Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Fifties Hausfrau - Fuzzy Redux

Tuesday Bluesday! Okay, so after yesterday's fail, I'm trying again.
Another fuzzy sweater, another long full skirt. One of my coworkers raved about how '50s (like the 1950s, not that I'm in my 50s...3 more years, let's not push it) I looked today. It's the pearls.

  • Sweater - Simply Cashmere, thrifted here this past weekend for $21.50
  • Skirt - EDC, consignment; last seen here (waaaay down past the 60s-themed Film Festival grand opening) in February
  • Boots - Marc; last seen here in September with plaid and leather

So...why does this outfit work and yesterday's not?

Fuzzy sweater - not belted, long sleeves, different neckline, more prominent colour than dark brown. Looks less blocky, has more flow into the shape of the skirt.

Skirt - A-line versus full from the waist out, not as long, pattern for visual interest (I wish it had pockets!).
Boots vs. flats - the heel gives me a longer leg look, neutral colour instead of contrast.

The stuff:
Love these boots. They are so comfy, although by the time I get home from my WW meeting tonight (around 8pm), I'll have been wearing them for a full 12.5 hours today. Sorry, feet.

Vintage-y bling:
The necklace belonged to my Grandma J - it's not real pearls or anything, but I love the clasp.

  • Necklace - vintage 80s, Grandma J
  • Fulvia ring - Wendy Brandes
  • Crystal ring - Uffizzi Gallery gift shop
  • Earrings - don't remember
I need a tried and true easy outfit for tomorrow! Something I don't have to think about. What do you wear when you don't need to think too hard? I know what I do...I wear a dress!


  1. This shade of blue is beautiful on you. I adore the print of the skirt.

  2. I don't think yesterday's outfit was a fail, it was just a try, and you didn't like it! but you look pretty anyway!!
    and I'm loving your A-line skirt, such a pretty print and cute shape!! also love your pearls, particularly because they're (faux) family pearls!!

  3. This sweater is particularly appealing. Its cashmere, the colour is beautiful and the cut is very flattering.
    I think you're looking like a million bucks.-

  4. I really love how the hemline of the sweater echoes that of the skirt... and the combination of the soft blue with start black-and-white. Gorgeous ensemble!

  5. That top coat and skirt are gorgeous...would love to find such a coat. You look lovely as always, Shelia!


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