Thursday, April 22, 2021

Bigass Three-Fer: Work in Linen; Karen's Birthday; Spring Brollys

Phew, it's almost like "olden times" around here, with placed to go and things going on! I feel so busy, but then I remember how non-stop our lives were a year+ ago, and I wonder how on earth I ever managed that pace. 

I have three outfits for you today: one from my Wednesday work day, then our evening beach gathering to celebrate what would have been Karen's 60th birthday, and my rescheduled haircut (and a wee shop) on my Thursday day off. 

Get ready for lots of pictures, so grab a beverage and kick off your shoes! 

Wednesday's work outfit was built around this new-to-me linen embellished jacket that I'd picked up a while ago.
While the weather is rapidly going back to the usual rainy spring, it was still warm enough to wear it. 

  • Jacket - Boston Proper, consignment; purchased here for $53.99
  • Top - Tatum & Olivia, consignment; last seen here in March with a striped frock coat
  • Skirt - Andrea Jovine, thrifted; last worn here in September 2020 with a tasseled kimono
  • Shoes - Big Presence Desmond, Fluevog, consignment; last seen here in March in a power outfit

I wore the jacket open thusly all day. 
I had to flip the cuffs back as the sleeves were a bit too long on me. 

As the day wore on, I realized that the jacket is just too big everywhere on me. And it's not "me," I'm not feeling it. 
Into the giveaway pile it goes! Yvonne would look smashing in this. 

I adore this skirt, however, which is also linen. Note the brooch placement near my hand on the right. 
Despite being a semi-wrap skirt (it zips in the back), the wrap is well-anchored inside and does not open any further than you see in these pics (although it's a bit of a mini in the stair pic!).

Masked up.
I liked the jacket even less done up - it's too long on me. Nope nope nope. 

It sure is! I didn't wear a scarf or coat or anything else - it was a little chilly on the way home, as clouds started to roll in. 

  • Mask - by Mom

The stuff: 
I love these shoes as a neutral. 

Silver bling: 
I wear my favourite pieces over and over. The brooch and shield ring are both over 20 years old and the crystal ring is around 15 years old now. 

  • Bangle - Lazy Susan's
  • Silver cuff - vintage, thrifted, Powell River
  • Silver/crystal ring - Soul Flower
  • Shield ring - Nine West, Eaton's, c. 2000
  • Earrings - thrifted
  • Brooch - Eaton's, c. 1999

After work, I fed Vizzini and changed for a walk down to the waterfront to meet up with our friends on the beach and remember Karen on her 60th birthday. As many of you know, we lost our dear friend to cancer in June 2020 after being diagnosed only three months earlier in March (I wrote 3 big posts about it: one, two, three). 
It was not about me, so I toned it down (stop laughing, this is toned down!). 

  • T-shirt - Corey Hart tour, June 2019 (here, me and Ali!)
  • Jeans - Smashed Lemon; last worn here (4th outfit) for a Zoom call with Greetje in February 
  • Boots - Ash; last seen here (4th outfit) in the same outfit as the jeans in February
  • Coat - Sisley, consignment; last worn here in March

As I know it can be very cold near the water, I brought gloves and a silk scarf. 
The heavy and hairy leather coat felt excessive at first, but I was happy to have it. 

All bundled up.
I took the mask off when we were distanced outside. 

Outerwear stuff: 
I was doubly glad of the silk scarf, not just for warmth, but because the hairs on the coat are prickly! 

  • Scarf - thrifted
  • Gloves - Roeckl, consignment
  • Mask - by Mom

The stuff: 
I feel like I've been resting from these boots for a while - I used to wear them a lot more. I still love them, and one of these days I'll get around to doing a Flashback. But not today. 

  • Belt - gift from Ruth
  • Earrings - thrifted

I walked down to Ross Bay, near the cemetery on Dallas Road, which took about 20 minutes at a brisk clip. 
This is the final round of blossoms, on the cherry trees, and they are my favourites. 
The blossoms are so fat and soft. 

Arriving at Dallas Road - I see my people down there in the cove! 
The mountains in the distance are the United States, specifically, Washington state. That's the Pacific Ocean, baby. 

