Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Blush and Lace Flashback; Mom Zoom; New Mustard

I spent Tuesday in a bit of a brain-fog - happily, it marked two weeks since my second jab, so I'm Double-V Vaccinated and (relatively) safe. I still felt lethargic and "blerg" in general, which I put down to menopause, general COVID Fatigue and lack of outfit inspiration. 

I did a leisurely 2-hour Zoom call in the morning with my dear friend Elaine, in Hamilton, Ontario - so good to catch up with her. I showered (a victory, some days!), but didn't dress up for the call. I just didn't have the mental energy for it all. Instead, after our chat, I spent over an hour in my closet, building outfits, trying things on, moving things to the giveaway pile. I ended up with over a dozen outfits, and although I might not wear them all, the mental exercise and self-care was sorely needed. 

Today's/Wednesday's work outfit came out of my closet play-time, and features a colour I don't wear often: blush. 
Both the tiered skirt and the jacket are a very pale peachy-beige shade, not one I usually gravitate to. 

  • Jacket - Marc Jacobs, thrifted; first worn here in August 2020 with my Big Boss Lady red trousers
  • Top - VanessaVirginia, consignment; last seen here in June with afternoon tea pajamas
  • Skirt - Sandra Angelozzi, thrifted; last worn here in July 2020 (Flashback there)
  • Shoes - Aldo, thrifted; last seen here in June with this top! 

We'll be doing a brief Flashback on this red lace top shortly, but first, the blush items. 
"What's that? The cat should go in the hall? I agree!"

The jacket and the skirt have both been unworn so far this spring/summer season - they require some serious contemplation as to whether I will keep them, since I don't reach for either. 
I do like that the jacket has all kinds of useful colours in it: chartreuse, aqua, red, pink and black. Aside from the obvious choice of red (that's the dominant colour to me), I haven't been inspired to pair this with much. 

With the jacket off. I bought this lace top for layering under things - I have a drawer full of small, soft tees, blouses and plain tops that I use for layering. 
When I need a layer, I rummage in the drawer. I don't fold soft tops, since I like the rooting-around aspect of a deep drawer full of goodies. Treasure! 

The red "bookends" of shoes and lace top are the standouts, I think you'll agree. I also have another blush item on: a layering cami underneath (and I'm wearing my beige cotton underlovelies too).
"Woman, you are so dense."

The skirt is the same blush shade as the background of the jacket, and is really close to my actual skin-tone. 

Masked up - although I'm personally safe, my office and building still require masks. I only saw three coworkers all day though. 
I often hesitate over removing skirts from my closet because it's SO hard to find interesting ones in second-hand stores. I've liked the outfits I've done with this one (you can revisit the Flashback in the "last worn here" link above), and I plan on keeping it - how many times do you find a tiered ruffled silk skirt like this?? It's a good neutral bottom, an interesting style (somehow these ruffles are okay with me!), and although the colour is on the blah side, it works with a lot of different tones.

  • Mask - Lazy Susan's

Sunnies on! We're having another heatwave this week with temps in the low to mid-30s. SO HOT. 
I like the jacket done up with the bits of red lace peeking out; however, it is going to the giveaway pile. It doesn't inspire me. 

The stuff:
I was going to wear red heels, but the heatwave put me off them. 

Matchy bling: 
Mixing metals all over the place! 

  • Necklace - thrifted
  • Earrings - Mangos
  • Leather/steel cuff - Rimanchik
  • Copper/enamel cuff - Matisse by Renoir, vintage 60s, vintage expo
  • Turquoise/silver ring - local
  • Big turquoise ring - Karen's
  • Turquoise/copper brooch - thrifted

Happy and feeling less brain-foggy from my outfit-building, I enjoyed another Zoom call in the afternoon on Tuesday with Mom, who showed off her new top and her new haircut.
I LOVE this pixie cut on you, Mom! It really suits your face. 
I know, it's so short in the back, right? I love touching freshly "mown" hair when it's really short. 

The top is a great colour on Mom. I can't pull off mint green. 
Thank goodness ONE of us was stylish! 

