Sunday, May 16, 2021

Weekend Wrap-Up: Vintage Green and Ballet Wrap Flashback

Hello, my friends! I hope you've all had a wonderful, relaxing weekend, whether you're running free (in the US) or still semi-locked down (the rest of us, sigh). On the plus side, L got his first shot on Saturday, and rumour has it that we will only have to wait for 12 weeks (instead of 16) for our second shots. That's still a long way away, so I'm trying to stay positive. 

I dressed up for two Zoom calls on Saturday: one with my friend and ex-coworker Jen, and our usual Saturday night Happy Hour with our gang. I also accompanied L to get his shot so that I could once again honour our health care workers and volunteers. 
You know I had to wear this new-to-me swanky vintage designer skirt right away! I kept the rest of the outfit rather simple to let the skirt shine glow. It is rather bright in the sun! 

  • Wrap sweater - Wolford, thrifted; last worn here in May 2020 for a hangout at the Castle with Yvonne and Randall
  • Sweater - Eileen Fisher, thrifted; last seen here in March layered under a classy designer tweed jacket
  • Skirt - Maskit Israel, vintage 70s, thrifted; purchased here for $29.95
  • Shoes - Half Truth Tanya, Fluevog; last worn here in March as green bookends with another vintage skirt

The skirt was very fun to wear - it stands out stiffly from my body, kind of like wearing a big bell. 
I adore the classic look of a ballet-style wrap cardigan, so when I spotted this one at the thrift store years ago, I grabbed it. 

I don't have a ton of black in my wardrobe, but this is a very useful piece to have, as it accentuates my waist but allows me to show off a full skirt. 
We'll have a little Flashback on it shortly, and you can expect some big skirts in it. 

The sleeveless top underneath it is a wool sweater by Eileen Fisher which I thrifted a few years back for a mere $6.00. Such a score. I'm always on the lookout for useful layering tops like this. 
As you can see, I've tied the wrap cardigan in the back, to hide the not-quite-done-up gap on the wide waistband. I was able to do up all three of the hooks, yay! 

Masked up. I feel like I've been wearing a lot of green lately. 
Showing my shoes - it's Fluevog Day today! My outfit (and L's shoes, also Fluevogs) caused quite a stir at the vaccination station (again at the conference centre). We had a nice chat with one of the medical volunteers there, who I semi-convinced to start wearing bright colours. 

Without the cardigan, so you can see the waistband of the skirt better. 
I love a wide waistband, but it can be tricky if you're "gifted" in the boobular region. A good supportive bra is essential! 
A bit of bunching in the back on the waist of the skirt, but not too bad. I'm glad the skirt has big folds/pleats. 

In public stuff added (plus my mask, of course).
My floppy green wool felt hat (it was very sunny out), and the same wee bag I carried when I got my shot last week. I waved regally at some ladies dining outside on a terrace, near where we parked Vlad the Jag - they were delighted by my outfit and waved back.

  • Hat - consignment
  • Leather purse - vintage, thrifted

I didn't feel like taking all my stuff off, so here's me kneeling on the floor in front of the camera. 

  • Earrings - Stella & Dot, consignment, Vancouver
  • Necklace - vintage 70s, Mom's
  • Glass bangle - thrifted
  • Gold bracelet - Butler Fifth Avenue Collection, consignment
  • Jade/brass ring - vintage 70s, Mom's
  • Silver/aventurine ring - consignment

I'd planned on wearing non-Fluevogs, but when I realized it was Fluevog Day, I switched over to these green kitten heels. 
I love these - awesome shoes. 

As always, I regret not buying the purple version. 
But I'm happy I have these. 

I'm also happy I have this guy. 
"What are you accusing me of now, Woman?"

Vizzini's been very tolerant of my "forced cuddles" this weekend - I've been indulging in Purr Therapy regularly. 
"Oh, is that what we're calling it?"

Petting his sun-warmed fur is the best feeling ever. 

Flashback: Wolford Silk/Cotton Ballet Wrap Cardigan

I'd been aware of Wolford for their tights, which are very expensive (in the $35 range and up), from seeing bloggers in the olden days of the late 00s wearing them. When I spotted this black wrap cardigan here in August 2018 amid the sea of black crappy synthetic sweaters at the WIN store, I knew it was a treasure. 
It has a deep V, with thinner ribbed long cuffs. I've never worn it tied at the front - I always do up the ties in the back where I can hide them. 

I knew from the feel of the fabric that it was special. 
Yup, silk and cotton. 

WIN recognized that it was fancy, noting that it was made in Italy. 
$18.95 is fairly pricey in a thrift store for a thin cardigan, but I knew I had a bargain on my hands - this likely would have been around $250.00 or more retail. 

I wore it right away (as is my wont) in August 2018, pairing it with my umbrella skirt. 
My cami is a pale pink - it matches my skin-tone. I'm not going full cleavage there! 