Deep gratitude to Caro for organizing this. We considered the park or St. Ann's, but she and Nick decided that it should be somewhere Karen would be taking pictures. As you can see, we live in a very picturesque place. 
Clover Point in the distance. This is part of my Mental Health Walk route. 

We were all super-careful about not going over the 10-person limit.
As I arrived, Cat and Ross (in the blue shirt) were just leaving. 

Aw, sorry I missed you, guys! 
Caro and Ronnie (in the yellow) on the left; Justin and Vero and doggo Django on the right. 

Cat and Ross took pics as they left. 
There I am, taking pictures of my friends! Thank you so much for the pic, Cat! 

Justin brought his camera too. The tide was really low - this is what many beaches look like on the west coast of Canada. 
No sand there! We do have sandy beaches, but not here specifically. 

Vero picked these flowers from her garden. 
Karen would have artfully arranged them in a perfect vase. She loved tulips. 

Nick brought a picture of them, circa 1997/8. Aw, look at those children! 
Our friends Greg and Rosanna had been at the beach with him a couple of hours earlier, so we all took turns visiting with him. 

He brought some of her ashes in one of her old pill bottles. We had a giggle over that!
I know for sure Karen would have been happy that he re-used the bottle. Happy Earth Day! 

We gathered on the rocks near the edge of the water. 
Amazing light. Picture by Ronnie, thank you. 

Vero tossed the flowers into the water.
Karen was with us in the sparkle on the water. 

In the clouds...
In the barnacles and the kelp...
In the sea anemones in the tidal pools. 
In the lap of the water against the rocks. She'll never really be gone. 

Clover Point is in the middle of construction (new sewage treatment plant). 
But it's still the best place to parasail - see the little crescent? 

I clambered around on the rocks for a bit, thinking of Karen.
Enjoying nature, remembering jumping around on the rocks as a kid. 

Catching up with my gals - Yvonne was enamoured of my leather coat, which resembles their cowhide throw, Angus. 
Yvonne, what were you thinking, girlfriend? Flip-flops at the beach? Tsk! So good to see her (rocking Randall's wool blazer) and Nancy. Nancy and I spotted fish, crabs and spider crabs in the tide pools. Caro's so jaunty in her cap - she broke her arm recently and had to have surgery (and a plate!), poor love.

L arrived after his haircut - he's in the orange/teal Dolphins hoodie.
It wasn't a bad haircut - he was just cold. 

I was mesmerized by the light on the water. 
The sun started getting lower.

Looking south again. 
Seattle is way down that way.

It was tricky to get pictures without other people in them. 
The beach was packed with people having little gatherings - there were dogs, kids, teens, oldsters. 

L drove me home. Ronnie wanted to see Vlad the Jaguar. 
Way to crop me out of the picture, Ron! Ha ha! 

Happy Birthday, Karen - I miss you so much, honey. 
Gratitude to Cat for this amazing picture of a crow on some driftwood from earlier. It's very much a "Karen" picture. 

We promised Karen we'd take care of Nick for her. 
He's doing better, but it gets harder as we approach and pass these milestones. 

After a quick chill with L and Vizzini, L went over to Nick's to hang out with him for a few more hours. 
"What? You're leaving me?"

Ooh, he looks very bitey there. Danger! 

My haircut got rescheduled early on Thursday morning, so I had to get up at my usual work time (6:30am, groan) to ensure I had time to grocery shop before my appointment. 
The Flirty Butcher appreciated this outfit, heh. 

  • Sweater - Banana Republic, thrifted; purchased here for $18.95
  • Skirt - SP; last seen here in May 2020 with an orange sweater
  • Shoes - Matisse; last worn here in June with a floral jumpsuit
  • Coat (below) - Danier Leather, 2010; last seen here in September 2020

My view now includes the seagulls as well as the Castle - it's nesting season. 
They are likely the same pair as last year, since couples stick together. 
I've been writing a series for my company's provincial newsletter about the rooftop of seagulls visible from our office. I can't wait till there's a roof of fluffy little grey babies stumbling about. Did you know that seagulls can drink salt water? Fact! 

I only had my jacket off while I was in the chair, swathed in my cover. 
First wearing of this new-to-me silk and cashmere thin sweater (my favourite kind). It was light, but also warm. Loved it - it's a very useful and classic style/colour. 

