Monday, December 29, 2014

Mustard and Plaid - and Shoe Shine Reminder!

And...back to work for me, boo. I wanted to shake L awake so that he could share my misery this morning, but let him sleep instead. I'm generous that way.
I wanted to wear this skirt before the year ends. It's rather magnificently 80s.

  • Sweater - Steilmann, consignment; last seen here early this month with shiny paisley
  • Skirt - Roland Kerry, vintage 80s, consignment; last worn here in July with yellow and aqua
  • Shoes - Pearl Hart Bellevue, Fluevog; last seen here in November with my Italian shiny dress (must wear that again!)

I have difficulties with sweaters. I love this one, but its drapiness ends up making me look sloppy. I didn't want to wear something more structured, because I did a bunch of cleaning and physical stuff today at work. This was comfortable. So while I like this sweater, I don't love it.
I do love the skirt, though. Can't get enough of it. Taffeta! Plaid!

The stuff:
Fabulously comfy shoes!

I'm still hanging on to this necklace. It's just such a handy piece. Red! Statement! But it's getting worn out.

  • Necklace - Plum
  • Earrings - local
  • Disc ring - Nine West
  • Coral/silver ring - Oscar & Libby's
Speaking of worn out, I just got back from the gym, and I haven't had dinner and I still need to dye my hair! Ah!

Reminder - take pictures of your shoes on New Year's Eve! 
Shoe Shine 2015 starts this Friday - see you there!


  1. I would never use the word 'sloppy' to describe you any day Sheila! :)

    I think a nice relaxed slouchy comfy top is a wardrobe essential for anyone - it came in handy for you moving things around, even if you didn't feel you looked your best in it.

    Hope you have a lovely end to 2014, even though you are working a lot!

  2. Love all the colors going on in this outfit. I have always loved to play with colors and texture too. Lately I keep finding myself dressing in more neutrals--but when I see you in all this colorful glory, I am inspired to think again about color!

  3. Like Mica says, my last adjective for you would be sloppy.
    I totally agree that this skirt is a marvellously memento from the 80s.

  4. Ooohh... love this skirt! Great colors. Happy New Year, Sheila!

  5. oh yeah! taffeta & plaid fabulousnesssss!! such a pretty skirt and such a cool color combo!!


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