Sunday, April 27, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up: Plaid Friday, Shop-a-Thon Saturday, and Raceless Sunday

I'm exhausted. I would like another weekend, please. This is going to be pretty quick because I need some serious couch time with my sweetie. 

Friday: Plaid skirt!
I had a rough work week - a lot going on, my plate's overloaded, and short tempers. I tried to soldier through as best I could. I'm an introvert who's learned to be extroverted, and I'm outgoing for a living, so I need a lot of downtime to recover.

No downtime for most of my weekend. *sigh*

But clothes, and enough with the whining. Here's my black leather jacket, last worn here with stripes and polka dots in March.
Under that is a nice slinky blue top (the plaid has a bold stripe of blue in it), last worn here in September 2013 - ha, with this same jacket.
Isn't the skirt amazing? It was truly wonderful to wear, and the pleated hem swooshed around nicely all day for work, and afterwards.

The stuff:
Disco dutch shoes! I last wore them here with shades of yellow in March.

Big black bling:
I love my Mr. T necklace.

I went out after work to say goodbye to one of my co-workers, then bused home to meet up with L and his mom. We walked down to the local pub and then came home and socialized.

Jacket (Danier Couture, consignment), top (Anne Klein, consignment), skirt (Bianca Nygard, thrifted), shoes (Prepare Hi Steady, Fluevog), necklace (Club Monaco), cuff (Guess, thrifted), studded cuff (homegrown vintage), earrings (Aldo Accessories).

Saturday, we took my mother-in-law to our favourite diner, then Louise and I bused all over town. She really wanted to get some new clothes and shoes, so I took her to all kinds of boutiques and stores (not much second-hand, as she had specific needs and wants, and that's hard to do in one big go).
I wore my comfy flats, and a nice loose silk dress (last worn here with my yellow shoes above in March).

I wore an additional vintage slip underneath for warmth, but went bare-legged. It was mostly sunny!
We found Louise all kinds of things, from shoes to jeans, to cardigans and a faux leather jacket. She was just thrilled about it all.
Me, I'm exhausted. I was determined to be a good guide and personal shopper to her, but that takes a lot of emotional energy. We shopped and walked for close to 6 hours, then came home and made pizza for dinner. We hung out and played games for a while too.

And I realized, "I have to get my downtime or I'm going to lose my mind."
"I photobomb like a boss."
Actual shopping outfit: my yellow leather jacket, purple gloves and crossbody bag.

The stuff:
I love these black shoes! All day with bare feet and and still feeling good. I last wore them here a couple of weekends ago.

Purple and silver bling:
Mostly homegrown vintage.

Jacket (Danier Leather), dress (Club Monaco, thrifted), shoes (Town Shoes, thrifted), earrings (vintage), "S" and crystal (gifts from Mom and Dad). 

Today was the annual 10K race (the one I've won medals in over the last several years). 6am wake-up for an 8am start, I'm the team captain for my work's 20+ person team, my mom is always there. Right up to 10pm last night, I was ready to do it.

Then I hit that wall. No. I can't face it. After spending my entire weekend focused on other people, I need to be alone. I need mental and physical space. I can't be crushed with 10,000+ people. I just can't do it.

I felt overwhelmingly guilty, but also relieved. And so this morning, I slept in, had the house to myself, and L took his mom out for the day, then to the airport.

Louise is a lovely lady, but she takes a lot of energy. She does appreciate it though - she kept trying to buy me things all day while we were out. I did give in on a few things, like these awesome MAC lipsticks.
The one on the left is called "Morange" and the purple one is "Heroine." I love them! I am really having fun playing with crazy make-up lately. Bring on the blue eyeshadow!

I wouldn't buy myself anything in a department store (not since I shop SecondHand First or locally/ethically produced). However, if someone wants to buy me something, who am I to push my ethics on them? Especially when it's this awesome.
This skirt took my breath away. It's by Lord & Taylor, which The Bay is now carrying, and it was $89.00 with 25% off. It's not leather (I would LOVE this in leather), but PVC (blech), but look at those cut-outs!
Be still my heart. I can't wait to wear this. Thank you, Louise.

Today, after my sleep-in, I got my sh*t together and got dressed. Three of my best friends all have birthdays within a 3 week span so I coordinated a brunch for all of us women (6 of us), with all of our men joining us afterwards. I'd anticipated being stiff and sore from the race, so I'd planned an easy outfit.
New purple lipstick!
Bam! Yeah, that's me, casual Sunday, har har.

