Monday, December 8, 2014

Sparkly Paisley and Mustard (and a Vizzini Appearance)

I intend to sparkle for the entire month of December! 
I have a lot of sparkly, shiny and shimmery clothes and I will wear them all! I also like to break out more vintage jewelry whenever possible, so I'm going to try to wear some of my lesser-seen pieces.

  • Sweater - Steilmann, consignment; last seen here with bits of bronze in November
  • Shirt (worn underneath) - Lida Baday, consignment; last worn here (2nd outfit) in September with polka dot pants
  • Skirt - Club Monaco, consignment; last worn here (2nd outfit) in January with fuzzy angora
  • Shoes - Guess; last seen here in November when I had it goin' on

I felt a little lumpy-bumpy today - the ruffles of the blouse didn't lay very flat under the thin sweater, but I liked how the collar lay. Eh, whatever.
I do adore this skirt, though. Three cheers for shiny paisley!

Who else do I adore?
"That might be a moth - put me down, woman!"
We did have a bit of a moth incident on the weekend. For a trained officer, Vizzini is not very good at catching moths.

The stuff:
Some weird perspective is making the toe of the front shoe look really long.

Amber bling:
This is quite an old necklace -the detail on it is amazing. L bought it for me several years ago - I think for my birthday? It's a tricky shape to wear, but I do love it.

  • Necklace - vintage, 1920s/30s, gift from L
  • Spinner ring - Twang & Pearl
  • Crystal ring - cheapie from the late 90s
  • Earrings - local

Do you step up your dressing game during the holiday season?


  1. Cats don't like moths. Their wings are bitter. How do I know this?

    I must come to your house and TAKE THAT SKIRT! It is too fabulous. Your attitude to the holidays must be emulated by me - sparkle all the way.

  2. wow this is very beautiful. I love the pattern and the tights and mustard yellow is a colour I have come to love in recent times.

  3. Hi Sheila! That skirt is so rich and beautiful. I love the colors and the gold accents you chose!

    Have a great week!

  4. Lovely clothes. Yes, the holidays are an excuse for me to wear my nicest stuff, which ends up making me happy.

  5. I had to turn down the brightness on my screen...all the shiny blingy clothes! Soooo wonderful!
    I love the lurex red jumper you scored, and the shiny paisley skirt, studded boots and black sequined(?) dress!
    I love how you play with clothes. You are having so much fun, and I'm sure that inspires others to try. Oh, I always adore your bowler hat :-)
    My op shopping today focused on filling the summer gap in my wardrobe, so I came home with a lovely light top, and three pairs of shorts. Somewhat different, but still tons of fun! xo JJ

  6. Oh that skirt is beautiful! I'm pleased you will be all shiny and glamorous over the month, what a wonderful way to dress!

    I do tend to bring out my "showier" pieces over December with all of the parties and events, but not much of that happening day to day being at home with baby this year! Nice way to get into the festive spirit though :)

  7. Love the shiny skirt! I don't dress any different at this time of year, I didn't realise that was a "thing"! xxx

  8. You look great as usual, and are an inspiration for me!

  9. I have this new skirt I bought in a thrift shop in Poland that I just remembered I picked up because I saw yours.
    That skirt and a black turtleneck sweater would rock.
    Now that I think of it you are not a turtleneck wearer.

  10. Always enjoy seeing officer Vizzini - sorry to hear he's not so great at the Moth patrol, but he is awfully handsome!


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