Sunday, November 30, 2014

Long Weekend Wrap-Up: Brunching, Shopping and a Grand Party Outfit

I'm baaack! Did you miss me? I had a lovely sort-of quiet long weekend, starting with a fun US Thanksgiving day of football on Thursday. No outfit pic as I was in my around-the-house clothes and a football jersey all day.

On Friday, L and I went for brunch with Nick. The weather's been quite warm, so I went with a lighter dress.
I love the colour of this so much - chartreuse is a favourite of mine.

  • Dress - Mary Jo Bruno, consignment; last seen here (2nd outfit) in August
  • Boots - Prepare Guide, Fluevog; last seen here for Tie Thursday in October

I have been enjoying playing with cool and warm colours, mixing them for unexpected contrast. Grey is a new favourite neutral of mine (well, it's back in favour with me, not like I suddenly discovered grey).
Groovy boots, man!

Of course, I wore a coat and scarf and gloves. The Blue Fox (awesome local breakfast/lunch place) is small and crowded, and we always have to wait in line at least half and hour (so worth it).
My Muppet scarf is so nice and cosy.

The stuff:
I saved a couple of magazine and roll them up in the boots to keep them from flopping over - I don't store my boots that way, but they display better for pictures.

Badass bling:
So. Much. Shiny!

  • Necklace - gift from blogger Tina
  • Earring/cuff/chain - Claire's
  • Stud earring - don't remember
  • Spinner ring - local
  • Bronze ring - P. Sarpineva, vintage 70s, vintage fair
  • Abstract ring - POLY, vintage fair
  • Crystal ring - Uffizzi Gallery gift shop
  • Shield ring - Nine West

That's a lot of finger hardware.

On Friday night, L and I hung out and played a few games of Arkham Horror - good times. During the night, we had a surprise - it snowed! In Victoria! In November! This is practically unheard of.

It cleared up by morning and has been freezing and blindingly sunny for the past couple of days. It wasn't a lot of snow (less than a centimeter), but still - snow! L and I walked to town for lunch at Floyd's Diner.
Trying not to freeze!
Eek! Bright and sunny!

  • Sweater - Banana Republic, consignment; last seen here earlier this month with grey
  • Skirt/cape - Smoking Lily, thrifted; last worn here in January for my "Come Shopping With Me!" thrifting expedition
  • Boots - Doc Martens, consignment; last seen here (3rd outfit) a couple of weeks ago for a shopping day

I layered a vintage half-slip and a vintage camisole underneath everything for extra warmth.
Good walking shoes for not slipping on snow-strewn sidewalks.

Bundled up for the cold with fur, thickly-lined leather and cashmere. I could have used a toque as it was a bit windy, but I just coloured my hair (freshened up my blonde streak too) and I wanted to show it off.
Until we went on our trip to Italy last month, I had considered getting rid of this purse, but it's now one of my favourites.

 The stuff:
I will wear these Docs until they fall apart.

  • Cuff - SkinZnHydez
  • Earrings - gift from L

I had a little browse through a few thrift shops on my way home. I found the exact same blue scarf as the green one I bought a couple of weeks ago. Same store, same brand, identical scarf.
And the Hospice Store had a 50% off sale, so it was actually only $2.50, not $5.00. Score!

I had a good browse at the WIN Warehouse store, and found a lovely blue cashmere sweater.
I've been looking for this shade of blue for a while. The brand is Simply Cashmere and this was $21.50 - not exactly thrift store pricing, but still, it's for a good cause (WIN = Women in Need), and it probably cost more than that new.

I always love poking through the vintage section, and my luck held. Check out this fabulous 60s dress!
It fits me perfectly and is gorgeously made. I love the collar.

It's a 3D fabric:
Raised Vs of soft green, edged with turquoise shiny thread.

Sweet vintage label.
Styled by Adrian, "First name in dresses", Toronto. And only $14.50. Crazy!

I raced home after shopping and got ready for my company's annual Holiday Gala dinner and party. I had to be there early to meet and greet (and feed my boss everyone's names).

I was super-excited to finally wear this awesome dress!
Bam! I felt so awesome in this outfit all night, and got tons of compliments. This is also my entry for "Visible Monday" over at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style. Get over there!

