Sunday, April 20, 2014

Bigass Weekend Wrap-Up: Sequins, Sunny Yellow, Shine and Blossoms, a Wee Shop, Orange Madness and Easter (with Cat Pictures)

Are ya ready? This is a long one - I've had a very busy weekend! No Monday off for me, sadly (it's not actually a stat), but it'll be a quiet day.

Man, Thursday seems an eternity ago! Oh, yeah, this is what I wore.
I had to bust out the shiny shiny skirt right away, and because it's a bit big on me, it sits low - must have a top that I can wear untucked. Then add some crazy purple, just because.

The jacket is my trusty boyfriend blazer, thrifted many years ago. I last wore it here in March with dragons.
I adore this silky Michael Kors blouse, which was a great consignment find a few years ago. I haven't worn it since November 2013, here, with rainy florals.
My sequin-o-rama skirt was just purchased (thrifted for $16.95! with original tags for $275!) here last weekend.

The stuff:
Purple boots of insanity! I loved the fun these added to this outfit - this is probably my last go with tights for spring (I hope). I last wore these here in March with blue and orange.

Funky bling:
I like the shiny gold leather heart.

Jacket (Banana Republic, thrifted), blouse (Michael Kors, consignment), skirt (J. Crew, thrifted), boots (Prepare Maps, Fluevog), cuff/bracelet (thrifted), pin (Smoking Lily), earrings (vintage).

L and I hung out on Thursday and played board games, had a nice lie-in on Friday morning and then went for brunch. It wasn't sunny, but I dressed as though it were!
I need a steamer, I've decided. I hate ironing and although I try to avoid buying clothes I have to iron, it's inevitable that one or two pieces could use some wrinkle-removal. This dress is one.

I have had this denim shirt in my wardrobe for a long time - I like it as a layering piece. I last wore it here in August 2013 for traveling to L's high school reunion.
I got this fruit-print purse at Aldo a couple of years ago
The dress is one I bought at Winners (pre-Second Hand First) about 3 years ago. I adore the fit and quality of Calvin Klein dresses on me. I last wore it here in July 2013 on its own.
The shoes are my woven gold ones, last seen here earlier this month with pink and gold brocade.

Shirt (Mexx, consignment), dress (Calvin Klein), shoes (Aldo, consignment), purse (Aldo).

We relaxed at home and watched a movie, then played more boardgames (with wine!) on Friday night. Vizzini enjoyed the intermittent sun. Here he is in the morning before we went out.
"Is it food time?"
He just loves to soak up the rays.
Aw! Little paws!
When we got back from brunch, he'd barely moved, up to the top of the post.
"Hey, baby, I've got my lovey eyes on for you."
What a suck. He loves the tummy rubs.
"Mmmm...warm sun."
He gets distracted easily.
We had plans to meet up with a bunch of friends at the pub last Saturday afternoon, but I felt like a little downtime for me was needed, so I went out for a short shop in the morning.
Simple shopping clothes. I didn't want to redo my hair or make-up for the afternoon, and I even wore the same jewelry. Planning or laziness? Same result!
This jacket was the perfect weight, even though it rained a bit. I last wore this spacey jacket here in December 2013 with many florals.

The blue dress is a good colour, but I'm a little "meh" about it overall. We'll see how it goes this spring/summer. I last wore it here in July 2013 with orange and spaghetti monsters.
My shoes are one of my favourites - I can wear them for hours. I last wore them with my red leather pants, here, in December 2013.

Jacket (Smoking Lily), dress (Ann Taylor, thrifted), shoes (Two Lips, thrifted). 

I took my camera with me on my Wee Shop, and caught some of the short-bloomed flora.
A gorgeous magnolia tree with deep pinks.

I love these blossoms so much.
There's a whole row of these cherry and plum trees near my house - I love to walk under them and touch the fat blooms.
I can't decide if the pink or the white ones are prettiest.

I just enjoy the view!
Wow, so lovely.

I found a few things at the Hospice Store, including this drapey purple sweater.
This replaces my "homeless lady" sweater aka "The Chewbacca Sweater" that I wear around the house to keep warm. I think L will appreciate a more flattering colour and shape. There is a reason why the homeless lady sweater has never been photographed. Gone!

This sweater is by M&S Woman (Marks & Spencer), and was $16.00.

