Monday, December 1, 2014

Fuzzy and Snuggy Fail

Ack, back to work! I nearly choked when I saw 367 emails to deal with this morning...
And I will also admit that I didn't like today's outfit. I love the pieces, but not how it worked as a whole. Let's break it down.

  • Sweater - The Limited, consignment; last seen here in February with yellow and leopard
  • Skirt - Hourihan's of Ireland, thrifted; last worn in October here with a button-down and tie
  • Shoes - Presence Impel, Fluevogs; last seen here in August with casual rocker stuff

The sweater - ultra-fuzzy angora. Adds visual bulk due to extra fuzz. Needs a slim skirt or a shorter skirt to balance it, especially if worn long over the skirt and belted.

The skirt - snuggy and warm with pocketsssss. Full and long. Needs a slim-fitting top and a bit of a heel to keep it in proportion or it looks like I am drowning in it.
The shoes - probably my least favourite Fluevogs. Getting a little battered and work better with more casual outfits.

The result: outfit fail.

But I'm all right with that! I tried it, it didn't work, I'm moving on. I don't have it all figured out, but I keep trying, and I keep on learning. Maybe my eye just isn't liking the proportions when I see it in pictures (it sure was nice and soft and cozy to wear all day!), or maybe it's just the sum of all the pieces not jibing the way I wanted them to.

The stuff:
I actually chose all of the main pieces deliberately so that I could...put up the Christmas tree at work! I needed clothes that wouldn't snag on the tree and that I could move around in. Meh, better luck next time.

Shiny crystal bling:
I make an extra effort to wear a lot of my vintage and sparkly jewelry this time of year. I love all the ambers in these pieces.

  • Pin/earrings - Lisner, vintage 60s, both vintage fairs
  • Floral ring - Sarah Coventry, vintage 70s
  • Big crystal ring - some junky store in the 90s
  • Belt - Plum
Hey! You know what's coming this weekend? Shoe Shine! 
Start planning your outfit! 


  1. Aww, it's a shame you didn't love the outfit! I hate not feelign confident with what I'm wearing, it can make the whole day go south so quickly by setting you off in a bad mood. At least you were comfortable so that din't happen though! Comfortable and cosy outfits aren't always the prettiest, but the comfort factor makes up for it. And for what it's worth, I think this looks okay on you, certainly not as bad as you think :)

  2. We have to experiment or else we'll get into a rut. I like this look, although I would change up the shoes I think. I adore a long full skirt any time of year. Ack! to 367 emails. I might hit Edit/Delete All by accident : >

  3. I will never complaint again about the quantity of emails I receive…. If I got to work, opened my email and found 367 emails , I'd probably go back out the door!

  4. I must say I really like this look. Black & red is a chic combination but you added your own flair. The long skirt is just perfect. :] // ▲ ▲

  5. There is something about the proportions that are a little off. The skirt is great, but maybe it needs ankle boots or knee high ones to balance it out, with a fitted jacket or other top? I've never been able to pull off a polo shirt. Hey, given how many fabulous outfits you put together, the odd one that may not work so well is no big deal.

  6. I actually loved the sweater/skirt combo. I think that the key to success would be a heel or a fab boot - I know you have many of those. Try this again with any kind of heel and I bet you will KILL it.


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