Thursday, July 15, 2021

Mental Health Shop - Risky Thrifty Bonanza

I woke up still feeling sore post-jab, but the sense of flu coming on had eased by morning. My "blerg" feelings lately tell me that I need to do some self-care. Mental health shop time! 

I might be going back to work full-time mid-August, and I'm super-stressed about the though of all that WORK (physical, mental, emotional) that will entail. There's nothing like a fabulous outfit and feeling all polished and put together to lift my spirits. 
I forgot to do a stair picture, whoops. I was in a hurry to get to town and do my weekly grocery shop. 

  • Kimono - no label, consignment; last worn here in September 2020 with fallified summer clothes
  • Lace top - Tangerine Jill, thrifted; last seen here layered under Bottega Veneta in April
  • Mustard cami - not tracked
  • Skirt - Miss V by Valentino, part of a suit, vintage 80s-90s, thrifted, Sidney; last worn here in March with designer tweed
  • Shoes - Homers; last seen here in June with a white shirt and a jammy dress

 The Flirty Butcher was VERY flirty today, positively gushing over my outfit and my hair. 
It felt good, I admit it. No one flirts with me anymore! 

I actually had oodles of compliments, including another staff person at the deli, and a cool-looking woman in her 40s in the thrift store, who'd been eyeing the stuff I pulled out, then checking it out for herself. I hope you bought the sheer red Benetton dress! 
This kimono is stunning, isn't it? It's silk, velvet devore (de-VORE-ay, darlings!), trimmed with iridescent beads and tassels. 

This is how the world saw me, masked up, sunnies, purse. 
Yellow is the colour that cheers me up the most - this felt so good on. 

  • Mask - by Mom

The stuff: 
This was the first long-duration outing for these shoes - they were pretty good for my 4+ hour shop and walk to and from town. I had one small blister at the end of the day. 

Brown bling: 
Autumnal shades have been calling to me lately. They're the colours that I'm drawn to the most, followed by brights. 

  • Purse - Ted Lapidus, vintage 90s, vintage fair
  • Belt - Talbots, thrifted
  • Choker - vintage 70s, Mom's
  • Wood ring - Dots
  • Amber ring - c. 1997
  • Ear-balls - Dior, consignment

On my way to the Women In Need (WIN) Warehouse store, I stopped in at Head Over Heels as they had a big sale on. I didn't find any shoes that worked for me, but I did buy a few pieces of Glee jewelry, a local company. 
All of these were 40% off - the earrings were $14.97 (regular $24.95), and the rings were $11.37 each (regular $18.95). 

Jewelry demo! 
I love the shiny copper - I've been wanting more copper rings, and the earrings will go well with one of my vintage copper necklaces. 

Finally, I arrived at WIN - no line-ups this time, and I was so happy to see the volunteers. They are not re-opening their fitting rooms, so I could not try anything on. This didn't stop me from buying clothes, but I found it did make me very discriminating and choosy. However, I'm always lured by a 50% off sale, so I did risk a few things. 

I always have a good poke in the accessory and vintage accessory section. Scarves, purses, tights, belts - all can yield some really cool finds. 
I used to have a bamboo fan just like this, and it fell out of my pocket one day - I'm happy to pay only $1.95 to replace it. 

I had a flip through the frames and found two nice steel grey ones. 
Only $1.95 each. 

I found one pair of shoes. If you ever want to have good luck shopping for shoes, wear lace-ups - it practically guarantees you'll have to take them off. So annoying.
I liked the leather uppers, the sparkly laces and the silver snakeskin embossing. 
These will be my new walking shoes for my to-and-from work route until the fall. The crappy Converse I bought have nearly worn out. 

I have heard of Mephisto before. 
These were insanely comfy, and had barely any wear on the soles. 
They were $36.95 - add a zero to that for the original retail price! 

I did well in the scarf section, plunging my hands into bin after bin, feeling for silk and looking for cool patterns, colours and hand-rolled edges. 
I love the colours in this one - blue roses!

I should make it a mission at some point to wear all the scarves I keep buying...
This one is by Liz Claiborne and is silk. The edges are not hand-rolled, but I can't say no at $5.95. 

I really love the pattern on this scarf - I've folded it over the hanger here and lined up the matching print front and back.
It's a bit hard to see as it's very sheer, but the colours are dark pink, light pink, chartreuse, grey and darker grey. 
The pattern reminds me very much of Pucci prints from the 1960s, and this one does have hand-rolled edges, so it's old - likely a knock-off from that era. It was $3.95, and it feels like silk, although there are no tags. 

