Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Fogged Up, and a Wee Break

And...deep breath. I know many of you are from the USA, and are rolling into your Thanksgiving holiday - and I'm totally in! Yes, I'm Canadian through and through, but L and I are hosting a US Thanksgiving day of football, and I made a swack of chili. I'm taking two days off work (WW too!). Good times await!
I really need a break. I can just feel all the tension waiting to melt away. I basically wore an "armour outfit" and worked solid all day, just to clear the decks. 

  • Top - Edit by Jeanne Bekker, consignment; last seen here (3rd outfit) in January with leopard pants
  • Skirt - Kay Unger, thrifted; last worn here in November 2016 with spectacular legs
  • Boots - Mini Babycakes, Fleuvog; last seen here in March with double leopard and sequins
  • Jacket (below) - Precis Petite; last worn here in November 2016 with olive trousers

I managed to take a ghostly close-up of my hip and arm while trying to take my stair-shot this morning. 
I hold absolutely still for about 5-6 seconds while I wait for the camera timer - when it's dark in the morning, I sometimes "ghost".

The reason my camera was on zoom was that I tried to take a picture of the Castle this morning from the stairs. 
I don't see no stinkin' Castle. 
Nope, me neither! Too foggy! The fog lasted most of the day, barely burning off in the afternoon before it started getting dark again. 

But to the clothes. Armour! I have many items that could be literally armour. I'm wearing pieces that are leather, one pleather/PVC, silk and wool tweed, silk and faux fur - I'm practically a walking "Game of Thrones"! 
 This outfit started with the tweed silk and wool jacket below, and then transformed as I put things together. This faux leather/pleather/PVC top has been with me for 3 years now, and is holding up well (aside from having to trim the unraveling neck once) and still in my favour. I like that the back and sleeves are sweater knit.

The skirt came next. Looking back at how I last wore it, I wish I'd worn those burgundy and gold tights again - I couldn't remember how high up the pattern went and wasn't sure if it would show with these boots. Of course, now I can see that they would have been...spectacular. Next time!
 The skirt is brown metallic leather - don't you just love that little ruffle hem? Pam at work squealed over it - "I want that skirt when you're tired of it!" Back off, Pam! This skirt is going nowhere. I've had it since July 2015.

And here's our original inspiration, the tweed jacket (worn with the detachable faux fur collar on). It was so warm today, it worked as my outerwear!
 I never wore it like this, though - we were having some HVAC issues at work and it was rather warm, so no need for an extra layer. This jacket is part of a suit that I've had for over 10 years (I got rid of the pants many years ago). It's one of the few pieces I have that is pre-blog, and was part of my wardrobe replacement when I first lost all my weight (for more about that, go here, but get some Kleenex first).

I wore it done up with my scarf and gloves on the way to work this morning:
Too hot! Too hot! I carried the scarf and gloves home in my bag. 

  • Scarf/gloves - Parkhurst

The stuff: 
 I have such good memories of these boots. I ordered them online from Fluevog (a rare online purchase for me!) for the Steampunk Expo in 2012, and first wore them in this extravagant outfit here. I like that I still have older items in my closet - although I do cycle through my clothes, the good stuff stays. There's no expiration date on style!

Gold bling:
The scarf was the last piece of the outfit - the golds, wine and dark green helped tie the green, wine and brown of the clothes/boots together. Bonus! It's a Pierre Balmain - super klassy! 

  • Scarf - Pierre Balmain, thrifted
  • Bracelet - Lia Sophia, thrifted
  • Bangle - thrifted
  • Earrings - thrifted

Happy Thanksgiving to my US friends, and a happy break to me. I will be back on Sunday with tales of adventure, including a new tattoo!


  1. Oh a new tattoo! Looking forward to seeing that! :)

    Hope you enjoy your break Sheila! I am counting down the days to my time off from work, it's been a crazy month and I can't wait to just have some time to do nothing and decompress!

    I like that your getting stuff done outfit is still as beautifully put together and interesting as all your other outfits - i tend to feel uninspired and a bit blah when I've got a lot to power through.

    1. Pics coming soon!

      Thanks, Mica, it feels like it's been a bit of a slog the past while. I need some downtime, for sure. Aw, thank you for your sweet comment.

  2. I'm loving everything about this outfit, Sheila. The little ruffle at the skirt makes it even better, and I absolutely love the tweed jacket and the boots! Looks like we're sharing weather: it's been quite foggy and dark here, but warm at the same time. Enjoy your little break, you deserve it! xxx

  3. lovely outfit!, and lovely mixed textures, tweed and pleather/leather look great together!. I'm in love with your boots and you looked so fabulous in your steampunk attire! gorgeous!

    1. Thank you, milady! I really enjoyed that Steampunk phase!

  4. The skirt is so cute with the little ruffle! I love all the textures and colours. I also love your bling!

    Have a good break.

  5. Love the little ruffles at th skirt edge and th cool knit- pleather top. The scarf is lovely, autumnal colors are perfect for a feast and party. The fog, so ethereal! Also those boots with the tooled insert, fabulous!

    1. Thanks, Elle! I love the scarf - I agree, the colours make it so versatile. The boots are so fab!

  6. Wohooo a well deserved break ! I love this look, the skirt is just amazing.

  7. Very cute skirt! I have been shopping consignment with my daughter. Enjoy your break.

    1. Fantastic, good for you - it's so fun! Thank you so much for commenting!

  8. What an unusual detail that ruffle is on that skirt! No wonder you and your pal nearly fought over it. xxx

  9. Every fabric, every texture and every eventuality covered with this outfit Sheila. The skirt is the star of the show for me though with that cute little ruffle. Heading on to the next installment of a day in the life of Shiela!

    Anna x


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