Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Mom-Day: Jewelry Raid and Rithet's Bog

Ah, what a lovely day! Mom and I spent most of the afternoon together - I bussed out to her house where we hung out for a while, then drove to local wildlife sanctuary Rithet's Bog for a stroll, followed by dinner out. Oh, and I raided her jewelry (legit this time!). 

Although it was a gorgeous sunny day, it was really windy out, so I took a chance and wore my new-to-me suede skirt. 
I love the raspberry red of this skirt - it perfectly goes with pinks. 

  • Shirt - Guess, thrifted; first worn here in April for a weekend hangout at the park with our gang
  • Cami - Mexx, thrifted; not tracked
  • Skirt - Kelco Leathers, vintage 90s, thrifted; purchased here for $26.95
  • Sandals - Wonders; last seen here in June with a Darth Sheila duster

I will likely tuck this skirt away for fall, but I did manage to find a few things that worked with it in my spring/summer wardrobe.
I love this pretty midi length. It was great to wear all day, very soft. 

Like the first time I wore it, I just tied my viscose/cotton denim shirt at the waist. 
This is about as boho as I get, ha ha. 
I love the spray of blossoms - details on the back always delight me. 

Showing my underlovelies. 
I have a full vintage pinky-orange slip underneath. 

Masked up - it's rose petals. 
You know I like to be matchy! 

  • Mask - by Mom

I carried a gold purse, and a silk scarf. 
I tied the scarf around the purse strap - I had to take it off from there midway through our walk, as the blackberry canes were grabbing at it. 

  • Purse - Banana Republic, consignment
  • Silk scarf - vintage, thrifted

I tied it around my head like a freakin' movie star! 
I kind of look like I'm hailing my limo. Driver! 

But I was mostly like this. 
It was a comfy outfit for a very relaxing day. 

The stuff: 
I had a fair bit of walking to do: to the bus stop, to the post office, and through the woods to Mom's house, plus our stroll at the Bog. These sandals are so comfy, even though the last is wooden. 

Glittery bling: 
I did a lot of thematic matching, from the leaves in the bracelets, to the pink/copper jewelry. 

  • Leaf bracelet - Trifari, vintage 60s, thrifted
  • Gold/pearl/crystal bracelet - Trifari, vintage 60s, Grandma J's
  • Gold/amethyst ring - Frances Jewelers, c. 1965, Dad's
  • Copper rings - Glee
  • Earrings - made for me by Sherri
  • Birds brooch - thrifted
  • Bee pin - gift from Megan Mae

You might not have noticed the two brooches in my outfit. 
There they are! 

As mentioned, I bussed to town, popped something in the mail at the Post Office, then hopped another bus for the 40-minute ride to Mom's part of town. 
Sheep! And a very curious goose. 

It's practically rural out here, but far less so than when I was a kid. 
I am a sucker for a tunnel of greenery. 

This tractor was at the far end of a field.
The grasses are all dry and tall. 

The woods smelled wonderful. 
Note the very rough bark of the Douglas fir. 

Looking back - that's the sheep farm. 
I like to look back. 

Now I'm at Mom's! 
Her garden is so lush! 

I ate all the blueberries off her bushes. 
They were so sweet and tart. 

After chatting and catching up for a bit, Mom mentioned her jewelry. "Let's go look!" I suggested, heh heh.
I haven't had a good rummage through Mom's jewelry for decades, easily not since the Great Jewelry Liberation of 1983-1985. 

This might have been the only time with her watching. Heh. I have to be supervised around other people's cool stuff. 
Mom has two of these faux tortoiseshell boxes: one for rings and one for earrings. 

She generously let me pick through them. 
Aw, that's my Grandad's wedding ring there on the left. It's a 10K band stamped "Adonis" inside. See those other green rings...? We'll get to those.

This is just catnip to me! I am a master necklace untangler - I have magic fingers. 
I love the vintage box. The glass jar behind it used to have bus fare change in it when I was in my mid-teens (I used to nick change for ciders). I painted that figurine holding the black cat! 

Oh my gosh, I remember being OBSESSED with this book pin when I was around 9 years old. The "book" is brass, with a black Bakelite "cover" (this one says Calgary with a bucking bronco, for the Calgary Stampede, obviously). 
It has an accordion of pictures inside it, including Bow Falls, Banff Chair Lift and Athabasca Glacier (I've been there!). It's in rough shape now including a broken pin, but still - memories. 