I pulled out this big warm scarf, and knew immediately it was a real pashmina. 
I love the blue and brown dot pattern. 
It's woven into the fabric, so it's the opposite on the back. 
And there we are - a pashmina made of 100% pashmina. It is certainly possible that this is not actual pashmina cashmere plucked from the bellies of goats, but a silk/cashmere blend. It feels like very good quality, and is really soft. I was happy paying $6.95 for it. 

Look how ginormous it is! I'm going to love wearing this in the fall/winter. 
"I'm feeling very neglected over here."

You might notice that I'm not wearing my shopping clothes in that picture. As I photographed all of my clothing bonanza finds, I tried them on and took a barely-styled picture of me in it. 

Will It Fit? Remember, I didn't get to try any of these on - I did a lot of holding up to my body, and in a couple of cases, I tried a skirt on over my existing skirt, but I was really excited to try all of these on when I got home, and I took pictures as I did. 

Oh, good grief, Sheila, another black skirt. Well, I can't help it, I love interesting black skirts. 
I was attracted to the dramatic length, the shiny fabric, and a ginormous front slit. 

I'm gonna go "full Angelina" with this one. 
The slit has a backing section that hits right like a mini-skirt would. This places less stress on the stitching at the top of the slit and makes it less "I show my thighs!" to the world.

It's fully-lined inside, very well constructed.
Made in Canada, I like that! 
Viscose is a plant-based fibre, so this is nice and slinky on. Checking the CA number, this design is from 1997. 

What a bargain for Lida Baday - only $12.95! I carefully peeled off the multiple tags under that sticker, and found WIN's original price of $42.95. 
This skirt would have been $200-300 or more retail. Score! 

But...will it fit? 

I love the tangerine orange of this vintage top. The neckline is high with three tucks to make it drape. 
I didn't quite understand the style of this top until I tried it on at home. I thought the hem was even all the way around. 

I'm sure this is a handmade garment, created from a pattern by a home sewer back in the 60s. 
She didn't bother putting a hook and eye at the top of the zipper, but she did line the fabric fully. And she put in an orange zipper! Brava!

The fabric is likely a polyester or nylon weave, with a nice crinkle texture. Look at those pointy boob darts! 
I waffled on this but couldn't resist the allure of an $8.95 top. 

But...will it fit? 

I mixed up all of the stuff that I bought today and made "outfits" quickly with a pair of shoes and a belt just for this outfit. I kept the copper jewelry on. 
It fits! The top felt too baggy around the waist initially, but that was easily resolved with a quick belt, and that's the Lida Baday skirt - totally glamourous. It fits me like a glove. I want to swan about in this, dragging the hem like a train behind me. 

Next up - this skirt made me catch my breath. Please let it fit, please let it fit. 
I love that abstract swirly grey/cream pattern. 

I love even more that this is suede/leather! 
The CA number tells me that this is 1997 as well. $24.95 felt like a steal for a beautiful leather skirt. 

But...will it fit? 

Hooray! It does! 
It is a slim pencil-cut skirt, very funky. I can't wait to wear it! 

I realized here that the orange shirt actually is supposed to drop down at the back. 
Higher in the front, lower in the back - it's a mullet top! 

I blew a hole in my sleeveless black turtleneck last year, and have been looking for one since. This is a dark grey bodysuit (there were a strange plethora of bodysuits at WIN). 
It's a very silky modal fabric - modal is spun from reconstituted cellulose from beech trees (true! info here, link 'cause I love). 
I spotted the J. Crew name down there. When I plugged in the CA number, it gave me a start year of 2011, but as you can see below, that can be misleading. That doesn't necessarily mean that's how old it is, but is when the design was registered. 
I bet J. Crew's manufactured a few of this style of bodysuit (maybe in other fabrics) up till when this one was sold in stores in Spring 2018. 

The brand is actually Madewell (they must be owned by J. Crew). 
That punch in the tag means it was half price, so $6.50. I'm sure it retailed for far more. 

But...does it fit?

Yes, it does! I'm glad I took the chance - getting a Large means I have extra room for boobs and booty with no pulling in the crotchal region. 
I have always liked bodysuits - no untucking! This one has 2 rows of big easy snaps close to the front for bathroom visits

I found this skirt in the vintage section - ooh, I like this colour a lot. 
It's a gorgeous wine-y red shade, and is made up of patches of suede. And here's a detail that you don't often see in patchwork style skirt...

