Sunday, April 6, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up: WW Change, Floral Thursday, Dap-King Friday, Saturday Shopping, Sunday Sofa (and Cat Pictures)

Woo! It's been a crazy few days! Did you miss me? Don't worry, I'm back. Deep breaths.

Like I said in my last post, in which I expressed displeasure at my outfit, I changed to go to a WW meeting on Wed night. I liked Margaret's comment on my negative thoughts around the original outfit that day:

I know I'm risking sounding disagreeable here but I don't think saying "I did not like this, and here is why I didn't." is negative. I appreciate knowing that other bloggers are experimenting, and revising, and dealing with belts that will not cooperate, and finding that what seemed okay when they were getting dressed ended up just not being right after all. I'm pretty critical of my own outfits (and I do think that my critiques are often interpreted as negative) but the whole reason I bother to blog at all is so that I can take a good hard look at what I'm wearing. I reserve the right for myself to say when and how I've missed the mark and I wish more bloggers would too. I think most people simply won't post an outfit that they don't like rather than saying that they don't like it. It freaks me out a little that people seem to feel that if we are not being completely "everything is awesome" positive then we are being negative and we should keep those kinds of thoughts to ourselves. Being genuinely and reasonably critical of our clothing choices isn't negative, it's normal. They're just clothes.They don't have feelings. It's okay to say they don't go together.

I try to post every outfit I wear - not the stuff around the house, but the things I'm seen in public wearing - the good and the bad (and the occasional ugly). I find it more interesting to hear what you as readers think of my outfits, rather than just blandly saying, "I loved this outfit" all the time (although I'm guilty of doing that). Generally, I'll say how I feel about my outfit, and yeah, it's usually good because I like/love most of my clothes. 

And of course, having negative thoughts about an outfit (or being insanely angry with a part of it, heh) doesn't mean I'm being negative, any more than saying positive things means I'm blowing sunshine. I like to set a positive tone overall, because that's how I roll, but believe me, if I don't like an outfit, I will still post it - and rant about it. Check out here how much I loathed this outfit in February 2009.

Anyway, thank you, Margaret! I appreciate your thoughtful comment. 
This is what I changed into for my visit to the new WW centre in Victoria. Yes, my workplace has moved! I've arranged with my receptionists to drive me there and back each week (I don't drive), and it will be a new and exciting change of scene for everyone. Okay, that was blowing sunshine; I'm not actually happy about moving so far out of town, and would prefer a meeting closer to home, but that's not happening anytime soon, so may as well suck it up, buttercup. Ha!

This is my I-always-feel-good-in-this Smoking Lily green dress, last seen here (3rd outfit) in August 2013 with teal and purple.
I have a navy-blue full-length slip on under it, which you can see peeking out a bit at the hem. I went with a simple black leather obi, and my black flats, last seen here (2nd outfit) in March with my polka-dotted pants. I had my black leather jacket on for the entire meeting as well.

Dress (Smoking Lily), obi (consignment), shoes (Town Shoes, thrifted), necklace (Raven's Roost Studio).

This is my new WW meeting room.
Aren't the green chairs hideous? Heh.

On Thursday, my company threw an open house at the new office we opened recently. I had to be there early to get the pizza, and set everything up. I stood outside the building for 45 minutes, greeting everyone and letting them in. I had to be bright!
I built the outfit around this newly-thrifted Talbots skirt (purchased here last weekend for $14.50).

I adore this chartreuse velvet jacket. I last wore it here for St. Patrick's Day in March.
It goes well with the colours in the skirt. This is my version of pastels, which all the cool kids are wearing this spring.

The little white top is a great cami-substitute. I've been working at gradually replacing my junky t-shirt fabric camis with actual woven or knit tops that are better quality (and classier, in my opinion). I last wore it here in September 2013 for Monochromania! week.
I had so many people saying to me (as I was standing outside the office building near the end of the day) how much they liked the colours and the outfit overall. I got the "homeless person thumbs-up" twice.

The stuff:
I'm so happy to have the "Kraft Dinner" shoes back in rotation. I last wore them here in September 2013 for Hawaiian Shirt Day at work. Oddly enough, I spotted these exact same shoes (even the same size!) in the thrift store yesterday for only $18.50 - I paid $99 on sale for them a few years ago. I briefly considered buying the other pair as eventual replacements for these, but nah...

Big vintage bling:
Well, the ring's not vintage, but the brooch and earrings are - they belonged to my Grandma J.

