Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Velvet Pants, Butterfly Top and My Coat Collection

The worst thing about long weekends is going back to work. 
 Better bust out the velvet!

  • Top - no label, thrifted; last seen here in February with purple velvet
  • Trousers - Tan Jay, vintage 80s, thrifted; last worn here in December 2016 with much shiny stuff
  • Shoes - Queen Transcendent, Fluevog; last worn here in October 2016 with shades of wine and roses
  • Coat (below) - Denny Rose, consignment; first worn here in May with funky menswear

 It was a busy day today, getting caught up on the extra weekend day. I wasn't super feeling this outfit, but I made do.
 Outerwear - one of my favourite coats that I found last year.
 Such a great piece - I love the colour-blocking.

  • Toque/scarf/gloves - Danier Leather

The stuff:
 I'm shocked that I haven't worn these shoes in over a year! They are a smidge big on me.

Black bling:
 The new-to-me hematite necklace got worn as a 3-strand bracelet.

  • Necklace (worn as a bracelet) - vintage fair, first wear
  • Bracelet - thrifted
  • Chain cuff - thrifted
  • Earrings - gift from Mom
  • Ring - thrifted
  • Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes

I've had a few questions lately about my outerwear and how it's coordinated to my regular clothes. I do think one needs a coat wardrobe in order to not have clashing outerwear. Nothing like putting on a pink rubber rainslicker over a cocktail dress!
 I have...about 22 coats there, jammed into my hall closet. They range from going-out coats (a fur bolero, a long satin "vampire" coat, my retro-inspired tweed dressy coat, and fitted leathers), to rain coats and trenches (the aqua zipper trench, the black sleeveless trench, the caramel leather trench), to fun pieces (my pink "tentacle" suede coat, the yeti coat, my new Rodarte coat), to extremely practical coats (my pink rainslicker, the Unsafe Polar Bear and the Unsafe Ocelot, both "unsafe" coats are only worn in really cold weather). Oh, and all my leather coats, and a pea coat (for grocery shopping, when I want to hide), a green velvet cloak, a vintage coat of my mom's, and my crop-sleeved coats (must be worn with long gloves).

I like to coordinate not just the style of the coat but the colour, so that my outerwear look is as cohesive with the coat on as it is off - like I did with today's outfit.

I have about 6 practical hats, that hang on our hall organizer.
Yes, my fridge is covered in ephemeral crap - concert tickets, pictures and magnets. I like it.
 I spy my orange fuzzy toque, my purple beret, my black billed cap, my navy faux fur headband, my pink rainhat (not yet worn) and my taupe toque. I also have a black bowler, a grey felt brimmed hat, and a red felt brimmed hat. I like to coordinate my hats and scarves and gloves, to have "sets" of all of them to go with whatever coat I'm wearing.

My scarves and gloves are stored in the seat of the hall organizer, like so:
A cloth bag of scarves and a cloth bag of gloves (rolled together). If I have to, I can dump the whole bag out (where are my red gloves??) on the floor to find things. L gets the left side of the organizer for his few things, but he has a good scarf and hat collection too.

Do you collect coats for different looks? Do you do sets of outerwear accessories too?


  1. I really need to do somethign better with my outwerwear! I don't wear it much (kimonos are my staple spring/summer/autumn wear and that's most of the year, everything else is like an afterthought..but a few times last winter I was annoyed by the coat not looking as nice with the outfit as I'd thought, I think having a specific spot (rather than my wardrobe spilling out everywhere) would be a better plan. I'm working on downsizing to get there! :)

    1. Well, you have to dress for your climate, right? I think it's really important to have your coat be a good finishing piece - they're not JUST functional. Toss that coat that annoyed you!

  2. I think coat wardrobes reflect the wearer’s climate and, to some degree, transportation mode. Someone who walks everywhere, as you do, has to be serious about outerwear.

    I have two main coats and a raincoat. I have another aging coat that occasionally gets thrown in the mix. I live in the southern US. Heat is much more a dressing concern than cold! I never button up my coat, ever. I wear gloves maybe two months of the year.

    I love what you do - keep inspiring us!

    1. Yes, absolutely, I totally agree. It's about form following function for me. If it were hot here, then I definitely wouldn't own as many coats. Aw, thank you!

  3. Oh my goodness yes! Someone who "gets it" with a coat wardrobe! I love coats! It has to be the "right" coat/jacket. However, I live in central Texas where our winters are short and sometimes not very cold. That still doesn't stop me from adding to my collection. I found a couple of fun ones at my fave thrift last year and can't wait to wear them! Love you, love your style. Thanks for keeping me inspired!!
    ella from Texas

    1. Ha, awesome, it's not just me! Thank you, Ella! Our winters are usually not that cold, but we do get a lot of wind and rain, being on the ocean. You are too kind - thank you so much!

  4. I walk or take the bus, which is a delightful excuse for a full wardrobe of coats. My struggle every year is to discover a long coat that doesn't weigh a ton and is right for 40-50 degree/possibly rainy weather. Something to wear over dresses. I haven't found it yet. The main problem is that I am a 16, just a little too big for a whole range of beautiful coats, whether new or thrifted. So I take solace in my navy faux fur and my orange puffer and my striped blanket coat and the teal velvet coat. Hee hee.

    1. Yup, same here, Roberta! That's a tricky mix of function/form - what about a big down-filled dressy coat? I would love to find something like that! There have to be sizes out there! Ooh, teal velvet sounds magnificent!

  5. Ever since it got cold, I have been waiting on you to wear that coat. I love it! It is really cool and chic and looks great on you!

    1. Ha, you know I was waiting to wear it too, Pam - it needs just the right outfit! Thank you!

  6. You've got a fabulous collection of coats, Sheila, and I'm happy to see you have even more coats than I do! I've just bought another one trimmed with fake fur today but that means another one has to go, as I simply don't have the space. Unless I'm wearing a short coat or jacket, I'm not usually coordinating my coats with what I'm wearing underneath, but I do have certain outfits I always wear with a particular coat. I love the coat you are wearing here, and the shoes are fabulous too: what extraordinary heels they have! xxx

    1. They just keep coming - or I keep finding new ones! Thank you!

  7. I totally have dif coats for dif looks---not as many or as organized as u tho!!!

  8. The heels on those shoes always make my heart skip a beat.
    I have less than a handful of outerwear as its not necessary due to our never ending summer.

    1. They are pretty awesome, aren't they? :)

      Yeah, if I lived somewhere else, I wouldn't need them all.

  9. I'm lining up a pair of velvet trousers for winter wear, but think I may chop a few inches off the bottom of them as they are a tad uninspiring. Your outfit is lovely, but I fancy that lovely wasn't quite good enough Sheila? Thanks for letting us have a peek at your coat collection. It's quite a display, but has to be considering you always walk and need to be stylish for all to see.

    Anna x

    1. No, it wasn't quite enough - I've put the trousers in the giveaway pile, Anna! You know me so well, ha ha! Yes, I love to make sure I'm stylish all the way to the work.


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