The patchwork is symmetrical, down the middle. 
Wow, that's awesome. 

The waistband is the leather side of the suede, and look at that fun label. Kelco Leathers of Toronto.
The CA number tells me it's yet another 1997 item - but I thought for sure it would be from the 70s. This company was founded in 1979 by Lily Kwa, Ruth Kellert, and Pauline Cole (that makes the "Kel" + "Co" in their name, aha!) and dissolved in 1993, according to the companies of Canada (link here). 

That's a bit of a mystery! How can a skirt be from 1997 but also be made prior to 1993? I think it's from the 70s or early 80s.
There is literally nothing online about this company, but I'm just going to be happy with the $26.95 I paid for it.

But...does it fit?

Oh, thank goodness, YES. 
It's a perfect fit. I love it! 

I hemmed and hawed over this top. This is how I do a t-shirt style, by the way. 
I require bling and leather! 
Even the back has leather around the zipper. 

The main fabric is a thick rayon/nylon, which is beaded on the shoulders. 
Very nice. I like my edgy rock and roll details. 

It was designed in Canada. 
It's by Danier, and it was $28.95. That would easily have been over $200 new. 
The whole front of it is butter-soft leather. 

But...will it fit? 

Yeah, of course, it will. It's a boxy t-shirt style.
It's so much better than a plain black t-shirt, don't you agree?

I always check the lingerie section for vintage pieces. 
This pretty blush lace-trimmed camisole caught my eye. 

I have vintage slips made by Kayser. 
Made in Canada. 
For only $2.95! Kayser is still around, and their camis sell for around $25.00. This one is likely from the 80s - I remember this style being popular. 

But...does it fit? 

It does, happy day.
The straps are in the same nylon, edged with lace, and the lace trim at the hem is a nice detail. 

I waffled over this sweater. It's grey, but it's a warm grey. 
I like the cut-out V and the mock-neck. 

Did you notice the sheer sleeves? 
The cuffs are ribbed. 

The body/cuffs are 100% merino wool, and the sleeves are 100% silk. 
Such good quality! 

I recognize this designer, Iris Setlakwe (link here). 
WIN's pricer knows their stuff - this would easily have been around $300-400 new. For me, a mere $39.95. This was the most expensive item I bought. 

But...will it fit?

It does! I quite like the long lines of this, and the sleeves, and that cool neckline (you can see the edge of the cami there - this will need a cami!). 
"Blah blah blah, you and your boring clothes."

L hates this, ha ha! He thinks this is the slippery slope to athleisure for me. Never! 

And the last thing I bought, I nearly put back. 
It's clearly a reproduction vintage-inspired wiggle dress. 

The boobular region is...interesting. Those two fabric folds above the boob seams kind of look like eyelids...I tried to steam them up like this, but they didn't stay there. 
But the colour is gorgeous, and the fabric (cotton with a touch of spandex) is woven in a nice brocade. 
And it's got POCKETS! I discovered this when I got home, and was SO excited. 

It's by Cherry Velvet, which is still making their dresses for all kinds of shapes and sizes, mostly the fit-and-flare style, here in Canada. They are all $195.00 each new. 
My dress was originally tagged at $24.95, then $16.96, then I bought it for 50% off, so $8.50. 

But...will it fit?

Yes! I am 100% on the fit of my thrifted items. I'm really happy with that. 

The "eyelids" wanted to be like this, like little shelves above the boobs. 

It's a very sexy dress. 
L approved of this. 

And what might I do with it? Do any of you remember Katy Perry's Jean-Charles de Castelbajac "eyeball dress" from 2008 (link to pic here)? 

I can just see it now...
Ha! I bet I could do that with sequins. That could be very fun for a theme party or event. 

Well, there we go! What's your favourite? 