I recognized this label as being a local company, Tangerine Jill. I have this dress by them, too.
Me and white blouses! What is going on? I suddenly have a plethora of them! It's a bit hard to see, but the bib of this is covered in organza ruffles, with a small edging of them around the neck.
It was a little pricey at $22.00, but it's 100% silk and fits beautifully.

I did something for this skirt that I never do: I bargained and asked for a reduction. I felt a little bad about it; yes, my money is going to a charity and I can afford it. But it was the principle. This felt overpriced at $36.00.
A real slash pocket on the side, metal buttons, leather/velcro straps with metal buckles.
It was right beside a long 100% wool tartan skirt that was made in Scotland, and was also priced at $36.00. This skirt? Bianca Nygard (sold at the mall), polyester blend, made in China. Yes, it probably sold for more than $36.00, but not much more, once you factor sales and discounts, etc.

Even if they had said no, I would have still bought this. It fits great and I love the cut and style of it. It's a classic skirt.
Nicely lined-up pattern, little straps at the bottom above the pleats - the pleats!
I felt that $24.00 was a fair price and asked for that - they countered at $28.00.
I think that's more fair, but's a thrift shop. I expect higher prices in a consignment store, and this felt like gouging. Anyway, it won't stop me from thrifting there, but I'll give it a little rest for now.

Okay, get ready - I had to psych myself up to wear this in public!
WAAAAAAA! Great balls of crazy orange madness!

Yeah, it's pretty awesome, but how do you style something this crazyass? I went with modern accessories instead of going more full-on vintage.
It's a big blob of orange, until I walk and it all floats out behind me!
I was quite billowy!
This crazy dress is my entry in this week's "Visible Monday" over at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style. Not dead yet? Get over there!

This denim jacket was purchased in NYC about 6 years ago - it's one of the few items I have that's pre-blog, purchased just as I was losing weight.
Check it out - I figured out how to wear my one-lost clip-on earrings.
You might be able to see my turquoise eyeliner/shadow there - I went full-on crazy lady!
I clipped it further up my ear! It actually stayed put really well, and I like how it gives a little bit of edge to my look.

The stuff:
I say gladiator sandals are still appropriate if they're a nice classic style like these. These did necessitate the first pedicure of the year! I last wore them here in July 2013 with my Great Green Culottes (soon to make a reappearance!).
I wore the matching vintage brooch on my collar of my jacket.

Dress (vintage 70s, Berkertex, thrifted), shoes (Enzo Angiolini, consignment), necklace (The Bay), earrings (Oscar & Libby's), brooch/earring (vintage 60s, thrifted), Fulvia Ring (Wendy Brandes).

That was a totally fun afternoon/evening. This morning, we headed over to Mom's to do Easter brunch with my family. Of course I had to dress up! My nieces were there!
I went with my strapless 80s dress because the ovals in it look like eggs.

I last wore this vintage wonder here (3rd outfit) in August 2013, with no cover-up.
Mom's house is always cold, so I wore my green Kersh cardi over the dress. Wow, I can't believe it's been over a year since I wore this cardi (here, for St. Patrick's day 2013 - I even have blonde hair). That's got to be rectified!

The stuff:
Spectacularly orange! I last wore these Fluevogs here a couple of weeks ago with much other orange.

Dress (A.J. Bari, vintage 80s, thrifted), cardigan (Kersh, consignment), shoes (Big Presence Desmond, Fluevogs), earrings (Oscar & Libby's), rings (Wendy Brandes).

L and I were a dashing couple as always.
He's got his new blue skinny jeans and his pewter Fluevogs. Shiny!

Vizinni wanted nothing to do with us. 
"I'm busy patrolling. Why don't you just go out again?"
One of our nicknames for Vizzini is "Monkey Cat." I think this picture perfectly captures that.
"Tail is curling, toes are grabbing, gonna make the turn."
Such a lovely boy.
I hope you had a lovely Easter long weekend! Back to work for me tomorrow (boo).


  1. What amazing pieces. I am a sucker for white tops and I'm drooling over the ruffled number. And what a great price. The long tangerine dress is fabulous. It reminds me of vintage 1960's and the current era of Mad Men.