Flashback: VanessaVirginia Red Lace Top

Back in the "olden days," I used to do my grocery shop on Sundays, often followed by a thrift or consignment shop afterwards. This was one of my trips to My Sister's Closet (sadly now closed), back in October 2018, here, where I found this top for $16.98. 
It's actually a deep reddish-pink, edged in bright orangey-red, but the overall look is red lace. It's by VanessaVirginia, which is an Anthropologie brand - this top retailed for $98.00 originally.

I wore it right away, layering it under my pink blazer in November 2018.
I have everything except the grey wool trousers still (they were so boring). I now have awesome pinstriped wool pants that are much more exciting (Always Be Upgrading!). 

You can't see much of the top here, hiding beneath this embroidered faux leather jacket, but it's layered under my "Buffy" black leather dress for a shopping trip in March 2019. 
I wore this top under the same dress more recently, below.

I discovered this combination in June 2019 - another future repeat! 
I let go of the shoes this past year - that slappy slipper style is not my jam. 

Currently, I'm consciously letting go of clothes that are difficult to style, even designer names like this Dries Van Noten "genie" skirt, seen here in August 2019. 
I like that the top has a nice scalloped edge - it looks good hanging out over a waistband. 

See? This is what I wore above, under that embroidered jacket. 
This was a very elf-like outfit (I had a green leather trenchcoat over this look) from December 2019. 

And I somehow missed wearing this top for all of 2020! Oh, 2020, such a year. 
This is the last time I wore it, in June 2021, featuring a repeat of the pajama jacket and my Big Boss Lady pink pants. 

Mathy stuff: I actually thought I'd worn this a lot more than I have, but I'm at 7 outfits including today's. That brings us to a very respectable $2.43 per wear. 

Until I find a better red soft layering top, this is the one! What's your favourite look? 

I had to stop at the pet store for another box of kitty treats (a Bad Thing to run out of!), and popped into Rich Rags to see if Gloria had anything interesting. 
I found this fabulously swooshy mustard skirt! It looks horrendous here, due to a kazillion wrinkles. 

I gave it a quick steam, which smoothed it out nicely and allowed me to really look at the construction. 
The ties are attached to the sides of the waist - no pockets! - and the ruffled at the hem is bias-cut for extra swoosh and is lined. 

The pattern is pale blush flowers with bits of black. 
I doubt I would wear blush with this, though. Those are really difficult colours to mix in an outfit! I'll likely wear black and/or white with it. 

The previous owner didn't even take the tag fully off, although oddly, there's no content/care tag. I discovered it's 100% rayon by digging around online.
I wonder if she even wore it? The sizing is wonky: a US size 8 is a medium, not a large. 

It's by Faithfull the Brand, and well, that's cool - the company was founded by an Australian and a Norwegian, two women who met in Bali, Indonesia, and created this company (about them here, link 'cause I love). They seem like a pretty ethical brand.
I paid $35.00 for my skirt, and a similar one on their site is US $209.00! This is called the Botany print, and Anthropologie carried it. I got a bargain!


  1. You are an inspiration for self care. I love how you talk about how you are feeling and what you do to help yourself. I think we can all really learn from that. I've had a general malaise recently and really need to step up on what will help me to feel better. Thank you for all you do!

    1. Aw, thank you so much - this comment really means a lot to me, scrapstoker. Take care of yourself!

  2. I like that ruffle skirt so I can see why you've kept it - it's a fun way to wear blush even if you're not such a fan of the colour! :) And neutrals with a twist is such a sheila way to do neutrals :)

    I find that as much as I love summer weather heatwaves can sap all motivation - so I get that a long hot summer would leave you a bit uninspired. It's good you could play in your wardrobe and come up with some outfits to keep you going, and I hope that when it cools off soon you start to feel more like yourself :)

    1. Exactly, Mica - I'm not likely to find a skirt this unique again, and I do like it, even if I'm not in love with the colour. It's a handy neutral.

      It's both the long hot summer and the lack of being around people - if no one sees my outfit...did it exist?? Ha ha! Playing in the closet and creating outfits felt so good, even if I don't end up wearing all of them. Thank you, my dear friend!