Mostly I had my leather jacket on. I bought this in 2010, new at Danier for $199.00. I'm at less than $20 a year on it! 
I also have a bright coral vintage slip on under this ensemble for more warmth. It was cloudy in the morning and seemed like it might rain. 

Masked up - yay for yellow! 
This is how most folks saw me. 
I am ready for some walking! It ended up being a bright and sunny by early afternoon.

Yellow polka dot!  

  • Mask - Lazy Susan's

The stuff: 
I rely on my walking shoes - these ones have been workhorses for me. 

Minimal bling: 
I pinned the bee on my sweater. 

  • Belt - vintage 90s, consignment, Powell River
  • Orange ring - Italian, vintage 60s, vintage mall
  • Klimt ring - consignment
  • Bee pin - gift from Megan Mae
  • Earrings - vintage 70s, thrifted

I did some birthday shopping after my haircut, then popped into Flavour Upstairs for a quick browse. 
This purse came home with me - I don't have a woven purse, and like the simple cross-body shape. 

It has all leather trim/straps with brown cotton lining. It's handwoven in Bali from Ata grass! 
It snaps shut - I like that the "lid" is a snug fit. I LOVE that the sides are filled in with the lining so that your stuff doesn't fall out when you open it. Thoughtful! 

It's by Street Level, a company that specialized in vegan-friendly, cruelty-free handbags.
Ah, there we go - my purse is the Bunga (here, link 'cause I love), and it's sold out. 
It retailed for $48.00 which is more than double what I paid - $19.99.

I pawed through the scarf bin and came up with this. 
Ooh, I like these colours! Black/white/grey leopard, red and purple and grey. Great pattern. 
It's by Vera, aka Vera Neumann (about her here) a prolific scarf designer back in the day. I've seen hundreds of Vera scarves in my shopping adventures. 

This one has gold accents! 
In addition to the centre of the white flower shape in the above pic, the purple medallion things also have gold. 

It was $19.99, which is a little steep, but I know I will wear this scarf a lot. These are really useful colours in my wardrobe.
From scarves to...

Shorts! I remember the last time "dress shorts" or suit-shorts were a thing - it was the late 90s into the early 00s. We wore them with the matching suit jacket, possibly a short-sleeved jacket with some shoulder pad action going on, and a proper button-up shirt. 
I'm willing to give long shorts a shot again - but I won't be styling these grey double-pleated (!!) babies the way I might have back then. 

They're by David Brooks, a designer who has been lost to the sands of time. Made in the USA, though - that's always nice. 
This line was sold at upscale department stores, like Nordstrom's and Lord & Taylor.

These shorts are fully-lined, with nice deep pockets.
And they are 100% worsted wool, which is used in high-end suiting. It's very thick and feels expensive.
They are the Cadillac of shorts! I'm excited to give them a spin. I paid $22.99, which felt like a good deal. 

I popped into MONA consignment on the way home, as I haven't been in for a while. 
Not much caught my eye (so much Zara and Aritzia!), but their shoe selection is really good - these lovely chunky-heeled leopard loafers came home with me. 

They are "pony" hair (aka calf hide) with a leopard pattern. 
The interior appears to be leather as well - they are super-comfy. That's a good heel for me.

$45.00 feels like a good deal. I spotted them on resale sites for $75-120, one selling noting that they were currently on sale at BR for $110.
I did not know Banana Republic sold shoes. 

Vizzini, how are you holding up? Did you miss me today? 
"I feel like I need to cuddle."

That can be arranged! 


  1. How nice you were able to spend time at the beach with your friends even though it looked cold - it's good you're able to have these gatherings again, although I know you can't wait until social distancing is over!

    1. It was so good to see them all, Mica. I'm grateful we can see each other in person - we couldn't a year ago!

  2. Sent too soon as my son came running down the stairs declaring his "quiet time" over (they read books in their rooms as they are too old for napping sadly for me, ha!) I have a very similar circle bag! Mine is black though!

    1. Haha, those kids. :)

      Oh nice! I don't remember every seeing your circle bag.

  3. Thank you, truly, for allowing us to be a part of the celebration of life you held for your cherished friend. The way you eloquently described her presence in the gorgeous natural surroundings brought tears to my eyes. I fully believe you are right and that she is both everywhere and with those who cherished her always.

