Sunday, April 13, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up: Chillin' and Shoppin' and Nappin'

Ah, what a lovely and relaxing weekend it's been! L and I went to the pub for dinner on Friday night, then played board games. On Saturday, we went for brunch.
Punky-soft-goth plus spring! Pouffing my hair is always fun on a weekend.

My studded sweatshirt gets another airing. I last wore it here (way down) at the end of December 2013.
This is another yellow skirt I own (in addition to this one), which I've had for a few years. The texture is a knit, almost a boucle. I love the deep yellow colour. I last wore it here in September 2013 in an all-yellow ensemble for Monochromania! week.
My grey wooly boots are the only pair of bots that I didn't pack away for the warm season. I last wore them here with leopard and aqua in March.

The stuff:
Badass bling!

Sweatshirt (Silence + Noise, consignment), skirt (BB Dakota, consignment), boots (Prepare Guides, Fluevogs), metal cuff (thrifted), stud cuff (homegrown vintage), snake ring (homegrown vintage), spinner ring (consignment). 

I napped for a while on Saturday while L practiced guitar, then we strolled to town to go see "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" which was quite good. We came home and had pizza for dinner (homemade), then hung out and drank wine and played more boardgames. Couldn't ask for a better time.

Today, I slept in then got groceries and then meandered down to The Patch for a browse. I don't go there too often, as it's more like consignment prices for crappy thrifted mall stores, but there are some good items here and there to be found.
One of my classic shopping outfits! I didn't even have to wear a coat, it's so nice and warm and sunny out. What a treat!

My indigo sweater is layered over a cami, and was last worn here in January for Winesday. I like it as a casual piece.
The skirt is another favourite, and was last seen here (way down at the bottom) last weekend for a quick jaunt out to buy our couch.
Vizzini's loved having us home all weekend.
 I haven't worn these shoes for a long while, since a weekend back in September 2013, here.
"I pose too!"
I added my Beecher's Brook scarf and voila! A very easy outfit, perfect for shopping. I also loved how my skirt swooshed in the light breeze.

I did find a couple of things at The Patch, including this cool architectural blouse:
It's very sheer and has a kimono-type of shape. the sleeves are split along the underside for extra movement.

It's beautifully-made, but someone removed the tag. I wouldn't be surprised if this was a high-end brand, though.
See the stripe in the fabric? So cool. This was only $14.95, not bad.

This skirt is one of the best scores I've found in a long time.
It's long thin sequins, all sewn onto mesh, front and back. The skirt has quite a bit of weight to it.

$16.95 isn't too bad for a black sequinned skirt.
You can see the sequins there.

But this is what makes it a score.
Tags still on, never been worn; original price: $275.00. Yowch! I've never been in a J. Crew store, but that seems really expensive. Score for me! The skirt is a size 12 so big on me, but I don't want something this delicate to be too tight. Can't wait to wear it!

Lastly, I fell in love with this amazing piece.
What is it? It's a hat!

It's a rigid turban-style, with gold V-trim, done in cream satin, with a decorative fan on the front. And an attached scarf for added Drama. Of course.
No label inside, but I can see that there's a bunch of hand-sewn details and edges.

It's a little pricey at $24.95, but I think it's worth it.
 After all, how often does one get to wear something this crazy?
I need a party to go to, stat!

Okay, that's it for shopping, back to napping. Vizzini has decided that the new couch is his Favourite Thing Ever.
"My spot. You can sit at the other end."
Doesn't he look lovely against the blue?
"Begone, woman, I'm trying to nap!"
Such a cutie.

I read on the couch yesterday while L played guitar. I took this picture because I like that Vizzini is in the background, napping in the sun.
I hope your weekend was full of sunshine, naps and fun times!


  1. Such a lovely weekend! I feel relaxed just reading about it. I do love your party gorgeous is that! And your architectural top fills me with envy. Structure and swish in one garment ! Our light ginger Manx cat called Smart-Blue, loves to lie on dark backgrounds to show off his coat...especially my black wool jacket:-) Hope your week isn't too manic. All the best from Canberra, Australia Jazz.

  2. Wow I love that sequinned skirt! Have been seeing them in lots of the UK fashion mags this week.
    That hat needs a party....tacky sweaters have a party so you can start a chic chapeau celebration!
    I know I have seen your shopping skirt before but I love how it and flirty.
    Hope the weather holds for the looks so nice out there.

  3. Yes...full of glorious sunshine, beach walks every day, and scones and tea in the garden. Only thing missing is the board games. Oh how I wish my husband enjoyed playing board games. I'm curious which ones are your favourites. Maybe I can convince my guy to try something new. I had to put a blanket across the back of my couch. The cats were sitting in exactly the same way as Vizzini and at 18 lbs each, were making very big dents. My current kitties are only around 12 pounds each, but the blanket is there for good.

  4. I love both outfits and you look great in them! A skirt and sweater is my favourite thing to wear, and I modify it to skirt and tee shirt in summer. I love your pouffed up hair too! My weekends are more about bedhead. Have a great week!

  5. Sounds like such a nice, relaxing weekend! I need one of those, haha! That sequin skirt is such a great deal, wow! can't wait to see how you wear it :)

  6. Your new couch looks very comfy and I like the bright colour. Cats always know where the best place in the house to sit is, so Vizzini has his spot sorted. He has some great expressions.
    Particularly, love your floaty skirt look and that new blouse is gorgeous.

  7. The perfect weekend. Both outfits are fab, and I love your roughed-up hairstyle. *And* that new blouse you just bought = gorgeous. Love the pic of L and V. xox

  8. I love seeing pics of your sweet kitty in your posts. And your scores are dazzling. That kimono sheer top is SOOO you. And indeed it looks high end.

  9. I love the badass bling and punky touch to the T! Fabularse!
    What a splendid weekend! All the best things.
    Vizzini! The little bugger, cats do love to stake their claim on furniture.
    Our Peepers was entertaining a mouse when we left for work this morning...I expect it's inside her now!
    The kimono top is lovely!

  10. Ooh, that sequin skirt is fabulous! Love the sheer kimono top too.
    Your weekend sounds relaxing and full of all the good things in life. And yes, Vizzini looks beautiful against the blue background, he's a little star! xxx

  11. I really like the indigo and taupe/grey you have going on. You're rocking the scarves lately! I admire ladies who can wear them around their necks -mine is very short and wide so they look funny. :D

    My eyes popped when I saw that gorgeous hat. What an amazing find! Oh man, I can't wait to see that modeled with some awesome outfit. Love, love, love.

  12. OMG - your finds at the shop where fabulous Sheila !
    I knew that top was new when I saw you wear it and he JCREW skirt was a true win win purchase.
    Finally the turban reminds me of I dream of Jeannie - which is one of my fave vintage shows. I have been trying to find a thin black turban and have not been lucky enough to.


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