Thursday, December 18, 2014

Two-Fer Thursday: Work Chinese Violet and Book Club Teal

I am usually pretty fast at banging out posts - I have 30 minutes before I need to leave for Book Club, so here we go. 

I got a lot of oohs and ahhs over this glorious purple dress at work today.

  • Dress - thrifted, handmade, vintage 80s; purchased here last Friday
  • Shoes - Versace, vintage 80s, vintage fair; last seen here in May, while I was a pirate

The bottom button popped off the dress early in the morning, so I safety-pinned it back on. It popped off again (and broke the safety pin!) in the afternoon. Good thing I have safety pins in my desk. 

Other than that, this was an awesome dress to wear! I love the rich pattern, the deep violet and the cut. Keeper!

A rare shot of the Sheila in her natural environment. 
You can see the reflection of my photobomber and photographer, Sue, in the glass balcony door. 
I had my walkin' shoes on because I trekked 4 blocks to our other office for their potluck lunch. Yay for ice cream cake! 
These shoes are far too delicate to walk that far!

The stuff:
My lovely Versaces! I only wear them when I know I won't have to walk much.

Badass bling:
My sparkles are studs today.

  • Leather belt - consignment
  • Black cuff - Guess, thrifted
  • Studded cuff - homegrown vintage, 80s
  • Spinner ring - local
  • Snake ring - homegrown vintage, 80s
  • Crystal ring - Uffizzi Gallery gift shop
  • Earrings - local
[Checks the clock. 15 minutes to go.]

I'm going to be lounging about, drinking wine, eating appies, and meeting Sarah's brand-new son, Charlie. I think every child needs a passel of mad aunties.

  • Dress - Kensie; last seen here on a casual Sunday in September
  • Boots - Ash; last worn here (3rd outfit) a couple of weekends ago, with sequins
This was my outwear today with both outfits.
It's the Unsafe Polar Bear! It is also the snuggliest coat ever - and look how visible I am! Since I'm walking home after dark, and walking to and from Book Club, it's prudent.

Boots and belt.
These boots are like slippers!

[And it's time to go.]


  1. Wooosh! Who was that masked...uh...dressed woman?!
    That purple really suits you, no wonder you have purple glasses.
    Such a change of style for the evening. Love your snuggly furry polar bear, and those blinged out boots! The tights are pretty groovy too! xo JJ

  2. Sheila, I am soooo far behind - I'm sorry! I've missed sequins and purple, pink silk and a naughty puss... The 80s frock is a beauty, and yes, all kids need eccentric adults in their lives! xxx

  3. Ooohh, purple! And I'm sure you're efficient at making posts or you couldn't produce so many of them. I admire that industry.

  4. Love the purple dress, shame about the button! hopefully you can repair it and it stays on - having a little stash of safety pins is really helpful for wardrobe emergencies! :)

  5. I'm out of words for how much I love the purple dress - the colour, the shape, everything. A 10 out of 10!

    Yep, every kid needs a crazy aunt or two. Especially one that is as cool and stylish as you. Ha, I made a rhyme ;)

  6. Gorgeous purple vintage dress. It seems the 80's are in full throttle!


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