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    1. Thanks, Autumn. It was a balance of being sad and missing her, but also being filled with the joy of life and outdoors and the Family We Choose.

  4. Good morning Sheila, what a beautiful post! What a lovely way to remember your dear Karen. I loved the pic of the solitrary crow. I will think of your dear friend as I have loads of tulips in our garden this year. I think you look so fabulously feminine in the first outfit and you rock the funky look the next day you certainly change it up. I do agree there is just something about that jacket but you are so good at letting things go. I have made a decision to wear skirts and dresses way more. I always admire yours. Well there is nothing stopping me wearing mine only myself and that stops now! So I have a bit of a mum tum now big deal at my age I am glad to still be healthy and body conscious issues can go do one hey! (sorry bad night sleep so loads of thinking time in the wee hours) keep being fab and thanks for all the colour and including us on your special day. Shazxx

    1. Aw, thank you so much, Shaz. We miss her so much - isn't Cat's picture beautiful? Thanks for thinking of my dear friend when you see tulips.

      Thanks, ha ha, I do change up my look a lot - I've never been one to get stuck in a style rut! I'm totally fine with letting go of the jacket.

      What a lovely decision to make for yourself - I hope wearing skirts and dresses make you feel happy! Oh, I have that "mum tum" too (although I've never been a mum), ha ha. Just work around it - who cares! Wear what makes you feel good.

      Big hugs to you, my dear.

  5. I was reading about Karen's birthday tribute with tears in my eyes. Hugs to you all (()).

    It's too bad that you aren't loving the Boston Proper jacket - I think it is lovely. I'm sure someone else will love it because it is gorgeous. The canteen purse will be an interesting accessory for sure and I love the leopard shoes - I can see them being very versatile. I didn't know BR sold shoes either? I have quite a number of BR items in my closet, but I don't remember ever seeing shoes. Maybe I just wasn't looking? Good to know for future reference though. The wool shorts have me intrigued. Will you wear them in Spring or keep them for fall and winter?

    1. Aw, thank you, Nana. It was a mix of sadness and grief, but with that joy of being together, and looking to our lives together as a group. It's a good bunch of friends.

      I am fine with letting go of the Boston Proper jacket - I knew when I bought it that it might not last with me, but I couldn't leave it behind. I love the leopard shoes too - they're quite comfy, but yeah, shoes at BR? I have only been in a BR a couple of times, so I had no idea.

      I'll be wearing them really, really soon! I'll probably keep them out all year. The wool will likely mean they will be spring/fall, not so much at the height of summer or the dead of winter!

  6. You're not the only one wondering how one was able to keep so many plates spinning pre-Covid, and working full time too!
    I'm loving Wednesday's skirt - and the clever brooch placing - and the ruffled blouse, but I'm hearing you on the jacket. You've got so many better ones in your closet, so you're making the right decision putting it in the giveaway pile.
    Your gathering at the waterfront for what would have been Karen's 60th birthday had me in tears, although I had a little giggle too at the re-used pill bottle. What a lovely tribute to your friend. Cat's picture of the crow perched on driftwood is absolutely stunning, by the way.
    Thursday's outfit is delightful. I love all the bright citrussy colours, including the polka dot mask. Love the round woven purse you found during your wee shop. In fact, I have a very similar one! I'll have to dig it out to see if it has any label at all. The scarf if gorgeous too, and I can't wait to see you wearing those shorts, although I guess they're more of an Autumn/Winter weight. xxx

    1. Right, Ann? How did we ever live at such a hectic pace!?

      Thank you (I thought of you when I put the brooch on!). Yup, I have better jackets, and this one just isn't working for me at all.

      Aw, I'm sorry. It's good to giggle - it was a funny moment, and there is always so many laughs when we are all together. We miss our dear Karen so much, but that is life. I love Cat's picture with the crow.

      Thank you! I needed a visual lift! I'm excited about the purse, and you will be seeing the shorts very soon! I think I'll keep them out all year (like my orange ones).

