Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ruffled Chicken Plus Chrysanthemums

Just a quickie, as I'll probably not be posting again until late this weekend (mother-in-law in town, other shenanigans to be had, etc.).
Chicken chest ruffles. I may have done my chicken noises at work in front of people (buh-bawk!), hee.

First wear of the silk ruffled Tangerine Jill top, thrifted for a ridiculous $22.00 (high, in my opinion) here last weekend.
Because it shows bra strappage, I'm wearing my yellow little cardi-cover-up-thingy, last seen here in August 2013 with my hypno-dress.
Isn't the skirt lovely? Chrysanthemums! I have loved this skirt ever since I got it a four years ago, in 2010 (I can't read it or I'll get choked up, but I first wore it here in April 2010, with my last pic of my dear Othello kitty). I last wore it here in August 2013 in a fun but crazy pattern-o-rama outfit (complete with fascinator - Yvo, we had such fun that night!).

The stuff:
My beloved lavender Campers get another outing, last seen here (3rd outfit) earlier this month with many other non-like colours.

Rubber-band bling:
Yes, that might be a blue elastic band on my crappy yellow belt. I need to go to Danier and get a proper yellow leather belt that's made in Canada, dagnabbit!

L and I went for dinner tonight with our moms (L is driving his mom home right now - and now he's home!). I'm outta here, chicks!

Cardigan (Peter Nygard, consignment), top (Tangerine Jill, thrifted), skirt (Vivienne Tam, consignment), shoes (Camper), belt (Aldo), cuff (St. Paul's Cathedral Gift Shop), bracelet (thrifted). 


  1. Love the yellow and purple together! Hope you have a fun weekend with your mother in law :)

  2. You gotta stop typing when the best man comes in the door! Great sunny look, I like a lot of ruffles. xox

  3. I love all those silk ruffles. I would be touching them all day! And the chrysanthemum skirt is delicious. But my favourite touch is the rubber band makes you seem human! I may or may not have one just the same ;-)

  4. That skirt is fabulous and I love the look, those colours look great together. Enjoy the weekend shenanigans.

  5. The skirt is fabulous, loving those colours, and the ruffles! xxx

  6. Love this outfit :-). I just dreamt I came to your house for tea! We were at your Mum's, and you took us (me, hubby and my work colleague!) horse riding first! Then you lent me your ruffle top and I lent forward and got dinner all over it, so I went to get changed, and when I got back you'd lost my dinner, and we tracked it down to your wardrobe! Very bizarre, but we had a lovely time lol! Thank you for inviting me to dream supper ;-)

  7. These days I am more drawn to printed items, specially skirts- I guess I recently discovered they can do so much for an outfit ! and they will always be more elegant than a trouser.

  8. ooo, thanks for treating us to a quickie, my lovely!!! Snigger!
    I do love some good ruffles, and this blouse is heavenly! It would make me look like the Queen Mary, sadly!!!
    I also adore Asian prints, so your chrysanthemum skirt rocks my world! I really ought to source some fabric like that for a frock. Doh! The Campers are divoon, as is your accessorising, darling!

  9. I'm exhausted too- but I can muster enough strength to oooh and ah at that plaid skirt on you! I also love your personal shopper outfit (and can imagine what an amazing personal shopper you would be!) You make it all look so easy! Wishing you some good downtime, and a marvelous work week.


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