Wednesday, April 23, 2014

So Pink and Lacy I Might Puke

There was a time when I loathed pink. Lace was apt to make me flee in horror ("run away! run away!").
This is not that time. As Wendy says, "Never is the Next New Thing TM". I am really on a pink groove lately and am enamoured of lace too.

I actually found both this blouse and this skirt in the same store but on separate shopping trips. The blouse is handmade, likely in the 60s; it was last worn here in June 2013 with white eyelet (another pale outfit).
The sleeves are sheer and unlined (and they flutter like wings!), but the entire bodice is lined.
The skirt is rather pink, isn't it? Like Pepto, ha! The formerly-hating-pink-and-lace me would hate these pieces, especially together. I last wore it here earlier this month with Indian lame (la-MAY!).

The stuff:
More 60s-inspired and real pieces. I last wore the shoes here a couple of weeks ago with even more paleness.

Vintage bling:
I've never worn this belt before on the blog. I retrieved it from Caro's safekeeping back in March (here) - she's had it for several years with my blessing.

Blouse (handmade, vintage 60s, thrifted), skirt (Conrad C, thrifted), shoes (Fugitive by Francesco Rossi, thrifted), belt (vintage 60s, Mom's), earrings (Aldo Accessories).


  1. I used to LOATHE green. Now I have SO MANY green things!

  2. Hurl away, just make sure you keep your outfit away from the bucket because it's pretty sweet, in a non-twee way. How does this happen? We go about our lives, smugly content to be rid of pink and floaty flittingness, and then, BAM, we're wearing it, quite happily too. Maybe it can be explained by our brain cells starting to die off when we're, what, in our 20s?

  3. Pink is having its way with me too - I want pink jeans for summer. You look great, pls. don't puke! Love the belt too. xox

  4. It takes wisdom and courage to face the things we dislike and realize, hey, they're actually nice!

  5. Pink is such a fun spring color. I resisted it for a long time too because when I was young, I was allowed to decorate my room in all pink and I went overboard (I was like nine) so when I was older I ran away from it for along time. Now I like it again. And I love your pink skirt.

  6. Pink carries all sorts of associations, doesn't it? All those princess-y, conventional versions of femininity... I didn't want to wear it for years either, and I still find pastel pink a little too girly for me, but a good strong shade of pink is fabulous - like your skirt! Love the sleeves on your blouse. xxx

  7. This is one of my favorite outfits of yours EVER! But I have always loved pinks of all shades . . .

  8. Its funny how we evolve.
    I hated skirts and loathed dresses....
    Thought lace was for old ladies, now they're all in my closet.
    I like you pepto skirt I can see many marvelous outfits starting with that skirt.


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