Sunday, February 2, 2020

Bigass Weekend Wrap-Up: Denim Friday; Beautiful in Tulle; Kitty Pictures

Hello, my friends! It was a very busy weekend, full of theatre and sports - let's get right to it with Friday's outfit, which is pretty darned casual for me. 
In a shocking turn of events, it was rainy on Friday. I knew I would be in for a busy and physical day at work so I dressed for it.

  • Sweater - Michael Kors, consignment; first worn here in November 2019 with navy tulle
  • Jeans - Ray Beams, thrifted; first seen here (3rd outfit) in November 2019 for Winesday
  • Shoes - Miista; last worn here (3rd outfit) in December 2019 with PANK
  • Coat (below) - Topshop, consignment; last seen here in December with tangerine and McQueen

After my second wearing of this sweater, I'm done with it. It started pilling under the arms into little worms. Ugh. I hate that.
I loved these two-tone jeans, though, and had lots of comments on them at work.

Some of my coworkers have never seen me in jeans before.
Wrinkly butt! 

One thought it was a skirt when I was sitting down.
Pockets for the win! I also delighted in informing colleagues that they are a size 0 (proof here!).

Outerwear - it was rainy, so I carried an umbrella and wore my fuzzy moto jacket.
 It is so warm, I mostly wore it open like this.

The gloves were stashed in my purse on the way home.
It is really snuggly, though.

  • Gloves - Danier Leather

The stuff:
My "trout" shoes are always popular - I've worn these so many times! People love the iridescent green/purple.

Silver bling:
First wearing of my new-to-me cuff, and it was lovely. Nice and light, due to it being hollow.

  • Cuff - thrifted, Powell River - first wearing, purchased here for $8.00
  • White gold earrings - Frances Jewelers, 10th anniversary gift from L
  • Lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes

On my lunch break, I indulged in some retail therapy. I have a very fancy event to go to soon and needed sparkly hair accessories. This kind of stuff is really hard to find second-hand, so I bit and ventured into the mall.
I stopped in at Icing where I found these peal/sparkly bead hair pins, and a tiara! I have always wanted a tiara, but the vintage ones you see are not easy to wear with today's more casual hairstyles, and they often are broken/damaged. Although I hate buying mass-manufactured things, I won't ever need to buy another one. Both of these together were $50.

I also stopped into Aldo where I ran into my old friend Erin, who I first met in 1980 in Grade 8, Junior High - we were in the same homeroom until we graduated from high school. It was lovely to see her, although I didn't have time to chat. Erin, drop me a line!

Back to Aldo, I love their fun accessories, and have always bought a few things here and there from them. Canadian company!
I like these faux tortoiseshell earrings (they'll go well with my bracelet), and I LOVED this necklace. The tan/black parts are raffia. Both of these together were $30. 

I was feeling rather low on Friday and so I put my tiara on and wore it all afternoon at work. 
"In this outfit? I disapprove."

It made me feel better, and my coworkers loved it - although many of them assumed it was my birthday.

I spent Friday night making my second batch of chili for our annual Super Bowl party, and on Saturday morning, Mom, Cat and her mom Marg and I went to see "Carol King's Beautiful" at the Royal Theatre, as part of their Broadway in Victoria series.
I decided to go with my alternate outfit from New Year's Eve - I had this entire look planned as my back-up in case the off-the-shoulder sweater and furry top hat (here) didn't work.

  • Top - InWear; first worn here in January with pink satin pants
  • Skirt - Twinset, consignment; first worn here for New Year's Eve
  • Shoes - Napoleoni, thrifted; last seen here in January with this same top
  • Coat (below) - Forever 21, thrifted; last worn here in November 2019

I learned my lesson from last time I wore this top: no layers with it! On its own, it's lovely.
This is my entry for "Visible Monday" over at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style. Go!

I loved wearing this tulle skirt again.
I wore black tights with it last time - my nylons meant that the sheerness was more noticeable.