  2. Love the orange. Not a color for me but on you fabulouso

  3. You have great skin! You seldom do face closeups iirc, so I just wanted to say, nifty! I like that turquoise eyeliner, and also, I never before appreciated what a cool haircut you have. :-)

  4. Love that orange dress on you! It's nice with the denim jacket. Such a statement piece, but it's something you can easily pull off :)

    Glad you had a fun filled long weekend. Hope Monday flies by for you despite you having to work.

  5. Fabulous styling as always and love to see your new finds. That new tartan skirt looks a great shape.

  6. I saw that billowing madness of orange and all your other images disappeared straight out of my head, except the one of the lemon dress and the one of the orange jacket with cool dress and shoes, and the other stuff, and your awesome hair. You crack me up with your comments from Vizinni. L is dashing as usual.

  7. What I love about your outfits, Sheila, is the COLOUR! Oh I know you do neutrals sometimes, and that's fine, of course, but look at all these wonderful clothes, singing and zinging in their bright shades and prints, they are fabulous!
    Can I pick a favourite? Well, my heart will always be with vintage, so the 1960s Berkertex dress is a winner for me. But the cute yellow dress and your 1980s strapless with the bright green cardigan are delicious. Sequins, orange and purple are pretty cool too!
    I haven't ever haggled in a charity shop, though I have pointed out major flaws or inconsistent pricing and waited to see what they said. If they don't reduce the price, then I walk away; I am rarely so desperate for anything that I can't leave it behind! The kilt is cute, but I agree that it was expensive at the original price. Actually, I think $28 is still quite high... I had to check the exchange rate, but that's about £15, which is more than a lot most of our charity shops would charge for a skirt. I wonder if there is generally a big difference between your thrift shop prices and our charity shops? I see often see really high end brands but they are rarely priced at over £10.
    Sorry, I'm rambling - but I am intrigued. I think I need to do a world tour comparing secondhand/thrift shops and write a book! xxx

    1. $28 is high, even for Victoria (which has a large rich-people contingent), even for a boutique item. The price in this thrift store for a "non-boutique" skirt is $7.50. We have the super-cheap ones too, but I was disappointed that this one was pricing so high.

      You need to do that tour/write that book!

  8. That orange blouse is lucious!! Love all the springy color...your cat needs a bright bow!

  9. Long Monday posts mean a busy life! Good for you. I love the purple tights.

  10. Great to see all you weekend outfits, Sheila, love all the colorful touches. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, including Vizzini pics, always adorable! xo

  11. So much awesome in these weekend outfits! I think my favorite is that sequined skirt - it's fantastic! The orange dress is quite amazing as well! And I always love seeing Mr. Vizzini!

  12. How wonderful it is to be alive in a time when we have so many choices in style. I love the orange dress. You must feel so beautiful when wearing it! Such flow and grace! I cannot wait until you have a chance to wear it out.
    Spring has sprung and I am loving all of your bright colors! I so much prefer brights on myself and rarely wear pastels, so it is so nice to see you keeping the brights going into the spring.

    Such a happy bright post of goodness! Have a great week Shiela!

  13. I love your big ass posts!! Wow!! Fantastic purple boots...awesome thrifting scores, L looking sharp, MUCH VIZZINI CUTENESS!!!!, and you in that fabulous orange vintage maxi dress!!! So much eyecandy!!!

  14. Sheila this post has a lot of goodies !
    I don't know where to begin.... of course the great black skirt. I just love it, because you can wear it with a t shirt and go to the super market or wear it with a fancy top and go to a wedding in it. It's a true statement piece.
    Then the bright yellow dress with the jean shirt tied around the waist - I am totally wowed.
    Oh and I am a wimp asking for discounts... a total wimp- my mom does it for me job when possible.

  15. A feast for the eyes! Love all of your outfits here. You are so creative with your lost ear clip - great idea! Your collection of shoes is just amazing, look at those orange beauties! And what a cute cat too :).

  16. AHHHH- you are VISIBLY adorable- I'm orange crushing out on all your citrus hues- that dress pleaseth me to no end, as do the juicy Fluevog shoes! RE PLAID SKIRT- yeah- charity shops get their stuff for free- hence why I think the prices should be lower- the rest of us buy and re-sell we mark up to pay the rent. That's a gorgeous skirt but they still made $24 or $28 most pure profit pretty good deal. If they mark down- everybody wins!

  17. j'adore ton look, tu oses les couleurs et ca te va bien !


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