Jacket (Alison Wonderland, consignment), top (Le Chateau, consignment), skirt (Talbots, thrifted), shoes (Tsubo), pin/earrings (vintage 60s, Grandma J's), ring (consignment).

I had Book Club on Thursday night, so went straight there after cleaning up at the open house. I got home late, and hung out with L instead of blogging. I have my priorities!

For Friday, we also had a special event after work, so I had to plan an outfit that would last all day, well into the late evening.
Bam! In your face, pastels! I really loved the colour combination in this outfit (and again, got several compliments from strangers over the course of the day/evening).

I'm linking up to Patti's "Visible Monday" over at Not Dead Yet Style. Get over there and gawk at the fabulosity!

Most of my coworkers spent their time trying to figure out what to call the scarf I'm wearing in my hair. I got "kerchief", "bandana", "scarf", "hair-thingy" and a couple of other creative attempts.
I wore this oversized peachy-orange satin blouse tied at the waist. I liked the "Rosie the Riveter" vibe this gave it. I may have flexed my pipes and said, "We can do it!" a few times.

I last wore it here in December 2013 under a green cardigan. I'm much more ladylike in this outfit, tee hee.
Isn't the skirt fab? One of my female coworkers said it made my "tuchus" look good. I agree! I just purchased this lovely silk/viscose skirt last weekend here for $12.00. It's not actually red, but a rich raspberry pink.
I wore my even more vivid orange leather jacket as my outerwear - it is leather weather! My rich purple leather cashmere-lined gloves kept my hands warm.

The stuff:
Gorgeous purple wondrous shoes, how I love them! They are getting a bit worn out (the toe shoes evidence of a Sheila face-plant at some point in their history), but I love them so much. If I ever spot a duplicate of these in a thrift store, I will buy them! I last wore them here in September 2013 for Monochromania! week.

The scarf in my hair is of course the item that ties it all together.
"I love scarf!"
The circles are outlined in a deep raspberry pink (check!), there's that nice lavender for the shoes (check!) and there's a great orange-y tone in the circles (check!). All matchy, all good.

I did purple and pink bling.
A thrifted bracelet, some homegrown vintage, and my Dad's ring from the early 60s.

Blouse (Mark, thrifted), skirt (Precis Petites, thrifted), shoes (Camper), scarf (thrifted), bracelet (thrifted), earrings (vintage, 90s), ring (Frances Jewelers, vintage early 60s, Dad's), jacket (Danier Leather, consignment), gloves (Danier Leather).

After work, I rushed home and fed Vizzini, then L and I walked to town to meet friends Patrick and Yvonne for dinner before going to a concert.

We saw Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings:
The concert was at the fantastic Alix Goolden Hall (more pictures here, from when we saw Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell in November 2013).

The opening act was James Hunter (site here, linking 'cause I love).
He reminded me of a cross between Buddy Holly and Dick Dale. He played with a few of the Dap-Kings.

The Dap-Kings took the stage after an intermission.
There were a total of 8 musicians on-stage: a trumpet-player, an alto-sax player, a baritone-sax player, two guitarists, the bassist, the drummer and a gent playing the bongos.

Then the two back-up singers same out and showed off their tremendous vocal abilities.
They are recording artists in their own right, as the Dapettes.

Sharon Jones is a force of nature! She is recently cancer-free, from bile-duct cancer, and every minute onstage, we could see her incredible energy and joy in performing.
L wrote a review of the concert on his blog here, and you can read the local reviews of the concert here and here. Better pictures of her stunning white dress there too (this is a fashion blog, right?).

She danced herself right of her shoes at one point (cute kitten-heel sandals, I checked), before putting them back on. She is 57 years young, and man, I wish I had her energy!
She never broke a sweat! If you ever get the chance to see her, take it! You will have a blast, enjoying some of her amazing brand of soul/funk. Check out this fun animated video for her single, "Retreat!" on YouTube.

L and I got home quite late and crashed right into bed. Bright and early Saturday morning, we headed down to the diner for brunch.
I was optimistic about the weather, and wore a light dress with bare legs. Oh, I was foolish.

This lovely floral dress is much better in person - it photographs a bit scattery.
I last wore it here in February with tights - it rained the whole time I was out (several hours) and I was freezing by the time I got home.
However, pockets!
I had my yellow leather jacket on, which was kept zipped up all day. Brr! I did get several compliments on my "skirt".

The stuff:
You can see that nearly the entire toes of my flats are wet. I am happy to have these lovely floral leather shoes back for spring/summer. I last wore them here (scroll down) in September 2013 with a big floofy skirt you'll be seeing again in a minute.