Speaking of...my grandfather (my dad's father) bought my mom a tiny bottle of Jean Patou's "Joy" perfume in the 70s. He was trying to make her "more of a lady." What an arse (he was not a nice person).
I saw a boxed bottle just like this online for over $70.00. Hey, Mom, your smelly perfume is actually worth money! I used to "borrow" little bits of this in the 80s. It's been stored in the dark, in its box all this time and still smells exactly the same! 

I picked out a few things that Mom would let me have - she practically slapped my hand when I started fondling her mid-century Scandi necklace and earrings! 
I LOVE that steel lobster pin - it was missing the clasp, but I twisted some wire around the base and made it work well enough. The shiny green/crystal ring is a fancy cocktail ring from the 70s (probably a Christmas present), and the green/pink/gold ring is olivine surrounded by pink coral bits. It's from Hawaii - I remember Mom buying it when we went in 1977. The black earrings are carved wood, bought in Fiji when Mom and Dad visited there in the early 90s. 

While Mom changed out of her painting clothes from that morning's teaching session, I wandered around the house and took pictures of familiar things. Meet Henry, the Prayer Plant. 
Henry has been around as long as I can remember - he used to live in a yellow pot that I made when I was a kid. I recall Mom making this pot (the bottom half is cast from her favourite woven basket). 

This maidenhair fern is a few decades old - it replaced one that my grandparents purchased on the birth of my uncle (in the early 1940s). 
My Gram and Grandad always had a fern in this stand n their home - I remember it near the piano. I completely missed the plant gene - I have killed all my plants. 

Hey, it's my Aunt Lil! She was Mom's aunt (her mum's older sister), and she was a hoot. 
I remember playing cards with her. That's a giant shell (New Zealand?), and the little carved man is from Nova Scotia, I believe. 

This is my mom's parents, Dorothy and Lester. 
Aka Gram and Grandad. Gram was fun - I learned crafts from her - but my grandad was awesome. I miss him. 

Oh gosh, the family pictures! That top picture is Mom and Dad, plus me and my brother Dave, from around 1982 (I'm ~14). I have feathered hair! 
On the lower shelf is a pic of me in a yellow dress with my parasol (3rd outfit, here, in July 2018), L and I at my company Christmas party in November 2014 (here, 3rd outfit), and L and I just newly married in 1997.

A quick pic with the timer. 
Mom did the swan picture above the fireplace - she's so talented! 

We had intended on going to Quick's Bottom (a real place, stop laughing!) but couldn't find anywhere to park, so we went to Rithet's Bog (link here). 
We were in no danger of deep water - it showed the effects of our June heatwave. I didn't see any water at all. 

You know I can't resist a tunnel of greenery! Let's go! 
The vegetation was massive - we were nearly completely enclosed at many points. 
A few other walkers passed us. 
The wind in the trees sounded like waves on the shore. 
Insects - dragonflies and bees - buzzed around us. 
Wow, that's a big tree! 

Gotta look back - it's Mom! 
It was so peaceful. 

I spotted a hummingbird and zoomed in just as he was taking off again. 
After our walk, we had a lovely dinner at the Fifth Street Bar & Grill and then Mom drove me home. 

I so appreciate Mom letting me raid her jewelry box, and she rediscovered this "bubble" necklace too. 
Thanks so much for a wonderful Mom-Day, Mom! I love you! 


  1. I'm glad you had a wonderful time with your mom! Love your new skirt and those little flower details on your shirt is too cute!

  2. Sounds like such a nice day and it's great you got to pick up some new accessories! :) I like the photos of the bog too, I was expecting, well a bog! And it's lovely to see it was just a nice stroll along a trail, haha! :) Your skirt is so pretty too with the knotted shirt!

    1. Mom was very generous with what she gave me - I love all of the "new" things and am looking forward to wearing them.

      I know, I was worried about my shoes, but it was very dry, even for this time of year. Thank you!

  3. I love your outfit. The midi raspberry red suede skirt is gorgeous. You're right, it matched pink tonalities well. I really like how you styled it with those pretty sandals and the denim shirt with embroidery details (I appreciate the back details as well). I also like your scarf and bag- and the accessories.

    It seems you and your mother are always having fun together. That's great. Quality time with family is important. Nice to see your family photos and learn something about your grandparents. I like the pieces your mother gave you. The lobster is cute and the green rings are beautiful. I would probably miss the coral beads if you didn't mention them specifically. Our 'local' Adriatic coral is very red, we don't have it in pink shades (as far as I know). I'm mad for traditional Croatian coral jewelry (when coral is in beads, it's usually combined with gold or silver in intricate designs). I have a few pieces I got from my girlfriends, but I don't wear it because I'm worried someone will steal it.