  1. Yay! Retail therapy! I'm so glad it's done the trick, you're feeling better after the second jab and your treasure-hunting skills, as the kids say, are on point!
    That fringed kimono is fabulous and of course you had to wear lace-up shoes to go shopping in, I always do that, too!
    What finds! The not-Pucci scarf is a dream, I love the burgundy suede skirt, the 1960s orange top looks brilliant and even though I'm not a fan of grey that merino wool top looks fabulous on you and not on the slippery slope to athleisure, you naughty man, L.
    Loving the new copper jewellery, the trainers look cool and very supportive (Converse are the worst thing ever for causing joint pain).
    I know that "pashmina" label very well, we see them on market stalls and dangling over the arms of street hawkers all over India. They're not real but make decent gifts!
    I'm not surprised L liked that dress, I bet the flirty butcher would too!
    Have a fabulous weekend, my dear friend. xxx

    1. It really does help me, Vix - and I'm feeling much better now, thank you.

      Thanks! Yes, of course, I knew I'd find shoes if I wore lace-ups. I love the Pucci-esque scarf, and all those pieces. I don't usually do much grey, but the quality of that sweater meant I could not leave it behind.

      Agreed, Converse are not for walking!

      I suspected as much - this has the look of a "look what I got you on holiday!" cheap purchase. Thanks for the info!

      Heh heh, he probably would! Thank you, my dear! You too!

  2. Not only am I impressed with your finds I'm really impressed that they all fit, haha! I have sometimes tried thing son in an opshop in a hurry and not noticed fit issues, or took a chance on something without trying it on in store and been disappointed when I got it home and could try it on.

    I really like the earrings! I smiled at your comment about the earrings instead of the necklace with that top - I had planned out earrings to wear but changed my mind at the last minute as we are in mandatory mask rules at the moment after there were 3 cases of the virus around the community. I've found statement earrings don't play nice with masks, haha! Especially when I keep taking it off in the car and putting it on when we get someplace else.

    1. I'm relieved, Mica - but once you have a good idea of how styles fit your body, it's not that hard to figure out. That's a bummer that you've had some duds.

      Thank you! Ha, that's awesome - I knew your inclination would have been earrings. I put my mask on over my earrings without threading them through if I'm not wearing it for long. How we suffer for fashion (ha ha!).

  3. Your opening outfit is splendid! Since the first time I saw the kimono on your blog I have been a big fan. Indeed, it inspired me to dig down in my storage bin and locate a silk similarly colored kimono blouse that was my Mom’s. I have since worn it over a short black sleeveless dress. Indeed, that’s an outfit I should take with me to WA next week. (Yeehah, we are going to visit Robin & Katryna after 22 months since we last saw them in person!)

    Back to your outfit, the entire ensemble has me smiling! Maybe it’s the colors or maybe it’s the fit or maybe it’s because your spirits have been lifted or maybe it’s because of all three. :) In any case, glad the outfit amd the “wee” shop did their job!

    My Aunt and I were both big fans of Mephisto shoes. They are comfortable, can make a foot and leg look smashing, well made, durable and last a long time. Enjoy your new walking-to-work shoes!

    The black and white skirt, orange top, cami and unitard fit you like a glove and look quite attractive! I would easily wear any of those pieces. It’s the blue dress, though, that takes the cake! What a color! And fit! And you have the panache to wear it with love. Ditto Vix’s comment about L and about the flirty butcher. :)

    Glad the effects of jab two are almost past, and that your shopping adventure did what it was designed to do! Here’s to a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thank you, Laurie! It's a tricky piece to style, but I really love how beautiful it is. I'm so glad you dug out your Mom's kimono blouse - your outfit sounds fabulous! Yay for travel to Washington! I'll wave towards the mountains at you this week! :)

      Aw, thank you - yellow really lifts my spirits (Colour Therapy!).

      The Mephistos were good on their first outing, although I had to cut through the back of the heel as it rubbed mightily.

      Thank you! I am still waffling on the blue dress, but L likes it, so I'll wear it at least once. Ha ha! Not for the Flirty Butcher.

      I'm all better now - no more aches - and am looking forward to my 2 week efficacy period being up! A lovely weekend was had - and same back to you, my dear friend.

  4. As you know, I completely understand how you feel about going back to work full-time! I also understand the healing properties of a good old mental health shop. And oh my, what a haul, it does make my recent ones pale into insignificance. And yay on getting the fit right in spite of the fitting rooms still being closed. We can try on things in most shops, but I often take a chance, especially on things like tops and blouses. Skirt can be tricky for me, though.
    I'm loving the fan and the scarves and the black skirt and the suede swirly one, which are both magnificent with the orange vintage top. The wine-y red suede skirt and the blue wiggle dress are favourites too.
    Oh, and I'm loving your shopping outfit too. That fringed kimono is beyond fabulous! xxx

    1. Oh gosh yes, I was thinking of you, glad that someone else "gets" that, Ann! I did so well, and I'm so relieved that it all fit! Thanks so much!

