Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Nope to the Taupe

Way back in the 80s, I owned a wrap-around skirt the exact shape of this one, in silvery-grey velvet - it was really a lovely skirt. It did up with Velcro (really! Velcro was new then!), and it drove me nuts because it was always opening up to my waist. 
 Well, look at that. What a shocker! This skirt does that too.

  • Blazer - Boden, thrifted; last worn here in May over a patterned grey
  • Top - Express, thrifted; purchased here on the weekend for $14.95
  • Skirt - Darling, thrifted; purchased here on the weekend for $12.95
  • Shoes - Elegant Conversations Kendra, Fluevog; last seen here in October with autumn cream (love that outfit)
  • Coat (below) - Borgeoiis, vintage, thrifted; last worn here in March for Women's Day

My first try at the stair pose:

 Yeah, NOPE. Nice try, skirt!

I knew it would open up when I walked. I knew it would open up when I sat down. I wore a slip under it (a lovely vintage Christian Dior one, if you're interested).
 How did I not remember how awful skirts like this work in real life? Ugh, I could not wait to get it off. Much as I love this drapey front, Greek goddess shape, it is only good for standing in one place.

Deep breath, and let's take moment. Stroke the soft silk velvet blazer with the ruffles down the front. Feel your ire slipping away...
 The skirt also wrinkled like mad. Bad skirt! Into the giveaway pile you go!

The blazer done up. It's so soft - I love wearing it. It's like a hug of velvety kittens.
See? If I could just lean up against walls all day with my hands in my pockets, this would be the most awesome skirt ever.

First outing of my vintage menswear wool and cashmere coat this season.
 I coordinated all my outerwear colours to go with the outfit: grey coat, blue head-wrap-thing and taupe leather gloves and furry scarf.

  • Head-wrap - thrifted
  • Gloves - Danier 
  • Scarf - Danier, thrifted

The stuff:
 I was dubious about these shoes when I originally got them, but they've steadily grown on me over the past couple of years.

Blue bling:
I wore my hair swooped over to one side with the little sparkly slide to hold it.

  • Slide - Le Chateau
  • Lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes
  • Silver/sodalite ring - Scotland, 1996
  • Brooch/earring - vintage 60s, vintage fair
  • Single earring - don't remember


  1. It's a shame your new skirt misbehaved so badly, Sheila! Luckily you were wearing your 'hug of velvety kittens' blazer to make up for it! Such a beautiful blazer and I love the brooch too. XXX

    1. I should have known, Sasha! Hee, glad you liked the blazer, thank you!

  2. mwahaha, I love that your velvet blazer is like a hug of velvety kittens, that sounds awesome!. And so lovely subtle color combo and mixed textures!, you look really elegant. Love your sheer top, the velvet blazer and those fabulous shoes!
    And your coat adds an elegantly retro vibe!, love it!

    sorry that this skirt was so uncomfortable in real life!

    1. Thank you - I would have been almost as happy with real kittens! Aw, so nice, thank you!

  3. Oh I'm sorry that skirt was so frustrating to wear, as it does look beautiful.

    It kinda makes me feel a little better though! I bought an identical style in the boxing day sales last year, it was navy with a floral print and the most beautiful skirt I've ever seen. I tried it on so many times in front of the mirror, but the fabric, while soft, was also impossibly sheer when stretched any time I bent over so I had to return it. I never even thought about how the split would make it tricky to wear, so thank you for making me feel a bit better about the skirt that I had to let go, haha!

    1. Yes! In pictures only! Not in real life, unfortunately, Mica. :) Your skirt would have been awful too - you dodged that bullet.

  4. Isn't it awful when that happens: you fall in love with a garment, and then it doesn't work in real life. At least it gave you the opportunity to show us your fabulous vintage slip. Christian Dior indeed! Love the strokeable blazer and oh those shoes, they're stunning! xxx

    1. I know! I was bummed, Ann. Thank you so much - glad you liked it!

  5. Gah! I hate it when that happens. fabulous in front of the mirror, halfway down the street and you want to rip the bloody thing off and walk the rest of the way in your undies. At least your slip was worth showing.
    Fab outfit despite the malfunctions. xxx

  6. The slip made this skirt!! I forgot about those haha! I pinned mine but I know you are a no fuss gal 😊
    By the way, awesome coat post you put up awhile ago! I love your coats and shoes! I was shocked when you said you weren't a purse gal! Have a great day!

    1. Aw, thank you, what a nice thing to say! I was worried a pin would pull the fabric, as it's quite delicate. Aw, thank you!

  7. Yes, statuesque standing only for that skirt but I can almost forgive it for being so unforgiving because it looks so dang good with that slip!

    1. So disappointing! Ha, maybe I should wear the slip on its own - it's certainly nice enough to do that.

  8. Genius to wear the skirt with the CD lip, it looks like its one piece ! Too bad you're getting rid of it but I probably would too.

    1. Thank you - yes, you totally would have. I wanted to rip it off.


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