Thursday, June 24, 2021

Interview With Lucy, Plus a Two-Fer: Etro Blues and Jacobs Flashback; New Sunnies; Zoom Jammy Dress With Mom

Hello, my friends! I'm back and I'm thrilled to bring you the exciting news! I've been interviewed by Lucy Bertoldi of Confessions of a Montreal Styling Diva! (link 'cause I love). I also have Wednesday's work outfit to share (and a wee Flashback), my new sunglasses, and what I wore for my Zoom chat with Mom. 

First up: I've been interviewed! 

Ever wonder what I really sound like? Enjoy a full 27-ish minute conversation I had with Lucy, discussing my personal style, ageism in fashion and some general ramblings (I'm a rambler). The interview itself is embedded in the blog post - I also wrote up answers to the questions Lucy posed, so the typed version is not the same as the actual interview, which I winged (hence my distracted garbling in places). I had SO much fun doing this, and Lucy and I got along like old friends. 

Go here! Please note that the interview takes a minute to get going - hang in there, it will start! 

Next, here's what I wore to work on Wednesday. 

We have heat warnings for the next week, with temps expected to be between 24 and 37 (you read that right!) over the next 5-6 days. It's going to be a hot one! 

  • Shrug - Le Chateau, thrifted; last worn here (last outfit, way down at the bottom) in July 2018, after our trip to Powell River
  • Dress - Etro, vintage 90s, thrifted; last seen here in June 2020 (Flashback there too)
  • Shoes - Marc Jacobs, vintage 00s, thrifted; last worn here in August 2019

My vintage Etro dress continues to delight me - as I normally brag, I only paid SIX DOLLARS for it. 
It was more normal temps on Wednesday, and I factored in the office's air conditioning, so wore sleeves. 
Remember shrugs? Basically, they're a sweater that's connected sleeves, with the backside being cropped or quite high on the back. They are super-useful for arm coverage, but are a dressier look. This one is sparkly silver-grey, with a metallic thread. 

Without the shrug. 
I varied shrug-off, shrug-on, depending on my inner furnace. 
The fabric of the dress is a very bouncy, thin polyester, and it's a custom one by Etro (their name is incorporated into the design).

Hatted and masked. 
"This post needs more cat."

I laughed when I uploaded my pics - I love how Vizzini lurks in the background. 

  • Hat - thrifted
  • Mask - Lazy Susan's

The stuff:
Aren't these the coolest shoes? Pink leather lining! We'll be having a little Flashback on them shortly. 

Silver bling: 
To go with the silver of the shoes and to match the shrug. Matchy! 

  • Steel cuff - thrifted
  • Silver earrings/pendant - M&M, consignment, Vancouver
  • Lucite bangle - vintage, Lazy Susan's
  • Dragon bangle - Lazy Susan's
  • Lapis lazuli ring/Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes

Flashback: Marc Jacobs Shoes

I lucked out on finding these in the Women In Need (WIN) thrift store back in August 2017 (here). 
They are made in Italy, and are leather and suede. Despite them having absolutely zero padding, they are extremely comfy - I can tell they are well-made shoes. 

I just love the detail on the heels. The Mary Jane strap keeps them very securely on my feet.
The corduroy-looking sections are actually textured suede. The silver parts are leather, and all of the black is suede.

They were a steal at $29.95, especially after I discovered the tags hiding underneath that one. They had originally been priced at $74.95, then marked down to $49.95, then finally down to $29.95.
I dug around online and found a green/silver/black pair when I first bought them, but they have very little internet presence, leading me to believe they are from the early 00s. They would have been in the $350+ range, I'm sure.

I wore them with a familiar dress in August 2017. 
This dress is such a good match for them. 

The blue-black-silver mix allowed me to pair them with some of the challenging pieces in my wardrobe, like this Dries Van Noten top. 
I ended up passing that along, but you might remember my "fin" sweater skirt. This was in October 2017. 

A simple outfit for my first day back to work in January 2018.
Cashmere, houndstooth, a chunky necklace and a funky shoe. I'm ready for the office!

In April 2018. 
Aside from the shoes, only the necklace is still with me. 

They go well with my "Fireworks" dress. 
This was in September 2018.

My hair looks so fluffy here in April 2019!
The shoes are actually really tricky to match to other items - you need a bit of blue and silver in the outfit.