I had tons of compliments from strangers all day.
We all had lunch at Zambri's, then walked to the theatre for the matinee show.
So many great songs, costumes and some really impressive wigs.

Outerwear - the return of the Grape Ape!
I wish I'd worn gloves and a scarf, though - although it was (finally!) sunny, it was freezing cold out and very windy (as you can tell from the stair picture).

The stuff:
Easy shoes for walking to and from the restaurant and the parkade and the theatre.

Bold bling:
I adore these earrings.

  • Belt - Fendi, thrifted
  • Earrings - vintage 1930s, gift from L
  • Amber ring - c. 1995
  • Amethyst/gold ring - Frances Jewelers, c. 1965, Dad's
  • Purse (not shown) - Plum, c. 2010

Mom and I just had time to do a picture before Cat and Marg arrived to pick us up. That blur on the left is Vizzini strolling through.
Looking awesome in your red top, Mom! I bought her that for Christmas.

And today, Sunday, is the Super Bowl! My house is about to get inundated with football fans, and my homemade chili is burbling on the stove.
"My team is the Vizzini team."

I'm ready to cheer on the Chiefs - my own Panthers didn't even make the playoffs, but I'm wearing my colours (the jersey is the recently-retired Luke Kuechly's).
"Wait, did you say people are coming?"

Vizzini will hide for a while, then come out and mooch around for fallen food.
"I resent these accusations."

We haven't been home much and he's been quite tetchy with us.
"This is my grumpy face."

I hope you all had a less-grumpy weekend! Thanks so much for coming by!


  1. It seems that every weekend is a big, exciting one for you. Ah, the life of a rock-star. Did you enjoy "Beautiful"? I saw it twice on the Broadway stage, including with the actress who originated the role, and loved it. Carole King's music is so good and I got interested in hearing her life-story.

    1. I liked it - I thought some of the dialogue was rather sitcom-ish, but the music was great. I really liked that the story/show was female-focused.

  2. Fab outfits, pity about the MK sweater - I love dark blue and red stripes. The jeans are very interesting, I am going to look out for similar ones in the charity shops and give them a try.Your hair color is also looking fab, is it peachy? Lise

    1. See, that's one of the issues I have with the sweater - it's actually black! But it looks blue.

      Thanks, Lise! My hair is a goldy-pink. It is more intense when I colour it - this batch is about 2 weeks old - and then it fades out, dyed over my natural white/brown.

  3. Shame the knit started pilling - i hate when something I love does that! it's why I tend not to buy many knits - although I do have a few in my wardrobe! The weather means I don't often need them either, I find tees wear longer! :) Really like your theatre outfit, that's such a pretty skirt!

    1. Good quality knits don't pill - it's a very fast way to discover how good of a quality a knit is. Yes, not really something you need in Australia for many months of the year! Thanks so much, Mica!

  4. I thought of Ally immediately when I read you were going to see "Beautiful". She loved the show, hope you did too. The tulle skirt is forever fabulous, and I disagree with Vizzini: the tiara looks smashing with everything. (Sorry you were feeling low). Have a good week ahead, xox.


    1. I see that! I enjoyed it, more for the songs, costumes and wigs - I found some of the dialogue rather hokey. I love the tulle skirt. Yes, to tiaras with everything! Thanks so much, Patti.

  5. Love the skirt, I have an obsession for tulle skirts :) and the jeans are very cool. Greetings from Italy

    Fashion and Cookies - fashion & beauty blog

    1. Thanks so much, Vale! I know, I adore tulle. Wow, thanks for stopping by!

  6. Love the New Year's alternative outfit. I can fully understand that you got compliments from strangers. And that Fendi belt... The best. Everything about this outfit is good.