Simple little turquoise earrings for shopping!
Dress (H&M, consignment), shoes (Chie Mihara), earrings (local), jacket (Danier Leather).

I went to the big WIN Warehouse Store for a leisurely browse while I hoped the rain would let up (it didn't). I found some cool items.

This blouse:
I don't worry too much about size, so this XL blouse is fine by me. I don't do this spring's cropped tops very well (I look too booby in them), but I can fake that look with a tucked-in or tied oversize blouse (see the orange top above, for example), and it suits my shape better.

I loved the colours in this.
Also, only $5.00! Someone doesn't know the brand name Hale Bob! I do, and it's not cheap - I have these shoes from Winners ages ago, and these two (here and here) dresses that I bought in NYC many years ago.

I have seen graphic-print long soft-shaped coats for spring in the fashion mags. I fell in love with the great shape on this one.
It's a bit big on me, but will work as outerwear for spring just fine. It's polyester, but feels like wool, and it's fully lined, with pockets. The check is also cut well, so that it's straight and lines up at the seams. I like that detail.
It's by I.N. Studio, a brand that is sold in Dillard's. We don't have Dillard's here in Canada, so I don't know what it would have cost originally. More than I paid, no doubt!
It was only $19.50, plus an extra 25% on coats!

I think whoever priced this sweater top (another cami replacement) didn't look at the tags on it very closely.
It's a good brand (Dana Buchman) and it's 100% silk.
Nice thick ribbing, although the top itself is not too thick. It's an excellent layering piece.
And only $4.50. What a deal!

I can never turn down a nice bright obi!
It's a gorgeous rich magenta shade (or orchid-something, whatever that trendy colour-of-the-year is), and was only $3.00.

I did spend a little more on this groovy shirt for L:
Isn't it awesome? I'm so lucky that L is adventurous in his clothing. It makes it really fun to shop for him.

Check out the contrast/bias-cut accents.
It's a dark purple, with orange/mustard and pink stripes.

And score! It's a Ben Sherman!
The exact same shirt (even the size) is on eBay here for $27.99, and I paid $15.50, but I've seen Ben Sherman shirts locally in menswear boutiques for over $150.00, so I still feel like it was a score.

L and I made a detour Saturday morning to go to the post office to pick up a package. Look at what was in it!
Ooh, sweet blue Jack Idol boots by Mr. John Fluevog - these are Petrol Blue.
L will definitely be rockin' it in these!

And maybe there was a pair for me in there?
Of course there was! I tried the 8.5s on in these orange Big Presence Desmond pumps in the Gastown store in Vancouver, but they were too tight. I actually went to a local store (that only had black) to see what size I would actually be - a 9, it turned out. They run a wee bit large, but then I wear anywhere from an 8.5 to a 10 in their shoes. Don't ever buy a pair of Fluevogs without trying on the same shoe last in person, as they are highly erratic in their sizing.

These are a nearly neon orange, and the uppers are a waxed-finish canvas.
And look at that sweet heel! Why wear plain ol' heels when your heel can make a statement.

Mine say "John Fluevog":
They also reveal how much I love their shoes:
I heart them!

Today, L and I went out for a brief cruise. We have been looking for a loveseat or couch to replace our current one, which is over 16 years old. I spotted a brilliant cobalt blue one in the window of the local second-hand shop yesterday, so we checked it out. Yup, we both loved it! We should have it this week - it's a custom-made sofa in micro-suede, with only a little bit of wear - it was $699, so we saved a huge amount by buying it second-hand.

I never go out without putting a little thought into what I'm wearing.
A comfy floofy swooshy skirt (last seen here in January for a blogger meet-up) is so much nicer than yoga pants!

A slightly fancier green t-shirt (last worn a year ago here in May 2013 with this same skirt!) adds some colour.
The cardigan is quite thin, but I love the navy and cream bold stripes. It's impossible to see, but the cream stripes are glittery gold. I last wore it here (3rd outfit) in July 2013 with another long cream skirt. I'm so original.
The green ankle strap shoes are just pure fabulousness. I last wore them here (2nd outfit) to the Urbanite event at the Art Gallery and to our friend Helene's birthday party.

Cardigan (Kersh, consignment), top (The Limited, consignment), skirt (Lapis, consignment), shoes (Fly London).

Look what else I found in the furniture store!
It's a gorgeous vintage grey fur collar - it matches my hat! I hope I get a chance to wear them together before it gets too hot. The collar was $30, which balances out the $12.99 I paid for the hat.