  3. Hello Sheila and Sheila's mum!! Send some of that mid-30s heat over here, will you? My cat thermometer is saying 15°C!
    Good for you, being kind to yourself, having a therapeutic play in your wardrobe, clearing out the pieces that don't excite and chatting with lovely people.
    Loving the red lace top with the pink trousers and PJ style jacket. The Marc Jacobs jacket is a pretty thing but I can see why it's gotta go.
    That new skirt is lovely and I love the story behind the label. I've been to Denpasar! xxx

    1. Happily, Vix, it's all yours! ;-P Oh, 15 is far too cold for July/nearly August!

      I need to remind myself that getting my creative juices flowing is a healthy thing for my brain.

      Thank you so much - I do like the jacket, but it's just not workable overall in my wardrobe.

      Thank you! How cool that you've been there!

  4. Hi Sheila, Do you remember me asking you about that jacket well I did not know what to do with "blush" but I see you do of course (its gone by the way). The red gives it a punch! Your beautiful shoes' straps echo the frills on the skirt. I am glad you got to have some playtime in the closet. I love the idea of you rummaging for treasures. We all need to do what we enjoy now and then to keep "up" if that makes sense. Sending hugs Shazx ps your Mum looks lovely as ever.x

    1. Yes, I do remember, Shaz! I laughed that you passed it on. I like the red against the blush colour, and it does make me realize I can wear more colours with the skirt than I've attempted. Thank you so much! I loved my playtime, and digging around and discovering new combinations. It's so fun, and yes, it totally makes sense to me.

      Mom will appreciate your kind comment, thank you!

  5. I've been having a serious case of Covid Fatigue too, but unfortunately little or no time to play in my closet as I'm working - shock horror! - five days this week! One day to go and I've got a whole week off though!
    I'm also hearing you on the difficulty of finding interesting second-hand skirts.
    I'm loving this ruffled one, and I'd keep it even if you only wear it once in a blue moon. I'm definitely loving the jacket too, although I can see why you always go for red with it.
    Can't wait to see you in that swooshy mustard skirt! Oh, and I'm still wearing my mask wherever it's busy, and in shops where they're still compulsory. Congratulations on being Double-V, by the way! xxx

    1. Five days! That feels like so much, Ann! I hope you can find some quiet time to practice some closet self-care. How on earth did we manage this in the "before times"? A week off sounds amazing.

      Yes, there was a dearth of skirts for many years, so I'm always reluctant to get rid of one in case I want it back! This skirt is staying, but not the jacket.

      Hee, you know I wore it immediately already. Hooray for VV!

  6. I think a black leather tank would look great with that blush skirt. Or even your embroidered faux leather. I love to combine sweet with tough...

    1. I do too, Cha Cha, thanks for the recommendations. My black leather peplum top would look awesome with this.

  7. Swooning over your jewelry, both the turquoise and the red. And of course, I appreciate your matching your glasses to the turquoise. :)

    After all these years I had a revelation upon seeing today’s outfit. Dressing is about making interesting outfits that ideally bring delight to the wearer. It is permission, indeed insistence, to go beyond the “same style every time” or “preferred style most of the time” approach. It is an opportunity to explore personas. It can be liberating, as I discovered when trying on and purchasing the maxi dress. And it can be FUN! You have provided that message many, many times on your blog; just took awhile for it to sink in. ;)

    I think the effects of COVID and living in a pandemic have taken a toll on everyone, and it shows itself in different ways for each person. Self-care is the best treatment we can give ourselves. I am a huge proponent of self-compassion for the body and soul.

    As for the jacket, the colors call out to me though they do appear muted compared to the vibrant jacket of the last Flashback picture for the red top.

    Hi to your Mom! How perfect to have a short style that always looks put together and is easy to wash and dry!

    Cheers from the similarly warm temps slightly south of you, with appreciation for the cool sleeping weather (and not missing any of the big rain happening in NY)!

    1. I am rather matchy-inclined, as you know, Laurie! :)

      Yes, you've got it! It's my art, how I push myself to be creative and expressive - it's not just covering my body, but telling the world who I am...or who I want to be. It's a lot of fun to explore and try things (especially when shopping secondhand). I'm so glad you're seeing how liberating it can be to let go of our own expectations of how we can look. It is very freeing.

      I very much agree - we have to be kind to ourselves and always put ourselves first (the airplane oxygen mask analogy). COVID has brought this to the forefront, for sure.

