Monday, April 28, 2014

Wear a Dress! Stripes Also Welcome

I resolve this week to look after myself. I will eat better, make sure I'm hydrated, and go to the gym regularly. I will give myself downtime, cut my perfectionist self some slack and let go of the things I can't change. 

Also, wear a dress.
[To the tune of "When You're Happy and You Know It (Clap Your Hands)"]

When you're feeling kinda crappy
Wear a dress (wear a dress!),
When you're mood is kinda mopey
Wear a dress (wear a dress!),
When you want to stay in bed
Just put on a dress instead,
When you're feeling kinda crappy
Wear a dress!

I didn't do any outfit planning this week (I might do the rest of the week tonight, we'll see), so my go-to is...a dress! I've had this beautiful red Calvin Klein dress for about 3 years - it was a Winners purchase.
I last wore it here with a ruffly pirate shirt in December 2013.

The cardigan is a nice easy one that I've had forever. I last wore it back here (2nd outfit) in August 2013 with purple sequins.
I was told I looked French today. Must have been the stripes.

The stuff:
I think these will be getting worn a lot this spring. I last wore them about 3 weeks ago, here, with ruffles and concrete.

Simple silver bling:
I felt like Wonder Woman in my cuff, deflecting bullets of negativity! Bam!

Dress (Calvin Klein), cardigan (Express, thrifted), shoes (Jump! for the People, consignment), cuff (thrifted), earrings (Joyce's, vintage 80s).


  1. Good for you for taking good care of yourself--and looking awesome while you do it! xx

  2. I love your song! I'll be humming that to myself now, especially when I decide to wear a dress.

    I love that striped top tied over the red dress - it does look a little French, and has a nice classic punch to it. In fact, I think I could almost copy it with one of my red dresses. Thanks for the idea!

  3. That is a beautiful dress on you! I really like it with that striped cardi also.

    I hope that you have a better week this week, and you do manage to set aside time for yourself. It's important to recharge your batteries! :)

  4. The dress looks nice and bright, and red is the perfect colour for spring. Dresses are my 'uniform', any season. One-stop-dressing, just add a cardi or a jacket and you're good to go.

  5. Yes, I get the Gallic flair, very chic! Always love a red dress, and that one is a beauty. Hope a week of taking care of yourself lifts your spirits, Sheila. xxx

  6. You are way cool and put together EVERY time I see you! Even on days when you need a dress song! Wonderful effortless look. That as well as the stripes may be why the French description. And you gotta love a Wonder Woman cuff :-) hope you get some serious me time soon.

  7. Be good to yourself today! Love the part about cutting the perfectionist some slack. And I love your brilliant red dress, you look gorge. xox

  8. Beautiful combination! And your advice to yourself is so sound, can I borrow it?

  9. Beautiful dress, and I love that topper!

  10. I love the strength coming from the dress RED and stripes = super heroine! Bam!

  11. I should do the same, I have not been taking care of myself.
    I have to book Doctors appointments but am dreading it…
    On a brighter note, I adore the red and the striped cardi tied at the waist, very cool.

  12. I love your song and that red dress is just a perfect thing to have in your wardrobe. Look after yourself this week.

  13. Applause.... applause! For your song and your outfit. I'm so with you on this, but our weather won't cooperate.
    I'm glad to know I'm not the only one feeling tired and a little dismal at the extended transitional season!
    Time for a dress, and a good night's sleep.


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