Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Velvet, Textures and Soft Greys

My brain is in a tired place right now. I wanted to wear colour to lift my moods (hey, it worked yesterday!), but I was drawn to soft grey instead. 
 Soft textures, soft drapes, soft ruffles, soft fur. Clothing as cocoon.

  • Vest - no label, thrifted; first worn here in October as a goth ballerina
  • Blouse - H&M, thrifted; first worn here in October under Dries
  • Skirt - Dolce & Gabana, vintage 90s, thrifted; last seen here in February for a weekend shop
  • Shoes - Hispanitas; last worn here in October with Space Pants
  • Coat (below) - Thermal-Slicks, consignment; last seen here in October

I felt hugged by this soft silk vest all day, and walked around with my hands in my pockets. This was a snuggly outfit.

 I think the blouse is done - it doesn't really work on me. Nope.

I have been culling my wardrobe ruthlessly, and the empty hangers are adding up. A shop, you say? Why yes, I am feeling in the mood for a wee shop! I just may indulge in a little retail therapy this weekend...
A rare sighting of L in his work suit and tie
 My soft grey plaid Dolce & Gabana skirt is trimmed with Persian lamb - I pretended Vizzini was with me. Pet therapy!

It was rainy today so put on this PINK coat. See, I wasn't ALL grey.
I needed a scarf, and warmer gloves today. Brr.

  • Fingerless gloves - Parkhurst

 And rest assured, I don't wear my good shoes outside.
 Heavens, no! I wear my Docs (these guys).

The stuff:
 I love these shoes. My feet love these shoes.

Grey bling:
Comfort jewelry.

  • Hematite ring - thrifted
  • Silver/onyx ring - gift from Mom & Dad, c. 1986
  • Earrings - Glee


  1. I love all the soft textures in this outfit, Sheila! I love the idea of clothing as cocoon! Retail therapy and pet therapy are definitely highly effective...and chocolate therapy! XXX

    1. Thanks, Sasha! We wear clothes for different reasons - it's good to know what they are. I agree, I totally left out chocolate therapy, lol.

  2. Hope your clothing cocoon helped you feel better today Sheila! :) I've been chipping away at my wardrobe lately to try reduce down the size of it. I have some time off over the Christmas break (my company shuts down between Christmas and new year so I added a few holidays before and after that) and I'm hoping I can have a really good declutter of the whole house which will inspire me to edit my wardrobe down even further.

    Enjoy your well deserved shop this weekend!

    1. It did, thank you, Mica! You can do it, I know it. Just do a bit at a time. Let them go.

  3. Oh sometimes I need cocoon like clothing!
    I have been editing too but adding like crazy. I think I need to stop.

    1. I think we all do, Lorena! I need to do some adding after all these edits!

  4. Grey and pink actually work well together, I think! I'm loving the snuggly vest! You are a brave woman culling your wardrobe like that. I think I just lack the courage, but the idea of empty hangers surely appeals ... xxx

    1. Yes, I love grey and pink together - a great combo, for sure. It's fun to try different things out, and I remind myself that I don't pay much for these things, so when they don't work, I don't feel bad about letting them go. I'm sure I'll fill up the hangers soon, ha ha!

  5. The vest is gorgeous, perfect for a luxe and soft hug. Relax and rejuvenate! It is okay to feel tired... give in to it and let your body restore in its own time.. stay warm and toasty...

    1. Thank you, Elle! I've been trying to chill out this week - getting better.

  6. How lovely is that velvet snuggly vest! And yes, I agree that the blouse really doesn't flatter you. Thanks goodness for that pink rainjacket to turn a grey day into something much brighter!

    Anna x


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