Or just wear black, as I did in June 2019. 
I'll be wearing this dress soon! 

And this is the last time I wore them, in August 2019. 
I frantically searched, but looks like I completely missed wearing them last year! That's a shame. 

Mathy stuff: I'm at 9 outfits, which is okay - these shoes aren't workhorses like some of my shoes are. That averages out to $3.33 per wear, which is still good. I might keep them out with my fall/winter wardrobe again this year to get a few more wears out of them. 

What's your favourite outfit? What would you wear with them? 

I popped out during my office day on Wednesday to my downtown eyecare place - I'd ordered prescription sunglasses with my income tax return a few weeks ago, and they had arrived! 
I feel even more like a movie star, and having my prescription in them is a Game Changer. I picked a neutral tortoiseshell pattern with brown lenses and a classic oversized shape. 

The case they came with was too small once they'd been adjusted for my head, so the lovely person who helped me offered me a choice of random hard cases. There was a white one, a black one and...OMG, THAT ONE, please!
The little discs on the earpieces say "Super" and "Loud" which makes me giggle. Why yes, I am! 

The case is from Gucci (oooh, real Gucci, KLASSY), in purple velvet with a chartreuse velvet interior. 
It even came with a purple silky bag and a pearly white lens cloth. Oh, I am going to love flashing this around! 

My sunnies are by WOOW, which feels appropriate for me. 
Mine are the Super Loud 2 family (link here 'cause I love).

They have all the Drama I need! 
I wore them on my Mental Health Walk on Thursday and it was such a treat! They also act as sunblock for the upper half of my face. 

On Thursday, my day felt packed. I dealt with the cleaners, shopped for groceries, then went for my Mental Health Walk. After a shower, a new nail polish on my toes, and lunch, I had my rescheduled Zoom call with Mom. 
It's starting to get hot out there - a sleeveless jammy dress was just the ticket. 

  • Dress - Trina Turk, consignment; last worn here a year ago in July 2020
  • Shoes - Lucky Brand; last seen here (2nd outfit) a couple of weeks ago with my Hawaiian dress

It's got pockets! Huzzah!
I am being unimaginative with my shoes, wearing these snakeskin print ones again. 
The fabric of this dress is woven - I like how the hem has been rotated 90 degrees. 
I'm a sucker for black and white dresses - this one also has a bit of camel in it. 

The dress comes with a built-in lining, which is trimmed with lace. 
I'm also wearing my black petit-pants for comfort. 

The stuff: 
I'm ready to debut these sandals out in the wild soon - I've worked out all the tight sections and potential rubbing areas. 

Mixed metal bling: 
Just a bunch of things I like.

  • Cage cuff - Bauxo
  • Lucite cuff - Alexis Bittar, consignment, Sidney
  • Gold hoop earrings - 5th anniversary gift from L
  • Necklace - POLY, thrifted
  • Brutalist brass ring - vintage 70s, vintage mall
  • Shield ring - Nine West

Vizzini has been melting on his benches. 
"I'm chill in more ways than one."

I'm going to sign off for the weekend, my friends! I'll be back on Sunday with tales of adventure! Take care, be safe and stay cool - thank you so much for stopping by!


  1. So great to hear your voice! This is so fun ... (listening as I comment)!

  2. I enjoyed that interview and getting to hear from you! :) I do enjoy Lucy's blog but it doesn't always let me comment - sometimes my comments just vanish :( I find that a lot with wordpress blogs sadly.

    Your upcoming summer temperatures sound wonderful - although I know that's very hot indeed for you! I hope you're able to keep cool - like in that last outfit, simple dresses are great options for that kind of heat, and a bonus when they have a cute print like that on them!

    1. Thanks so much, Mica! I have issues with many wordpress blogs too (and I refuse to have accounts for all of them!).

      Wow, this is nice for you? We are just dying over here! Yes, I'll be wearing really simple, easy outfits while this heatwave lasts. Thanks!

  3. My first reaction was wow, you sound Canadian! Derr! I read your blog with an Australian accent of course. Loved the interview, love your blog. You've had some wonderful women influencers I am jealous. Take care in the heat (I love anything over 35 degrees but under about 42).

    1. Ha ha, Lynette! Yes, I do sound Canadian - I AM! :)

      Aw, thank you so much for listening to it. I have been so lucky to have such great inspiration in my life.