      Yes, I wish the background of the jacket was something other than blush. It's cool in person, but kind of blah in pictures too.

      She let her hair grow out a bit, but this style really suits her. Thank you!

      Cheers back at you! It's nice that it cools down at night. Ahh....although we could use the rain!

  8. PS The new-to-you skirt looks like it could be worn summer and fall. I see it easily with sandals or with tights and boots. Looks like the skirt is of uneven length (on purpose). Haven't ever worn one with that type of hemline but you've posted a few like that on your blog. Looking forward to seeing how you style it!

    1. I'm not sure that it's a fall/winter skirt (I have so many!), but it will definitely get another wearing in September when I'm jonesing for fall clothes. I can see it with boots and a turtleneck or a jacket over it.

      I like "mullet" hemlines, as they show off the legs/ankles and are a great spotlight for funky shoes/boots.

  9. Trying out outfits is the best way to remind ourselves of what is in our closet and to get outfit ideas. I really should do it one of these days.
    I love the red lace top and shoes paired with a neutral (but ruffled skirt). Such a feminine and beautiful styling.
    Your mother does look lovely with a pixie. I cut my grandmother's hair when I was visiting and even if I did a shorter hairdo because of practical reasons (she finds it easier to manage), I think I did a good job.
    I'm feeling less lethargic since I've had blood transfusions, but this heat is still killing me. Over 40 C every day!
    Have a fab day ahead!

    1. It's one of my favourite things to do when I have the time, Ivana - right after going shopping, heh heh.

      Thank you so much - I do like a feminine style, but more in a gothic look than a girly style.

      Doesn't she look great? I haven't cut anyone's hair since I feathered my brother's hair in the 80s!

      Oh, I am so glad to hear you're feeling a bit better. I hope the heat eases up for you, my dear friend. Take care!

  10. Not dressing up for a Zoom call? You? That is a rare thing. But luckely that down feeling didn't took long. The mustard skirt is gorgeous. I think it would look fabulous with your black leather peplum jacket! Have a great day and enjoy the almost weekend feeling!!

    1. It's been over a year since I slacked off by not dressing up, Nancy, so that tells you where my head was at. I needed that time to do some wardrobe mojo-building. I love the skirt - I think the weight of it is a bit too light for the black leather peplum jacket, but I love the idea of a black leather top with it.

      Thank you, you too!

  11. Hey Sweetie. Hope Elaine's doing well. If you want to include me in a future Zoom call with her or anyone else, I'm always eager to participate and hear your news.

    1. I'd love to Zoom with you again, Ally - drop me a line and let me know when you have time. :)

  12. My most loved outfit of this post is June 2021, featuring a repeat of the pajama jacket and your Big Boss Lady pink pants.

    1. I like that one too, Greetje. It's awesome - I'd wear it again!

  13. Red lace and ruffles, swoon! What a dreamy, middle-of-summer perfect pairing.

    How are you fairing on the Island as much of mainland BC is inundated with wildfires and the heavy smoke that inevitably accompanies them? Mercifully, our own wee town hasn't been hit by any serious blazes yet, but with so many in the general vicinity, the smoke (and falling ash) cover is quite profound. Thus far in my life, there's only been one other summer when it was worse (where I lived at the time, that is). If it keeps up like this though, 2021 might take top billing. I hope that there aren't too many fires on the Island and that your air quality is a lot healthier than ours.

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    1. Thanks so much, Autumn!

      We haven't had much until just this past weekend - it was quite hazy on Sunday (Aug 1) but with the wind off the water, it has already nearly cleared up. Yikes, it sounds horrible where you are! Stay safe!!

  14. Lovely that you took some time to create outfits and play in your closet, great idea to have a 'creative therapy with clothes', this is something that makes me feel better too!. I think that creativity and fun makes the difference!
    I'm loving this outfit, even if not a huge fan of blush myself, but love the colour combo with the red top and shoes and the fab turquoise bling!. Such a fabulous outfit!. I have a weakness for Red, and love particularly your red top with the Bigg Boss Lady pink pants and pajama jacket. Lots of possibilities!.

    1. I really need to do it more often, Monica - it's really so therapeutic for me. Thank you so much - I'm not a huge blush fan either, but it's such a fun skirt. Red is one of my favourite colours ever.


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