Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Vintage Aqua and Paisley Ruffles

Hey, hey! The sun is out, it's warm and lovely...
And I've got my super-duper short hair (my hairdresser is moving to London, oh no!). I had to dye it last night because when she cut the back, all I could see was grey! I'm not against that much grey; I'm just not ready for it yet.

To the outfit! I wore my lovely paisley pleated ruffly blouse for the second time (first time here, 2nd outfit, with those polka-dotted pants). I'd planned to wear this blouse (pic) that I bought on the weekend, but it was a way more casual vibe than I wanted. I'll save that blouse for a weekend outfit.
I'm laughing at Vizzini, who spent the first 9 seconds of the timer mrowing and rubbing all over me, then decided to bugger off right as the timer went off. 
 The skirt is from the vintage early 60s suit that Elaine gave me on the weekend (here).
It was wonderful to wear all day, although the lack of a slit meant that I couldn't do the stairs two at a time.

Here's the suit on:
That jacket is way too boxy! I guess your eye has to get used to different styles. I wore it as my outerwear coat - perfect for this weather!

The stuff:
My beloved Darjeeling Teapots, last seen here with my "flying V" vintage top in February.

Big bling:
Whatever you call big rings - cocktail rings, dinner rings, knucklebusters - I do love 'em.

Suit (Nicoletti, vintage 60s, gift from Elaine), blouse (CAbi, consignment), shoes (Darjeeling Teapot, Fluevog), earrings (local), Fulvia ring (Wendy Brandes).


  1. I laughed so hard at: "I'm not against that much grey; I'm just not ready for it yet." because I pretty much said the same thing today, almost word for word, substituting "grey" for "baby bump". My hairdresser is a delightful girl of 21 who doesn't see things the way I do... she thinks I'm drastically older than her (whereas, I can still remember being 21, and it doesn't feel that long ago), and she thinks my grey hair is "totally cute, and age appropriate".

  2. I quite like the boxy jacket and that whole 60's suit silhouette. I think it looks really good on you too. Your haircut looks great! Sorry about the loss of your hairdresser. I hope you find a new one you like.

  3. Well, I don't think the jacket looks too boxy, it just looks early-sixties. It doesn't look like that is your shapeadjust like that is what you are wearing, and I think it looks great. Also, the combinatio of the vintage suit with your modern accessories and wa of wearing it works very well.

  4. Love the aqua colour and the skirt is a beautiful fit. Does the jacket look a little big for you? It might just be the boxy shape (I know ALL about how hard it is to get a jacket that does up across the boobage but doesn't look too wide everywhere else...) Gorgeous blouse too.
    We call big rings knuckledusters, not busters! xxx

  5. Love this outfit! That skirt is stunning on you, and so perfect with the black and white printed shirt :)

  6. I am not ready for the silver hair quite yet either, although I think it looks wonderful on others! Love this 60's suit, I even love the jacket because as you say, it's a fresh look for our eyes. You look fab, xox.

  7. I would feel the same way about gray hair I think! I'm not against it either, but I don't want to have it quite yet! I have a few flecks but they just look like blonde for now because it is so gray it's almost white.

    I think your hair looks great though and I love the color of the skirt and jacket!!

  8. I love the suit!!! The way the blouse sleeve ruffles hang out make it more interesting. The coat is just a different silhouette on you and it looks retro fab!!!

  9. Oh the Jackie suit ! i like it - and it makes your hair look even brighter.
    I am going grey - and my hair keeps on falling off - i really dont know what to do.

  10. That blouse is such a great item to have in your wardrobe and it looks as fab with the aqua skirt as it did with your dotty trousers

  11. Love the suit! I don't see the jacket as boxy, but of course my eye could be fooled by the column of color. Love the color of the suit.

  12. Lovely. I also like big rings 'cause they make my hands look less ginormous.

  13. Super cute outfit, but I can't get over the shoes! WOW! I want some. They could go so many different vintage directions. Have you had them long? I'm going in search of them now! Thanks!

    ~ Tam Francis ~


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