I like the versatility it gives me in showing off some of my more spectacular Big Skirts. 
This is in September 2018. I am really looking forward to wearing this H&M-Does-Marimekko one soon (Flashback here). 

I paired the cardi with the brolly skirt again in April 2019. 
I like the yellow cashmere top underneath it (it was sadly ravaged by moths). 

Here's my giant skirt again too, in August 2019 - this is the only time I've covered up the wrap with a belt. 
I really like the pops of turquoise with the skirt. Shoes Flashbacked here

And here's the last time I wore the ballet cardi, for hanging out at the Castle with Yvonne and Randall last year, in May 2020. 
Another Big Skirt - I need to wear that one again too (it's deliciously swooshy). 

Mathy stuff: I didn't get my usual two wearings per season out of it last year due to my decreased number of work outfits, but it's still going strong as a Very Useful Item in my wardrobe. At six outfits so far, we are now at $3.16 per wear. Decent!

Cardigans seem to be veering out of style right now (like I care), but this fitted wrap style is really handy in my wardrobe. Keeper!

And now, I'm going to join this guy for some time in the sun. 
"You're blocking my light, Woman."

I spent about an hour reading on the deck on Saturday, and he fully stretched out on me (aka Super-Kitty pose).
"It's all a fuzzy blur."

It sure feels like it some days, doesn't it, bud?

I hope you've all had a good weekend! Here's to sunny days, being with friends and a bright(er) light at the end of the tunnel.


  1. I just love all those gorgeous skirts. What a great idea to pair the ballet cardigan with them!

    1. Thank you, Cynthia! It's such a useful piece for "bossy" skirts like these.

  2. That green skirt looks so good on you and that wrap cardigan is definitely a good piece to have in your wardrobe! :)

    Hope that you had a great weekend :)

    Away From The Blue

    1. Thank you, Mica! It's really useful, and I'm glad I have it.

  3. I love your skirts, especially the green one! Such a fabulous find and the matching mask is cute! Have a great week!

  4. Vizzini looks blissfully happy! I bet he loved sharing the deck with you!
    I love that skirt, I'd have fought you for that beauty! It looks fantastic with the hat and the cardi, a brilliant outfit.
    Isn't it a wonderful sense of relief to get that first jab? Like things are finally moving on! Our second jab is a fortnight today - we've now been told we can get it done sooner but we're fine waiting, it's not like we're likely to be mingling in the next few days. xxx

    1. He does love sharing the deck, Vix, but woe to anyone blocking his sun!

      Thank you - I did think of you when I bought it. It is such a relief for both of us now that we've each had one. I'm happy to hear you've got your second booked! That's fantastic news.

  5. That green maxi skirt looks amazing. It's such a beautiful piece (the print, the length, the material, the cut) and looks perfect on you. It's so you, very much a Sheila skirt! The pointy kitten heels with a green finish are simply ideal shoe choice for it. I also love your black wrap cardigan. It accentuates your waist wonderfully. I like how you styled it with a green top underneath. For a date night, you can try wearing it with a lower cut V neck top- I think it would make for a very sexy look.

    As always, I enjoyed the flashback. Vizzini is fabulous. Congrats to L for getting his shot too.

    1. Thank you, Ivana, I loved wearing it - it's a piece of art, truly. I don't think I would wear this cardi for a date night (I'd change entirely into something sexier!), and done up with the deep V, it's quite baggy on the sides.

      Vizzini is such a cutie. Thanks!

  6. Hi Sheila, you are a vision today! This might be one of my favourites! That glorious skirt is styled perfectly. Your mum's beautiful necklace and those divine shoes are perfect mates for it! You did right I think to keep the top simple. Also your hair looks fab (did you straighten it?) it looks really nice. Have a fab day and so glad you have both now had your first jabs. Shazxx

    1. Good morning and thank you, Shaz! I felt great in this. Yes, I flat-ironed my hair - one of my friends on our Happy Hour call thought I had a wig on, ha ha!

      I'm relieved that we both have Jab #1. Phew! I hope you've gotten yours, and can get #2 soon!

  7. I'm still waiting for the date for my first jab, but we are getting the date for the second one at the same time. Even in the worst case scenario - AZ - it will be 8 weeks after the first one. it used to be 12, but it has been put forward. Jos will get #2 this Saturday!
    Anyway, enough about that, let's talk clothes! The skirt is making me green with envy - :-) - it's absolutely magnificent. I used to wear these ballet-style wrap cardigans quite a lot, but got rid of most of them after I'd gone off them. I must admit it looks great with the skirt. The floppy green hat and the green Fluevogs are gorgeous too.
    Aww look at Vizzini soaking up some sunshine! No shortage of purr therapy here with Bess. She's the purriest cat I've ever known. No enforcing involved! xxx

    1. That is great news, Ann! I'm really hopeful we will both have our 2nd jabs by August, but we shall see. Fantastic that Jos will have his #2 on Sat! Wee!