Also linking up to Judith's "Hat Attack!" over at Style Crone!
  • Dress - Eliza J, consignment; purchased here in September for $54.00 
  • Shoes - Jessica Simpson; last seen here in October 2012 for my birthday party
I loved how this fluffy fascinator worked with my hair - so fun! 

"Hmm, a cat could hide under there..."
I love the mermaid shape of this dress - it just hugged everywhere perfectly. I might have to repeat this outfit for New Year's Eve!
It was hugely dramatic to walk and swoosh about in this!

I wore these silver gloves for some of the evening, but they interfered with my rings and bracelet. They were good for staying warm, though!
The little rabbit fur coat was last seen here (2nd outfit) in August. It's by Bebe and was purchased on consignment.

The stuff:
The shoes are fun to wear but very high - I bought them for my 40th birthday party and keep them because they are excellent party shoes.

  • Gloves - vintage 60s, vintage fair
  • Fascinator -  local
  • Purse - gift from Megan
  • Bracelet and earrings - vintage 60s, Sherman "Aurora Borealis" finish, set in gold; part of a set from Grandma J
  • Ring - Melanie Lynne
  • Crystal ring - Uffizzi Gallery gift shop

Major bling:
The fascinator can be worn as a brooch as well as in the hair.

Sorry for the blurry pics - I was rather muzzy-headed this morning. Heh.

There was a photo booth set up at the party, so L and I had a bit of fun.
We are both a couple of hams!

Hope you had a fabulous weekend!


  1. Ay carumba, that is a gorgeous gown - and I love the photo booth shots! And, your hair color looks groovy - no wonder you wanted to show the world. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday and have a wonderful week. xox

  2. Those doc Martens are tres adorbs - I would wear them to death too.

    The last image with the fascinator and AMAZING dress was my absolute fav!!!!

    Popped by from Vis Monday.

  3. Wow that is the perfect outfit for a gala! Absolutely stunning dress, looks wonderful on you Sheila.

    I liked your other outfits too, but that one really steals the post haha! Glad you had a good time at the party - and how fun you got a little bit of snow :)

  4. Hi Sheila. You've got such a great eye for vintage and pre-loves. And you sure know what colors look great on you. As for those docs- ah, such shoe envy for me. I bought a pair a few years back for Xmas, and they were too big. Boo.

  5. I'm loving the chartreuse dress with grey! Those Prepare guides in wool must be a awesome thing to have in winter!!!

  6. The lace maxi dress is a real stunner! Love you in chartreuse too, and that little 60s frock is fab. xxx

  7. Your gown is stunning. The fit is perfect on you, hugs you in all the right places. I love the pattern and texture on you. You look amazing! I also like the a-symmetrical tartan skirt, so unusual. Your floral dm's made me smile cos my friend has a collection of doc's. She doesn't have a floral pair though!

  8. fabulous dress and fabulous You wearing it with usual sassiness and attitude!! gorgeous!!
    also lovely outfit for the snow! your boots and cute skirt are just cool&comfy (favorite qualities!)

  9. All of your ensembles are spectacular, as usual, but the party dress is a show-stopper. Your really know how to wear a gown, and the fascinator tops it all off with perfection. Thank you for sharing your feathers with Hat Attack!

  10. Wow! That is a gorgeous party dress, and you look very glamorous with the shrug and gloves. I love the outfit with the cape/skirt and flower print docs, and chartreuse and grey do look great together. So much to love in this post; fabulous outfits!

  11. You are going to shine this holiday season! Such a gorgeous beauty! I also love the first dress very much - great color, you look wonderful! Love it with gray tights too. xxx

  12. Hello, Hams! You two lovely lovers are fabulous together, and I'm glad to see happy photo-booth poses proclaiming it. As for you, Beauty ... well, that says it all. Grand outfits, all, and the lace dress is, indeed, wonderful! Been behind with everyone, but needed to stop by and just say "howdy!"
    Carry on.

  13. I was going to focus my comment on your fab boots and greenish dress but then I scrolled down to see you in that "boooombastic" lace dress !
    THAT is THE DRESS I NEED for an upcoming wedding in December 26th ( i know what a day right?)
    Its red carpet worthy Sheila, I have a feeling you were the best dressed gal in that venue.


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