Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Daffodil and Lace

Ugh, 7:30pm and I'm just home from work. Self-inflicted for the last hour, although I did put in over an hour of actual work due to having a day off this week. I'm in my office's Social Committee (of course I am), and I got the short straw to hide chocolate eggs in the office for Easter. 150+ desks, and 5 eggs per desk, plus bowls of chocolate eggs in the lunchrooms, meeting rooms and my desk (reception). That's a lot of eggs.
We're experiencing what we call on the west coast "liquid sunshine" (rain). There are loads of flowers out - the tulips will be out any day, and daffodils are blooming madly. My outfit today is daffodil inspired.

I adore this jacket, which I consider one of my best thrift finds ever. It's by Holt Renfrew, a big swanky department store (the closest one is in Vancouver), and I found it last year in August (here) for $24.95. It's gorgeous quality, and don't you love that neckline?
I last wore it here in September 2013 to the Vintage Expo (I can't wait to wear that Spanish ladies dress again!). I have a yellow camisole in the same shade of yellow on underneath it.

This skirt is another favourite; it was last worn here in March 2013 (over a year ago - shocking!) for St. Patrick's Day.
I bought it on consignment way back in 2009 (first worn here) for $40.00. It's real lace, with a deliberately ragged hem, no slit, and a taupe lining.

The stuff:
And thrifted shoes! I last wore these here in March with the fabulous suede skirt Elaine gave me (now in storage).

Big old bling:
Well, the ring's not old. The rest is - it belonged to my Grandma J.

Jacket (Holt Renfrew, thrifted), skirt (Alfred Sung, vintage 80s, consignment), shoes (Nine West, thrifted), ring (consignment), rhinestone brooch/earrings (Grandma J's, vintage 60s).


  1. The jacket has great lines. Finding a Holt Renfrew garment at thrift shop prices is a bargain indeed....I wonder what it would have sold for new.
    Enjoy your long weekend.

  2. Ahhh, Daffodil Sheila! What a fabulously Spring-like outfit, I love both pieces, and don't they fit superbly? Grandma's bling is so cool. xxx

  3. Wonderful daffodil-inspired look. Grandma J's jewelry is gorgeous too. xox

  4. Lovely outfit, great colours. And I just love your broche! I seem to collect broches and pins, but find them difficult to wear. There is a shop in London that sells great vintage costume jewellery, I always go there to look for a necklace. And I always come out with a broche....

  5. I needed this sunshine-y look today! We got hit with another snowstorm here! I love the jacket, it really looks great on you!

  6. You look so lovely as a daffodil! Very pretty outfit and wonderful inspiration! I always thought Hold Renfrew was an American store and didn't even know we had it in Canada until recently. I don't leave the island much. ;-) Grandma's jewels are so pretty and the ring goes perfectly with them.
    Happy Easter, Sheila.

  7. Did Blogger eat my first comment? Anyway:

    I really like this outfit. The blazer suits you beautifully, the design of the skirt is GORGEOUS, and your shoes make you a subtle half-rainbow. :D

  8. Catching up on all the Sheila fabulously at last!!! This week's outfits are stunning as always but I especially love this daffodil glory!!! So fresh for spring!!!

  9. I think blogger ate my look so freak and springy in your homage
    To daffodils!!!

  10. That daffodil yellow can be worn so many ways to brighten an outfit - however my eyes are on the green skirt - now that's glam!


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