I'm linking up to Bella's "Secondhand First" over at The Citizen Rosebud - so check out the other amazing chicks there!

Although my dress isn't second-hand, everything else in my outfit is!
The dress is actually locally-made, by Walk In Clozet, and was purchased new here in March, for $40.00.

See the splits along the top of the sleeves? Cool.
The dress is pretty short, so I have a thrifted vintage skirt on under it.

I wore my cream brocade blazer as outerwear. I last wore it here in February for Dress Week Came From Outer Space!
 I loved how the pale pink dress looked with the cream jacket and buff colours of the shoes and furs.
Crazy lady alert! We had a lovely time, although I was more subdued in demeanor than my outfit would suggest, and left early.

The stuff:
Best $10.00 I ever spent on a pair of thrifted shoes. I last wore these a couple of days ago here.

Furry bling:
I wore the hat all day - it was lovely and warm. My hat and collar were both second-hand, as were the earrings and my Flying Spaghetti Monster ring.

Jacket (Le Chateau, consignment), dress (Walk In Clozet), shoes (Fugitive, thrifted), hat (Andre, vintage, thrifted), collar (vintage), earrings (Weiss, vintage), ring (vintage).

And now...some quiet.


  1. A throng of 10,000 passed my home today to say GOOD MORNING!!! Ug. Pulleeeze. I'm glad you found your alone time. One must obey one's self-soul commands. I tried on that purple MAC today too. Neener neener. But I just topped up my Candy Yum Yum instead.
    I'm breathless over your last outfit and the silk dress WITHOUT hoisery. Get ready to shed more layers cause spring will be hitting big time later this week, or so they say...

  2. Oh love that last dress on you! I'm glad you got a bit of alone time. I'm an introvert too and after a stressful work week I can even get annoyed when I get a text on my phone from a friend as I feel it's too much pressure, haha!
    It can take a lot of energy and sometimes you just need to recharge your batteries. Hopefully next weekend is a really restful one for you.

  3. Both the tartan skirt (fabulous with the leather jacket, btw) and silk dress fit you so perfectly, Sheila. And the ivory lace'n'fur outfit is most ladylike, gorgeous!
    I know what you mean, I am pretty sociable but I do like to be alone, doing my own thing too, or I get frazzled.
    Your new purple lipstick matches your glasses! xxx

  4. This is so resonant with me: "I'm an introvert who's learned to be extroverted." And I relate to the need for alone time! May I say your red lipstick in the first outfit is divine? Have a great Monday and stay fabulous as you are, - Patti

  5. Yes the plaid skirt is amazing! I always love a good plaid skirt! And I had a pretty relaxing day yesterday but could always use more weekend, lol!

  6. Great plaid skirt and gorgeous yellow silk dress and leather jacket!! Those MAC lippies--jealous!!

  7. Sheila that was so nice of you to spend the day with your mother in law :) even though 6 hours is a looong time.
    It was also so very nice of her to treat you with the lipsticks and that KICK ASS skirt ! I want to see you wear it.
    Oh and that last look : you look like a modern day Jackie O.

  8. This is an awesome clothes post! Relatively new follower, I love all things tartan and that skirt is unexpected, fresh and lovely. Be grateful you live on the west coast or that yellow and purple silk dress would be mine! Thankfully I sew and am now on a hunt for a pattern. Have a great day!

  9. Sheila, this is such a lovely post after your busy weekend. I too can so relate to your statements of being an introvert who has learnt to be extrovert and you have to be outgoing for a living so need a lot of down time. That is me to a tee and you have just put it so well. It's nice you could spend time with your mother in law and its great she appreciates you doing this (love the lippys and that skirt is gorgeous). Hope this week is less hectic.

  10. You look so gorgeous! I have to say that amazing Mr T necklace is just too cool. <3

  11. Oh, your Sunday dress! Those furs! I am so totally enchanted. Your black leather jacket is so beautifully tailored to your figure, too.

    I hear you on needing time/space! I like people very much, but being out and socializing requires me to be switched to 'on' all of the time and after a lot of it, I get impatient and tired and cranky. I'm glad you realized what you needed and took it.

  12. Great post. Love your style. Got few second hand stuffs as well which I got from my fave shops like I'll surely look for more of your outfit post. :)

  13. Down time is crucial and happy to hear that you took care of yourself. It must have enhanced your creativity, because your ensemble, including the hat and collar, are very elegant and unique. Thank you so much for sharing with Hat Attack!


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