      Thanks! I hope it doesn't last too long! We are not used to it here!

  4. I loved hearing your voice! What a great interview.
    37°C? I'm coming right over...oh,, no..forget that....Canada's not on the green list. I'll just have to sit here in my cardi and turn green with envy!
    Prescription sunglasses really are life changers, I love that I can read in the sunshine now without having to squint in my readers. Yours look fab.
    Get you and Jon in your cheap as chips Etro gear! Don't you just love people who buy clothes for £££s and give them away?
    Have a fabulous weekend & keep cool. Love to Vizzini! xxx

    1. Thank you so much, Vix! Isn't it odd to hear voices when we've only read each others' words?

      It will probably be a few months until Canada opens up - we're cautious people!

      Oh my gosh, I can't believe how amazing sunglasses are with my prescription! It's amazing - why did I wait so long?

      That's why I give away my good clothes! I want to give someone else that exciting experience when they find them second-hand. Thank you so much, Vix! You too!

  5. That is hot weather! I love the black, white, and camel dress. I'm buzzing over for the interview now.

    1. It's way too hot for us, Sam! Ugh!

      Thank you so much - and thanks for checking out my interview!

  6. I look forward to listening to the interview, Sheila!

    Loved the outfits and I really, really like those shoes.

    1. Thanks so much for checking it out, Vronni! I love those shoes too. :)

  7. Oh dear, I totally forgot to tell you I listened to Lucy's podcast when she posted it on her blog - I started following her because of you, by the way - and it was wonderful, and a pleasure to hear your voice!
    Our temperatures have gone down in the meantime, and now it's actually back to being too cold for the time of year. I'm still glad the heat has gone, though!
    Your vintage Etro dress is absolutely delightful, and those shoes are just perfect with it, as does the shrug. I'm loving the Trina Turk dress too, and how gorgeous is that lace trimmed lining. Unimaginative or not, I love the pattern mixing of the snakeskin print shoes with the dress. And last but not least: how absolutely fabulous are your Gucci (!) sunglasses. Just wow! xxx

    1. No worries, Ann - thank you for listening to it! Aw, glad you enjoyed it!

      We are really not prepared for this hot weather! There are warnings and cautions all over the news.

      Thank you, my dear! I wish those sunglasses were Gucci, but alas, only the case is. The sunnies are by WOOW.

  8. Sheila, I have followed you for YEARS and right now I am having a moment. I listened to the blog, I don't know what I expected, but that was not it!!! You sound SO different than I imagined! I mean, SO different... It is discaboobalating.

    1. Oh no! Cha Cha, I have to ask: what did you think I would sound like? I'm sorry you were discombobulated!

  9. Oh my, where to start? The interview was interesting and I'm glad I listened and didn't read because you have an infectious laugh and I found myself giggling with you. I wasn't having my best day today so that was a bonus :)

    Of course your blue outfit is lovely and I do admire those shoes. Would you call them court shoes? My favourite would be the fluffy hair day. The black and white dress is very 60's and I love it!

    You look fabulous in your new sunglasses and I am imagining you wearing them with your windscarf next time you are out in the convertible - very Audrey Hepburn. (Sunglasses prevent cataracts so very important as well as fashionable).

    1. I'm so glad you listened to it, Nana - thank you! It's weird for me to hear my own voice.

      Thanks! We don't use the term "court shoes" in Canada (I'm not entirely sure what those are - plain pumps?), so I'd call them Mary Janes because of the strap across the vamp.

      I love my new sunnies! I can't wait to do them with a scarf a la Audrey!

  10. It has occurred to me that I am a fan of just about every patterned dress and every jammy dress you have worn! The combination of how you style them and how they fit your frame is usually a wonderfully perfect combo! So it is for this post’s dress and the closing jammy dress.

    I popped over to Lucy’s interview of you and was thoroughly engrossed. Totally you as I remember your voice; you sounded natural and relaxed, I didn’t sense any rambling! It’s warm again here and I took a page from you and put on (finally!) a sundress. Feels so good to up the ante. :)

    Backing up a bit, your blue shoes and new sunglasses are both fabulous! And I am a fan of all your jewelry accompaniments for this outfit.

