Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Jammy Dress and Some Names

I did not practice my self-care last night by planning an outfit. I just picked a dress and wore clothes that felt like something I've worn before and felt good in. 
And I felt better today. A bit less stressed. I can be a bit of a spazz-monster at times, and get bogged down in the details, and forget to chill out. My outfit looks complicated, but it's not.

  • Dress - Desigual by Christian Lacroix, thrifted; last seen here (3rd outfit) in November 2016(!) with these same tights
  • Boots - Clarks; last worn here (4th outfit) way back in January
  • Coat (below) - Vassali, consignment; last seen here in April

See? Only three items, including my coat!

This actually isn't an exact match of a previous outfit, but it certainly has repetitive elements. I've worn this dress with these tights three times (go back and look, I dare ya!), and with these boots once. The boots and the belt have been worn together a few times too.
 I'm surprised I haven't worn this belt with this dress yet, but no time like the present! I felt very leggy and long-limbed (it's short!) and got a bunch of compliments on the overall outfit from my coworkers.

The dress was really comfy to wear - it is t-shirt-y material, lined, with lines of gold shimmer thread running through it, and it's stretchy. Despite being super-fancy, it's like wearing jammies!
 The pattern of it is pretty spectacular (it is Christian Lacroix) but there's a safeness in wearing a really distinctive, detailed print like this: people see the dress and not you, even though I'm very bright and visible in it.

Outerwear! Because my hair is clipped up, my hat's sitting way back on my head.
 I was really surprised that I haven't worn this coat since April. Same with the boots - January? Really? And a year for the dress? WTF? It feels like yesterday!

  • Scarf/gloves - Parkhurst
  • Hat - Dex

The stuff:
 I don't buy a lot of stuff retail, but these boots were worth it. I walked back and forth to our other downtown office in these and my feet feel great. They're getting nicely scuffed up. Perfect leather bugs me - I prefer it to get distressed over time, to get worn in. I've had these for at least 3 years and they just get better.

Branded bling:
I pulled out all the big gun brand names today: Lacroix, Fendi and Dior. There's a lot of crap out there that's sold for a lot of money that isn't worth it - I try not to buy something just for a name. I like to buy the best quality I can find, but it's fun when the name and the quality intersect - especially if you find them in a thrift store!

  • Belt - Fendi, thrifted
  • Ear-balls - Dior
  • Amber ring - c. 1997
  • Feather ring - Fossil, thrifted


  1. You look great! And it's lovely to see your cheerful smile. That is a fab dress indeed, and I love your coat so much (though I too feel like you wore it far more recently!)

    1. Thank you, my dear! I know, I scrolled through a ton of posts, looking for it! I'm sure I wore it more recently!

  2. I really love this outfit, Sheila! The dress is amazing: a real work of art. It looks great with the boots and belt too. XXX

  3. Some days just call for an easy outfit :) The thing I like about printed dresses - and this one in particular is that they look like you've put in a lot of effort to get dressed up, but really you just throw on a dress and go! :)

    I'd love to have a wardrobe full of pieces I can just throw on and know they will look good and mix and match nicely, but I am really not there! I like to think I'm getting there. In the meantime, there's always my (many!) printed dresses.

    1. Don't they, though? Print dresses are awesome. You will get there, Mica - I believe you!

  4. Easy or not, I'm seriously loving this outfit! I do prefer a distressed boot as well. Oh, and that belt is fabulous! xxx

  5. Hi Sheila, I'm a regular follower of your blog and I really enjoy your creativity and organization (oh my goodness, I wish I was so inclined!). You have turned me AND my hubs on to Fluevog. We keep saying we are going to stop buying them, but alas, we are hooked! LOOOVVVVE our Vogs! So I think Fluevog should give you a finder's commission, lol!
    I am writing you this message because years ago I lived in a rainy climate and bought a beautiful, light royal blue raincoat. It is a size 7/8 (the old sizing). I now live in an opposite climate and was getting ready to donate the coat, but I feel like it's a shame to just 'dump' it, so I wanted to know if you would like it. My phone number is US 509-989-2631. If you are interested, send me a text and I will send you a pic, and if it looks like something you would like, I would love to send it to you!
    Thanks, and take care! Laury Chandler

    1. Hi, Laury, thank you so much for this lovely comment. Yay for Fluevogs. I am not interested in the raincoat, but thank you so much for thinking of me. I really need to see and touch things before I own them. You are a doll for offering, though.

      If you want me to remove your comment/phone number, let me know! Sorry, I don't text.

  6. Wohooooo that's what I am talking about !! Something you easily put together but just looks like a million bucks. I love everything you are wearing and how it fits you.

  7. It always impresses me that you can be so prepared to get your outfits planned the night before. I never know how I'm going to feel and therefore what will appeal the next day. Anyway, this off the cuff outfit is gorgeous; belt working perfectly with the dress and tights and boots keyed in too. Some days it's like a blooming masterclass in colour!

    Anna x

    1. I find that having a good outfit put together really affects my mood, so I try to do something that is going to help me - that whole "clothing as armour thing. Thank you so much!

  8. fabulous outfit, lovely warm earthy colors, lovely accessories!, and you're right, sometimes a girl just need to wear something that was worn before and felt nice!. Your dress is a stunning piece!


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