    The swan picture is amazing. Your mother is a very talented artist.

    1. I really liked this outfit too, Ivana, thank you. The skirt is a gem - I love the pinky tones in it, and will likely match that up with the pinks in my fall/winter wardrobe.

      We are making an effort to get together and enjoy our Mom-Day adventures before I have to back to work full-time (which will be soon). I want to spend time with her before my life gets insanely busy again.

      The Hawaiian ring is very much a touristy thing - I remember case after case of similar rings/jewelry - but I reminds me of that trip specifically.

      Ooh, I would love to see some traditional Croatian jewelry! Please do wear your pieces, even if you only show them to your readers!

      She is - I love that picture!

  4. Sheila what a delightful post! I am 12 000 miles from my lovely mum so delight in your posts featuring your time with your Mum. I can feel the love you share oozing out the screen. I always "look back" too and I always comment on tunnels of green - love it. We have a few round here on the country lanes. Right to the outfit- too good! Your hair and nail polish even match! I love the embroidery on the shirt and the pink tones sing with the skirt. I loved the tour of your mum's home and your memories. My hubster is my necklace untangler - I have not got patience enough for that job. Now hang them on a hook. Beutiful rings yes reminds me to wear Grandma's again. ( got a few left to me as well as what she gave me0 anyway have a lovely day Shazxx

    1. Aw, that's so sad, Shaz, you must miss her. I'm so glad we've spent so much time together during the pandemic, even if some of that was via Zoom.

      You noticed my nail polish - I always factor that in too! I enjoyed all the warm pinky tones in this outfit. I hang most of my necklaces too (it's so much easier).

      I love wearing jewelry that belonged to my family - it makes me feel close to them.

  5. Quick's Bottom? OMG. I will head there on my next trip to Victoria. Sheila, you are looking movie star glam.

    Judith from Ottawa

    1. Great name, isn't it, Judith? Hey, drop me a line if you come to town!

      Thank you!

  6. That raspberry suede skirt is even more gorgeous on! I'm a fan of its midi length, and it looks absolutely perfect with the Guess shirt. And of course I'm loving your underlovelies too, and wearing two brooches is getting my full approval :-)
    I could have used your magic detangling powers in the charity shop the other day, as I had to leave the most gorgeous necklace behind after spending minutes trying to detangle it ...
    That book pin is the stuff of dreams, and I'm loving the things your Mum would let you have!
    Rithet's Bog looks fantastic, and having been to a place called Velvet Bottom, you won't catch me laughing at Quick's Bottom! Perhaps you'll take us there some day? xxx

    1. I'll have to do a post on all my underlovelies at some point, Ann - I know you love having a gander at them, being a fellow fan. Thank you so much - I loved wearing that skirt all day, what a gorgeous piece it is.

      Oh dear, snarls of necklaces! I am really good at untangling those - send 'em my way! It's useful at the vintage fairs, for sure.

      Isn't the book pin amazing? I was so fascinated by it as a child. Mom was very generous...but I do want her Scandi necklace and earrings (ahem).

      It's so pretty there. Maybe we'll make it to Quick's Bottom another time. :)

  7. Wow, your Mom and you look like sisters in the family photo! I enjoyed the peek into your Mom's home and the family memorabilia. And yay for you for making a *legit* take on some jewelry!

    The colors of your outfit are soothing and just right for a day's outing with your Mom from nature to dinner. Thank you for sharing pictures of Rithet's Bog. Many of your blog posts are like travelogues for Victoria. :-) Most special to spend the day with your Mom and to be together out and about in nature.

    1. I do look a lot like her, but that 80s picture makes me laugh - so very dated now. Glad you enjoyed a peek at some of our family pics, Laurie, thank you!

      I loved that outfit, and I'm so happy we got to share another day and adventure together. Yeah, I know, I'm totally a walking travelogue!

  8. I love it when you spend time with your mum, you look so alike and the joy you get from spending time together is just wonderful. Those family photos are fab, you can see the cheeky glint in your auntie's eyes.
    Her house and garden are fabulous. How funny, I was always Mum's necklace untangler, too! She's got some fabulous pieces of jewellery, that lobster!! You're right, vintage perfume sells for silly money. Get that bottle of Joy on eBay and have a slap-up dinner with the proceeds. You can toast that arse of a grandfather!
    The new-to-you suede skirt looks great on you, such a ladylike length!
    Rithet's Bog looks like a great place for a wander, all lush and cool. xxx

    1. Spending time with Mom is something I have the luxury of doing now, so I'm getting in as many visits and outings as I can, Vix! My aunt Lil was a character - I'd like to think I get my mischievousness from her!