    Stay as cool as you can! Robin went to purchase an a/c and they were sold out everywhere. Katryna is in eastern WA till tomorrow and is returning to Olympia with an a/c. I believe they are more concerned about their cats then themselves. :)

    1. I do have a lot of great dresses, Laurie! Aw, thank you - I've built up my collection over the years to a nice bunch.

      I'm so glad you enjoyed it - you're one of the few who's heard me before! You're too kind, thank you (I totally rambled!). Hooray for a sundress! Good for you!

      Thank you - I love my sunnies!

      Oh my gosh, it's been a horrendous weekend of heat! No ACs here either. Vizzini seems to be fine, although very floppy.

  11. Loved listening to the podcast and hearing you voice your thoughts.

  12. We call the serums, bolero, and we sold them together with a dress for years. I still like those additions. I listened to the interview and en enjoyed hearing your voice again.

    1. Boleros to me are more structured jackets, Nancy, but same idea - basically connected sleeves. Shrugs are the sweater version of boleros.

      Thanks so much for checking it out!

  13. That Etro dress is more than worth bragging about. What a stunning garment and artsy design to that pattern.

    Huge congrats on your interview, dear Sheila. You did marvellously! I likely speak for many of us here when I say we now have the joy of knowing you even better after being treated hearing your voice for the first time.

    Big hugs & tons of happy wishes for this sizzling hot first weekend of summer!

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    1. I love it every time I wear it, Autumn! I love the colours.

      Thank you so much for checking it out!

      I hope it's not this hot in the interior, but I have a feeling it is!

  14. I love the long sleeve black dress and the wolf sweater with the shoes!

  15. It was so fun to listen to your interview. Not surprisingly, I'm on board with everything you said about clothes. I love your love for colour and patters. I'm also on board with your approach to wearing clothes as armour, it's something I do myself. I also love what you said about taking other people shopping with you. I rarely go shopping these days (mostly shopping my closet) and even rarer will I go with somebody- but on those rare instances I went, I always find great things for people. Once I was in a store with my mother and a mother of my friend and I found perfect dresses for them in under a minute. I just have good perception for clothes. I think I would be a good shopping assistant.

    Was that interview really plus twenty minutes? It felt like it lasted only a couple of minutes. I could listen you talk fashion all day.

    That dress is fabulous on you and the shoes do look well made. Very pretty shoes they are.
    Great to see the flash back.

    1. I really appreciate your feedback from listening to it, Ivana! Sounds like we are similar - I can do the same thing when I shop with others. I would love to be a shopping assistant!

      It really was! I think it was 27 minutes. Thank you!

  16. Im with you temperature around mid 20s is perfect. Love those platforms shoes. Stay cool - but you always are!
    Jane X

    1. Yup, anything else is just too hot, Jane! Thanks so much!

  17. I loved your interview with Lucy! So much fun. These MJ shoes are really quite fabulous, aren't they? And that dress is amazing with the fun swirly print. Super cool new sunglasses as well, my friend. I love big oversized Hollywood sunnies. Prescription sunglasses are absolutely a game changer. I have been getting prescription lenses in my sunglasses for probably the last 25 years and I honestly don't know how people who need prescription lenses live without them!


    1. Thanks so much for listening to it, Shelbee! Aren't the shoes fun? Thank you so much!

      I don't know how I lived without prescription sunnies! I'm loving these!

  18. So fab to hear your voice, such a lovely interview! (I'm always a little bit shocked when I hear the voice of somebody for the first time!)
    And I love your Etro dress with these classic maryjanes, they're fab shoes!. No wonder you brag about the price of your dress!, ;DD
    Loving your dress and snake sandals too, so cool! (and pettitpants!)

    1. Aw, thank you for listening to it, Monica! I know, my voice is much higher than people think when they read me.

      I love them too - and that Etro dress was a STEAL!

      Thank you so much, my dear!

  19. Oh those snake sandals are good. As are your blue Marc Jacobs shoes. They go so well with the Etro dress. Such an excellent brand, Etro.
    It was lovely to see you with different lengths of hair. Oh and those shades? Sooo cool. Perfect for your face. Definitely Saint Tropez as Ron would say.

    1. Thanks, Greetje! They are ready to be work in public now. I love the Jacobs shoes, and Etro too!

      I know, I've had every length under the sun! Glad you like the shades - I do too!


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