, and I love those glasses! Do you have an extensive glasses collection? I did once upon a time...then retirement and no vision insurance! Bah! Humbug (getting ready for the season)!

    Your mom is so very talented. I have always wanted to paint. Maybe I should explore that once I get this blogging gig figured out!

  8. Oh I'm so sorry to read that Vix and Jon lost their fur friend. Our Mainecoon is almost 15, so we know it will come soon, to soon. Its s horrible thought we love our cats so much don't we? I actually love the gorgeous skirt with that tee. I love the contrast. Have a great weekend!

  9. RIP, precious Frank. You are such a thoughtful, immensely caring friend to post about their heartbreaking loss and to celebrate the life of this wonderful creature here on your blog.

    You know how much I adore posts that feature your sweet mama, so this one was an extra lovely treat - made all the more so by the presence of her absolutely beautiful artwork. You are both awesomely talented artists.

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

  10. It is so warming to see the love between you and your mum. It is great. And she is such a good painter. I have said it before, you must have your talent from her.
    And cats...yes, so hard to say goodbye to them when they die. My cat unfortunately, isn't cuddly at all. Very sad for me. Still love her though.

  11. Pairing your maxi skirt with the trim blue sweater is a much better combination. Your mother's painting is beautiful. My condolences to Vix and Jon on the loss of Frank. It is always heart breaking to lose a beloved pet.

  12. I saw Vix's post about Frank, and it brought tears to my eyes, as it does anytime I read about someone I know losing their pet. It makes me imagine how terrible I will feel when Sylvester passes on. It's so nice to see you have Mom days like this. I am not able to do this with my mother and I envy your relationship.

  13. Looking lovely, dear Sheila, in your cool and swooshy skirt and the turquoise sweater. And brutalist bling!, love these pieces particularly!
    Lovely words about our beloved pets, I'm in tears but in a good way.


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