  7. Beautiful outfits, both of them. The ruffled blouse and the skirt in the first look are a match in heaven. The jacket is very chic but if you're not feeling it better give it away. The second outfit is fantastic as well. Your fun animal print trousers are fantastic. I love this rock chic outfit you wore for a get together to remember Karen and what would be her sixtieth birthday. I remember your posts about her, she sounded like a beautiful soul and one much loved. I think it is wonderful how you all gathered around to remember her on the beach. The tulips and the photos and everything is so beautiful. I'm sure she would have been proud.
    The third look is smashing too, that full circle skirt is such a statement and you have styled it so well.

    1. Thanks so much, Ivana! I love that combo too, but next time with a better jacket! I love my red leopard and always enjoy a rocker look. It was so good to see our pals again, and to celebrate our love for our dear friend.

      Thanks! I wish it was a full circle, but close enough!

  8. Hi Sheila,

    Very warm, loving, moving post. I remember your three tribute posts to Karen. Those touched me then, as well. All of you stopping by the water’s edge to spend time with Nick and honor Karen by celebrating her on her birthday...Friendships such as the ones your group shares are blessings.


    1. Aw, thanks, Laurie! We are so grateful for having our supportive and loving Family We Choose. Hugs to you.

  9. Oh wow, Sheila, your embroidered linen jacket is magnificent! And your Corey Hart tee made me swoon! What a fun piece to have and your have styled it perfectly. I really enjoyed the photos of your friend gathering. You really do live in avery picaresque place! I would love to visit your part of the world one day!


    1. Thanks so much, Michelle! You know Corey Hart? He was amazing in concert! You should totally come here for a visit when you can travel again - would love to show you around.

  10. Happy Heavenly birthday to Karen. What a wonderful way to remember her, a day out with dear friends in a beautiful place. She'd have loved that, I'm sure.
    I absolutely love your view over Dallas Road, the nesting gulls and all that gorgeous blossom. Isn't nature fantastic?
    The leopard trousers and umbrella skirt are fab, & you're right to move that jacket along to a friend who it'll fit better.
    Great shopping, that scarf looks very fancy! xxx

    1. Thanks so much, Vix - it was bittersweet, celebrating the birthday of the first of our friends to have left us. I know she would have loved the outpouring of affection for her.

      Thank you! Nature is healing, isn't it?

      Thanks - I agree on the jacket (obviously!).

  11. So here they are - our twinned trousers! I had to laugh at that toned down look - you and I are so similar.
    Karen would have loved you all gathering there in her memory. Bittersweet memories, but thank goodness for friendship and for the opportunity for you all to come together and remember happy times. Well done to you xxx

    1. Great style minds think alike, Anna! I know, "toned down", right? Ha! She would have loved it, yes - we miss her so much still.

  12. What a nice way to remember Karen-I love that she is part of the sea for you! It was such a beautiful place to you to gather for her.x

    1. She loved to travel and took many pictures of coastlines - it seemed fitting, Kezzie. Thanks so much.

  13. So lovely that you had a gathering at the beach, chatting and remembering your friend. So picturesque beach, these are some gorgeous landscapes, I love the driftwood and the sparkle of the water. Everything is better when you can chat with friends!
    Looking lovely in your red leopard trousers and fabulous coat, love your toned down outfit! ;DD
    And also looking stunning in your umbrella skirt and yellow jacket, and fabulous shoes!, these are really amazing, comfy and cool!
    Lovely woven purse, I have a weakness for round wicker-straw bags and this one looks particularly beautiful and well made (which means that it's not going to catch onto your clothes!). And I also remember those dressy shorts with matchy jackets, I still like them!, yours are really cool!

    1. We have some lovely beaches here, and it was a suitable and gorgeous place to gather safely and remember Karen.

      Thanks so much, Monica! I know, hee hee, "toned down".

      This is my first, and I hadn't thought of the snagging issue, so thanks for the warning!

  14. I love your "toned down" outfit you wore for Karen's get-together. She and I were the same age (I will be 60 this year). It get emotional now when I hear about people in their 60's dying because now that I'm almost there, I realize it feels much younger than I thought it would. Definitely too young to die. She would have enjoyed your beach gathering, and appreciated how you have taken care of Nick.

    1. Thanks, Shelley. Yeah, 60 isn't old! It definitely doesn't feel old. We are taking good care of Nick - he's doing pretty good.


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