Monday, April 7, 2014

Orange You Glad It's Monday?

Another week. Here we go, it's Monday.
Overall, a thumbs-up from me - I love doing orange and blue together, and two of my newly-rediscovered spring/summer items are out to play again, AND orange shoes. I did a corally-orange lip gloss with this too!

Linking up to Bella's "Shoe Shine" today over at Citizen Rosebud - go see!

My little lace peplum top rotates back in. I bought it in August 2013 at the WIN thrift boutique for $10.50 and wore it twice that month (here and here), then away it went for half a year.
The skirt is a gorgeous peachy-orange suede. You can't really see it in these pictures, but that middle front panel is all little laser-cut squares (you can see a close-up here from when I bought it in November 2011 for $24.50 - hurray for thrifting!).
Yes, the shoes are really that bright - nearly neon!
I have a peach cami on underneath the lace top, but you can still see my ink above that.
I bought this lovely spring coat out of season, right after Christmas 2013 (here, way down at the bottom). I paid $14.00 for it. It was the perfect weight for today (I wore a silk scarf and fingerless gloves in the morning, but didn't need them on the way home). I only wish it had pockets!

The stuff:
Yeah, these orange shoes are stunners. I might have to have them in other colours...they have yellow! I just got these in the mail on Saturday, from the lovely Mr. Fluevog's store.

I loved wearing my Ally/Megan obi tie belt today:
And all those lovely blues!

Top (Annalee & Hope, thrifted), skirt (Eddy & Co., thrifted), shoes (Big Presence Desmond, Fluevogs), obi tie belt (Megan Mae/via Ally), pendant (gift from L), earrings (local), swirly ring (bought in Scotland), lapis lazuli ring (Wendy Brandes).

Someone else really liked the tie obi:
"Rar! I have you, tie-monster!"
We let Vizzini play with some of L's less favourite ties. I couldn't resist giving him a little play (I just clipped his nails last night, so no snags were had).
"I have you now!"
He's very good at standing up on his hind legs.

Okay, I had one of those "Why didn't I buy it?" moments when I was out shopping on Saturday. I put a glorious orange 60s maxi dress back on the rack. What was I thinking? But I went back. And it was still there.
Oh, yes, it is mine.

Stunning, full-length, lined in peach polyester, with a sheer overlay of orange, peach and pink.
I have never heard of Berkertex, although it seems to be a UK brand - this is "Amanuella", which doesn't mean the style, but I think more the era or collection.

I'd say this is late 60s. It needs a bigass beehive hairdo, and oodles of arm-candy, don't you think? Look at that pattern!
There's even some yellow in there. Gah, so beautiful!
I seldom pay that much for a dress anymore - $23.50 seems expensive to me! But I am so glad I went back, and can't wait to wear this fabulous find.


  1. I saw you this afternoon on my way home.
    I was in my car and coming home from helping out my kids as both the little ones have look so happy...thank you for all your posts I really appreciate them. It takes a lot of effort and dedication to keep up your blog.

  2. I'm not glad it's Monday, but I am glad you're wearing all that orange. It's so yummy and tingly! Those shoes are just heavenly, as is that maxi dress. Orange delight all around!

  3. Whew! And I really mean that! That dress is gorgeous, and I'm so happy it was waiting for you to come back and buy it. Good save Sheila! The pattern and that fabric!!! I love this whole post. Blue and orange just makes me happy! Your earrings are gorgeous too!

  4. I know berkertex! Mainly known these days for their bridal range :-). Fabulous dress - and I'm guessing we'll be seeing a lot of citrus colours this spring with those shoes :-) (and their sisters!)

  5. Such a stunning orange outfit! A great first outing for the shoes! :)

  6. LOVE orange (wearing an orange and pink floral dress as I type!)
    Berkertex is indeed a UK label, and it's still going. That dress is a stunner. I have seen some amazing Berkertex pieces from the Sixties and Seventies, they produced some really glamorous evening dresses. As a commenter above says, they are know for bridal and prom dresses these days, and some of their stuff is a bit Mother of the Bride frumpy, but your dress was definitely worth going back for!
    PS. - this link has a great clip of a Berkertex fashion show from the 60s! xxx

  7. This outfit makes me happy - love the bright orange shoes! And I am so glad you rescued the maxi dress, it's got your name on it. xox

  8. I love these pretty peach/orange colors your rocking - so lovely and nice for spring!

  9. I am really taken with those shoes! Fabulous! I wish I had a lace top like this one -- thrifting in this part of the world is a little more mundane.

  10. Blue and orange go really well together. Your cat is great, our cat loves bags and has sat on my daughter's tapestry clutch bag which she left on the table last night - how did she know there was a clutch bag on the table - uncanny, as she never sits on the table on a normal day - the bag is now covered in cat hair.
    Thats a super maxi dress, you were obviously meant to own it.

  11. Those juicy heels steal the show! But that thrifted find gives your vlogs a run for the money. Orange you glad you're awesome? I am! Thanks for linking up to #shoeshine. xo!

  12. Just popped over from Bella's Shoe Shine to say how much I love the orange with blue, and your rocking red locks! That skirt is phenomenal.

  13. You look amazing in this orange. I love these soft peachy, creamy orange shades, not like what I call Home Depot orange. It's like the background of you blog, with the soft pinks and oranges all blended. I love it! Your lapis jewelry is always my favourite. I have always loved lapis lazuli and your pieces are quite to my taste. I am always on the hunt for something similar. Can't wait to see you in the dress. Interesting that the tag tells us what the measurements of a size 14 used to be. :-)

  14. You look all crisp and citrusy in your orange!!! And the shoes are stunning!
    I'm glad you were able to go back and get that freaking amazing dress!!! That is just itching for a night out on the town.
    Vizzini is such a ham!!!!

  15. Oh you're wearing my new favourite pair of Fluevogs ! gosh I love that heel -
    and you are so lucky that dress was still there….

  16. Gorgeous dress and shoes (of course!!) We must be psychic sisters...I just did a post the other day with exactly the same title. :-) Sorry I missed you in Vancouver!!! You and your sweetie looked fab in the picture on Melanie's blog. XXOO


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