  5. That was a lot of shopping - 4 hours! And what a lot of leather. You were so lucky to have everything fit so well. I rarely try things on in the charity shops; I hold them up and meld them to the shape and size of my body and I rarely get it wrong...

    I loved your jewellery buys and the black and white skirt was my absolute favourite.

    I didn't know that about Modal - but now I do! Thank you for that; I'd always wondered what it was...

    1. I like to take my time and look at everything, Vronni (WIN is a huge store - it's a warehouse!). I love leather and any kind of natural material or textile. Like you, I'm good at knowing what's going to work on me.

      Thank you - I am in total love with that skirt!

      Isn't that cool? I remember learning about it back in the late 90s when it first appeared.

  6. I hope the shopping made you feel good. I'll bet it did with all those great purchases. That black skirt is not only Angelina, but also Morticia, which I like better. Have a great weekend!

    1. It usually does, Nancy, just the soothing act of going through the racks. Yes, Morticia! I love it. Thank you, you too, my dear!

  7. I always have to read, then I go back and look at your photos. I hope your shopping lifted your spirits. I like the black and white skirt and t-shirt/not t-shirt combo. Dull me, but it suited my limited color pallet.

    1. Aw, thanks, Sam, I appreciate that you take your time. It did lift my spirits, thank you. that's okay, I like that too! It's not dull - they both have great details!

  8. Oh my gosh! What a successful shop! Just one item would have been great, but the lot!
    The Cherry Velvet dress reminds me of a Betsey Johnson number I saw years ago, even down to the fabric (but not the color). All the skirts and scarves are completely, totally fabulous! Knockouts, for sure. And you'll show L about that sweater; I just know there's a stunning fall outfit coming based around that...

    1. So nice to see you, Rita! Thank you - I know, I did very well!

      Yes, it's a very Betsey shape, isn't it? Ha ha, yes, I'll show him!

  9. I can't imagine how stressful it must be to have to start thinking about the return to work. I'm so happy for you that you had such a successful shopping spree - you sure did find some outstanding items. Somehow I don't think L has to worry about you becoming a member of the sweatpant squad. Like ever.

    1. Ugh, it's the worst, Nana. Shopping definitely helped me feel better, at least for a little while, and going back to work means more outfits!

      Ha ha, I agree! No sweatpants here.

  10. Sweet soul, I am deeply sorry that the prospect of returning to a pre-Covid work scenario is causing you stress. That is beyond understandable. Please know that I'm always just an email away if you'd like to talk about anything you're thinking of feeling.

    And speaking of feelings, I have a bevy of super positive ones over that stunning topper with its piano fringe and awesome Art Nouveau era vibes. A total fave for me there.

    Sending abundant serenity & the hugest of hugs your way,

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    1. Aw, thank you, Autumn, I so appreciate your empathy and offer. I'll be okay, but taking it one day at a time, like so many things. *hug*

      Isn't it amazing? I love it too, thank you!

  11. I love the orange top with the long black skirt. The eyes on the blue dress would be a scream. You would definitely have a conversation piece there.

    1. Thanks, Greetje! I know, right? I can totally see it for an Urbanite or Film Fest event!

  12. Sheila, the kimono is absolutely stunning! I am over here swooning! And how fun that the flirty butcher was extra flirty! That always boosts the mood! Look at all the great stuff you found, too. The scarves are all so beautiful. And I definitely want to see that lovely blue dress with sequined boob eyes!


    1. Isn't it amazing, Shelbee? Thank you so much! I'll never complain over someone innocuously flirting!

      Heh heh, I need to buy some sequins...

  13. Oooh, I love it when you share your purchases!! Brilliant!!!!! I like the orange top and Angelina slit skirt the best- so slinky!!!!

    1. I love having purchases to share! Thanks so much - I like both of those. I should be wearing the orange top soon, but not sure when the skirt will make an appearance, as it's a rare piece that isn't appropriate for work.

  14. Lovely outfit, this kimono is so stunning (and I love Velvet Devore, lots of glam!). Your accessorizing is so fabulous, love your shoes and leopard belt and cute bag!
    And totally admiring this thrifty bonanza, particularly these leather and suede pieces!, woww.

    1. Me too, who doesn't love burnout velvet? Thank you, hon. I had so much fun!


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