      Isn't it an incredible skirt? I just loved wearing it. I have sweater issues (big boobs, sigh), so when I find one I like, I hang onto it! Thank you so much!

      Aren't they lovely when cats are laying in the sun? I am so glad to hear that Bess is cuddly with you! Vizzini often just plops himself down on us, but very rarely wants to be held.

  8. I love this outfit! However, when you added the hat and bag and struck your pose, that absolutely screamed out to me somewhere in England! No idea where, but that's immediately what I thought of, or perhaps a polo match (never been but it feels like the right outfit!) Either way, your ensemble is perfectly pulsed - the greens, the blacks, and the accessories. And Happy Fluevog Day! (What a hoot that's an actual thing; I just looked it up

    This is not the first time that the black ballet wrap cardigan has caught my eye, so after typing this comment I will search the web for a used version similar to yours. It seems so perfect for any bottom that is high waisted or simply has an interesting waistband that deserves to be seen.

    Yay for L's first jab, and that you both might get your second ones sooner than anticipated. And here's to kitty therapy, along with puppy therapy it is, perhaps, the best therapy going. :)

    Here's to a wonderful week!
    Cheers, Laurie

    1. Thank you so much, Laurie! Ha, yes, the floppy hat does scream some sort of garden party or croquet match, doesn't it? Yup, Fluevog Day is an actual thing!

      Yes, I really like this shorter style for showing off a full bottom, whether that's a skirt or high-waisted palazzo/wide-legged pants (which I should try with this too).

      Such a relief, to have both of us done with at least our first jabs. Fur therapy is the best, glad you are getting some too! Happy week to you and Fred too!

  9. Gorgeous green skirt and such a useful item is the wrap around ballet cardigan! I like the use of capital letters to denote a 'Very Useful Item'; (VUI) and think I shall nick it, if you don't mind for some of my VUIs - several of which are black! A beautiful outfit and the flashback was fun - all those big skirts.

    Vizzini is furry sun worshipper.

    Glad you and L are now both in receipt of your first vaccinations.

    Have a great week.

    1. Thanks, Vronni! Yes, go ahead and nick the VUI name - I like to capitalize Important Words, just in a silly way.

      He is! He loves snoozing in the sun - I think his record without moving is about 4 hours in one spot.

      Yay! Me too! Have a great week, my dear!

  10. Congrats on the increasing vaccinations. I believe its pace will pick up in your country quickly. Love the green skirt and shoes.

    1. I'm really hoping that's the case, Ally. It feels like it's taking forever! Thanks, hon!

  11. There's soooo many gorgeous skirts in this outfit! That green one is a triumph! SO, so beautiful! I also love a ballet cardigan (we called them Boleros!) I also love that pink and orange one!
    I remember doing a blog post on ASOS tights once and I saw a Wolford pair that cost £90!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Crazy!
    Vizzini is a good sport to 'put up' with all the cuddles!x

    1. Thanks, Kezzie, I do have a bit of a skirt addiction! Ha! Boleros to me are cropped jackets or cardigans that do up at the front, not a wrap like this.

      Yes, they are ridiculously expensive, but the quality is there. I once thrifted a pair of knee highs by them for $1.99!

      He tolerates us, ha ha.

  12. Such a magnificent skirt, its print is fabulous and love its (stiffy) texture!, totally amazing!. And you have matchy shoes!, woww.
    Lovely ballet cardi, so useful piece and it looks great with every skirt! (so fabulous skirts indeed!)
    Glad that both you got your first vaccine!, this kind of news make me feel hopeful!

    1. Isn't it amazing? Thanks so much! We are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!

  13. Fantastic skirt. Love it. And those shoes go so well with it. I have given all my ballet wrap cardigans away at one time. Now I regret it, as you make it look so good. Back to the skirt...what a beauty. And like you I'm always on the lookout for useful layering tops as well. Eileen Fisher is of course top notch.

    1. Thanks, Greetje! I have two cardis in this style - they're handy for showing off statement skirts.

  14. Those green shoes really are spectacular! They call to mind malachite and have a similar lustre to that beautiful verdant stone.

    Three huge cheers on L receiving his first shot. Tony, being in a higher age bracket than me, has received his first now as well. I'm still waiting to receive my vaccine invite email. Supposedly it should arrive before the month is up. Time shall tell!

    Thinking of you, my dear friend, and hoping that you're both having a marvellous long weekend!

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    1. Yeah, I love these - I've had them for ages, and they are still workhorses, Autumn.

      Yes, isn't it great news? I hope you've had yours or at least have an appointment now. Happy weekend! I hope it was a good one. :)


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