Wednesday, December 17, 2014

PINK and a Darjeeling Cat-astrophy

Salutations, my friends! Another day of drama is upon us!
Can you see my necklace up under the collar? 
That is a PINK dress. It's even brighter in person.

I love the current trend of wearing a top under a party dress or summer dress to carry it into fall/winter. However, I'm not so excited about turtlenecks suddenly being popular again (I loathe the feeling of them choking me!) but you can do it with a blouse buttoned to the top too.

  • Dress - Junior Vogue, vintage 60s, thrifted; last layered under a red cardi here in February for Valentine's Day
  • Blouse - CAbi, consignment; last seen here layered under my yellow dress in September
  • Shoes - Darjeeling Teapot, Fluevog, Fluemarket; last seen here with grass-green suede in September
I like the organic pattern of the blouse and the pleated ruffled front and cuffs.
This felt very Christmassy, even though it's PINK. People at work really responded to the shiny silk shantung fabric.

I felt like half a million bucks in this. Why only half? This little squirmy ball of Evil might have had something to do with it.
"Evil? Let me go, woman! I'll get right on the case!"
Did you notice my shoes? They are supposed to look like this.

They don't look like that any more. This is the third pair of shoes Vizzini has destroyed; the second pair of Fluevogs.

This morning, I discovered I'd left my closet door open and...he had eaten three loops and a good chunk of the laces. Nothing left on the whole side of one of the shoes. They aren't repairable (the entire shoe would have to be remade), so I cut all the laces and loops off.

My heart was heavy. I felt a little sick. I ranted about my Evil Cat at work. Then the shoes started feeling too big, and one developed a squeak.
I did a rather hasty job this morning, but the little nubs weren't visible against my fishnet tights. I trimmed them up properly with a craft knife, and I'm giving them to one of my coworkers tomorrow.

Sadly, they have lost the one thing that made them really unique to me: the laces. I don't really like plain shoes, not even with the funky Teapot heel. So...I'm letting it, and them, go. I'm not mad at Vizzini (well...), and this just makes room for more shoes in my closet, right?

Oh, and Vizzini's tummy is totally fine. The laces were leather, so at least they are biodegradable!

Vintage bling:
All white and sparkly!

  • Necklace - vintage 60s, gift from L
  • Earrings - Mom's, vintage 70s
  • Death Star ring - Stone Roses
  • Crystal ring - Melanie Lyne
My dad bought those earrings from Birk's on behalf of my brother and I, to give to my mom for Christmas, some time around 1974. 


  1. Vizzinni has good taste in shoes .He would probably buy you a new pair. I love your vintage necklace. Donna

  2. Hi Sheila,
    Glad that Vizzini is ok and sorry about your shoes. You are really good about seeing the positive. And it helps that Vizzini is so handsome.

    L has good taste in jewellry. The necklace is beautiful(earrings, as well). The pink dress is a 60's marvel. Do the darts run upwards from the v in front? The cut of this dress is unique and it suits you.

    Thank you for your posts. They are a huge bright spot in my day. You are a great role model (especially when it comes to shoes). I have invested in two pairs of poetic license shoes because of your posts. Thanks on behalf of my feet!


  3. Shoe murder!!! That rascally cat! Condolences on those Fluevogs. But, at least you can start plotting about what new ones to pursue.

    I have been enjoying all your fun, shine-filled outfits this week.

  4. Aww no! That cat certainly has a taste for your shoes! Such a shame :(

    Great you can pass them onto someone else though, hopefully they will continue to get a lot of wear.

  5. Rascally boy! It's not the couch, anyway (King loves the couch, nom). Sorry about your loss, but the pink dress is a whole million $$ right there. Gorgeous. xox

  6. He is in the right place. You would have to have a shoe loving cat! Our cat Smart-Blue went through a stage of chomping every piece of paper he could find, leaving little teeth holes along the edges. Fortunately he seems to have outgrown that. Vizzini did you hear that? We can only hope. xo JJ

  7. Wow! What an amazing look. The dress is right up my alley and what you're wearing under it is an inspired choice. Terrific and perfectly seasonal. You always come up with the best stuff.

  8. I gasped when I saw the "before" shoes! Hmmm, he might need an intervention.

    Love the pink with the toile blouse!

  9. Eek! More shoes....Vizzini! My cats have never gone for any footwear, but like Patti's King, the couch is like a magnet for my cats...even if I put the scratching post right in front of it....sigh.

    You ARE looking pretty in pink!

  10. I love this pink, Sheila! I love turtlenecks too, mock ones better, but this blouse is wildly beautiful. Ah, The Magic Vizzini, ta da! Gone! Poof! Yes, it would be impossible to stay mad at such a talent for very long.

  11. That was one expensive kitty meal! Well, your attitude is good- you've got loads of shoes right? And now a co-worker can enjoy some Sheila shoeshine. Pink looks outstanding on you- I wouldn't have guessed. I'm now wondering: is there a color you can NOT look great in? Inquiring minds want to know!


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