    1. Thanks so much, Greetje! It's a fun outfit and I felt very festive.

  7. A pretty hectic weekend by the sounds of it! Loved the jeans; shame about the sweater pilling. I loved your theatre outfit with the grape ape jacket. You and your mum looked so stylish; it's lovely that you get dressed up for the theatre. I don't think people do here very often which is a shame as it's fun to dress up - as you know only too well!

    Vizzini's grumpy face is so cute!

    1. It was! So much to do, so many people to see! I am fine with letting the sweater go. Looking at it now, I'm not even sure why I bought it in the first place.

      Thanks, I love that outfit, and I love that Mom and I (and Cat and her Mom too!) dress up for the theatre. We don't see too many people who really go for it, especially at the matinees.

      I know, isn't he adorably grumpy?

  8. Aww, what an absolute cutie pie! I adore how similarly his colouring is to that of (our dog) Annie. From the white chest and feet to the black bodies, they're definitely colouring twinsies. :)

    ♥ Autumn

  9. Gorgeous skirt! How much fun is wearing tulle. It's so dramatic, love it. Is that a tradition, eating chili at the superbowl?

    1. I love wearing it - it's much more dramatic when I'm moving in it. Thanks, Nancy!

      Chili is a tradition in our house for our Super Bowl parties. Generally, food is of the junk variety, so at least the chili is pretty healthy!

  10. My favorites of your post are the trout shoes and the camo pants.

    1. Tami, nice to see you!! Thank you! I love the trout shoes. I don't wear the camo pants in public anymore, but I do wear them a few times a week around the house.

  11. Those wide jeans are so cool. I love how you wore them too. Great styling.
    The second outfit is so beautiful. The skirt is so feminine and I like the top you paired with the. The caramel Fendi belt is such a statement piece. You look divine in that look!

    The camo pants look is cute!

    1. Thanks, Ivana! I so rarely wear jeans - when I do, they will usually be a funky-looking pair.

      Thank you so much! I loved that outfit. Aw, my camo pants are fun, even though they don't go in public. :)

  12. I'm loving Friday's two-tone jeans, but I'm hearing you on the pilling of the jumper. I really hate it when that happens. What? You didn't have a tiara yet? I'm pleased to hear you were able to remedy that :-) I'm totally swooning over Saturday's theatre going outfit. It's just perfect! And yay, here's the Grape Ape! Look at Vizzini's grumpy face. Oh dear! Phoebe doesn't like people coming over either. xxx

    1. Thanks, Ann! I know, how did I not live without a tiara?? The theatre outfit is my favourite, obviously! Vizzini doesn't mind people - he was out visiting with our guests - but he is often grumpy.

  13. Love your comfy two-tone jeans, and how cute they look with the fab motto jacket!
    And totally love your tulle skirt and the shiny top and all the accessorizing!, so absolutely cool!, and those shoes are so stunning, and the bag!. You Rock!
    Lovely that you enjoyed a football partytime at home with friends and homemade chilli!
    It sounds delightful!

    1. Thanks, Monica! If I do jeans, they have to be interesting!

      I love the tulle skirt - it's so pouffy! Thanks!

      It was a fun day of football, and a lovely weekend overall.

  14. I love a really wide leg jean! I think we would all like to wear a tiara occasionally. You and your Mom look lovely all dressed up to go to the The-a-tuh - how was the show?

    1. Thanks, Shelley! I love wearing a tiara!

      It was...okay. Clunky dialogue, but I liked the songs, the costumes and the wigs.

  15. Jeans! How rarely you (and I) wear jeans! I love the shape and two tone nature of these. Not any old jeans eh? And then tulle... How wonderful your range is to cover these extremes in one post. You're my style hero xxx

    1. Nope, I don't even have plain jeans! I love all kinds of styles - aw, thank you, that's so sweet.

  16. How cool that you ran into someone from the 8th grade and that she said hi and recognised you! Here they'd pretend not to know you.
    Oh and you know that vintage Fendi belt is on my wish list :)

    1. We were really good friends for a few years. Hands off my belt, you! ;-P


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