Okay, okay, onto the cat pictures! I took these on Wed night while I waited to get picked up to go to the WW meeting.
"I'm snoozing here, woman!" 
Vizzini's scratching post has been moved onto the deck permanently for the warm season.

He's such a ham for the camera.
"This is my sexy side."
 He quickly changes focus. No attention span.
"Really? Black shoes with that dress?"
 He had to quickly patrol.
"No crows nest in my trees!"
 He's all covered in fluff from his post.
"Is Terry's cat out?"
 It wasn't, so Vizzini hopped down and commenced with stretching.
"I'm a stretchy cat, yo."
Aw, look at that tum and those little white feet! So cute.

I hope your weekend was full of fun!


  1. Ok to be specific my favourite outfit is the one you wore to greet the WW members...I like the skirt because it is bright and cheerful and marrys well with those gorgeous orange shoes.
    I am surprised that WW is changing the is a lot further to drive for me so I may switch to the closer location now that I am on maintenance.
    Your weekend sounds like fun and I am impressed that you continue to find such amazing clothes...I have come up empty handed the last few shopping time -:)

  2. V. has a sexy side! I love that face. Thanks for sharing these very cool outfits with Visible Monday. I adore olive green, and you are the boss in that silk jacket. We're going to see Dick Dale in a couple of weeks, very excited.

  3. Love the green dress and the satin blouse. You have such nice clothes!

  4. Aww, Vizzini is so cute! :)

    You have so many great outfits and purchases! I think my favourite purchase has to be those orange shoes though, I love the colour! And the outfit you changed into for your weight watchers meeting is definitely my favourite :)

    When i first started blogging, I was one of those people who only blogged 'good" outfits, but then I felt that nothing was ever good enough. Now I just go ahead and share all the outfits! Even the ones I hate or the ones with bad photos...hating the outfit I'm wearing today actually! I think Margaret said it well - it's okay to have an opinion about the clothes, they are just clothes! And the more we know about what pairings or items make us feel negative, the more we can avoid them and stick to ones we feel good in. And it's so much easier to be a happy positive person when you're feeling confident with what you wear :)

  5. Yes, I agree with Margaret that it's fine to acknowledge how we feel about our outfits; we all have preferences after all, and if we experiment a little, some will work better than others. I think a blog where someone repeatedly critiqued their outfits quite harshly might get a bit tiring to read, but that's clearly not the case here; you are usually very happy with what you wear, Sheila, and with very good reason!
    Love the green dress, and your version of pastels outfit (ie. not pastel at all, bright and sassy!) Fabulous brights, leather, great jewellery, great fitting pieces - that's the Sheila way! xxx

  6. Oh man those green chairs hurt my eyes!

    I saw Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings at an outdoor concert four years ago - they were amazing! She is incredible and has such an awesome spirit - I'm so glad she's back in full force after her cancer treatment. She still sounds amazing, you'd never know!

    Stretchy cat picture!! Love it!

  7. Go bold or go home -- that pink, purple and orange outfit is GORGEOUS!

  8. I just realized something as one by one your outfits delight me, and then I forget my mental not about the previous one- you like variety (as well as quality) and you always look like yourself. What a treat- you can go femme floral or tough leather, office professional to jazz babe, and the one thing in common each look has is the vibrancy of being Sheila. Well played!

  9. Ok first of all I love your new pair of Fluevogs! WOW, the heel, the colour…
    and your outfit with the green jacket screams out Spring is coming in the best of ways - it is absolutely spectacular.
    I cannot tell you how much I like it.
    Oh and about Magarts comment, like you I blog the good, bad and ugly too. Like her i too think that its good to see that its not all perfect and that we're all working on it.

  10. Wow where to start??? Every outfit is just fabulous but I think my favorite is the Kraft macaroni one !!! The skirt print is gorgeous and you always look wonderful in olive green.

    I must say Vizzini looked stunning on your scarf!!!

  11. It's always so hard to decide which outfit I like the best, so I won't. I'm always a fan of your approach to separates, and this week is no different ... but I'm quite taken with that little floral dress! Vizzini is a handsome dude, as always, and really hams for the camera, doesn't he? The only thing I didn't care for was the green neon chairs. Ew. But guaranteed to keep you awake as you consider the possible toxicity of what your butt is resting on.
    But you? Beautiful from top to bottom and in every frame.

  12. those are kick-ass awesome deep teal blue boots!

  13. I want to comment on everything, but it boils down to love, love and love. (also omg L's closet is as amazing as yours -- gah those boots!)

    Also Vizzini!! Baby. Look at that tummy. I didn't realize how little white he had for a tux kitty.


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