Saturday, December 6, 2014

Shoe Shine #16

Shoe Shine is on!
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Black shoe time!
These are my one pair of Cydwoqs (prounounced "sidewalks", get it? get it?) that I own and I love them. I am always checking their website and looking around town for more (I prefer to shop locally, not online, to support my downtown) since I got these.

I first heard about Cydwoqs on Audi's now defunt/permanently hiatus-ed blog, Fashion for Nerds. They looked so interesting - I liked the heel shape and that they were made in the US. Local store Footloose used to carry a very few styles by them and I haunted the sale section for several months waiting for some to go on clearance. I can't afford $368 shoes, but $184 is okay. Which is what these beauties cost when I bought them here in 2011.
I used to find them odd, but now I adore the wonderful little heel. It is perfectly balanced under my heel, making them really easy to walk in. When I first got them, I found it disconcerting that there was no padding in them, but they suit my feet so well that they are nearly like wearing no shoes at all.

I dream of finding a pair of Cydwoq heeled boots second-hand...

Have you ever changed your mind about a shoe? Show us your favourite black shoes!

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  1. I have a cool pair of Cydwoq booties and I just love them, Megan Mae turned me on to the brand - and yes, they're hard to find! These are brilliant. xo

  2. I miss Audi's blog so much! She had great style. I met her once in NYC when she was visiting. A charming woman.

  3. I love those shoes!! I am trying to link, but am having trouble, so I will try tomorrow. I also loved Audi's blog. Maybe one day she will return.

  4. I think the same things about my cydwoqs, but they really are made well that without padding they still support your feet. I have one pair at the moment (sold one off, my heel kept slipping out the back) but I just scored a pair on ebay for $50!

  5. Very nice Sidewalks. I keep looking out for Trippens too. For a very deep discount. Not paying $300-400 for shoes. uh-uh.

    Why does everyone have the not-a-robot thingy again. What's up?


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