      I'm excited about the lobster. Isn't that the funniest thing about the perfume! I might just see if Mom will give it to me (I will wear it!) one day. :) I'll never toast Grandpa Arse, the rotter.

      Thank you - I LOVED this skirt, everything about it. Rithet's Bog was a very cool place to visit, very soothing.

  9. What a busy day!! Sounds and looks like a lot of fun! First the skirt is gorgeous, perfect lenght, perfect colour to me. But I adore the golden bag with the sold scarf, so elegant! That book on its amazing, what a treasure. Looking back at photos and things can bring back such lovely memories right!

    1. It was quite an adventure, Nancy, thank you! I love that skirt, and felt so put-together in my ensemble. Isn't the book pin the coolest thing? I loved this reminiscing.

  10. So much joy in this post. Firstly, your new raspberry dress is going to be so versatile and I love how you styled it. The Guess shirt is BEAUTIFUL! I might have to set up an eBay search for it- I love it!
    Didn't spot the furtive owls in amongst the embroidery!
    I LOVED seeing your Mum's jewellery collevtion- my nan's was a bit like that anbd happily, no one else really wanted it when she passed so I still have It! How generous of her to share some. I'm also hopeless at untangling necklaces so jealous of your skill!x

    1. It was a joyful day, Kezzie. :) Thank you - I love that suede skirt and am picturing all kinds of outfits with it in the fall. I love that Guess shirt too - I'm a sucker for embroidery.

      Isn't it a great collection? You can see where I get my "keep it all" tendencies from! I'm so grateful that Mom let me "loot" some more! I can untangle anything!

  11. I love seeing your mum in your posts, Shiela. Your bond is so cute and I love having a nosey around her house. Aren't we always in awe of our mother's jewellery boxes? How great that you got to have a rummage through your mum's! X

    1. Thanks, Jess - it reminds me of the bond you have with YOUR mum! I love poking around in Mom's house and recording things I remember. It felt weird to be allowed to dig around, heheh, as I was always very sneaky about my "liberating" back when I was a teen!

  12. Oh what a fun day you had with mom! I laughed that you have to be supervised around other people's cool things! So funny! I love your "about as boho as you get" look. Great skirt and that floral embroidered top is so fun! I love that you added brooches of bugs and birds into the floral explosion! And those sandals are perfection as well. I love that your mom has kept her plants alive for decades! I kill all things green within a few months! Although I am successfully managing to keep my son's grass head growing. It was his end of the year second grade project. Grass seeds inside a nylon stocking with a face drawn on. He has a crazy green spiky hairdo right now. Haha.


    1. Thanks so much, Shelbee! Oh gosh, I do - don't let me near your closet or jewelry collections, or I'll be in there up to my elbows before you know it!

      Thanks! Boho is not a look I gravitate to, so this is as close as it gets for me. I felt awesome in this outfit.

      I know, it's very intimidating that her plants live that long, especially as I can't seem to keep any plants alive at all! Lol, that grass head sound hilarious!

  13. Such a gorgeous pairing of blue and rich red/burgundy tones. I adore the choice of shoe colour you went with here as well. It is absolutely perfect.

    The pics of you and your mom are just the sweetest! What a special blessing that you live nearby and are safely to visit again in person (sans social distancing) again. Please feel free to say a warm hello to your sweet mama from me anytime.

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    1. I really enjoyed this outfit, Autumn, thank you!

      I have loved having this time with Mom. It's really been a unexpected gift from the pandemic.

  14. So fabulous day with your Mom, enjoying a raid in her jewellery boxes and a good walk too, love the photos of the greenery!.
    And you're looking fab in your burgundy skirt and embroidered shirt (loving its spray of blossoms) and matchy accessorizing!, gorgeous!

  15. The raspberry suede skirt is a beautiful addition to your wardrobe. That looks like a wonderful day you spent with your Mom. She has some enviable treasures in her jewellery box - I love the lobster pin and the book pin too. We had a prayer plant at home when I was growing up!

    1. I really love that piece - it's so thick and luxurious. We had such a good day - and so generous of Mom to let me paw through her things (again!).

      Wow, prayer plants are everywhere!


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